(1866-11-05) All Work and No Play
All Work and No Play
Summary: Aidric and Gawain run into one another at the Golden Dragon Inn.
Date: 1866-11-05
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Aidric  Gawain  

Golden Dragon Inn
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Novembre 5th 1866

It's a lively night at the inn and the influx of people here for the wedding have packed it to the gills. A band of musicians play a lively tune from the stage and some of the patrons have pushed back the tables near it to dance. In other corners men and women dice, and drink or play cards, but in all there is one thing on everyone's mind: fun.

Well, most people's minds anyhow. "You sons of whores," Aidric mutters at the men he'd been dicing with as he leaves the table with a purse lighter than he sat down with. He shakes his head and when a serving girl passes, he grabs her arm and sends her for some wine for him while he leans against one of the beams watching the inn and as he puts his mind to what sort of mischief he might get up to next.

After a hard day's Squiring, there's always a little time left to enjoy oneself, especially if your name is Gawain Rosendal, and the extra crowds, music, and what have you don't hurt things either. So into the Gold Dragon Inn comes Gawain, a bright smile on his face as he starts moving his way deeper into the room, head craned and scanning as he looks for familiar faces.

The serving girl had brought back Aidric's wine and he had been chatting her up while he was drinking it, that is until Gawain enters the room. Sighting the squire he sends the girl on her way with a murmured "Later," before he drifts across the room wine in hand, to intercept his cousin. "Gawain," Aidric greets. "Don't tell me Thaddeus actually lets you have a moment's peace?"

"Sir Aidric! How does this eve find you??" Gawain asks in response to the greeting, flashing a grin and a shrug, "I had a message to deliver to one of the guests." He explains, "And with the pending festivities.." He gestures about, "He's been kept a bit busy."

Aidric smiles at his young cousin's enthusiasm. "Finds me free of duties for a change," he says in answer to the young man's questions before he nods of Thaddeus. "No doubt," he says of Thaddeus being busy. "When you see him, tell him I will have his reports soon. One willing the Brodlunders will give us some time to enjoy this wedding before they come raiding again," the Brodlunders had already sacked Saltspire and in doing so killed Thad's cousin, but thus far, they had made no more raids. "Come sit," he says gesturing towards a table that was just vacated. Another party, merchant's sons by the look of them had begun to sit down but seeing the approaching nobles they give way. "So, been up to any trouble I should know about?" he asks as he settles into a chair and waves for the serving girl to come get Gawain's order.

Gawain follows along through the bustling Tavern and moves to settle in one of the other seats at the table, "Well, I don't imagine we can count on them not returning, but with a bit of luck it's late enough in the season they won't brave the seas again until the spring.." He glances to the serving girl who is flagged down, offering a bright smile at the woman, "A glass of wine please." He says, attention returning to the Knight sitting across from him.

"Saved by winter storms," Aidric remarks with a small smile. "Never thought I'd utter those words," their time during the war would have made it plain where Aidric stands on boats. Namely as far from them as possible. Aidric hides a smile in his cup when Gawain flashes the serving girl a smile and she gives him one in return. When the girl has gone to fetch Gawain's wine, Aidric lowers his cup saying, "Well I suppose that answers my questions about the sort of trouble you're getting into."

"Oh, hardly time for trouble, Sir Thaddeus keeps me quite busy after all!" Gawain says with a bit of a grin at that and a shrug of his shoulders and a soft hmn, "You know, I wouldn't be suprised if he has some notion to take his Red Sails out for some revenge come spring… been a while since we went pirate hunting!"

Aidric tuts. "I will have to talk to him about that then," he says of Gawain being kept too busy for trouble. "What's the point of being young and at court if all you do is work?" he asks with a grin. At the mention of pirate hunting he suppresses a shudder. "Knowing Thaddeus, that's mostly likely true, but, alas you shall likely have to do it without me. New duties and all."

"Oh, I don't think there's any need for that." Gawain says with a slight gesture of his hand, shaking his head, "And the work is fun at least, and I probably get a better experience at court then most do, squiring for Sir Thaddeus!" He says, grinning just a bit more, "And you'd miss out on sailing out to hunt Brodlunders? I can't imagine why.."

"Are you sure? There is more to life than work you know…" Aidric says before he is forced to concede that squiring for Sir Thaddeus is a good opportunity. "True, true," he allows. "It should stand you in good stead for when you earn your spurs. So, is he planning to let you fight in the tourney?" not all events were open to squires, but some were. As to the Brodlunders, Aidric contrives to look innocent. "Nor can I…" he chuckles then drinking deep of his cup.

"Well, the harder I work now, the better it will be once I earn my spurs." Gawain replies with a smile and a shrug of his shoulders, reaching to accept his wine from the wench with a smile, "Anyway, after all the marching around, and running errands and messages this practically is a break, being here at court." he takes a sip from the glass, "I hadn't heard about wether I'd be competing in the Tourney or not, but it doesn't matter one way or another, honestly. Of course I'd like to, but if Sir Thaddeus is busy competing I may be too busy to anyway."

"One above, coz, the bounds of duty have you tight, but none the less I suppose you are right, work now shall make knightly business easier," he admits. Which may perhaps explain why Aidric himself is only a knight of middling skill despite a Lancer and a renowned jouster to teach him through his squirehood. The remarks about the tourney are met with a sober nod. "Fair enough," he says as Gawain's wine arrives. When the girl is gone again, after giving Gawain another winning smile, Aidric holds up his cup. "Well let's drink to the future then, as it seems your present is naught but duty." And when the drink is done, his eyes follow the barmaid and then go back to Gawain. "But at least try to have a little fun."

"Oh come now, Sir Aidric, there's not a Rosendal born yet that hasn't found time to enjoy himself while pursuing his duty!" Gawain says with a little bit of a grin at that and a shrug of his shoulders, "I'm suprised you haven't figured that out by now!!" he says, lifting his glass high before taking another hearty drink.

Aidric laughs and shakes his head. "I did have my doubts, you were fun enough during the fighting, but I was beginning to wonder if peace had made you dour," he takes another drink and then says, "Glad to see it isn't so. Anyhow, shall we see if there's any food left and make an evening of it?" he says, settling back in his chair, slouched and at his ease.

"You've never been to Rosely, have you?" Gawain says teasingly, then nods his head at the suggestion, "I'm famished, actually! It was a long day and I barely ate anything! let's go and see what they have left yeah??" of course, bing a growing young fellow, Gawain's idea of barely anything probably is a bit out of touch with reality!

"No," Aidric says with a smile. "Worth seeing?" he asks, teasing the squire. Like most Rivanan's Aidric had heard of the barony's beauty. He waves down another server and sends them to the kitchens for food, and a lot of it at that!

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