(1866-10-20) A Moment of One's Time
A Moment of One's Time
Summary: A moment of time is asked of Clara to hear out Broderick's proposal for an event in the upcoming tournament.
Date: 10/20/1866
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Residential Hall - Sunsreach Palace - Rivana

The main residence hall of Sunsreach is primarily set aside for the nobles and aristocrats that populate the castle, and their favored stewards and advisors. It is well lit, sconces set within the walls to accommodate for light. The walls are white, inlaid with marble to give them a glow, and each hallway is divided with an onyx marker there to separate it to act as a guide. The main residence chamber goes up for five stories, with a central garden outside that the windows are angled to bring in the best sunlit view over of the fountains bringing in fresh water to the garden.

On the top floor are a series of stained glass windows, meant to follow the path of the stars above and to bring light in during the proper seasons, architecturally angled to bring light in from the heavens. Each level of the residence hall is designed for a tier of nobility and their honored guests, so the more important one is, the higher up their residence is, and the better view they have of the mountains, gardens, and the cities below. There are smaller chambers in which for servants to come about and go things, guards and advisors to patrol, as well as efficient means for maintaining running water within the castle and fires to keep it warm.

20th of Octobre, 1866

There are many things to be said for having a squire. The camaraderie, the joy of watching someone grow as you teach them, the ability to send someone else of on those little errands that aren't quite in a servants remit. The list goes on. Right now, with Andrew on one such errand in town, Broderick has chance to stroll the hallways alone on his way down to the menagerie; a fascinating place to kill a few hours of an afternoon. The lack of his new companion also gives him the chance to seek out one of his many cousins for a quiet word, one newly enough arrived in Sunsreach that he's hoping her views of him have not be tainted by his past. Or, in simple terms, Clara. He's not quite on the prowl as he walks, but he does keep a close eye on the hallways as he passes through areas of the keep that she is known to frequent.

It would seem that Broderick's not-quite prowling has paid off…as the young form of the Tracano Princess is seem departing from what seems to be her quarters and starts walking down the hallway, in view of the former Thorn. She is alone…but not really alone, for there are Lancers around every corner, of course. Clara seems to be on her way towards Court, but not in any particular hurry. She is certainly walking a bit slow…perhaps a little tired, but determined, from the expression on her face.

It is fairly hard to be truly alone in the castle, Broderick had managed it for a while in his room, but now he has a squire that has changed. Being entirely used to the Lancer's presence he largely ignores them, giving the odd one he knows personally a faint nod in passing before his attention is diverted to Clara as she appears in the corridor ahead. Quickening his pace to catch up he doesn't want to risk startling her with the sound of quickening footsteps and so calls down the corridor as soon as it is decent, "Your Highness, could I beg a moment of your time to discuss a small matter?"

The quickening footfalls are not necessarily heard….but the question is. Clara's own momentum slows to a stop, as she turns her head to regard the voice. From the practiced motion…the immediate stop, the shift of attention and the pleasant expecting countenance…the 'moment of your time' request has been heard quite frequently by Clara. When the brown eyes fall upon Broderick's, the practiced expression loosens, just a crack, as it seems Clara is more relieved it is at least someone she is familiar with. "Lord Broderick…a pleasure to see you." The lips curl into a smile. "What sort of matter troubles you this eve?"

Broderick slows to a stop and offers his cousin a nod in greeting. It's not fawning, or deferential in nature, but it is polite. "Thank you," he replies first, since it seems he's being given a few moments at least, "and it is a pleasure to see you once more as well cousin." From their one meeting before he has a memory of her not wishing to be bound by formal titles all the time, so goes with the familial rather than formal address. "Myself and Lord Aidric have a proposal for the tournament we are to host after the wedding, and your name was raised as someone to talk to with regards to enquiring as to it's feasibility."

The familial address is certainly noted…and that smile widens a touch at it. Yes, Clara is more than willing to not let titles dictate interaction. The princess awaits expectedly as Broderick speaks of a possible proposal, to which Clara nods gently in the affirmative…an answer to the accuracy of the information Broderick was given. "You and Aidric have a proposal? Interesting. You are right…with the tournament being held as part of the wedding festivities for Her Majesty, I do have some control over it." 'Some power' might be a modest understatement, but Clara does not offer any further explanation as to what sort of control she does have. "Pray tell, what have my cousins conspired to propose to me?" The smile tilts into a sly grin, even as Clara's head tilts to the right, curiosity alight in those brown eyes of hers.

