(1866-11-08) Squire Meets Huntress
Squire Meets Huntress
Summary: A squire becomes a brief distraction from archery practice, when Gawain encounters Adrienne on the tourney grounds.
Date: 1186-11-08
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Tourney Grounds - Sunsreach - Rivana

An open space in the middle of the city the tourney grounds is a wide flat field divided by rose bushes that have been allowed to grow here since the ascension of Queen Alysande.

The outer ring of the grounds is set aside for competitor pavilions and the stalls of merchants and food sellers fortunate enough to win a space from the master of the games to ply their trade. The inner ring is the tourney grounds themselves; a flat oval of earth ringed by a fence with openings on each end and a high gallery to one side and a flat open space to the other. On tourney days the fence is freshly whitewashed, the rose bushes are trimmed and the gallery is swathed in green and gold cloth while all around spectators and competitors mingle with gallery filled with nobles and the common folk packing in cheek and jowl across the lists to watch whatever event is on offer be it the melee, archery or that highest of competitions: the joust.

When the grounds are not in use the lists are off-limits to casual visitors and the grounds remain fanatically well-tended, lest the field become uneven and some future match be lost due to loose dirt or a wayward puddle.n

Novembre 8th, 1866

There was the Royal Wedding coming up, and with it, to follow a few weeks later, was a tournament. Still, there was plenty of time, and only few people lurked on the tourney grounds, with official permission to engage in sword practice - or archery. A part of the field further down actually served the latter purpose quite well, offering the opportunity to move the targets further away, in case there was a tie to decide between contestants. On this late cloudy morning, that has so far been dry, there is a lone figure to be found there. Attired in dark green tunic and leggings of a Huntress, her dark brown hair worn in a single braid, Adrienne Cassomir is indeed practicing her skill with the bow, her brows slightly knitted with concentration, green eyes focusing on the target, as she lets an arrow fly towards it.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (4 2 7 6 7 7 4 2 8 4 4 8 6 7 2)

The arrow flies steadily, until it thumps with momentum against the target - right into the middle of the bull's eye!

The squire Gawain Rosendal happens to be out on the tourney grounds as well, having been out on some errand when the sight of the practicing woman catches his attention. He makes his way towards the archery targets, gaze drifting to take in the notable leggins and tunic combo as he approaches from behind, his attention shifting as the arrow is shot, "An impressive shot!" He exclaims.

Even Adrienne seems to be impressed and out of words for a moment, gawping at the arrow there in the target. Because… she has not managed such a shot ever yet? Even so, her attention is drawn to the arriving lad, hearing his exclamation.

"A once-in-a-lifetime shot," she corrects him, still a little stunned by her effort. Green eyes take in his attire, and it takes the freckled Huntress a moment, to make the connection of his features to a name. Well, not his name. "You're the squire of Sir Thaddeus?", she inquires politely, and her lips quirk into the faint version of a smile as she studies him with curious attentiveness.

Gawain laughs softly, "Quite modest, aren't you?" he says with a flash of a smile as he approaches, "I am, Gawain Rosendal." He says by way of introduction, "You're very good with the bow, as someone who's not particularly good at it, I'm a rather good judge." His smile quirking into a quick and easy grin.

"Adrienne Cassomir," the Huntress introduces herself, a brow lifting at his ironic quip. "And I'm supposed to be very good with the bow. Being a Huntress of Ironhold.", the remark offered in a matter-of-factly tone. "Thank you." She adds, after a moment, her features softening into a smile. "You've shot with the bow before? I mean… is it part of your training as a squire? I believe your primary weapon would be the sword?" The name Rosendal does ring a bell, though. "I know a Sir Destrian Rosendal. An odd fellow," even by the way she says it it comes off as more of a compliment. "Your second cousin?"

"For hunting, and the like. I have a short bow infact." Gawain says with a bit of a smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you Lady Adrienne, you were here during the battle, weren't you? I remember the name. And you're right, I do prefer the sword, though Sir Thaddeus favors his poleaxe more.. I started fighting aboard a ship though, and the sword was far more wieldy." He grins a bit more at the mention of Destrian, "Sir Destrian's my first cousin, actually, though I haven't spent much time at Rosely, or around many of my kin as it were, off adventuring with Sir Thaddeus and all."

