(1866-10-19) Plans Both Strange and Scary
Plans Both Strange and Scary
Summary: Aidric and Tiadora discuss fashion, the approach of Spirit Day and the recent murders.
Date: 1866-10-19
Related: Those pertaining to the recent murders in Sunsreach
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Carling Manse

The Carling manse is located in the Goldseat district near Markettown. A small manse with earthen tone walls surrounding a garden and a cobbled carriage way. The house itself is built in the shape of a square and is the same earthen tone as the walls that surround it, with red clay tiles along the roof and the odd window looking out.

Inside, the reason for the manses boxy outer appearance becomes apparent as it is built around a square courtyard. The courtyard is landscaped with shady citrus trees and flowering shrubs and at its center is a fountain in the shape of frolicking nymphs.

The first floor of the manse is given over to the kitchens, the bathing chambers, a study, a small shrine and the main hall. All the rooms are bright and airy with windows looking out into the courtyard, though the main hall is the grandest of these rooms, large enough to host a modest gathering in comfort with high arched doorways that open onto a portico that looks out onto the courtyard. Given Sunsreach's warmth, the walls of the main hall are plastered and painted with murals for the summer months when tapestries are not needed to keep out the chill, but come winter, the tapestries are pulled from storage showing scenes pulled from history and the lives of the saints.

The upper floor is given over to the family living quarters, each room having windows that look out upon the courtyard and a small balcony. The master chamber has windows that look both out and in and is comfortably appointed in the southern style.

Octobre 19th 1866

So much to do…

Dinner is laid out at the Carling manse, a roast capon glazed in honey and almonds, roast vegetables, and a pumpkin soup to start. An invitation having been sent for Tiadora to join him, to discuss court gossip, the book and other matters.

Though the food is laid out Aidric is not sitting as he awaits his cousin, instead he stands to one side of the table as his manservants/men-at-arms, hold up doublets, one black, one green and one plum as he considers them tapping his chin.

Tiadora's taken to wearing her usual severe red-and-black although she now wears the sunburst brooch from the Pacitta art-contest. Bit flashier than the girl usually wears, but unsurprising she'd stick to the religious look. "Oh, the green one is nice," she says cheerfully as she's escorted in by the footman. "I-I think it would look good, and wearing green is -always in fashion, I t-take it?" She looks away at the table and adds, "You'll be glad to know I'm not fasting anymore either."

Aidric turns smiling in greeting to his timid cousin. "Don't think it would be too obvious?" he asks of the green one glancing back at the garment. "Trying to decide what I will wear for my return to court," he explains. The remarks about fasting earn a nod. "I am glad. There is more than enough food for the both of us, and I'd hate to see it go to waste." He turns from the garments and gestures for Tiadora to sit, "So you're certain on the green one?" he asks as he moves to the table as well.

Tiadora considers his comments as she looks at the two. "Why do black with green piping, so it's more understated?" She suggests it hesitantly. "You probably know more about this than I do. Mother chose all my wardrobe for me…"

"Actually I am rather horrible at dressing myself," Aidric confesses. "I wore livery as a boy, and then when I could choose for myself I just relied on the advice of the ladies of my acquaintance or whichever tailor I was visiting. So, black with green piping it shall be," he says and nods to his men that they can depart. That dealt with he pours the wine. "So, you are finished your fast, are you feeling better then?" he asks.

The girl nods slowly. "I… got sick after eating marzipan without proper food underneath it. So I thought I had done penance enough. I need to keep from getting dizzy."

Aidric wrinkles his nose at the talk of getting sick and takes a sip of the deep rich wine in his cup to banish the memory of the taste of vomit. "You have my pity then," he says as he lowers his cup and gestures to the food, "And have whatever you like, this should not make you sick, or I will have words with the cook," he says with a thin smile before he carries on. "I do not know if this will touch too near to what got you to fasting in the first place, but Spirit Day will be upon us soon, and I thought as we and Kieran, are the only ones who are like to celebrate it correctly we ought to celebrate it together." Spirit Day of course was the day and night of the dead where the departed were remembered and the lost souls were warded off. A major occasion in ancestor mad Normont.

Tiadora winces at the thought. "Well, yes, we should. Now more than ever- a lot of angry dead I think…" Sadly, the thought puts her off of eating again and she sighs. "Do you think Tristan woud object too much if we put out offerings on his behalf, so his ancestors will protect him?"

Aidric nods a touch grimly at that statement. That was clearly on his mind as well. "Yes, a good many angry dead," he concurs quietly as he takes a sip of wine. "As for Tris, we could invite him if he wants to come, others too, but if not we can make offerings, on their behalf."

Tiadora confesses, "I am dreading Spirit Night this year." She slices off a piece of the capon and does more destruction than actual eating of her portion. "I don't know… what will become of them." Them being her parents, obviously. "But for Uncle Paul… we need to show him his sacrifice wasn't in vain."

Aidric who was never the most pious of men does nod there. "I would not ask except for Paul," he says. "I know the situation with your family makes it difficult." He offers a look of gratitude, "But he ought to have someone the One might listen to speak for him." Meaning Tiadora.

