(1866-10-31) A Story to Tell
A Story to Tell
Summary: After having a bad evening, Emilia seeks out Lon for answers. And more questions get raised with the story that unfolds.
Date: 1866-10-31
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Ironhold Woods - Ironhold - Rivana
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It is not uncommon at all for Old Lon to take hunting excursions that end up being overnight, or even several nights, so it's not particularly unusual for him to be away from the Inn where he's been staying. Most often when he goes, he does find a way to give at least Emilia a rough idea of where he might be headed. Tonight it's a hollow in a small rocky canyon a few miles outside of Iron March. Not quite deep enough to be a cave, but still providing a semblance of shelter. A small fire burns there, the smoke carried on the light fall breeze, though in truth Lon really only starts it for the small chance someone unexpected happens along. There's a bedroll and a thick warm blanket as well. The things that would appear normal. Of course as one draws near it also becomes apparent that the hollow is fairly well hidden, and much of the flickering light of the fire is captured by the three enclosed sides, casting odd shadows against them. Even with the scent, many could wander right by unless they were walking through the short canyon, and since it's easy enough to go around…few often do.

In any instance, the "old hunter" crouches next to the fire, stirring its' coals a bit with a stick before adding another log. A small pile of bones might be found a short distance downwind of the canyon, marking the scant remnants of Lon's dinner. Squirrel, by the look of it. Likely a couple of them.

Leave had been taken of the castle in short order, slipping out and vanishing along into the woods beyond the walls of the city. For a time Emilia ran, it gave her heart reason to beat so quickly, it helped to ease the flurry of thoughts. But in time enough she settled into the customary lope as she headed towards that rocky canyon that word had come Lon might be at if his hunting went well and the outing lasted.

As she drew nearer, Emilia's steps slowed to a walk. Stepping lightly as she makes her way into the canyon and towards the hollow. Dark eyes flickering at the bit of bones. And perhaps with her approach coming from downwind, her scent is not picked up as quickly. Though certainly it is caught before she is standing there at the entrance of the hallow, pausing there as she looks around the little camp, made to look normal. Only a moment before those eyes land upon the 'old hunter'. A tenseness yet exists upon her, perhaps uncertain if she might need yet bolt, the dream yet fresh in her mind. Some hint of that tension and fear to be scented upon her. Managing a soft,"Lon…" after a moment.

Lon looks up, blue eyes taking in Emilia without overmuch alarm, but there's a hint of emotion that might give the impression he was not aware of her until she was fairly near, though still perhaps before she made her presence known. A glimmer of a smile flits across his face, but it is accompanied by both a touch of surprise at seeing her, and concern as well, though it does not overwhelm the warmth of the expression.

"Had not expected to see you tonight. Is all well?"

He takes in a deep breath through his nose, canting his head curiously, "Something has upset you." Not a question. But he does pat the ground next to him, shifting from his crouch to a seated position before the fire. "Come warm yourself while we speak."

There is a slight blink to catch that hint of emotion, the indication she had managed to perhaps approach so closely without him being aware of her. The tension eases to see that smile, the warmth. Her Lon. There is a mild tugging to the corners of her lips,"Had not been expecting to of come. Things are being of well of enough."

Emilia hesitates a little before does step into the hallow after he pats the ground. "I was having of a nightmare." Which was not entirely unusually for her. Odd dreams seeming to be a commonality in truth of late. She drops into a courch first, before actually sitting. Taking a moment to force some tension form her, that wish to bolt yet. "You were of killing of me within of it…," her words coming softly as she gives voice the reason for the upset, the content of the nightmare,"…as of beast. Hunted of me, cause I was being of the child of ElK'a'athren..and had to of die." Her eyes staring into the fire as the words come. "I could yet of feel of the claws of in mine side when I of woke."

Lon reaches to place an arm around Emilia's shoulders after she sits, though after but a few words, he frowns, "Hm. Likely twisting her memories of me to make them appear your own fears." Lon then blinks, looking quite surprised. Shocked even, "Where…where have you heard that name?" There's no sense of fear or wariness to his shock, just genuine, naked surprise. "Not even I have heard that name since before he they called the One God walked the lands." He frowns a bit, "Her name. I had…I had all but forgotten it."

