(1866-10-18) Learning All the Time
Learning All the Time
Summary: A bit of practice is had by Raelyn, Stephen and Emilia and Emilia brings up a possible change of teachers, plus there is some mention of Tristan's ego.
Date: 1866-10-18
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Practice Yard - Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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The world was ever changing and yet some things never changed, such as Emilia having a need to talk to her sister about some matter or another. It was perhaps not entirely surprising that she hadn't found her sister bent over a book or some lesson plan from the Master Steward as had often been the case before, not with the Lord Greycen present at Roseguard. But it did make it so that tracking down her sister took a bit longer, though word from a rather amused looking Huntress had set Emilia in the right direction. Thusly, Emilia was approaching one of the smaller practice yards at the moment.

Having 'studied' more than enough with her stewardship for the day, Raelyn is taking some much needed practice at the archery bank, and of course she wanted to watch Stephen shoot as well. No doubt that, at least in part, is part of the amusement of said Huntress who directs Emilia thusly. As Raelyn sinks another arrow near the bullseye, she comments dryly, "Now why couldn't I have shot this well at the competition?" She shakes her head just a little, grins some, then looks over to Stephen's target to see how he's doing.

<FS3> Stephen rolls Bows: Good Success. (5 5 5 6 2 7 3 4 6 1 7 2 3)

Well, Stephen would have a fair bit to go to make Huntress status, but he does clearly know his way around a bow, with his shots hitting within the inner circles of the target, if not the absolute innermost. "I hope my favor didn't bring you ill luck." Not that Stephen is particularly superstitious as he adds, "And really, what's important is that one shoots well when it really matters, and from what I've seen, that's rarely a problem for you." Stephen adds with a faint grin.

"Because you were of wishing to help boost of the Prince of Tristan's ego," comes the rather deadpan response from Emilia from the side lines. It is an ego that suffers so. Her hand drifts up for a moment before falling back to her side,"I am of sure it was not of your favour, Lord of Stephen, it did see to her of winning the contest at of the Coronation of Tournament. But of aye, it is rarely of a problem for of her, and truly, mine-sister, was just of being one of your off of days, rare that they are of being." A mild nod goes to seeing where the arrows have fallen for both. "Seems to be of a good of practice for you of both."

There's a slight grin from Raelyn as she hears her sister, looking behind herself and setting her bow down on a nearby barrel. "Do you wish to practice as well?" She gestures, there's a few more open spaces, afterall.

"Far from my worst, thankfully. It'd be shameful to embarrass myself in front of my soon-to-be-family, I think." Stephen replies, turning and giving Emilia a bit of a smile and a slight bow from the waist, "A pleasure to see you, Lady Emilia. I hope you're well this afternoon?" He chuckles a bit, "Ah yes, a Prince's ego can be a fragile thing, though I do think Prince Tristan may be more resilient than many credit him with."

The bow is returned by Emilia with a faint tugging at the corners of her lips,"Of a pleasure to be of seeing also and seeing that you are of well. And aye, I am of being of well. Thank you for of asking, Lord of Stephen." A small nod of her head is given,"Perhaps of so, but one can never be of certain." She does shift to pick up a bow with Raelyn's question,"Was actually of seeking to speak with you for of a moment, Raelyn. "

"The Prince's ego is fairly tough, I'm certain," agrees Raelyn on the heels of Stephen's comment. She nods, "More it was, likely, I was in too fine a mood to concentrate much." She shrugs then, unconcerned with the matter. She looks at Stephen, pointing out to him, "You're too rigid, when you're shooting. You need to relax a little more. You're forcing the shot." Trying, gently, to give him a little advice before looking towards Emilia. "Oh? Well, now that you have found me, we can speak as much as you desire."