She takes in a deep breath and slowly lets it out. "He deserves it. If any of our immediate ancestors do, it's him. So… I've never hosted. We would need a shrine- well, there's ours but we can set up a temporary one where-ever we end up hosting the party. And then our guests can make general prayers for their own loved ones."

Aidric's brow furrowed, he had been away from Normont for so long it was hard to remember. "Yes, we'd need a shrine, and the wreathes to hang by the doorways," he pauses hmming. "I suppose if we're inviting southerners best to leave out the fermented mares milk and herbs," he says, remembering some of the more traditional households still drank that wretched stuff with the herbs that were meant to get one closer to the spirits. Given the spirits in question, they were plenty close enough as it was. "Oh and I am knee deep in bards with the wedding coming up, so if either of us can dredge up enough of our family songs from memory, we will have people to play them."

Tiadora bites her lip. "Candles, yes." She takes a seat and tries to think of what else wouldn't scare off Southerners. "Maybe the herbs with a few drops of the milk- not enough to really scent up the place but enough to appease the traditions. I could bring the miniatures I have on my shrine in to put on display. Or just write the names so it's less… Imposing. How to make our sacred holiday less… Weird. Saints help me," she says softly, expression hopeless. "Perhaps an offering bowl where people can write the names of their own beloved dead. And then we can burn it along with the incense."

Aidric can't help but chuckle at Tiadora's distress. "I suspect you and your brother are both considering that problem," he says of making their rituals less weird. "I think the candles and the names in the in the burning bowl will work and not be too frightening," he reasons. "Anything else we're forgetting?"

"I'll put a lock of my hair in offering, but we don't need to ask anyone else to do it." She pulls at a stand of her long black hair. "Maybe explain the reasons why? Like the milk for the nomads, the burning so the smoke rises to the Moon.. The hair so they know it is their kin honoring them." She giggles and adds, "We can leave out the old blood tradition. Way too creepy and pagan."

Aidric takes a spoonful of his thus far neglected soup and swallows it down. Not long after, he snorts. "Well explaining will either make them understand it or think of us a rustics," he says shaking his head. "We'd best keep this to a select list of guests, and yes, definitely leave out the blood bit," he says the last causing him to smile.

Tiadora gives him a little grin. "So I explain it as Duke Symon's country sister, and either people appreciate my attempt to explain our cultural traditions or you make apologies for how sheltered and quaint I am, poor dear is still adjusting to big city life."

Aidric grins, "That's dangerously close to fibbing don't you think?" he teases. "Or has Sunsreach corrupted you already?"

He nods though. "Anyhow, let's do this the way we discussed. I am not sure if it will make much sense to our friends here at court but, for Paul and others it we will see it done."

Tiadora sighs, her smile fades. "It's true. I'm not entirely adjusted to this… Whole thing." She motions to the world around them. "But I'm willing to play the dumb sheltered barbarian as necessary. I am very sheltered, true. But I don't mind playing dumb."

Aidric tilts his head as he gives a Tiadora sceptical look and a little shove of her shoulder. "It was meant to be a joke, a little fibbing is good at court and a lot is even better," he says only half joking before he turns back to his food. "Anyhow, I think it will make for an interesting evening if nothing else and should hopefully please Paul." He takes a bite of the capon, nodding approvingly. "Anyhow, since this topic has soured for the moment, shall we move on to another? I will be returning to court soon and I was wondering if you had any information for me."

Tiadora twists a lock of her hair around her finger. "Well, a little… We, uh, me and Princess Clara and Ela… Kind of have a plan? But otherwise I think they're sending the Marshall to go follow up with those damned pirates."

Aidric nods of that news his brows raising at the mention of the plan. The rest though gets his attention first. "I figured as much, I should see Thaddeus before he goes. As for the Brodlunders being pirates, that is like saying the Tirians are just unwashed." Then, he circles around back to the plan. "So what's this plan?"

Tiadora pours herself a shallow cup of wine and sips it slowly. "I um… Need to borrow some commoners dress. And Elaida is getting the List." Said list being the common women in question. "We… Think there should be eyes on the ladies. And me and the Huntressess aren't good at being seen."

Aidric's demeanour becomes grim. "You mean that List?" he says and settles back. "So what do you plan to do if you see a killer?" he asks her.

Tiadora frowns as she looks down, worrying with her prayer beads. "Signal the people who can go after them. I-I'm good at picking up on details. Patterns. Signs someone is acting off or purposefully."

Aidric looks at his cousin for a long moment before he nods. "Very well, but make sure you keep a huntress close by, I'd lend you my men, but, they're not the most subtle of creatures."

It takes Tia a moment to nod. "I will. I'm still not well known here in Sunsreach. And we're all feeling so helpless. Even if nothing happens, at least we're trying to help Tris." She grabs a roll of bread and eats reflectively. "And most everyone agrees with you, but not the getting mad at the Queen part." She smiles a little. "They say you got off lightly."

Aidric nods though it's clear he's unhappy. "I understand what it is like to feel helpless. There is a smile when she says the others think he's right which quickly vanishes when she mentions him getting off light. "Hmm, if they say so."

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