(1866-10-20) When Dreams Become Memories
When Dreams Become Memories
Summary: Emilia pays a visit to Clara in Sunsreach. The two discuss recent events and discover that the dreams the two have been having may very well be shared memories.
Date: 10/20/1866
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Clara's Suite - Sunsreach Palace - Rivana
The room is large, for it is the Palace, after all, but Clara's room isn't as palatial as one might think. Certain corners have been selected for various tasks, showing the different aspects of the person that is Clara Tracano. In the far corner along the back wall is the bed, a canopy affair with thin translucent curtains enveloping it, enough transparency to allow light, but not enough to see anything beyond shadows within. Next to the bed is the vanity, with a large mirror, close to the walk-in closet with choice selections of clothing. In the near corner on the same wall as the bed stands a worktable of sorts, with a few scattered pieces of cloth and a dress form mannequin besides it. The mannequin has the beginnings of what appears to be a more toned-down ensemble consisting of a modest skirt with a loose top paired with it, more suited for a minor noble lady than perhaps a member of royalty. The right front corner holds a desk, with all matters of paper upon it. Though it is neatly arranged, it still looks rather daunting upon first glance. It is quite obvious that Clara does her major work at this desk, for the chair looks well worn and, fortunately, comfortable enough for prolonged sessions. The left corner holds the final aspect of Clara, as this is where she keeps her more athletic pursuits. Her rosewood longbow, with the elaborate carving of leaves and small roses along the upper and lower limbs, rests upon a weapon stand, along with her ash quarterstaff. A small dagger is on a stand, too, but looks relatively unused…perhaps a new addition or just not a favored weapon. One more dress form is here, too, but this one has a set of leather armor upon it, surprisingly similar to the style Huntresses would wear, if perhaps a little more decorative than not.
20th of Octobre, 1866

A return to Sunsreach had been inevitable with the approaching Royal wedding, but the youngest of the main Cassomir line had managed to delay it some. For when many had returned direct from Pacitta, Emilia had returned to Ironhold with her sister for a bit. But she had returned to Sunsreach, there were dresses that needed making and follow up fittings, some duties that could simply not be avoided. And in that Emilia was Cassomir through and through, for all of her reluctance to be about Court, she did what duties were expected of her.

She had actually returned to the city some days before, between faegate sickness, fittings and the other wedding that needed seeing to, Emilia had not quite made it along to the palace to see Clara, or had been perhaps been redirected with the increasing activity and pressure as the days began to count down to that Royal wedding. In truth the wedding these past days was near the last thing upon Emilia's mind, even if it was at the forefront of most people's minds in some form or another.

Having made some need to come to the palace, Emilia had sent word to see if Clara was up for a visitor. Even if she knew Clara didn't mind the visits, even welcomed them at times, she knew her friend was under a lot of pressure and was horridly busy these days. Awaiting a response as she saw to the other little matter at hand.

It is true…the concept of busy has made its presence quite known to the young Princess in the last few days. Clara had been rather busy before, with her presence seen less and less since the Pacittan Tournament. However, ever since she received word of the Alhazredi delegation coming to Sunsreach, Clara has been almost non-existent in the social sense. What few visits she has made to the world outside has been strictly of a business nature…arraigning housing, securing additional provisions and various other functions. That and the damnable dream that made sleep such a rare commodity has taken a toll on Clara and yet she trudges onward.

As such, when word come to Clara that Emilia had come to the Palace to see her, it had caught Clara quite off-guard. Clara had no idea that her friend was even in Sunsreach, much less standing in the foyer of the Palace awaiting word from the Tracano. Clara immediately sent her personal handmaiden Alysonne to fetch Emilia…and only Alysonne, for Clara knew the futility of having a guard with Emilia, should she not wish of it. Clara knows well the disdain her friend held of Court…and to be at the Palace, so close to that which is burdensome to her, why something must be important enough indeed to prompt Emilia to seek Clara out.

And so, while Emilia approaches the suite…Clara remains standing, pacing the room with nervous energy flowing through her. Questions of all sorts running through Clara’s head. However, a guilty thought creeps into Clara’s mind. That…finally…after so many days of plotting and planning, Clara can forget about the wedding and tournament for at least a little while. It is a thought that brings a wry little smile to Clara’s lips. Yes….it is about time she had a worry-free moment anyways, if such a moment does exist.