<FS3> Stephen rolls Bows: Great Success. (6 8 1 1 8 6 1 3 8 6 8 7 3)

Stephen's next few shots land considerably closer to the bulls-eye, or even just inside it, prompting a bit of a grin, though he doesn't comment further on the advice given. When Emilia makes her comment, Stephen does tilt his head, though, "Do you wish privacy? I can certainly find somewhere else to be."

<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (7 6 1 2 8 5 3 4 4 1 4 7 3 5 8)

"Entirely of true, your focus was likely of else of where," oh how easily Emilia agrees to that point with Raelyn. Drawing up an arrow as Raelyn is giving Stephen some advice on his form. A glance at the target, a breath let out and…the arrow hits the target fairly close to the bullseyes. A moments hesitation before she shakes her head at Stephen's question,"Of no, you do not need to be going of some where of less." After all he will be around more and shooing him off at every turn just isn't quite practical. "I have a few of appointments to be of seeing to in of Sunsreach," pesky dress fittings," but before of going, after speaking with mine…tracking of teacher," yes, we'll go with that," he has been of suggesting that I might be of served to be of having some of lessons from his son, and he has some of business to be of tending to back of home. He wished that I speak with you to see if there was of issue in of such a change in over of seeing my of training."

"I thought …," Raelyn clears her throat, "His son had left." Raelyn's attention goes solidly onto Emilia, frowning some. She watches Emilia then with a very attentive sort of gaze. She looks towards Stephen, answering the unspoken question, "We are all learning, all the time." She half-smiles. Then she looks back to Emilia, awaiting her sisters answer.

Stephen nods, occupying himself with unstringing his bow for now, and not overmuch eavesdropping on the conversation. Or at least, he has no real input, given that he doesn't know the individuals being spoken of. Something about a tracking teacher? All well and good, he supposes, since Emilia is supposed to be a Huntress. "We always are…" He agrees with Raelyn, smiling a bit.

Emilia gives her sister a slight nod,"Of aye, that son has of departed. It is his other of son," a brow rising just a little bit,"the one you were of meeting much of recently, even if only for of a very brief of moment in of passing." There is a mild nod at the added turn of conversation,"Of aye, we are always of learning. " Adding perhaps in way of explanation for Stephen,"He has of added of ways that help of me with my focus, since it is always of wandering, especially when of tracking."

<FS3> Raelyn rolls Mind+Mind: Success. (2 8 5 4 3 3 4 4)

It takes Raelyn a few moments, her expression clearly suggesting that she is mulling the memory over, turning it 'round and 'round in her mind to recall. And just on the verge of giving up, she makes an 'Ah', sound, as the puzzle pieces snap together. She nods, "Ah. I'd nearly forgotten." She tilts her head at her sister, and something of a faint laugh comes out, she shakes her head somewhat. "If he feels his son is capable of teaching you as well as he, then so be it. But I'll not have you slacking off. Make sure his son knows that. Or I'll have to have a talk with him," she warns, if not gently. Then, pleased at Stephen's results, she prompts him, "See? You should always listen to me." Yes. She's teasing. Mostly.

"I'm not sure, but I think I may be obligated by contract to do so once we're wed. In most things, anyway." Stephen replies to Raelyn with a bit of a cheeky grin. "This fellow must be very gifted if he's fit to train Huntresses." Stephen observes. But I can see a loss of focus when tracking being all too possible in the beautiful land you have around you here."

Dark eyes watch Raelyn as her sister takes those long moments to search her memories to pinpoint the son, Emilia nods slightly when that 'ah' finally comes out. There is a slight tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips when that faint laugh comes. "He does so feel, but he did not of wish to plan for such of a transition if you were not in of favour of it. And I am of sure his of son will be as much of a task of master in of my training as of he is. I will not be of allowed to of slack of off even if I was of wishing of it." Canting her head at the other words in the matter of advise, a glance over to Stephen,"If we are not of listening to of her, she has a way of ensuring we are of knowing we have not of listened. " Emilia nods,"Of aye, he is much of gifted in such of things. A rather good of huntsmen, he has aided a few of times. And of aye, the forests do of have a way of being of distracting."

