(1866-10-24) Brodlunder Raid on Couviere
Brodlunder Raid on Couviere
Summary: Brodlund raiders are ambushed in Lonnaire.
Date: 1866-10-24
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Lonnaire Countryside
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Octobre 24th 1866

Reports had been coming in to Lonnaire about raids being conducted on the northern shore of the duchy. Several scouting parties were sent out to verify the reports and to report on the numbers of raiders if possible. One such party reported one ship in particular hitting several villages along the coast. After receiving the report, Gabriel l'Saigner put out a general call for others to ride with him to help put down this threat.

Gabriel's party is currently moving along a path, heading towards a clearing where some scouts last saw one of the raiding parties. This particular party had hit a farming village not two days back and seemed to be heading in a direction that would take them back to the sea. Lifting a hand, he pulls up on his reigns with the other. "Corvin should be returning shortly with a scouting report. We shall await his report." The words said to no one in particular. Though he does toss a glance around, making sure that everyone is ready.

Of course Jonathan t'Maren is here, and of course he's ready. He's among the riders closest to Sir Gabriel, clad in metal armor, with a bow strapped over his back, a longsword hanging at one side, and a lightsilver dagger tucked into his belt. To the Red Knight's words, he gives a little nod, but says nothing. Not that that's suprising in itself - the heir to Bloodfield is not known for his verbosity - but those who know him will likely notice that he looks a little, for lack of a better term, haunted.

Riding behind Sir Gabriel is Sir Evelyn, content to provide follow-up to the legendary knight. She watches with an alert eye, and is, for her, oddly quiet and somber. Then again, her times against the barbarians have not entirely been pleasant. She nods to Gabriel's word as well, waits.

In the group, Samuel l'Corren canbe found too, nodding a bit as he hears what's being said. "We'll all be ready," he offers to Gabriel, words kept a bit quiet as he looks to the others present, nodding a bit quietly to them.

Though the t'Tremaines may be busy with their own issues, reports of the Brodlunder Raiders have reached the Heir who has been keeping an eye on the issue. Duty to the Kingdom is always balanced with duties at home, and when the former calls, Elrick would no doubt answer. He certainly prefers this kind of battle than the ones he has been tackling at home, fighting numbers, figures, plans. Now he has a visible enemy to cut into. The glance from Sir Gabriel is returned with a nod of readiness.

Angelique steadies her mount, riding with a grace and ease she had not shown a few months back. The Wraith is in her leathers,armed and ready. Her Rapier is loosened in it's sheathe, her daggers are at the ready at hip and in boo-tops. Under her light helm, her tawny gaze sweeps the scene, ever alert.

Lucas had been with the last scouting party so was happy for a break while they awaited word from his brother. The young wraith, while tired, seems happier than his usual morose self, there is a liveliness to his actions and an eagerness to his expression. He stops near Evelyn, looking up at her on her horse, "Nice to be warm while we're doing this, huh?" he says remembering similar patrols in the north.

Angelique steadies her mount, riding with a grace and ease she had not shown a few months back. The Wraith is in her leathers,armed and ready. Her Rapier is loosened in it's sheathe, her daggers are at the ready at hip and in boo-tops. Under her light helm, her tawny gaze sweeps the scene, ever alert.

Speak of the Devil, and he shall appear. Corvin Fremont steps out of the woodline at the edge of the clearing, disturbing remarkably little of the foliage as he does. His leathers are even "decorated" with bunches of leaves here and there to help with camouflage, as is the armor of the couple of other Wraiths that accompany him. For once, he's not wearing his cocky grin, and while he doesn't seem nervous or particularly worried about what they face, he's pretty much "all business" when he speaks.

"Raiding party not more than a half-mile down the road. They're moving as fast as they can, but they're fairly heavily-laden. Shouldn't be difficult to catch up with them. I counted at least a dozen, possibly one or two more, but there could be more beyond them. I wouldn't put overhigh odds on it, though…this bunch looked like enough to raid a farming village." He adds with a scowl, "Be mindful, they have some of the villagers among them, bound and being marched along…mostly women and girls. Some of my Wraiths will try to get them off the battlefield once the fray starts, but be mindful of where your weapons are headed until then."

And thus concludes Corvin's report. He's still got an arrow nocked in his longbow just in case, but a rapier rests at his side, as well as a long knife at the opposite. Just in case.

Artos had heard the request for aid and sallied forth from Garfana with a handful of his own men. He assumed that his services would be of use, not least his ability to speak Brodspek. As he waits with the others, he stands quietly until Corvin speaks. "Possibly a slaving raid. Best to send these villains to the Abyss where they belong." He tightens his grip around his sword as he awaits the decision to advance.

