(1866-11-05) Home Improvement and Travel Plans
Home Improvement and Travel Plans
Summary: Lord Joffrey t'Synclarre shows his wife the newest addition to Edgebrooke Hall, and the pair discusses an impending journey southward.
Date: 11/05/1866 IA
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Edgebrooke Hall, Healer's Den
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Novembre 5, 1866 IA

Joffrey t'Synclarre carefully maneuvers his wife through the doorway of a small structure outside of Edgebrooke Hall, standing behind her with his hands over her eyes. He's grinning a bit, but mindful to make sure she doesn't bump into anything as they go.

"Just a bit further…careful now…one step to the left. All right…stop." There's a tinge of laughter to his voice, but he lowers his hands now, letting them settle at Gwendolyn's hips. When she opens her eyes, she can now bear witness to what is clearly a newly-stocked healer's den. A trio of clean beds, a cabinet stocked with a modest supply of alchemical and herbal remedies, and another with two fresh sets of fine steel healer's tools. Off to one side sits a desk with a pile of good paper and an inkpot and a few quills. A place where she can write down her findings and observations.

"There'll be a larger one built between the Town and the Hall, where the sick can be tended to away from other people. But for now…" Joffrey gestures, grinning, "Here you are. I hope it meets your standards."

Gwen is like a little kid, all excited, and happy to let Joffrey lead her, well, guide her along toward her surprise. She giggles softly and then once his hands are down she slowly opens her eyes. She sucks in a breath and looks from wall to wall, eyes darting, quickly, "Oh Joff.." she says and then turns to hug him tightly. She whips around and goes from bed to bed, desk to cabinet, looking over everything, "Oh it's.. it's perfect.. it really is.." she says and then turns to look at him with a wide smile. "It does meet my standards.. exceeds them even, it's just beautiful.." she says and then rushes to him to hug him again. "Thank you," she says and kisses him softly.

"I'm glad to hear it." Joffrey replies after the kiss, arms going around Gwendolyn, "While I might hope we have little use for it, I'm glad it will be ready if we do." He gives Gwen a little twirl, before catching her in his arms again, "I suppose we'll have to start thinking about finding you some assistants, especially once the larger one is built. But that will probably have to wait until after we get back from Sunsreach." He adds, "Speaking of which…did you want to stay through the tournament after the wedding? Or return just after the wedding?"

Gwen smiles and then laughs softly as she twirls and rests against him when he catches her once more. "I shall hope we don't need it but I will rest easier now.. and yes, I do need to see about some assistants and others who might be available in case of need.." she says. She hmms, "I would not mind staying for the tourney.. unless you prefer to return home, I like being out and mingling a bit, but your schedule is much more in demand than mine."

"I think that might be a bit different down in Sunsreach. After all, the only reason we have an invitation is because you're Duke Cesare's daughter." Joffrey teases, even if there's truth to the statement. "So..I suspect you'll be the one in demand once we're there. But the good news is that all the folk of Murnord will be staying in the same Manse. So your brother Michael and Lady Bella will probably be just a few doors down from us. From what I understand, Sir Gabriel and Lady Alina will be attending the celebrations as well."

Gwen smiles softly, "I just mean, I don't know if you can spare the time to remain there for the tournament, with all your responsibilities, so if you can't, then I do not mind returning home," she says. She brightens some, "Oh that would be fun, to have them close by, we could all share a meal perhaps," she muses. "But only if you are okay with staying," she reiterates, smiling at her husband, her hand squeezing his.

"I suppose we'll see. I'll could even compete if I wanted to." Joffrey smirks, "I don't think the Queen would bar me from it, in any case." He teases, squeezing Gwen's hand in kind, "The snows will likely have started falling in earnest by the time we return, if we stay through the Tourney. Just something to keep in mind." The Faegate is relatively close, but not THAT close…not within the fiefdom of Edgebrooke, at any rate.

Gwen smiles softly, "Well, I like to see you compete, in part, but I do hate to see you banged up and even when you win, you still get hurt.." she says. "If you want to I'd gladly cheer you on," she says. He mentions snow and she smiles, "So a cold ride home then.." she says. "Well, how do you feel about competing?" she asks.

"I've enjoyed it well enough when I do, but it isn't something I feel a need to do, if that makes sense?" Joffrey replies, half-smiling, "Maybe we'll just decide after we're down there. I'm sure there'll still be time to put my name into the lists if I choose." Joffrey shrugs a shoulder. "Either way, I'm sure it'll be an enjoyable trip. I hear Sunsreach is a beautiful city."

Gwen leans in and nuzzles his jaw then nods, "That sounds good love, once the wedding is over we can decide what we want to do." She looks around and smiles, "Oh this is so wonderful.." she says again then hugs him tightly. Her eyes widen some and she takes his hand and rests it on her belly, "Feel that? He likes the new infirmary too.. or maybe the thought of his daddy in the lists.." she says with a smile.

"Or she." Joffrey chuckles, resting his hand on Gwen's stomach for a few moments, smiling brightly. "Either way." He leans in and gives Gwen a quick kiss, "Come on…we've another couple nights at home before we depart. We should probably make the most of them, shouldn't we?" He grins, even going so far as to give his wife a playful wink.

Gwen smiles as the baby flutters a bit beneath Joff's hand and then she nods, "Or she.." she says. "As long as we have a healthy baby I shall be happy," she says then kisses him back. "Oh you mean.. go pack and prepare??" she asks, eyes wide, all playful.

"Well….I think we might be able to wait until tomorrow to pack and prepare." Joffrey replies, mock-innocently, taking Gwen's hand and leading her out of the room, mock-musing, "Perhaps a stirring recitation of the Lives of Kings, or the Testaments…." Of course, the not at all subtly mischievous grin on his face might speak of being far more likely to get into something that is definitely not packing, preparing, or reading very dry texts in the very near future.


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