The change in Clara's own schedule and appearances in public were likely not entirely known to Emilia. But perhaps expected, they did host tournaments in Ironhold, even if a far lesser scale than the pending events, Emilia had some concept of the activities and pull upon one prior to such things. Unless news about the Alhazredi delegation had spread like wildfire, it was plausible this was an unknown to Emilia.

Oh the day Emilia by passes manners at all and just shows up in Clara's room…now that will be surprising. But by all rights, Emilia has no desire to startle her friend so, nor end up in trouble with some Lancers or House Guards…or more so land them in trouble. A gentle nod and what amounts to a smile for Emilia is given to Alysonne when she comes to fetch her along. Softly offering a "Good of day" to the woman, but unlike so many who likely try to pry and fish for details about the Royal wedding or even gossip, there seems to be none of that from Emilia. If anything, the young Cassomir does genuinely ask how the maid herself is doing.

When the doors open and Emilia is shown into the room, with dark eyes taking in the pacing Clara that worn state of her friend, there is a flicker of concern that comes. "Oh Clara, you have been working too of much. I knew I should have been coming of sooner." Already moving to greet her friend and likely catch her up in a hug. "Pray be of telling me you are not working through of the nights? "

The servant is more than happy to talk to Emilia, commenting that she is doing well. However, there isn't much given to Emilia in the way of Clara's own state of well-being. Which provides even more of a surprise when, as Emilia enters Clara's quarters, to find the pacing Clara within. There was to be a protest…a statement that would surely have said that Clara was fine, and therefore false…but the hug stays such falsehoods. And so…grudgingly, Clara admits the truth. "I….may have. Once or twice." She does return the hug, however, gently…releasing long enough to claim a chair to sit down. "I…had been having some sleepless nights as of late."

Clara shifts…indicating a chair for Emilia to sit. "I had a surprise letter come to me. The Alhazredi…they are sending a delegation to the Wedding…and they want to observe the peace treaty as well. I….didn't plan on this." There is a wave of her hand, towards the desk, littered with paper. "I have been working to correct this oversight. Since I wasn't getting much sleep anyways, I thought I might as well keep myself busy." Then, a shift as Clara regards Emilia. "I didn't know you was in Sunsreach, Emilia. I would have visited you at the manse had I known."

An interesting comment. Clara admitted she hadn't been sleeping well. It was tossed out without thought…but it might have caught Emilia's attention.

It was a surprise to see Clara in such a state, some level of wear was perhaps expected as Emilia did know the stress Clara was under with the pending wedding, even if not the full of it yet. But to see her in such a state. It had warranted the hug so quickly given. Emilia shakes her head at the answer given so grudgingly,"Clara…you must be getting of sleep, your mind cannot of focus of fully when it becomes so of tired. " Canting her head as Clara speaks of the sleepless night, it was indeed something that grasped her attention, perhaps even reason behind why she had come. Querying off innocently enough,"Restless of nights? Worrisome of dreams, of thoughts keeping you of awake?"

Settling into the indicated chair, though perhaps only after seeing Clara sitting. The news about the Alhazredi do have Emilia's eyes widening just a little,"The Alhazredi are of coming? To the wedding?" By the One! It was bad enough to have to stand in front of all of Rivania's nobility (least those of importance), and many more from Couviere..But now….A small breathe, least they would be giving little notice to her. "I cannot of imagine the of shock of it….If there is anything I can be of doing to help, please let me of know. Any of thing at all to aid of with things." A hand gently turns in the air, a small fluttering of her fingers,"I have not have been of here of long. Just of enough to get over of Gatesickness and see to of a few dress fittings. They are coming of along well enough."

There is a pause…the Princess' eyes lifting up. Curiosity clearly evident as Clara asks. "How…how do you know that? That…that is exactly correct." A moment's hesitation…then a shake of her head. "No. Not exactly. It isn't multiple dreams…but the same dream, repeated over and over. But still, the thoughts keep me awake."

