(1866-11-06) Need for a Name
Need for a Name
Summary: Before the Cassomirs depart Roseguard, a few details are worked out concerning Lon and his 'son' coming to take up his place in overseeing Emilia's training.
Date: 1866-11-06
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Roseguard - Ironhold - Rivana
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Having requested an audience with the soon-to-be Viscountess just a couple of days before the departure to Sunsreach, Lon the Elder and Emilia Cassomir wait in a private office of Roseguard Castle. For the moment, Lon wears his "old" face, waiting patiently in silence as is often his way. One might wonder how long some stretches of past time have been where he hasn't spoken a word to another soul, given his penchant for wandering or living in the deepest wilds. But regardless, he's dressed in his usual leathers and furs, which…at least in Ironhold isn't so peculiar a sight…even in the castle at times.

Ask and she shall appear! Raelyn is glad for the distraction, as Emilia will be well aware of. Raelyn appears, in her own hunting leathers. She has a rather large glove on her right hand that one would associate with falconing; a clue she'd just recently been out with Zeus and had only stopped to secure her favored bird and not bothered to unequip before meeting with the guest to the Castle. "Lon," she greets, warmly. "Emilia. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

The silenece is easily left to be, Emilia had never been the one for idle chatter. She perhaps got plenty of that within her own head as it were. Dressed in well…her usual….least about the castle, that of a simple tunic and leggings, as were usually worn beneathe her leathers. The arrival of her sister has Emilia drawing her gaze away from the window, her thoughts back to the present. "Raelyn, am hoping Zeus was of enjoying streching of his wings." A slight glance is perhaps cast Lon's way at the question before she looks back to Raelyn,"There is of need to be of sorting a few of particulars before we are of away, and Lon is of away…for the arrangements of his son to be of returning in of his stead."

"Yes." Lon adds to Emilia's statement, and when the door is closed and the three of them are alone for the time being, Lon's countenance shifts to its' considerably less leathery form. "The Twin Moons approach, the very night of your brother's wedding. I will need be well away from the cities when this occurs. I think it a good time for this face of age I have worn these past years to be set aside, and when I rejoin you in Sun's Reach before your own wedding, it will be…as the son of that older face." He adds, "But if I am to live largely among humans again, I will need…help. To make the story appear truthful to those around you."

Raelyn inclines her head, moving to sit, comfortably in the room. "But of course. You both know that I will do anything I can. Though," she says quietly, "It will be best if Jaren is made aware as well," she confides, first pointedly to Emilia, then to Lon. To the latter, she explains, "He already knows the entire story of how we met. And what precipitated out of those events. And otherwise, he could become suspicious." She looks then to Emilia, though she speaks to them both, "And I have faith he'll trust to my judgement in this. And to Emilia's as well." Her eyes shift back to Lon. "But I will leave that in your hand. It is your secret. Not mine. I can only offer what I deem wise."

Dark eyes give Lon a faint study as he speaks, though there is a simple nod given by Emilia til after Raelyn speaks. "It has already been of discussed…the telling of Jaren, since him of knowing and supporting of the sotry when it is of needed. And he has been of trusting in of your judgement in of this so of far." Even keeping the knowledge from Sirrah for a time. We can all blame Emilia for Sirrah finding out about Lon! Though Emilia is not without worry just how Jarren might take the news, or more so the why for the change of…faces. "Of a story though, it has already begun to be woven, that the son of Lon will be of coming in of time to take up my training in of place of the father. But of a name is yet of needed, of aye? And perhaps…reminders of current of customs?"

"Customs do not change so very much, Milady." Lon glances towards Emilia, and even the accent he speaks with subtly shifts, giving the tinge of one who has spent time in lands further north. "And I have been playing many parts for a very long time." A subtle grin flits across his face, "I defer to the nobles in the eyes of others. I speak when spoken to. I address you with titles in mind." He nods towards Raelyn, "Excellency…" Which she'll be in a few days. "It is not unheard of for the son to bear the name of the father, but if you think it better to be something else, I can go by another if you choose. But I will be both a man of the woods and a man of battle. Long away from home guiding and guarding merchant caravans." He adds, "And so I will need…" He glances downward, "Garb suitable for such a role. And weapons, I suppose. Many in town have known me in my older guise. They might recognize the tools I have carried, so I will leave those where someone that may find them of use will stumble across them."

"It is not unusual," agrees Raelyn to Lon, "For the son to carry the father's name. Still," she ventures, "I would feel more comfortable, easier of mind, if you were to take on a different name. Leonard, perhaps. Not so far from the father's name. Or something else. Darius. Tybalt? Both strong names for one who would be a man of battle." These all simply seem to be suggestions off the top of her head, however. She nods, "I'll ensure that you are equipped. Maile can be found that would fit you. Some leathers. And we've weapons to spare. Do you prefer swords? Or maces? Need you shield? Or bow?

A slight nod comes as Lon speaks of customs not changing much and proving well his point of having played many parts over his many year. Emilia turning her gaze away a moment when attention is given on to Raelyn, the turn of her head made in time to hide the faint wince that comes. A slight breath drawn before she is nodding in agreement on the matter of the son carrying a father's name. "It would of perhaps be less of likely to draw of questions with of another of name." Canting her head some at Raelyn's suggestions before looking towards Lon and asking,"Have there ever of been another of name you have of used? Been of called?" A mild flutter of her hand,"If there is of a tool you would prefer not to be parted of with, is also of possible for that to have passed from of father to of son, a parting of token in taking up such a place."

"Leathers, a bow, some good knives. A hand-axe. These should suffice." Lon replies, "I have had many names. Some I have even forgotten." Lon considers, "And I have been summoned to speak with your brother tomorrow. I suspect on several matters." He muses some more, "As for a name…." He leans back in the chair, "Have you any particular thought, Emilia? I can choose one of my own, but if there is something you would be comfortable with…."

"I see." Raelyn hadn't been made aware that Lon would be speaking with Jaren. It's likely something she'll have to talk to her brother about - after said meeting is over with, of course. She inclines her head, however. "I'll make certain they are discreetly provided to you." The items listed, that is. She awaits Emilia's preferences, if any, to name, asking, "Is there anything to this story we shall be presenting I need know of otherwise?"

A mild frown of thought comes to Emilia's brow as it is brought up, that Lon is to talk with her brother…and the question of a name is turned back upon her. "You are of being of Lon to of me, of always…Perhaps of then Lonan, it is of similiar of enough to be of name of a son. And if I am ever of shortening of it to of Lon, it will not be of causing concern or of questioning." Her eyes taking in Lon's reaction to the idea before a glance to Raelyn to her thoughts. Before Emilia notes,"And garb can be of supplemented in of time as well." It surely not uncommon for nobles to give gifts.

"Lonar. I shall be Lonar." Lon decides. Easy enough to remember, and no one will look askance if anyone shortens it to Lon, as Emilia ably points out. "That should be simple." He glances between the two women, and smiles a bit, though more towards Raelyn, "I do not suspect I will see you again before your wedding. I wish you a good journey, and I will see you in Sun's Reach."

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