"Of course," Adrienne smiles even more, when Gawain mentions hunting. "And… the pleasure is all mine. I'd offer you a curtsey, my lord, if it wouldn't look slightly ridiculous in this attire." A hint of amusement there in her tone. She nods when he affirms her assumption about the sword being his primary weapon. "I know how to use a sword as well," she admits. Even though, at the moment, she does not have one on her, obviously. There is a dagger however at her belt, judging from the hilt, of very fine quality. "Oh. Well. First cousin, then. But I believe, he tends to be seldom at home as well, pursuing his own adventures.", this said to the topic of Sir Destrian.

"It'd be a little awkward you, a Lady Huntress curtseying to a lowly Squire anyway. Your attire suits you though, and probably a gown isn't very practical for archery I imagine either!" Gawain says with a bit of a grin, "And I'm quite a bit younger then Destrian as well." He nods his head, "So are you here for the wedding and the tourney, M'lady?"

"Oh… we're still nobles, aren't we?", Adrienne quips back with a chuckle. "And yes. You are quite a bit younger… and probably less odd." She shoots him a glance, her smile remaining. She may be only slightly older than he is, eighteen in fact. The next question she meets with another incline of her head. "Yes, I am, of course. The bridegroom is my first cousin." Viscount Jaren Cassomir. "And I need to prepare to make a good showing." Whether at the Wedding Feast or at the tournament, she does not mention.

"We both are, certainly." Gawain says with a smile, "And I would imagine we have quite different outlooks on life, mine is probably a bit less odd then my cousins." He nods his head, listening a bit more before offering a smile, "If you ever need any help about town, let me know. It's awfully packed in the city lately, I can imagine it makes everything harder for just about everyone."

"Thank you, Gawain," Adrienne smiles, the formal address slipping there at his observation. Or despite of it? "I have a guard who follows me around, when I'm not in the company of other Huntress sisters." A glance there towards where a female guard stands not too far away, wearing the red and blue of House Cassomir. The woman offers a nod to Gawain should he look the guard's way. The other, younger and noble woman who stands before him continues: "In fact, I abhor great cities, so much prefer to be out and about in the woods." A slight glint flashes there in her green eyes as she makes that remark. "And please… call me Adrienne, when we are in less formal circumstances. You will be at the wedding feast as well, I presume?"

Gawain gives a little bow of his head to the guard, then back at Adrienne with a laugh, "I imagine you're more than capable of taking care of yourself, Adrienne." He says, "And really? It's not so bad here normally, and yes, I'll be at the wedding and the feast and such, I'll probably have something or another to do all through the celebration month, but if you'd like to go out riding sometime, we've plenty of horses at the Greycen estate, and I'm sure I could get free at some point!"

"Oh, I am," Adrienne replies with a confident lift of a brow. One hand moves to rest on the hilt of her dagger, as if to put more emphasis to her words, while the other still holds the bow. "There are however times, when more caution is advised…" The remark pretty vague there. She smiles when Gawain brings forth his offer, charming as it is, from squire to Huntress. "I may get back to you on that.", she says, "as I suspect I'll be stuck here in Sunsreach for the months to come." Words intended to express genuine regret or a light jest, who can tell?

"Oh, there's always a person, or situation we can't handle on our own, it's not unwise at all." Gawain agrees with a nod, "I've had to bail Sir Thaddeus out once or twice in our battles, as a matter of fact." He says with a grin, giving a slight glance towards the guard again, then back towards the Huntress with a conspiratorial little smile, "Well, track me down at the Greycen estate if you'd like, we can slip off for a morning or afternoon." He says, "But I hate to say I can't stay and chat with you much longer this morn, Adrienne, I have to get to the market to fetch some things for Sir Thaddeus. I hope you'll forgive my cutting our wonderful conversation short?"

That conspiratorial smile is met with a brow lifting in slight amusement. "I may," Adrienne replies, her own dimming into a slightly more non-committal version. "And of course, I have to continue my archery practice." Green eyes flit to the arrow still stuck in the bull's eye and her brows crinkle ever so slightly. But… 'wonderful conversation'? Seriously? Her gaze returns to Gawain Rosendal, assessing him with a brief inspection of her eyes. Her lips twitch even further. "You're forgiven.", she allows, her green eyes following him with their gaze as he hurries off, and a soft exasperated sigh leaves her lips, before her shoulders lift in a light shrug and her attention returns to her archery practice.


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