Still sitting…and watching Emilia carefully, Clara shifts towards the Alhazredi. "I received a letter from the Shahanshah. She is not able to attend…but she is sending her sister, her husband, and four other dignitaries….and their respective retinues. So….I have been doing what I can to make all the arrangements, including consulting with an advisor on Alhazredi culture. Since….since the dream kept waking me, I would work on this until sleep finally came again."

There's that familiar smile…albeit tired. "Oh…don't worry about me, Emilia. I believe I finally have it handled to my satisfaction. Now…if only that dream would resolve itself…."

"It is not of that of hard to be of figuring, with the stress you must be of having. Troublesome of dreams are not of improbable," Emilia lightly glossing over the matter for the moment. As those dark eyes to quietly study her friend for a few moments. Especially as she speaks about it being the same dream over and over again. Some sort of knowing flickering in her eyes.

A nod coming at the mention of who will be attending, though Emilia admits,"Am not knowing much of about of their of culture and customs of myself." She had a fair number of things that had taken priority in her life. On her mind. "Cannot say I would have ever of figured to have chance to really of meet of any of such, let alone of seeing such of highly placed. It shall surely cause of a stir, more of posturing and politicing, for of sure." Emilia shakes her head a little at the thought. "Though of any of tidbits of proper of protocol that could be of passed of along, would be of appreciated." ON the off chance she actually has to speak to any of them…she doesn't want to embarrass her brother!

A mild tugging comes to the corners of Emilia's lips,"Of Clara….we are of being of friends, of course I will worry of about you." There is a little of breathe at mention of the dream…it resolving itself. A moment of hesitation,"This of dream…is it of involving of a large of room with a gate never of seen before…Of endless of hallways that seem to be of having no of end?"

"Of course, Emilia. Whatever I am able to pick up I will pass on." Then…another smile. "Truth be told, I did not expect to actually meet them, as well. The letter was sent so long ago…and we just got the reply a scant few days ago. It will certainly be the talk of Court soon, if it isn't already." Another clue that Clara has been less than social…she has not been to Court.

The question of the dream pulls Clara from the Wedding discussion….as that confusion again clouds her countenance. "It….it is. A gate that is nearly invisible. In a large room with orbs of light floating about in it. A…a labyrinth. And different things happening." That distant look is in the Tracano's eye, the one she gets when she drifts in thought. "You….you are in my dream. I am almost certain of it." A leap of logic is made…albeit slowly, probably due to her sluggishness. "Wait. Do…do you have the same dream?"

"I of expect, with them of coming…I will of barely of meet and not have much of interaction of with," for that was for those of importance, right? And there would be even more people vying for their attention then the do for the attention of the Royals. Emilia nods a touch,"Of aye, I do of expect once news of breaks, if it has not of already, that it will be of the talk of the Court."

Dark eyes do study Clara after that question of the dream is asked, more so about what the dream is about. Emilia nodding just a little as Clara speaks of it. her mouth opening as if perhaps to ask something but then Clara speaks of Emilia herself being there. "Of aye, I was of having of the same of dream." Was. "But of aye, I am of being of there….as you were of being in of mine." There is a small of breathe before Emilia says softly,"What would you of think if I were to be of saying it is not just of a dream?"

“Oh….I would not say that, Emilia. They are coming to witness your brother’s wedding. I would imagine that there would be more than just a chance meeting with them for you and me.” Clara does seem pretty certain of that, at least. “They will probably want to meet the entire family. You and I would not get away so easily, I fear.”

But then….as Emilia asks the question about what if the dream isn’t a dream…the talk of the foreign dignitaries falls to the wayside. “Wait…what do you mean, if it wasn’t a dream. How…how can it not be?” The ten-thousand yard gaze makes itself known upon Clara’s mein once more…the eyes gazing off into the distance beyond Emilia. “But…wait. You…you knew of the room. With the lights. And…and the labyrinth. And you didn’t seemed surprised at all when I mentioned you was in my dream, as well.” There is confusion in those brown eyes….confusion as the wheels turn in Clara’s head, seeking for a logical answer. An answer that comes rather swiftly.