Slavers? That gets Jonathan's attention, if only for a few moments. Nodding his head toward Artos, he muses, "They know that what they do is despised by civilized folk." Not that the raiders are likely to care, but… "They will expect no quarter, and fight to the last. And we shall give them none."

Gabriel glances over at Corvin as the man approaches. "That close? Excellent, we've made good time then." He frowns at the news of captives, but such a thing was to be expected. "Your idea is sound, Corvin." He turns in his saddle to address the other members of the party. "Indeed, Sir Jonathan, they will not receive any quarter, not for invading our lands in such a fashion. Corvin, take with you all who can use a bow. Hit them in their flank once we have begun to make our charge. This should allow you to form an opening to get in and get the captives. The rest of us will charge the enemy in order to take their attention away from what the Wraiths are doing."

Corvin gives a simple nod, turning and speaking quietly with a few of the other Wraiths with him. After a few moments, some of them break off, while Corvin and the rest (including Angelique) move back towards the woodline, trotting ahead to go get into position for the flanking maneuver.

Lucas doesn't seem to take especial note of the slaving. He just nods and begins to string his bow. "Might be good to leave one or two alive. Uncle Artos speaks their tongue and once we learn what they have to tell us we can send them to their gods."

Then he falls silent listening to the plan of attack. When it is done, he nods. "Take care," he says to Evelyn with a look up to her before he slips off to join his fellow wraiths in trotting towards the woodline.

Evelyn stays with Gabriel, nodding some. "Say the word," she avows to him, "We'll run them down. They will likely try to use the villagers as either shields, or decoys." She nods to Lucas, "As ought you," from behind her helm. She watches the archers go, before looking back to those who remain with the knightly party.

Angelique dismounts, silently and gracefully. She takes her bow from its case and slings the quiver at her side. She slips through the underbrush, moving like a shadow, following her fellow Wraith.

At the mention of charging right at the enemy brings a grim smile to Elrick's face, certainly something he hasn't heard in a while. To ride down the enemy again, something he has definitely missed. "We'll ride them down, to the last man." Though he is unable to see their enemies yet, the t'Tremaine Knight is already looking out to the distance, ready to lower his visor as they prepare to engage the Brodlunders.

Samuel nods as he listens, expression momentary thoughtful as he does. "We will show them the error of their ways," he offers, words kept rather quietly now. Nodding a bit at Elrick. "We will," he agrees, quietly.

The arrows whistle past as Angelique draws her bow, her whole being focusing on her target, She holds the draw for an bearable second. taking such careful aim. The Raider is crystal clear in her eyes, she can see every hair, every rivet in his armor….then she lets fly, the Ash shaft whistling away, the keen point seeking its target

By the One, Gabriel feels slightly embarassed and a little pissed off as he seems to get a slow start on his charge. Damn, Alina was making him soft. Or at least that's the type of thinking that he would have to adapt to at least soothe his injured pride a bit. Gritting his teeth, he gains speed, trying to get into the thick of the fighting before all the Brodlunders are killed before he gets there. He sees one of the archers take aim and fire at him. Grunting, he lifts a hand and although he was trying to keep it from finding any purchase in his armor, he actually manages to bat it away. He grunts again, amused and then draws his hand cannon out and takes aim at one of the warriors.

When battle is joined, the haunted look on Jonathan's face doesn't quite go away, but it subsides to at least some degree. Comfortable is the wrong word to describe how he's feeling, but at least he doesn't have to think so much. It's all instinct, muscle memory. Charging one of the nearest raiders, he brings his blade down, a well-delivered blow, but one that can't get through the man's armor. Turning his mount to one side, he scans the battlefield briefly, then turns to strike at one of the warriors threatening Sir Gabriel.

When Artos joins the fray it is surprisingly quick for the usually less-than-capable rider. Sadly while his blade does not accomplish much, his armor does much more as it prevents him from taking any damage. The stern baron turns his attention to one of the Brodlundians and swings down at the raider, hoping to rid the world of him.

Charging on, Samuel manages to slash at his intended target's chest. "Well…" he begins, before another enemy's sword grazes his leg. "Well then," he offers, turning Miramis around once more, to face the enemies. Charging forward once more, rather forcefully.

Evelyn rides her horse forwards, headlong into battle. She swerves across the terrain to avoid the villagers, moving straight for one of the larger warriors and as she passes, slices his abdomen open. She turns just in time to avoid the counter, wheeling her horse back for another attack.

