(1866-11-04) A Quick Conversation
A Quick Conversation
Summary: Alina and Corvin discuss plans for the upcoming trip to Rivana
Date: 1866-11-04
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The Heir's Suite - Highwater Castle - Lonnaire - Lonnaire - Couviere
The two-room suite shared by the heir and her husband is large and incredibly neat and orderly. The main room has a desk, well equipped with parchment, many types and colors of inks, and pens; as well as charcoal nibs and other accoutrements for sketching. Several sketches of various clothing designs are scattered over the desk, the one speck of seeming chaos in the otherwise perfectly organized room. Before the shared hearth, a pair of fainting couches and a comfortable chair sit on a thick warm carpet, along with a pair of small side tables of Charwin make, each with locked drawers. A whetstone and oiled cloth rest on the table by the chair.
A suit of lightsilver armor stands on an armor rack on display in the main room, and along the walls several lightsilver weapons hand on ornately carved weapon mounts.
In the private bedding room, a highly polished looking-glass hangs above a vanity between two overlarge armoires, one full of dresses, gowns, and (towards the far back) less showy clothing; the other full of more pragmatic yet still finely made men's clothing. A large canopied bed with thick velvet curtains is the centerpiece of the room, a pair of lightsilver handcannons often hanging from a specially made mount on the side of the bedside table. Wall hangings and trophies commemorating the future Duke's previous tournament wins decorate the walls. A bright copper tub large enough for bathing sits near the hearth (which is the same fireplace, open to both rooms), which during the winter is stoked high during the day to allow heat to soak into the stone walls and floors of the rooms, and to die down overnight.
The view out the window is similar to the Duke and Duchesss master suite one floor above, overlooking the ruins of the previous keep, both reminder and warning at once of what the price of failure may be, and what one may be called to do in the cause of loyalty to the kingdom.
A secret passageway can be found by nimble fingers on one of the gaps in the wall, leading into the bowels of the castle and eventually out by secret ways into the countryside beyond.

Just a couple of days before Lady Alina l'Saigner and her husband are set to head to Sunsreach for the wedding of Queen Alysande, Corvin Fremont steps into the outer room of said Lady's suite in Highwater castle. He gives the room a brief once-over, noting the trunks that are already packed, but remains near the door, at least until bidden to come in. He does, however, call out:

"You called, dear Sister?"

"Corvin!" Alina looks up from the small case she is finishing packing. "Come in, shut the door." There's a fire in the shared hearth that has the room toasty warm.

As soon as her brother has done so, she asks, "Are you coming with to Sunsreach to serve as our primary guard? Or will you be staying behind with the children? If you are coming, who will be in charge of the boys' safety?" Quick to business, but Alina had been rather busy these past couple of days, and she still had a laundry list of things to do before being sent to the southern nation for slightly over a month.

Corvin quietly closes the door behind him before responding, "Father hasn't told me to stay, so unless that changes in the next day or two, I'll be going along, yes." He adds in response to the next question, "And since I'm going along, Theo will be staying behind to look after the children. Along with Small Pie." He leans against the wall, casually folding his arms across his chest and grinning just a touch, "Incidentally, it seems a bit of space has freed up. One of the t'Maren party seems to have fallen ill and won't be making the trip, and the t'Maren haven't submitted a replacement. So if you want to bring Lady Verity along, the option is open. Up to you though. I'd imagine the t'Rannis would gladly fill the space if you don't."

Alina makes a face. "Verity is a bit full of herself," she responds after a couple of moments. "Bringing her along will only feed the rotten brat's little ego. She was being left as much as a point to remind her of her place as due to space constraints." She tsks. "I'd dare not give her this at the last moment. She'd be insufferable. I'll take her with us to Rovilon after we return. Besides, she's less likely to start an international incident by wrapping her legs around the wrong man that way."

Not that Alina herself had ever… ahem.

"Speaking of the t'Rannis, Paege will be meeting us when we get their. She will be taking the gates from Pacitta within the next few days."

There just might be the slightest arch of a brow from Corvin at that comment about leg-wrapping. But it's brief enough that it fades quickly. He knows better than to poke that particular soft spot. "Fair enough. She can make moon-eyes at Lucas in vain for a while, and then just cause a national scandal doing the same thing in Rovilon." He adds with mild amusement, before nodding to Alina's next question, "I saw her on the guest list for the manor. Somewhat surprised Alfonso himself isn't showing up, but no matter." Corvin ceases leaning on the wall, moving over to help Alina with packing the next trunk, quite accustomed to how she insists each item be precisely folded or rolled (or some combination of both) and placed neatly within the trunk. "Is there anything else you need for the trip that you haven't already procured?"

"Nothing that hasn't already been handled." Alina's need for perfectiona nd control did make her a very effective planner. "I suppose Alfonso thinks much the same way as Father… better to send one of your offspring into a potentially dangerous situation than risk yourself. Should things go poorly, I have faith you and Gabriel will manage to get me out of Sunsreach intact. But even should you not," she shrugs, obviously not entirely concerned, "then the family itself is safe: father still runs the duchy, and my children are here and will be heirs. As is Lucas."

"I'm not anticipating any problems. Unlikely the Rivanans are taking any chances, and speaking frankly…it's just as dangerous to them to have us within their walls as it is for us to be within those same walls." Corvin grins, perhaps a bit overly cocky, but not exactly wrong. "But while I might not be anticipating…I'm still prepared, as always. Big Pie and Ivan have had a team at the Manor for the last week, mapping out the landscape, so to speak…and planning escape routes if they're needed."

Alina nods, pleased. "Good. I always count on your to take care of such things, and you never let me down." She finishes packing the last of the chest and closes it. "One, and we'll have to get Gabriel's equipment ready to go soon too," she mutters to herself, sighing. "I do hope he shows well at this tournament. Since it will be his last for some time."

"Oh? Retiring from Tourney life?" Corvin replies, taking a step back from the chest, "I suppose it's just as well, to start easing him into the responsibilities of his new and future station. But I'm sure even if he's not victorious, he'll perform well." Corvin chuckles, "Besides, at least it's a safe bet that Rivana's by-then King won't be competing. He might be the only fellow I'd think about putting money on over Sir Gabriel."

"Yes," Alina replies. "He wants to focus more on learning to become a good Duke, and spending time with the children, and getting to know the lands of the duchy." She shrugs. "He grew up in Murnord, not here. He's mentioned wanting to ride out into Lonnaire and get a bit of a feel for the different areas and towns." She smiles slightly. "He'll be a good duke, I think. Perhaps a bit different than what our people are used to, but a good duke just the same."

"I'm sure he'll be fine." Corvin replies, leaning over and giving Alina's cheek a brief peck, "Maybe a "Good" Duke is what we need in this grand new era of peace that looms before us." Corvin shrugs, "But really, such things are hardly my concern. Father finds him acceptable and that's all that really matters." Corvin grins, "And now, I'd best go see to my own packing."

"Of course. Don't forget topack at least a couple of nice outfits— I might need you to come with me to court," she says with a laugh. "Good day, Corvin. See you at dinner."

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