And, in that moment….Emilia can see the dawning of realization….the sudden flip as the tumblers inside Clara’s head find the right combination and everything falls into place. The room. The faegate. The nasty little goblyn. the Labyrinth. Of course, it was all true. It had to be…because Emilia knew too much of it to be only a coincidence. The eyes widen as Clara grasps the true magnitude of her sudden rush of recovered knowledge, as those eyes shift towards Emilia. “You….you were there. You attacked the Master of the Labyrinth…the Goblyn King. But…it…it wasn’t you. It was something inside you, wasn’t it?” For all of Clara’s doing, she is showing considerable restraint. She hasn’t moved from her chair…but Emilia can see that Clara is considerably more alert, even despite the apparent lack of sleep. And, it is clear that Clara does remember, now. She remembers everything. Even the fact that there is a malevolent force within her friend…and yet, Clara does not run. “That’s the voice I kept hearing in my dream. It was him. The Last.”

“He…he said he would have us remember….didn’t he?”

A slight head shake comes in response to the first of Clara's words, though Emilia's words seem in contradiction,"Of aye. They will be of wishing to meet of the family." To start with. "The Queen's of family, of which I am not being of a part of, Clara. They will not be of caring to meet some of Viscountess's little sister." Her brother was becoming part of the Royal family, not the rest of them. Clara would not escape with but a chance meeting as part of the Tracano family.

Though the topic seems to take a lesser precedent as Emilia's words sink in for Clara. "Of aye, not of a dream of exactly." Watching as Clara works through it all, saying softly,"Of aye, I am not being of surprised and am of knowing of the things of your…. dream." Sitting quietly and watching as the realization slowly sinks in for Clara, the reason why Emilia was not surprised, why she knows the details of this dream….They were memories seeping back through.

Emilia nods slowly,"Of aye. I was of there….I…we…were of attacking of him, The Goblyn of King. " A small breath is drawn as she says softly, confirming,"Of aye, there is something being inside of me." Which is one unhappy Beastie right now. But Emilia does not move to offer comfort in the way of touching as she might normally. Clara might be showing restraint so far as this wealth of knowledge, these memories flood back…but anything could change that. Especially a touch from the friend that has an ancient and slightly malevolent being harbouring within her. "I am of knowing it is of much to…take of in. But I can of try to of answer of questions…when you are having of them."

A slight hesitation comes before she agrees,"He was of saying so. At of the time…I am remembering of thinking it would surely be of quite of some time before such would be of remembered." It had not been so long, especially with how such a being would measure time.

Hesitation holds Clara back from inquiring….at least for the moment. The onslaught of remembrances crashes upon Clara consciousness, unlocking scenes that were only slight clues in the hazy dreamscape. She shakes her head, in an effort to align the rush of information. And…within that, she manages to latch onto the oath she took. “I can ask you questions, can’t I? He said so. Just you and me. And….a Lon?” The name is foreign upon her tongue, as if it was the first time ever she heard it outloud, yet she knows that is false. “A…a changeling? I thought they were just storybook fables. And…and you know one.” There is a laugh…a little forced, but a laugh, nonetheless. “Of course you would know a changeling. Why wouldn’t you? No wonder I drew you as a fae…”

The Princess slides out of her chair, regaining her feet. “I heard His voice every night…since returning from Pacitta. Telling me to remember. I didn’t understand…but it kept me awake.” She turns to face Emilia fully…and the look that the Tracano has is one of understanding. “I…I remember the attack. How I hid…while you and He fought. And…how He didn’t even seem phased at all.” There is another thing that Clara remembers…but does not utter. The name of the darkness within Emilia. She knows not to provoke that which is within. Then…another memory comes to her. And…when it comes, Clara steps over, placing a hand upon Emilia’s shoulder. Willingly, on her own. “I also remember what happened afterwards. The promise I made to you.”

Then…a smile. “I promised to help you. And…I wouldn’t be a very good friend if I didn’t keep to my promise.”

Time is given for Clara to deal with the thoughts that come must be coming, Emilia awaiting with an easy patience. Even if there is perhaps an inner worry about how Clara might take it all, so many myths become reality in a few moments. A small nod comes,”Of aye, you can be of asking of questions of me, and I can give of what of answers I am of having. And of Lon of well,” there is a mild tugging to the corners of her lips,”who is of being of a Changling. “ A hand raises a presses a touch to her temple,”Will have to be of talking to of him about of this of all of yet. Can of wait of yet, was worried more for of you…..once you were of remembering of well. Is much to take of in, I am of knowing. “ There is a pink tinge to her cheeks at the mention of drawing her as a fae,”I am of supposing there is of reason in of that. Never have thought of it in of that of fashion.”