It takes but a moment after that arm is upon her shoulders before Emilia is leaning into Lon a little. "It was of being of a thought, that They were of doing of so. Especially how of unhappy They are of being…just with other of dreams being of….things. I wished to of come…to be of sure." Lookng over towards him and catching the look of shocked surprise. Emilia's brows rise. Then she goes,"Oh," at his question. A hand rises and flutters a little bit in the air. "Heard of the name during of the time I was of missing within of the faegate."

"You…did?" Lon still looks taken aback, though not particularly in a negative way, "You have remembered what occurred in that time?" He rubs her shoulder a bit, his features smoothing over to his "true" face as he speaks, "I suspect you have a story to tell…for I know of no other that might know that name."

Emilia nods a little,"Of aye, I did…I of have. The strange of dreams of before…were of memories of coming of back." Perhaps reason why the dream this night had such an impact upon her. "I have met of a goblyn, it is of seeming." There is a small breath taken. "Ended up coming out of other of gate, not of missing of exactly. Met of goblyn of there. It was of familar to mine-beast, the room, the of gate. I think the goblyn as of well, of maybe. I was of disappointing of it by not screaming." This seems to cause a momentary turn of amusement. "The of one from of weeks of past, that you were of chasing. Was of sent. It /was/ of spying upon of you. They are not of masterless as you were of saying. They have a master. He of sends of them to watch upon you some of times. It was from of Him I heard of the name…" she hestitates a moment, watching him as she drops what is perhaps a bit of a bombshell to him as well,"…he is Sidhe…called of himself of the Last."

Lon's face grows more intent with each passing word. There are flickers of surprise, and a few of acknowledgment. At the last (no pun intended) though…his eyes widen, and he leans back, not in revulsion, but more so he can see more of Emilia. To see if there is any sign of uncertainty or even deception. Because it seems he is having difficulty believing what he is hearing, "The…Last?" Lon shakes his head, "I have heard some of the legends. That he helped make…Her and others as they are now, and ended the Eternal War. But…" He blinks a few times, a myriad of emotions flickering across his face, "There is a Sidhe that still lives…" He seems unclear as to whether he's troubled by this or relieved.

There is no uncertainty, no hint of deception upon Emilia's rather stoic features as she delivers this turn of news. "Of aye, The Last….he said he was known by many of names, but that was being of the one he gave of us." Yes…Us. A slight nod comes,"He spoke of being of responsible for of Her…when of speaking of having a part in of me having ended up of like…this." Emilia's hand giving a mild turn in the air at herself. "Seems….I am of surprising to of Him as of well." A thing Emilia is still perhaps coming to grips with…along with many other bits of the restored memories. "But of aye….there is of a Sidhe that yet of lives, and keeps of watch upon of you…said some of times there are of boring of streches but things are of being of interesting of again." There is a slight pause before she adds,"I gave of Oath not to be speaking of what was of happening in of that of time of there…But he said I could be speaking to of you…and Clara."

Lon tilts his head, "Clara? Ah yes…your friend. Who also was lost within the Path for a time." He still looks unsettled, but nods nevertheless, "He…watches me." A bit of a frown, "He watches, but in silence. For his entertainment." There's…an unusual timbre to Lon's voice at that. A peculiar tinge of emotion that is…most unlike him. Something speaks of a very old wound, never healed. Perhaps made more clear when he mutters in a tone laced with bitterness, "Perhaps it was better when I thought us simply abandoned…"

Emilia nods,"Of aye, Clara who was of with of me….and has of remembered of well, and is of oath bound." Dark eyes quietly study Lon, the reactions that come with this turn of news. Hesitating slightly,"Of aye…as he is of watching of me…why he of let me of go…return." Even if that isn't quite the entire story and way of it. But there were many other endings that could have come. A hand gently touches his arm,"I am of sorry, perhaps I should not have been of speaking of..it. I will keep of quiet."

"No…no." Lon shakes his head, reaching to cover her hand with his own, "It is a good thing to know. It simply…brings to rise old memories. Old hurts. Our makers simply left us…after so long fighting for them. No reasons given. No farewell. I do not know if it was the same day for all our kind, but one day they simply no longer called for us, and when we sought them, they could not be found." He shrugs, "We were left without purpose. Without direction. The tribes dwindled and scattered…some held together longer than others…but it was the beginning of the end for us….and I long thought that was the intent. That we were a weapon no longer needed and were left to rot away."

