(1866-11-12) Catching Up
Catching Up
Summary: Leander and Lydia catch up in a brief and rare exchange between the two.
Date: 11-12-1866
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Giraldi Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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12th of Novembre, 1866

The Rivanan capital of Sunsreach is starting to fill up…what with the wedding guests and others arriving in preparation for the nupitals. However, none of that concerns Leander Giraldi, for the moment. The young knight and lord is currently lounging in the Giraldi manse that the matriarch of the family, Miranda, was able to procure. After all, being newly minted nobility, one must expect to have a presence in Sunsreach politics…and it wouldn't do to stay at the inn.

Not that Leander cares one whit about Courtly politics.

He sits in the library, overlooking a book. It appears to be one in regards to combat tactics. Perhaps a bit of studying before the upcoming tournament. He doesn't seem to think anyone is about, apart from the servants, of course, and seems rather relaxed. For the moment.

Lydia had tagged along having convinced Raimond to let her come. The youngest of the family was however rarely seen at home, Sunsreach had so much to listen to and so many to get to know. When she was not snooping she was practicing for the tourney .. hoping she would do just as good as her brothers in this one.

Today Lydia was home, and she was hungry, she had ordered the house servants to get her some fruit. It was with its delivery she overheard one servant whispers to another, and knew that Leander too was home. She had not seen him for some time, and so, the sister makes her way to bug her brother.

A little bit of pestering never hurt anyone. In this case, however, Leander isn't exactly aware that his little sister is actually within the manse for once. He had come to expect her wide-eyed curiosity to lead her out and about on the town…her gifts were far more suited for courtly intrigue than he. And so, with his eyes upon the book, he is not aware of Lydia's approach. He simply isn't watching for it, though he is stretched out languidly upon a sitting couch, with his feline companion Fritti sitting upon his chest. Yes…he took that silly catlord with him to Sunsreach. He doesn't go anywhere without that cat of his.

Lydia moves round him and slowly touches his shoulder, like a spider elegantly trapsing along mindless of its ability to frighten. The touch - ever so light it lightly brushes the hair on his ears. "Boo". she says, in a sultry tone. Troublemakers.

Leander shifts in his couch….not enough to disturb the pet upon his chest…but enough to indicate he was, indeed, surprised. Even if it was just a little. Eyes shift from the book to the undoubtedly smiling sister close to him. "Little imp." It is a playful affectation. Nothing harmful at all. "I didn't know you was here, Lyd. Had I known, I would have made sure I was out." A tip of a wink…another tease done in jest.

Lydia rolls her eyes a little, as she moves to pet Lord Kitty on his ears. "Oh well, your not out." she says also teasingly, "what have you been up to anyway?" she asks of her brother. "I have not really seen much of you at all since the last tourney, are you sulking because Raimond took the win?"

It is now Leander's turn to roll his eyes. "Me? Sulking because Raimond won the joust?! Hardly. I didn't expect to get to the semifinals like I did, so I was quite happy with my showing." He places the book down, while a hand reaches out to stroke Fritti along her back. "Actually, I have been working on obtaining a set of full plate armor, as of late. Other than that, I have been partaking in what luxuries Sunsreach has to offer." There is a slight pause. "Though…not nearly as much as I would like. The old guard here is very much against the idea that we were ennobled. Mother's reputation…and our own, precede us."

Lydia nods her head, and she shakes it all at once; Dark hair tumbles round her shoulders as her eyes flash slightly .. "Well, you'll make them think otherwise when you Marry, or… place well within enough tournaments that you become favored." she teases and she pops a grape to her lips, chewing it delicately.

The hand petting the catlord freezes, as Leander shifts his full attention towards Lydia. The complexion is actually a bit pale. "Marriage? You know better than to scare me with such a topic, sister dear." The words are light…but there is a hidden truth in there. He is certainly not ready for marriage…not that anyone would have him. His extracurricular activities do not make him that desirable as marriage material…something Leander knows full well. "Though…the thought of becoming favored, just so those 'true' nobles can choke on their own words. Now…that is a topic I can get myself behind." A glance back towards Lydia. "So…what are you doing in? Finally uncovered all there is to know within the capitol?"

Lydia enjoyed teasing her brother, she watched him pale and then lighten up like a christmas light in an array of color. Her smile is large as she watches him. "This place is like a tight closed chest, but I am sure I will find something useful before we need to go. I am happy to be at court with you Leander". She leans in to hug him, and he can smell the light scent of smoke and sandalwood. She leans away and takes her fruit plate to her chest. "I am going to read a bit before sleeping." she guards her food because … she plucks a grape and throws it at Leander. Then she is gone before he can retaliate!

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