Corvin might have a moment where he looks a bit annoyed that he's apparently been spotted, but he lets fly before his foes do, striking one archer in the gut. Then, even as a seeming hail of arrows heads his way, a twist of his torso sends one only glancing across his armor, and a second sails completely past him. The third does find purchase, eliciting a grunt, but it barely punches through the hardened leather he wears, and Corvin yanks the arrow free from his armor, and seeing it's still usable, simply nocks it and fires it back towards another of the archers. He doesn't speak, but there's a touch of dark amusement on his face nonetheless. One can likely imagine the quips that are coming to mind.

Moving silently until the raiders are in range, the plan of attack seems simple: shoot the archers so they can't shoot back. Lucas strings his bow and lets fly a raider drops stuck with two arrows as his brother and sister wraiths let fly as well. Then the battle is on and they're in the middle of it. Two Brodlunders come for him, he drops his bow and draws his sword already moving out of the way of their attacks. He'll counter when there's an opportunity but for now, the mission is stay alive.

After sliding his visor down securely over his face, Elrick spurs his war horse forward and speeds on towards the raiders, a feeling of exhilaration passing over him before seriousness of battle takes him. With his bastard sword gripped firmly in his hand, no lance this time, he rides into the enemy. The edge of his blade slashes out and catches one of the Brodlunder elites squarely in the chest while shrugging off blows from another and also the leader. Wheeling his steed around, he moves in on the leader and yells out in a mocking tone, "You hit like a grandmother in her sick bed, and now you turn away from me? Craven, I name you!"

Go for the neck. The last time Jonathan fought Brodlund raiders, that was a lesson he learned well. Charging his target at full speed, he again raises his sword, and when the weapon comes down, it slides right through a gap in the man's armor, not quite enough to behead him, but cutting through enough of his neck to leave him, well, very dead. There's little emotion from the heir to Bloodfield; he just surveys the battlefield, and then turns his attention to a raider who seems to have taken some interest in him. Lowering his head slightly, he charges.

Evelyn slashes again, but this time the barbarian is prepared for her, her swing glances off his rudimentary armor, but she manages yet again to shift, continuing her assault, giving a war cry of her own as she does so to lift her own spirits, and those fellow warriors with her.

While Corvin's own arrow doesn't prove particularly effective, he does smile in grim satisfaction as Angelique's skewers the man's heart. With the other arrows aimed his way sailing well clear of him, he turns his attention to the next, looking to get rid of the enemy's ranged fighters to leave the others free to do their work unharassed.

Lucas is not quite quick enough. Both Brodlunders hit him but not seriously. He keeps moving slashing at the man with the axe but cutting nothing but air. A horse rides through their melee and Lucas uses the distraction to draw his dagger with his free hand and come at the Brodlunder with the flail slashing with more purpose.

Angel hisses through clenched teeth, nearly a snarl as the Raider falls with her arrow in his chest. "Good…" Moving fast, far faster than any at court, not knowing her real role would credit, she nock another arrow and draws down on another. Her fingers just brush her cheek as she draws to the ear, standing framed in the arc of the bow, then, with a deep thrum and hiss, the arrow flies on its way. Seeking her foe's hearts blood.

Gabriel aims and fires his Hand Cannon, hitting the Brodlunder he had been targeting right square in the chest. Take that you bastard. He slips the first hand cannon into it's spot on his brace and then draws out the second, making sure to duck out of the way of the huge warhammer the one Brodlunder is swinging around, and then to block an incoming spear. Riding past, he gets a little distance and then charges forward again.

The Brodlunders, for their part, seem eagerly stepping into this fight. It's the first real fight they've had for a few weeks now. The large man with the warhammer continues to bark orders at his men, encouraging them to fight with more vigor than what they have been showing.

"Damn barbarians," Artos scowls as he continues his assault. His blade cuts deep into the Brodlundian, and fortunately no one tries to harm Artos as he fights on. He snarls at the leader, "Curse them. One take them all." He then yells at the Brodlundians in their own tongue, «Real men do not attack those who can't protect themselves.»

"Face me, you filthy animal!" Elrick calls out to the Brodlunder Leader again as swings out with his blade, however at the last moment he sees one the Elites coming at him from the side and moves to dodge the blow. This causes his own to miss as well, but he chooses to slash out at the leader one more, keeping his steed moving. Standing still while mounted could spell the end for any knight.