A finger gentle raises to brush at his hand when it covers hers. "I am of sorry for causing such of hurts rising of again," murmuring softly. Emilia listens quietly, her gaze turning back to the fire for a moment. "Perhaps of that was of the of intent…You have spoke of before of how their attention would shift with of ease. Perhaps there was not of intent, but simply of shifting of focus. Though I am of certainly of the last of one to have of clue on of why they left of you, the tribes." Truly, what mortal could have clue to why things happened so long ago. She falls quiet for a time, before speaking softly,"There is not of much I know…of why such of happened of then…of why of the Fates caused of me to come to be of like I am of….But I am of knowing without of all of such, I would not have come to meet of you, would not be of sitting of here in this of moment. "

"Did he bring you to him by design? Or was it simply luck…good, ill, or otherwise?" Lon asks, though at Emilia's words, his posture and expression soften, "There is that. I do not mean to speak as though I regret the life I have led since the creators left us. Like any life it has had moments of joy and moments of pain, but know that in my memory you are the former." He smiles, more warmly then, "If this Creator…this Last…wishes to speak with me…then I suppose he will. Such has always been their way." He laughs a bit, "At least it seems we have found another thing to speak of besides ill dreams."

A shake of Emilia's head comes,"Of no…us of ending up within of his domain was not by his of design. Though once of there, and the goblyn sent of us into the laybrinth, he did of guide us to of him." There is a turn of certainty when she answers even. A faint tugging comes to the corners of Emilia's lips,"Of that I can be of understanding, it is sometimes not of easy to avoid speaking of regret, wishing for something of different in a moment. I am of thinking no matter the nubmer of years that might be of passing, that is not of a thing to be of changing." A little smile comes,"You are being of such a moment for me as of well, Lon." A nod occurs,"Of true, if He wishes to speak of with he of will. Though does of seem there is still of interest in of you, as he is having in of others….and of aye, it does rather seem of so. "

"What did I appear as? The form of a beast? I do not recall you seeing me as such in the waking world." Lon queries, "Another sign, perhaps, that it is fragments of Her memory being turned against you." Lon nods as though this seems quite likely, "Know that were I ever to face such a choice, it would be a decision made at great pain." He frowns, "And I would be swift and achieve it without pain and terror. Though you would not know this, for that decision would only be made if you were truly and completely lost." He leans over and kisses her temple lightly, "Moments where your Beast comes to the surface do not concern me. They are moments, and they are few. It would only be if you do not return."

"Of aye, in the form of a beast. And I have not been of seeing you of so outside of dreams." Emilia nods a touch,"And They are…more of active since memory has been restored. Should not be of surprising such of a dream would be of given." There is a small breath before Emilia does admit softly,"It is what I would of wish, a swift of death…if I were truly of lost, over-of-whelmed. Just in of dream, was not of a thing beast of you was of seeing, that I was yet of me." Shaking her head a little to try to push aside the thought of the dream. A small smile comes when he kisses her temple. "It is not a decision I hope you are never having to make. Even if I have moments of doubt, and my Beast endevours ever more to prove of me wrong, I am of stronger then of it and have much of reason to remain of strong."

"You are, and you do." Lon affirms, hugging Emilia against him with that arm around her shoulders, "I suppose you'd best stay here until morning, or nearly so, unless you have great need to return." Lon chuckles, "And after your dream and your trip, I'd imagine you're sleepy." He teases lightly.

"I am not having of great need to be of returning, though if I am being in of the way I could be of returning," not that Emilia makes any move but to settle in closer after being hugged in against him. A brow rises just a hint and Emilia looks up to Lon at the light tease, responding ever so deadpanly,"Is that your way of telling me I shall be of having to depend upon of the fire to keep me of warm of this evening?" Though there is just a hint of sparkle to her eyes.

"Likely not just the fire." Lon notes with a bit of a laugh to his voice. "I think the blanket can likely cover us both." He adds, "And no, not in the way." He gestures, grinning a bit, "Not much company here to interrupt, I think." He cants his head towards where the bedroll has been unfurled. "Come…perhaps your dreams will be less troubling now."

"Of course, the fire and of the blanket to of keep me of warm," a touch of amusement touching Emilia's words. "Of true, not seeming to be much company to be interrupting." A warm smile slowly forms on her lips,"My dreams are always of less of troubling when I am being with of you. The question is more of if there will be much of time for of dreams or.." a beat.."I shall be spending all of mine-time trying to get a corner of the blanket back from of you."

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