"Another event to add to the schedule," Broderick replies with an apologetic smile, knowing how much admin and faff such things can cause. Once he's got the short, sharp shock out of the way though he moves swiftly onto the mitigating factors. "It's one that can run between the others though, and is not for knights, so there is little need to worry about a scheduling clash, or giving them adequate time to rest and recuperate." See? Nice and simple. Honest. "In short," he continues, getting down to the details at last, "we'd like to trial a Squire's Melee, so they can gain experience in fighting in a style we find it hard to recreate in training, and also against opponents they might otherwise never have the chance to test their arm against. The prize needn't be anything as grand as the adult melee, nor would I expect the same sort of interest from the crowds, but i could be invaluable for the youngsters all the same. We've mooted the idea at a couple of the knights resident here in Sunsreach, and so far there does seem to be an interest."

Another event to add to the schedule. Clara listens with intent. However, even as she is listening, her thoughts are racing. Another event? This late in the game? How would she be able to fit it in? A question leaps up to her lips…perhaps as a stalling measure to allow her to think, but it comes, nonetheless. "A Squire's Melee? So, we are not talking about the Duels or the Jousting Preliminaries, then? A free-for-all, just for the squires?" The questions from Clara even seem to surprise herself, from all appearances. But…just questions, nonetheless.

The posing of the questions offers enough time to consider the schedule…and the once-smiling lips tighten into a slight frown. "I…I don't really know if there is enough room in the schedule to allow for that. I know that the squires are allowed in the Duels, the Jousting Prelims, and essentially any event that is a non-point event for the Circuit, like bareknuckle fighting or archery or whatever. There is going to be so much going on, including hosting the Alhazredi delegation and preparation for the treaty negotiations." The frown twists into Clara lightly chewing on her bottom lip, a sign she is about to break some bad news. "I don't think we can fit it in. I could look into it, but preliminary odds look rather long."

Circuit tournament concerns aside, Clara truly does seem rather apologetic. And…did she just say that the Alhazredi are coming? That has to be stressful just by itself. "It certainly sounds like a noble suggestion. Maybe the next tournament?" Oh, Clara really hates to disappoint, it seems…

"Precisely," Broderick replies quickly, sensing perhaps where her thoughts are leading and making a valiant effort to head them off at the pass. "An event for them, where they can compete against each other rather than as part of a larger field that includes those of us who've been doing this for years. It's far less dangerous than asking them to joust, and gives them experience in less formal combat than the duels. They'd learn to pick their targets, watch their backs, and other skills that will be invaluable to them, and us, should the Brodlunders keep up their raids. No other event can give them that." He feels faintly guilty for bringing up the current troubles as part of his argument, but it is perhaps the closest a tourney ever comes to a real battle. One eyebrow raises at the mention of the Alhazredi, but he doesn't ask further on that for now as it might detract from his point. "I appreciate that it seems like such hard work," he adds, sounding as if he both genuinely does appreciate that, and genuinely doesn't want the idea to get squashed so soon after it's inception. "It shouldn't take more than an hour though, two at the maximum, and if it runs after the main melee then there's no risk of damaging the square, and the officials would already be there. Please, cousin, give it some further thought. Myself and Lord Aidric will do whatever we can to aid you in making it happen, know that."

"I will certainly consider it." The answer isn't a total shutdown, so there is still some hope. Still…Clara doesn't look all that happy to give the possibility that it may not happen this tournament. "It…it doesn't *seem* like hard work, Broderick. You must understand…it *is* hard work. It might seem as simple as just holding it right after the Circuit Free-For-All. But, it isn't just the tournament events I need to take into account. It is the demands of time upon Her Majesty, the judges, the Alhazredi. I just got the notice that the Shahanshah's sister and a sizable group are coming barely a week ago and it has been difficult to restructure events, times, and resources to accommodate that unexpected surprise. Not to mention that the prize list has already been sent out and expectations established. I can inquire…and see if it is possible to squeeze it in, but it is not going to be easy."

"Thank you," Broderick replies again, "your consideration is all I ask." He wants to ask a lot more, that much is plain, but even he knows that there are times when continuing to push is counterproductive. "Any efforts you can make are deeply appreciated cousin and please, as I said, if myself or Lord Aidric can make it easier for you in anyway, just send word. His desire for this is as strong as mine, and will do aught we can to aid you towards it's completion."

Clara nods…"I understand. Should the window prove to exist, you can be sure I will be coming to either one of you for assistance." She looks like she is about to turn to leave…but then she pauses, and really *looks* at Broderick. Not so much at him…but almost through him…as if picking up on the unspoken questions. Then, with a soft smile, she offers a concession. “I know you have more questions, but I really must be on my way. I promise you that I will see what can be done for the squire scrimmage. Be it officially or *un-officially* part of the tournaments. After all…there is nothing stopping your young wards from gathering on a field somewhere and going at it on their own.” Then, with a wink, she adds. “At least…nothing apart from the knights those young wards serve.”

Then, with a slight nod of the head, Clara turns to leave…off to yet another engagement.

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