(1866-11-05) Good News
Good News
Summary: Antonia has news for her husband Prince Silvio and her son Etienne.
Date: 1866-11-05
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Antonia  Silvio  

Royal Palace - Rovilon - Couviere
In the scene.
Novembre 5th, 1866

It is early afternoon at the palace, and Antonia l’Valdan is - contrary to her usual schedule - not out in the practice yard, training her 10-year-old son, Etienne. Instead she sits with him at the table in their chambers, overseeing some of his studies as both stare into a tome of history before them. When Silvio enters, detained as he had been for the first part of the day, his wife will rise to her feet. He may notice three things that are slightly unusual. She is wearing a blue dress with a rather high collar, he has seldom seen on her, the manner in which she rises is a tad less graceful than usual, and there is a bright sparkle in her grey eyes as if she were spilling over with eagerness to share some news.

Silvio hadn’t wanted to leave his wife and son that morning, but matters of state called and so he went and did his duties seeing to some dignitaries or other such things. He is glad to be home removing his travel cloak and hanging it up upon a hook nearby. The prince looks finding the two he wants to see most his wife gains his attention with her movement, the dress and the way she moves. “Hello my love.” Is said when he’s close enough he’ll wrap her up and place a kiss to her lips gladly. It is a curious look though when he meets her eyes.

Antonia smiles at Silvio as he approaches, even so there will be a slight flinch when he wraps her into his arms in a hug. Her lips curl when she returns the kiss. “Silvio,” she greets him, noting his curious gaze as she tilts her head to the side. “There is something I have to tell you, and Etienne.” She glances towards their son who looks up from his book, hearing his name.

The flinch brings worry to his face a moment but when she smiles after the kiss though and the answer about having something to tell them both he smiles. “Oh? What is it Antonia? You look quite pleased. I am glad for it” The prince is glad to see her as such though wondering still about the flinch

Her hand reaches for his, to lead him over to the table where their son is busy with his studies. Antonia moves to sit down on her seat from before, one hand running over the top of her head as if to make sure, her dark blonde hair is still in its orderly hairdo, worked into a single braid. “I am pleased, Silvio. Even though, my leg hurts and I have a wonderful bruise right here…” She indicates the area above her left collarbone. You haven’t heard what has happened today?”

Antonia’s gaze drifts to Etienne, who stares from his father to his mother with wide eyes, before her remark brings a slightly knowing smile to his lips. “Mama was sparring in the yard,” he lets slip with a slightly annoyed sigh. “And she got thrashed, so she hurts, and she couldn’t train me today.” The alternative being… books and studies. Ugh!

Silvio takes the hand offered entwining fingers, and looks to her taking the seat across from her his foot playfully nudge her foot under the table. “I am afraid not I have been kept in meetings most of the day. It seems an odd reason to be happy, though I will gladly help with some salve later.” He says grinning though he listens. “What has happened, such suspense my wife.” He looks over to his son reaching over and ruffling his hair. “She got thrashed? By whom exactly?” the prince will ask and shakes his head. “Might mean double training with me.” He says teasing towards his child.

“Then you didn’t hear any murmurs about the incident..?”, Antonia smiles, lifting a brow. “Sir Michael l’Corren lured me to the practice yard, asking me to bring my sparring equipment.” Her gaze goes distant for a moment. “He’s a splendid knight, and I really thought it would be him I would spar against…” Etienne seems less enthused so far with the story, he sits, his chin resting on his elbow, the pout evident in his features. “I’d rather have double training with you, father than… studying history with mother.”

The prince will shake his head “I did not.” The news of who she was sparring gets an eye brow raise “He is quite a skilled knight and honorable from all I have heard.” Silvio states though he tilts his head “It was not him who you were to spar with though?” he comments he looks to his son and smirks “Your mother is a wonderful teacher Etienne, I was much as you when I was a child though.” He looks back to his wife and smiles still in contact squeezing her hand under the table.

“I ended up sparring against his sister, Queen Louisa,” Antonia continues with a gleam in her grey eyes. “She asked me to test my mettle against her. And, One above! She’s such a skilled knight.” Her hand lifts to tug some of the fabric of her dress aside, revealing the dark bruise above her left collarbone. “She gave me this. Still, it seems I managed to impress her.” Antonia exhales, as she lets another moment pass. “She will speak to the King, and she’ll recommend me to get knighted, before we leave for Rivana.”

The prince will raise a brow “It has been sometime since i’ve seen my sister-in law fight. You must be special indeed, well I knew that already of course, but to have caught the eye of the queen.” He will lean over and kiss her cheek and side of her lips much likely to their son’s annoyance. Silvio grins broadly at the last part. “That is amazing Antonia.. you deserve knighthood and I hope truly you are granted it.”

“You don’t understand…”, Antonia smiles when Silvio’s lips brush her cheek. “I sparred with Louisa. I… um… bested her. She very much assured me that this knighting will happen, in the next few days, why, it could already be on the day after tomorrow! But that is not all, Silvio. She asked me whether I would like to join the ‘Falcons’ once I’m knighted, so that I may help her in guiding the younger ladies.” The courtly faction of more martially oriented ladies of the Couviere court. Antonia’s grey eyes sparkle, as they shift from Silvio to Etienne and back to Silvio.

Silvio doesn't look surprised by this news he knew his wife was skilled and encouraged her to continue with such practices. He smiles hugely “That is amazing news. I cannot wait to attend your knighting ceremony and if that is the case the Falcons would have found themselves a wonderful teacher. I must find a suitable gift for you perhaps we can procure you some new armor?” The prince stands moving over to her side of the table he’ll wrap his arms around her and kisses her lips a few moments. “It's amazing Antonia, no /you/ are amazing.”

“It will be more about offering guidance than teaching them,” Antonia is quick to explain. “Most of the Falcons are young ladies, skilled in martial areas of course, but lacking experience.” She smiles, seeing Silvio’s reaction, and when he moves about the table to congratulate her with a kiss and an embrace, she leans into him, her lips curling. A glance is shot Etienne’s way, who grins a bit sheepishly at this tender exchange, his mother indeed moving over to her son’s side, after she administered another kiss to her husband’s cheek. “A new set of armor sounds good,” she states. “But even so, I doubt it would be finished in time for the tournament in Sunsreach… Which I might compete in, so for that… my old one will have to do.” A hand is placed on Etienne’s shoulder, as grey eyes flit from her son to her husband. “What do you think, Silvio? Shall we take Etienne along this time?”

“I am sure you will do wonderfully, no matter what task you are given.” Silvio says he gives her a squeeze with the leaning against him. “Well we will begin working on it, all the same, get you fitted and such but yes things like that take time.” He nods about her former armor having to be used in the coming up tournament “I believe so yes, I would not have him miss his mother’s competing.” He smiles over to his son and to his wife proud of them both clearly.

There is a cry of glee, when Etienne springs to his feet at his mother’s suggestion and another when his father agrees so readily. When Antonia moves back towards his father, the young prince is trailing along after her.

“‘Tis agreed then,” says Antonia l’Valdan with a warm smile, one of her arms wrapping around Silvio and another around Etienne, holding both in a hug. “We all shall go to the tournament in Sunsreach. To silence all doubts, and prove myself worthy of the honor… to finally be Sir Antonia l’Valdan, a knight of Couviere.”

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