Jonathan's next clash pits a man on horseback against a man on foot, and it goes about as one might expect. Taking advantage of his mount's momentum - and height - he delivers a powerful blow to the raider's chest, one diminished but not at all stopped by his armor. He allows himself just the slightest hint of a smile, but it's there and gone in a moment. Instead, he whirls his horse around and moves to press his advantage.

Gabriel discharges his second of his three handcannons, though this shot misses its mark. He grumbles under his breath, exchanging it for the third and last of his three hand cannons. He weaves in and around some of the fighting, just barely getting missed by two more attacks. So far things were looking good for his people. "l'Saigner!" He calls out, taking aim with his last hand cannon.

The leader of the Brodlunders turns to face Artos. "«I will show you how a real man fights.»" He lifts his greataxe and then charges the man.

Lucas meets the flail with his dagger, and counters with a sword slash. He kicks free and is parted with his foe. Though seeing one of the l'Corren beset by two of axe wielding barbarians he heads that way and slashes low trying to hamstring one of them.

Corvin retains that grimly satisfied smile as his own arrow bites deeply into his target's chest, but rather than continue focusing on him, he turns his attention to the remaining archer, nocking another arrow and sending it towards his foe, not yet realizing Angelique will likely not be providing any more covering fire now that she's got a new "friend."

Artos frowns as his blade fails to be of use, but as the warhammer-wielding barbarian is felled he looks to the leader that has seemingly accepted his challenge. «Oh? I will believe it when I see it.» He snarls and continues fighting.

Frustration builds for Elrick as he misses the Brodlunder Leader once more, gritting his teeth under his helm. It appears that he may ride well enough to dodge any serious blows, only receiving scrathces on his armor, but he isn't as successful in delivering them. No more words comes from the d'Tremaine Knight now, as he slashes out at the large warrior once more.

Her arrow bites lightly as her target falls under Corvin's shot. But she has not time to react as one of the Raiders charges her, she drops her bow and spins away, dodging as she draws her blade with a whistling cut at the man. Her teeth are bared….

It's with a satisfying smack of her sword piercing and precision that Evelyn ends the life of the warrior she was dealing with. She wheels her horse around, just in time for her to see the leader coming upon her, and she moves her steed a few paces to attack him.

Corvin's arrow draws a deep gash in the firing arm of his target, but it's swiftly followed by another arrow, looking to remove the fellow from the fight. He shot at his uncle! He really ought to know better.

The axe wielding barbarian twists to block Lucas' sword, missing Samuel, but Lucas is quicker and stabs the man axeman in the gut for his trouble. Lucas twists the blade as it is withdrawn and he stabs again. This time to put the man down.

Gabriel tries to dodge an incoming attack, and thus isn't able to let off his shot. Grimacing, he continues to aim at the Brodlunder, waiting for an opportunity to let off his shot.

The Brodlunder leader whirls his axe around, attacking Artos with a speed and fury as the axe continues to move, scoring a hit on the man's hand. He grins. "«You are weak old man. You should bow to strength.»"

Artos winces as the hammer strikes his hand. The baron snarls and responds, «Then I shouldn't bow to you.» He regrips his sword and strikes back again at the leader.

Another pass, another well-delivered blow from Jonathan, this one slashing across the Brodlunder's neck. He's wounded, but still fighting, and fairly well at that. Lips press together as he charges again, hopefully to finish the job.

Though his blade finds contact, Elrick's blow wasn't hard enough to cut through the back of the Brodlunder Leader's armor. Maneuvering his steed, he turns to strike again but finds that one of the Elites have stumbled into his path while heading towards Samuel and with a cry of anger, he instead cuts down at the raider who blocks him.

Evelyn swings again, her first blow wide and she tries to take advantage of his distraction to kill, or at least severely wound the leader, slipping behind him and bringing the steeled blade down.

Corvin's next arrow virtually splits the Brodlunder archer's hand, and sends him to the ground, bleeding out and unconscious from the shock. He swiftly nocks another arrow and again acquires the last remaining, heavily-wounded archer. Hopefully once that's done, it'll leave him free to start picking off a few others of these warriors.

Lucas keeps up his attack on the axeman. Another stab in the gut and the man is still standing. Lucas' eyes widen at that and they flick to his foes' for a moment. The Brodlunder's eyes looks normal enough, so Lucas stabs again.

Angel's dance with the Raider is a blur of steel and leather. The man is quick as an Adder, ducking her sweep. But she is fast too and his fail glances of the hardened leather of her Gauntlet. She whirls and lunges again.