Her head turning up, eyes watching as Clara moves to stand. “Of aye…I heard of Him in dreams. And I have had much of trouble of sleeping of myself.” Though that was not an uncommon thing for Emilia in truth. But as Clara speaks of the fight…what she saw of Emilia, the monster that she can be…is…Emilia’s eyes drop and look to the floor. Just a hint of a nod occurs,”Of aye…there was being of a fight. It is never being as of strong as It is of thinking.” The words seeming to cause a faint winching by Emilia. Someone seems to disagree.

The touch on her shoulder has Emilia looking up from the floor and to Clara,”I am of thanking for of that….But would be of under of standing if you wished…more of distance, in of knowing what…is within of me.” It wasn’t after all every day one learned…recalled their friend was…part monster. A hand drifts up to touch Clara’s,”But I am of glad for you being of my friend…” there is a slight pause,”and for you not running of away screaming, for knowing of what I am of being.” There is a little tugging at the corners of her lips as some hint of humour is attempted.

“I would never run away from you, dear Emilia.” The statement is truthful…and an echo of what Clara had said so long ago, when the two walked in the secret passages of the Labyrinth. “I know you as you are now…for me, there never was any need to keep my distance. You hadn’t harmed me for all the time we knew each other prior. Why should now be any different?” The attempt of frivolity is noted…and reciprocated. “Besides, running away screaming would only draw more people to me…and, between you and me, I am sorely tired of unwanted solicitors.” A tip of a wink….Clara is speaking in half-truths.

The hand remains upon Emilia’s shoulder, even when Clara gains that far-away gaze that has always been her pondering look. This time, it is a ponderance of remembrance. “When He emerged out of that pool…by One, it was frightening. And then…ooh…” A particularly embarrassing memory, at least for Clara, strikes her about those first few moments of the Last…causing her to blush almost as red as her own locks of hair. Flustered, there is a bit of a stammer, then continuation. “He…He granted this. The third option. I remember it now. This is our chance to work together…to help you. For me to keep you company so that you are not always so alone.”

A light shake of the head, and the last of the cobwebs are cleared. The hand slowly withdraws, but Clara turns to face Emilia. “You know what this means, don’t you? There is no possible way to get rid of me now. I am afraid you are simply stuck with me.” A laugh…a true, honest laugh, rings out, seeking to dispel the worries and doubt.

There is a nod at the statement that does echo of the words Clara spoke in the labyrinth, even her intentions to remain if Emilia had chosen otherwise. “It would not be of me from which you were of running, but of the Beast, the monster of within.” Emilia cannot fault the logic,”Of true, there is of no of difference, nothing of changing in of that….just…that you are of knowing of more, of things most all are not of knowing.” A small tugging comes to the corners of her lips at the bit of humour and lightness is return,”We cannot be of having that, there is certainly not of a need to be of drawing the attention of more solicitors along. “

Emilia’s hand gives the one upon her shoulder a gentle squeeze as Clara goes wandering through the memories unlocking. Nodding a little,”It was of frightening,” a turn of agreement, for Emilia fright of the memory as well with the lose of control that occurred in turn. Though there is just a hint of pink at the particular memory, even if Emilia did not quite get the view Clara ended up with. “Oh aye, this was of the other option, the choice of made…” something Emilia might still be thinking over, even if she knows why she made her choice as she did,”….and his of boon, allowing of the memories so I would not be of so of alone.” It was something to contend with both good and bad : having someone who not only knew, but had seen what she was.

“Am not of sure what of more is to be of done, to be of helping that is not already of being of so,” even if Emilia had more time to mull over these memories then Clara, was used to…myths being real…there was still many things for her to contend with. Namely Them being a lot more….rowdy…now. A brow rises slightly in questioning fashion, as if to say ‘What?’ The corners of her lips tug upwards as Clara is soon answering the question and laughing,”Am not supposing that is exactly of a bad thing.” Even if a mild wince speaks of Something else’s dissenting opinion on the matter.

