(1866-11-10) A Mission from Mother
A Mission from Mother
Summary: Amara's mother sends her to the Queen's wedding with a special mission for her and her 'Guardian'
Date: 1866-11-10
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Amara  Annalise  

Hartswood Keep, Annalise's Chambers
Room description
Novembre 10th 1866

It's morning, the household is quiet, with Elrick gone to the southern Queen's wedding and the Baron and his entourage off hunting. Though, in this quiet Amara's mother's maid finds, seeks out Amara with a message: come see her mother at once.

And where is Annalise t'Tremaine? In her chambers, the ones she keeps separate from her husband's. There is a half finished bottle of wine on the little table by the window and the Baroness herself is standing beside it, with several coffers open, putting coins and some of her prized jewels into a velvet bag.

When her daughter enters, Annalise turns, "Ah, there you are darling, come here and close the door, we need to speak."

Amara comes as quickly as possible. If the mother needs her, the girl won't make her wait. However, she does not forget to take her Guardian together. The little tiny auburn kiten is inside a lovely basket, hidden somewhere between colorful sheets of fabrics. So, once a golden-haired girl enters her motehrs chambers, Guardian is the first to great Baroness, mewing a few times, circling in the basket.

"Dearest mother," Amara speaks softly, rubbing her golden gown with a free hand, "something happened? Or you just wanted to see me?" She beams widely and walks closer to place a peck on mother's cheek if allowed.

Annalise studies her daughter with her green eyes a moment before she smiles and bends to accept the kiss and returning the same. She smells faintly of wine and expensive perfume from the east. She deflect the questions for a moment by ducking down and peering into the basket. "And how is your Guardian?" she asks, offering the cat her finger. "He's grown," she remarks to her daughter.

Amara can't hide her excitement about the kitten, "Oh, he is eating so much! So, yes, he did grow up a little bit bigger and a little bit heavier!" The girl places the basket on a nearby table, "However, he loves running around a lot, so he does not get fat. My Guardian is the most handsome knight ever!" She chuckles and dives her hands into the basket just to withdraw the kitten out of it. The young lady turns to her mother and extands Guardian towards Baroness, "Would you like to hold him?"

The kitten sniffs at Annalise, mews a few times but shows no struggle to be taken by the woman. he already got used to her at some point.

Annalise takes the kitten from the basket carefully and cradles it in the crook of an arm. "I had a kitten myself when I was girl in Murnord," she says, as she scratches Guardian behind an ear. "Fine pets, you should take him, when you go south to join your sister and her husband at the Queen's wedding," she says. Wait, what? When did this become the plan?

"Join them?" The young lady's eyes grow wide as her smile of a joy, which can't be described in words. "Really? Really? I am allowed to go to the Queen's wedding? Really? My sister, and my brother will be there! Oh, I missed them so much. Elrick will be there, right? He will participate in a tournament, won't he? Oh, and maybe something will be arranged to artists? Maybe I could participate in some kinf of a challange with my paintings?!" Amara bounces slightly and claps, what draws attention of the Guardian. He stares at the young woman, while just calmly purring in Annalise's arms., "It will be fun, thank you, mother!"

Annalise smiles tightly at her daughter's joy. "Yes, really," she says and she nods. "As for Elrick, I believe he has already gone, or intends to go for just the tournament. It's hard to say and he does not consult me about his movements, but Antonia and her princely husband will be there for certain," she lifts Guardian gently from her arms and ducks down to put him in the basket. "Anyhow, I do have a task for you while you're away," she says as she stands and turns back to the table. Once facing it, she takes a long pull from the wine cup and then studies the jewels arrayed in the coffers a moment, cup in hand. "Hmm," she murmurs a moment before picking a couple more from the coffers and putting them in the bag. She sets down the cup and pulls the draw strings tight before turning back to her daughter. "I will need you to take this bag with you, in secret, and when you see your sister, see if she will keep them with her in Rovilon. Can you do that for me?"

Annalise catches her daughter's interest. The Guardian is forgotten for a moment, while her eyes follows mother. The young woman grows serious and the joyful smile is changed by the curious one, "Jewels? If this is a gift to our sister, why it has to be a secret? Are you afraid that someone might steal it? Is it expensive?" Amara frowns, "Mother, you know well that we can't afford expensive gifts yet. I am sure that Antonia has more than enough jewels to adorn herself…"

Annalise frowns slightly at the questions, she reaches back for the wine cup, and has a sip. "No, no, these aren't a gift, they're mine gifts your father gave me over the years," and gifts she gave herself if she's being honest. "And other little treasures. But with the recent betrayal of some of those closest to us, I want to make sure they're safe, so, I am sending them to Antonia for safe keeping, after all where is more secure than the palace?" She settles back, leaning lightly on the table. "I would send them by messenger, but I cannot trust any of our people just now, but I can trust you-" she lifts her brows and looks at her daughter, "Can I not?"

Amara watches her mother a little bit confused, before sigh leaves her throat, "Of course, dearest mother. I will take it to Antonia, even if I do not believe that palace is a safest place in the world. Thieves know that the best treasures are hidden there. If I would be a thieve, I would be working on a best plan to find my way there and fill my pockets with gold. It's best to hide things in the least expected places…" The girl smiles widely and extands her hand to take the coffer, "But I am not a thief. I will do as you ask, mother."

Annalise chuckles and sets her cup aside again, "And I am glad to hear you are no thief daughter, I know I didn't raise you to be one," she says with a small smile and then picks up the bag. Glancing at her daughter, she bends and secrets the bag under the cloths at the bottom of the basket. "There we are," she says when she is done. "Now Guardian is a guardian in truth." She rises then, dusting off her hands, "Anyhow, I think that should do the trick, and thank you daughter, having these jewels to safety will be a weight off my mind, and all the better you will get to see the wedding and the tourney, I will expect to hear all the details when you return of course."

Amara laughs and reaches to pet the head of the Guardian, "He will do his duty just perfectly, do not worry, mother!" Then the young lady tiptoes to peck Annalise's cheek again, if allowed, "I will bring you not just stories from the wedding, but I will draw our Queen in her gown, that you could peek at it too. Sad, that you won't be coming together, but I will bring this wedding to you in my drawings!" She takes the basket, "If that is all, may I go? I do need to practise and I do not wnat my tutor to wait."

Annalise nods. "I am glad," she says of Guardian doing his duty. Then she gives her daughter a hug. "Thank you," she says, kissing the top of Amara's head. "And yes, go attend your tutor, then you'd best get to packing, I'll have a carriage waiting for you tomorrow morning to take you to the gate and a couple guards to see to your safety in Rivana. They may not be as bad as your father says, but, they are always fighting each other, so it is better to be safe than sorry."

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