And the third and final hand cannon… misses. Gabriel frowns, making a mental note to practice his shooting when he returns to Lonnaire. He holsters the weapon and then grips his lightsilver longsword and pulls it free. Lifting it up in the air, he charges for the Brodlunder's leader, trying to either hit him or distract him so Artos can do some damage.

It appears that sometimes, anger is a good motivator as Elrick's blade cuts right through the Elite's helm. The edge does not stop only there as it also cuts into the skull and what is inside, tearing through the other end, sending brain matter, blood, bone fragments flying out the other side as the t'Tremaine Knight finishes the swing. The Elite is also finished, his lifeless body crumpling to the ground and once more opening the path for Elrick to engage the Leader. With another frustrated cry of war, he charges the Brodlunder on his steed, blade raised high before swinging it down.

By the Many, the barbarian is quick. His flail smack into her chest, only the thick leather saving her from broken ribs. Her own lunges slips by him, not even close. SHe bends all her efforts to staying out of his reach, mounting a defence with her sharp blade….

Hack, hack, hack. Jonathan strikes again and again and again, and his target seems almost unnaturally tough. Not as much so as the last raider he battled, granted, but that is neither here nor there… Eventually, however, his blade strikes true, bringing the Brodlunder to his knees, and it seems that the other knights - and assorted /others/ - have finished theirs as well. He looks about the battlefield, and permits himself just the smallest of smiles. A good day's work.

With her focus, and the fact Artos has the leaders brunt of attention, Evelyn is able to finally strike the leader of the barbarians, the long end of her blade slamming into the man's chest, as others join in and hack at the fellow, and he falls, Evelyn rears her horse up ready to move towards the next target. But there are few, if any left. As her horse lowers to it's legs she nods to those gathered with her, "A fine victory. We'll have to thank our scouts."

One arrow finds the chest of the archer Corvin targets, and the man falls. He hasn't even fully hit the ground by the time Corvin has another arrow nocked and is scanning the battlefield for targets. Seeing that one of his Wraiths is beset but a short distance away, he lets fly once more, and sends the arrow right through the man's neck, ravaging blood vessels within, and in but a moment, the man slumps with a helpless gurgle. Turning back to the fight, and seeing that it is in its' final throes, Corvin finally lowers his bows, and notes with some satisfaction that in the confusion, the prisoners were indeed led away, virtually without anyone noticing. They'll no doubt be returned home this evening.

Lucas stabs his man one more time before finally the man falls to his knees. Unwilling to chance the man still living Lucas kneels and opens the Brodlunder's throat spilling his blood into the grass. That done, he looks around the field, a good days work. He recovers his bow and finds a place to crouch at the edge of the field, taking a moment to savour the victory and clean his weapons.

Angel ducks under the man's swing and lunges, he dodge her blade but not that of her commander. Corvin's arrow skewer him through the throat, showering her with his blood. She rises, saluting Corvin with her sword. then turn, seeking other targets…..

Artos snarls and takes the force of the leader's hammer in his chest. The baron is winded, but continues fighting, having been joined in his assault. Artos takes his sword and is able to thrust the blade into the Brodlundian's chest. As he withdraws the blade he notices the field having been cleared of Brodlundians. "Thank the One," he prays, and cleans his blade as he tries to recover his breath.

Gabriel makes two passes at the man leading the Brodlunders. The first time he scores a hit, the second time his blow is deflected. When the rest of the Brodlunders fall, he reigns in and calls out. "Was anyone hurt too badly and needs immediate care? If you can, let us see to getting these women and children off to safety. Well fought, each and every one of you. I admit, it felt good to be fighting beside some of you again." He grins, sheathing his sword and taking off his helm. "Let's see to getting these plundered items returned soon, eh?" This is said to Corvin and Lucas. "I'm sure Alina and your father will be pleased to know that we took care of some of the Brodlunders, eh?"

He glances around the field for a few moments and then nods. "Lets get this stuff out of here and then go make camp for the night elsewhere. A bit of food and drink will do nicely to celebrate our victory here."

Though Elrick doesn't send the Leader's head flying, his bastard sword does swing low enough to slice into the raider's left leg, causing a nice deep wound there. It appears that with the combination of blows from his compatriots, the leader falls. With his current target dispatched, the t'Tremaine Knight looks for the next victim only to see that they have appeared to won the day. Hearing Gabriel's question, there is a slight shake of head in respond, "They have appeared to ignore me. Just some scratches on my armor."

"I'm fine," Lucas calls to Gabriel before he stands and puts his weapons away. "I'll send the message to Highwater," he volunteers, moving to find what he'll need for that.

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