Emilia takes a small breath,”You should be of knowing, there /are/ of few who know of this of..burden I of carry. Not even all of mine family know of the truth, let alone of this truth of what is of within. “ The Oaths bind them from speaking to others about the time within the gate, but perhaps some explanation of why even some of Emilia’s own House view her as much of the Court does. “I am knowing it is much all to be of contending with….especially on top of everything of else,” finding where to stuff unexpected guest might just pale in comparison to realizing one has actually met an honest to goodness Sidhe,”Was being of worried for of you, knowing you are already dealing with much.” A mild admission perhaps on just why Emilia is in Sunsreach and the timing of the visit.

It is Clara’s turn to nod in comprehension, for both the fact that few know of Emilia’s ‘condition’ and the admission that Emilia was concerned for her. “I….appreciate the concern, dear Emilia. I will be perfectly honest. The dream, or memory in this case, has kept me awake more nights than I care to recount. I believe that, at least tonight, I will be troubled no more with them.” She vocalizes the same thought that Emilia had left unspoken. “It…certainly places items in perspective. I…conversed with an immortal. Rather cheekily, too, if I recall correctly. If….if I did that, then the Alhazredi delegation will be of no great concern.” There is a sense of wonderment from Clara…not at the fact that Emilia seems rather comfortable with the unspoken world of sidhe and goblyns, but by the fact that Clara, at least the Clara in the Labyrinth, was. “I…I remember being so very frightened. At first. With that goblyn, then later with his Master. But…then, I…I think I forgot I was supposed to be scared. It was more fascinating than frightening.”

Clara only dwells on the memories for a short time within her head, as fresh now as they were so many months ago…as if she just lived them…before she returns to the topic. “Oh…yes. Your family. We…we can’t tell them that I know now, can we?” A tilt of the head, then the appearance of introspection. “Adrienne doesn’t know.” It is a statement of fact, not a question, as Clara reviews. “She was here…for her dress. She doesn’t know…there is a distance between you two, but not one of fear or anything of the sort. It…is more the distance everyone else gives you when you pass.” So…Clara noticed it, too. The turns of the heads and the mixed expressions of sympathy and pity when Emilia was out in public. “That….that means that Graham doesn’t know.” The string of Clara-logic continues, as she meets Emilia, eye-to-eye. “Raelyn knows or she doesn’t care. One or the other. I have seen you two together…there is no fear or unwanted pity at all. It is as we treat each other. And…I have no doubt Jaren knows something, for I have seen the same reaction from him. But…that….that’s all I can think of. And…that is just judging from the way they are with you, dearest Emilia. They love you without fear and, more importantly, without coddling.” It does not take intuition to see that, at all.

“Oh…to not be able to tell anyone. It is a good thing you and I can speak of it, otherwise I would be simply fit to burst!” The exclamation comes with no small amount of excitement. “To think….all of the gods are real! Why, He even said as much! Could you imagine the implications if the Church heard of that? Why, it might topple their whole faith structure…or reinforce it.” There is a blink of realization. “Oh, could you just see Tiadora if she were to find out that not only does the One exist, but so do the other Gods? Or even that the fairy tales of goblyns, phoenixes, and chimeras are not so much fairy tales? The Last…even knowing of his existence would have people question more than they ought.” She retakes her seat as scenario upon scenario plays out in her head, the excitement tempered with comprehension as to just what the little knowledge she has would do. “No wonder we are not to tell anyone.”

Then…with a quick glance around the room, as if looking for little goblyns of her own in her room, Clara speaks out loud…but not to Emilia. “I shall remember my Oath.” It becomes quickly apparent that she is addressing the Last, even if she looks like a fool in doing so. “I understand the reasoning why…and I shall not make light of the trust placed within us.” Then…with a smile, Clara returns her attention to Emilia. “No one will know of the one within you from me, Emilia. The one whose true name was spoken by He…and heard by me.” In a sense, she is promising to not only Emilia, but the fell spirit within her. Clara will not betray that confidence.