"What was his name again? Edward? Lucius? Hogarth?" Raelyn shakes her head some, "I cannot quite remember. The meeting was so short," she explains, gently, and with a measure of stoic curiousity. She regards Emilia until she is given answer, then she turns to Stephen answering, "He has a certain way about him, and has grown up in the woods long. And I felt that as Emilia and I have different approaches, she could learn best from him further, having learned as much from me as I can teach her."

"A sound bit of reasoning." Stephen replies to Raelyn's explanation, finishing up the unstringing and tucking away of his bowstave. "Not surprising you'd have such skilled folk here. I don't know that I've ever seen more untamed country in Rivana." He admits, "I used to think some areas of Seaguard were wild, but now…" He chuckles, shaking his head. "Perhaps not so much."

"I am not entirely of sure of his true of name, just was of always calling him of Junior," Emilia gives a small shrug,"perhaps we will get of something of better to be of calling him, or that is of his preffered of nick of name." Nodding faintly as Raelyn explains the history and reasoning. "Everyone is of having of strengths and weaknesses, is of why we come to have many of teachers." Canting her head a little at the matter of areas that are wild,"Raelyn has been giving you of a fine of tour of then."

"You may wish to find out. Else your escort will get suspicous, I warrant." Raelyn's lips curve. Just a bit. Then, she smiles towards Stephen and kisses his cheek, "I'm pleased you find it so," she answers warmly. "I've always found it so. And there is no more beautiful place in all of Rivana. Or Couviere, for that matter."

"Oh, I don't know about that." Stephen replies, his tone seemingly nonchalantly musing before he glances at Raelyn, "I might put forth that wherever you happen to be at any given moment might claim that title." He nods to Emilia, "I saw a bit of it some months ago. A bit more now. It's a remarkable place." This said less well…flirtatiously, of course.

"Why ever would they be of getting of suspicious? Is not like they are of caring of who is or is not of teaching of me," Emilia gives a mild shrug. And she might just have an oh so innocent ting ever so briefly to that usual stoic turn of her expression. Seeing to the unstringing of her bow as that hint of flirting going on. The things she is going to have to get used to. "There is always more to of see, the forests are of ever of changing, once you think you know of everything they are having to of offer they can yet be of surprising with something of new."

"Well, you know how intrigued they are, and how protective," Raelyn insists. She looks back to Stephen, "And you will see more, soon," she promises. There's a pause as she ventures to Emilia, "Speaking of journey's, I've sent a message to the Queen to ask her if she would like our," and by 'our', Raelyn means Huntresses, "Help in the matter of the recent murders of the women there. You are welcome to come, should we journey to do so." In other words, if the Queen does desire her assistance.

"Why ever would they be of intrigued? They have not been quite so of intrigued by my of current of teacher. And if you are of approving, I am sure they will not be of so of questioning. Especially once you have gotten of through your of grilling of him." Emilia just giving her sister a look. She inclines her head,"I have of need to be of going of to Sunsreach of already," stupid dress fitting. And well there is a greater matter as well. "I should not be a few days, but can remain if there is of word that means you will be of coming of as well, depending upon of the Queen's of answer. But I should be of seeing to of such. And I shall send of word, so matters of transitioning mine of lessons can of begin as of well." Just a mild corner tugging of a smile to them both, an added incline of her head to Stephen,"Be of having of a good of day Lord of Stephen." Before Emilia makes way to store her bow, leaving them to follow suite with practice winding down for them all.

"Have a lovely day, Emilia. We'll see you soon," Raelyn promises, cheerfully. She seems quite happy, all things considered - even murders. There will be time enough for stoicism soon. She nods to Stephen, "Come now, I want to see you shoot some more. We'll make an excellent archer out of you yet. Then we'll see about hunting some quail for dinner."

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