“How could I not of worry? You are of my friend and already under much of strain, and even if the dreams had not been of plaguing of you….to contend of with such of knowledge? It can be of over of whelming as it is of awe inspiring. “Granted Emilia’s own introduction to the fact things of faerie tales can be quite real was far more…..terrifying. For that Emilia is thankful, that Clara did not suffer in such a way. Emilia nods in agreement,”It of does put of things in of a different perspective in knowing such of things. “ A little tugging occurs at the corners of her lips,”Of aye, you were being of a bit of cheeky, even if of respectfully of so. Still much of better than of me.” She tried to attack him after all! Even if well it wasn’t exactly her in control.

A nod comes after listening to Clara puzzle out the various family who may or may not know, that single nod seeming to confirm that Clara is correct. “Raelyn is of the only of other who has actually been seeing of when It is within control,” and lived. There is a hint of hesitation before Emilia continues,”Jaren of knows as of well that there is of this shadow of within me. Devlin knows of what of happened but not of the shadow of within. But of the rest, they are not of knowing of the truth of what happened to of me. What of happened to Ironhold Castle, let of alone about of the shadow.” A few moments is given for the implication to take hold before Emilia says softly,”It was not of Thorns who fell of Ironhold and took of so many.” Perhaps Clara’s thoughts would have reached that conclusion in due time. But it was easier in the telling to nudge her there. “Of those who are of knowing of that, few as of they are, fewer of yet know of the shadow within of me. For of long, it was of thought something was of taken from of me, not of left within. It is of only within of the past of year such as become of known to of few. Raelyn, Jaren, Sirrah, Lon…and now of you.” Emilia rather leaving out how long she hid the particular truth from them all…but it is hidden from so many.

Emilia cants her head some as she listens, noting lightly,”It would change of things, knowing of the existence of a Sidhe…they would be of glamering for of knowledge long of lost to be of shared. Knowledge that in many of cases is best being of left of lost. Though not of sure of the impact of knowing Gods of being of real, the Church has been never of denying of the others.” They were just the ‘wrong’ gods. “And people do of assume the One is of real.” Just probably in a different way. There is a brief moment as Emilia considers,”People would struggle enough with of knowing things of faerie tales are being of real. That is why such of knowledge is also kept of secret. Because, Clara, as they are of real, so are of the knights often in of the tales that face of such things.” A soft breathe before there is a faint tugging at the corners of her lips,” More of secrets to be of holding. But there is of secret of order within of the Church that knows of such, and keeps an of watch out for such of things to of fight and protect of people. It is of being part of the Vigilant, hence why the Sirrah was of looking of after me and keeps of watch on of me yet.” And likely why two of her siblings carry Vigilant titles. Fingers flutter about in the air some,”Might be of way to be of telling mine-sibling that you know about of me, but….will need to be thinking on of the why you are knowing, since that is of the part we truly cannot be of telling of them. Will of think about of it, perhaps of see what Lon of says when I speak to of him. But is not of thing to worry about just of now. “ There were wedding and delegations to get past first.

Emilia inclines her head to Clara as the promise is made to her, after the reaffirmation of her oath. “Of thanking,” what They think there seems no outward indication. There comes a shake of her head,”No good would be of coming if others were of knowing. Of truly.” Tiadora would likely cease to be Emilia friend, if she knew such a darkness harboured within Emilia…and the Court..by the One, they would have the Inquisition on her in a heartbeat, and the political ramifications.

“People simply cannot know. They….they just can’t.” The affirmation seems to be enough for the young princess, as no other words are needed. Clara understood the oath she gave before….and understands it now. The Sidhe shall not be betrayed by her.

The sudden pause in conversation is enough for Emilia to realize that Clara….just caught the fact that the storybook knights are real. “It….it makes sense. If the monsters in the stories are real…then so, too, are the ones that fight the monsters.” And yet another leap of logic, as Clara puts two and two together. “Wait. if you know that Raelyn, Jaren and Archbishop Lancella (?!) all know of your secret…and you are telling me there are people out there that fight against the darkness…then…it’s possible that those three…” The implication is left unspoken as Clara reaches for a chair, sinking down in a rather unladylike flop. “I have stumbled into a great fine entanglement, haven’t I, Emilia?” The question is spoken earnestly, but with a slight lilting of the voice. There is a bit of amusement that can be found there. “And I cannot speak a word of it except to you and to your changeling friend I have yet to meet. How lovely…”

It is the mention of not worrying about such things that brings back to mind exactly what immediate items are to be fussed over. Weddings and tournaments and delegations to entertain! If anything, it causes Clara to sink in that chair just a little more. “Oh Emilia, remind me when the tournament is over to take a vacation. Maybe I will go to Ironhold afterwards and disguise myself as a Huntress for a week or three. I have had enough politics for a while.” While Clara may not exactly mean she’s had too much, she certainly was not joking about going to Ironhold. A little vacation from Court maneuverings may be warranted.

A nod of agreement comes, people couldn’t handle the things Emilia had known prior to that little trip through the gate. And what knowledge was gained in those moments, such truly could not become known. Not til the time was right for it, a time that might not even be within her lifetime. There is a faint cant to Emilia’s head as that pause comes, watching as that realization sets in and more dots become connected in the grand spiderweb.

There is just a faint tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips as she nods a little,”Of aye, those of three….others of well. Not as many as the of stories might of speak of, but there is of being of an Order. But…it is of the Sirrah who has been of helping since of…” a hand faintly fluttering at herself to indicate ‘since becoming this thing’…” Of aye, you….we have stumbled into much of an entangle-of-ment…Just I was of having some of foreknowledge in of knowing some of things.” Even if that couldn’t come close to preparing her for what occurred, on many levels. A slow nod comes,”Of aye, that is of the way of it….Though perhaps of in time, can of find way to allow for some speaking….” Fingers lightly dance through the air, almost akin to tapping upon it like one might do on a table. Considering at that for a moment, it would take time to figure out just how to manage that…without people questioning to much. Or more so so Sirrah didn’t question stuff to much!

The corners of Emilia’s lips give a mild tug as Clara’s request for a reminder. “Most of definitely, you can come and of visit for as long as you are of liking. Would give of chance for you to be of meeting of Lon of perchance. If you are not of meeting him at of Raelyn’s of wedding.” Her lips flatten for a moment,”If he is yet of coming. He is of being of invited…But…” There is a mild shrug. “Can worry of that of later…a date is not even of set of yet. Just know there is of talk for it being of not of long after of Jaren’s.” With folks already being gathered, and certainly a much smaller event. “Though of speaking of Ironhold, will be of returning of soon…Jaren is of returning for a time before of the wedding. But if you have of need of me, for of help or of questions..just send of word and I will of come. “ It was an offer made quite genuinely, the help offered as a friend, not in the way of seeking favour or some odd political turn.

The help offered is seen as it is meant to be…as a friendly gesture and not some sideways attempt to curry favour. Clara offers a smile in return….a truly warm, if not just a little tired, smile. “Well, I look forward to meeting your mythological friend. Truly, I cannot promise I will not be the precocious young girl that I was when meeting the Other, but I will try to restrain myself.” Precociousness seems to be Clara’s defense mechanism when faced with concepts beyond her mortal ken. There is a light laugh, then another nod. “I offer the same for if Archbishop Lancella ever catches wind that I know more than ought I should. It will be easier with her….she always struck me as a little frightening.” There’s that smile again…a conspiratorial smirk that would suggest that the two are sharing common secrets that teen-aged girls would share….not world-shattering secrets that would instill chaos should the information be known. “And, the same goes for you, dearest Emilia. Should you have need of me, you have but to ask.”

“And…that includes dresses!” Yes, Clara hadn’t forgot that Emilia was in town for dress fittings. “I must insist that I get to see the dresses when they are done.” Then, in a spark of motion, Clara jumps to her feet and rushes to her sewing station, snatching up the sketchbook of dresses from there. “I have to see if my vision was realized, you know!” A laugh, then a return to the table, sketchbook in hand. “So, I will forgive you for not telling me you was getting your fittings done…and in return, I will show you the dress design your cousin is going to wear. Then, we can prattle on about anything else except mysterious creatures from legend and Courtly maneuverings.” As she speaks, the sketchbook is opened…and flipped to a black and red dress, which is then presented to Emilia.

And…just like that, Clara finds her energy once more. Never mind the fact that she just remembered nearly a week of lost information. Never mind the fact that she now knows what is within her friend…or what danger she might be in at any given moment. No…for now she is in the presence of Emilia, her friend, as Clara always knew her…and there were more important matters to attend to.

Like dresses.

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