(1866-11-13) A Tour of Sunsreach
A Tour of Sunsreach
Summary: Eva meets a colorful array of Rivanans on her tour of Sunsreach.
Date: 1866-11-13
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Sunsreach Castle

The Interior of Sunsreach Castle is gorgeous, pristine and colored an earthly tone. These are regions that the sun has been allowed to touch, and the wood and stonework have faded with time but help give off a lovely glow. There is running water inside which help serve a series of gardens and numerous fountains about the area. A main guardhouse and barracks has been established for the soldiers, and the armory is setup next to a training area and stables for warhorses. A large arena has been setup for jousting and training, as well as a forge.

The castle is setup into three main blocks, with a large central area set off the main gatehouse which serves as the entrance to a grand garden with numerous fountains next to the main barracks. Staircases climb up the heavy, blockish walls to allow access to them as well as interior areas of the castle. High and joyous colors meet as one goes through the inner walls. This is a castle meant to enhance beauty as well as be ready for war. The central villa of the castle off the main gateway is the primary interior, where the administrative center of the kingdom is, as well as the throne room and storehouse.

The primary zones to the east is for living quarters for those who stay in the castle and help maintain them, as well as the inhabitants. Spanning up several stories, it is quite spacious with a network of intricately carved staircases and large central areas for those to gather.

The western zone is a work area, with a large central library and alcove, as well as a chapel for the One Faith within and a sanctuary. This area is also home to both the royal menagerie and the royal museum. The museum is a long vaulted building of two stories and vault below. The leaded glass fills the galleries with light and within various paintings and treasures of Rivana's past can be seen, including the bones of the last dragon. The menagerie, is a garden unto itself with pits holding a handful of rare creatures such as striped horses, lions, and other beasts.


It's a bright but cool day in Sunsreach and the city, full of visitors, seems to bursting with excitement for tomorrow's events. The tour Aidric had taken Eva on, lead them through the market, past a shop selling kaff (so Aidric might wake up some), past several of the finer goldsmiths, past the cathedral in the midst of being prepared for tomorrow's wedding, all the while the streets teem with people, some from the Edge and others from beyond, shopkeepers call their wares and strange and spicy smells emit from within the various cookshops. Then, the tour takes them up the hill towards the palace, where Aidric stops, looking back the way they came with the city laid out beneath them and the river curving beyond it reflecting the pale light of the late fall sun. "And here is the city entire," he says grandly as he sweeps his hand across the view. "Sunsreach, the finest city on the Edge," he says, his lips curving slightly at that final remark, expecting some retort.

Perhaps in contrast to Aidric, Eva is quite an early bird and has been up for several hours before the appointed meeting time. Despite her excitement, she found the time to continue on with some of her reading as she waited. However, once the tour began, the day was filled with exciting sights and sounds and rather interesting smells. The latter, having passed by one food stall or other, does make Eva bring an intricate handkerchief to her nose in as subtle a fashion as she can muster. Still, she remains polite throughout and makes certain to keep close to her tour guide, less she be lost in this foreign place. While the goldsmiths and various vendors selling fabrics and trinkets do catch her eye, she does take pause when they pass by the very cathedral where the wedding would soon be held. It was so beautiful! They continue onward still and there is one location in particular that Eva is hoping to see first hand today. When they take pause atop the hilly path leading to the palace, she does allow herself this time to marvel at the view from this vantage point. It is at her guide's comment that brings a hint of a smirk to tug up at the corner of her lips, her attention now turning to peer up at him, "Where only few can compare." Her gaze returns to look out over the city below, "And I just happen to know one of those few."

The trip to Sunsreach from Ironhold had been refreshing, there was celebration and energy to it but a sadness as well. But the groom's party had finally arrived to the area just that morning, having actually traveled over land. A sign of this was the huntress garb seen upon two within the trio that were winding their way through the people that had so swollen the population of the city and making way towards the palace. There were things that yet remained to be done, last moment errands and taskings before the big day tomorrow. The shorter of the two woman walked at the side of the knight, as the other hung back a few steps. A hand fluttered briefly in the air as Emilia spoke to Destrian,"I was of telling you…so many of people. Of hopefully can be of quick about of getting the few of things of needed." The young woman's steps slowing up in noting the familiar face amongst those paused upon the path ahead. A mild bow of her head offered towards Aidirc,"Sir of Aidric, good of day to you." A polite bow of her head is also offered along to the woman with him. Her expression remaining rather stoic through out the simple greeting given.

"I am quick," the knight of Rosendal replies with a hand laid upon his breast. "I am the very colour of quick." Lowering his hand again to his side, the tall bearded man flashes a bright grin to his adoptive sister and flicks his cloak - dark purple with gold trim - behind his legs.

"Alas…" Spotting Aidric's grand gesture not far away, at the city, Destrian brightens again. "Oh, look you there, my little Firefly - a tour! Did you know, I have /walked/ Sunsreach before - but never /toured/ her. Might we?" He falls silent as they draw closer to Aidric, and bows politely to him and Eva.

Aidric is nothing if not a solicitous guide and very much willing to stop wherever his guest wishes along their way. "One other? Do you mean Rovilon or Garfana?" he asks Eva with a smile on his lips. The knight turns though when addressed by a familiar voice with a strange way of speaking, "Lady Emilia," he says before even looking in her direction, which he does in short order, before quirking his head at her companion. "Good day to you as well, allow me to present lady Eva t'Acuto of Garfana, I was, as your companion guessed, showing her the city," he glances to Eva. "Would you mind if they joined us?"

Turning her head oh so very slightly to regard Aidric with a knowing smile, Eva states simply enough, "I speak of Rovilon, of course. I can recall so clearly the first time I ever set food in Rovilon. How brilliant and beautiful it all was." When new voices are heard, especially one whose speech seems rather odd and somewhat off-putting, the young Couvieri turns her attention to the pair who now approach, quietly gauging them with her eyes as she offers a friendly, yet small, smile. "Not at all, I do not mind." Looking from Aidric and now returning her attention to the newcomers, she decides to ask, "It's a pleasure to meet with the both of you. So you are not from Sunsreach then?"

"I am of knowing you are, Desi, it is of I who am being of slow. " A faint tugging occuring to the corners of Emilia lips towards him in response to his smile and his enthusiasim for a tour. Murmuring before their final approach,"If they might be of wishing of company. Though it might of slowing of you to my of turn of slowness."

A gentle incline of Emilia's head goes to Eva once again as Aidric offers an introduction,"Of a pleasure to be of meeting, Lady of Eva. Might I be of introducing Sir Destrian of Rosendal." A mild glance towards Destrian as it does seem he shall have his tour afterall. At the question from Eva, Emilia's hand flutters briefly into the air,"You are being of correct, I am from of Ironhold. Sir of Destrian from of Rosley, though perhaps more of being form every of where by of now."

"Everywhere indeed," Destrian replies with a gleam in his eye as he smiles at t'Acuto. "My Lady Eva, 'tis a pleasure." The knight turns to the other, and nods his head. "Most gracious of you, Sir Aidric. And how doth the lady find our fair city?"

He pauses for a moment to brush locks of umber hair back out of his face and glances sidelong at Emilia. "And who, pray tell, has said my dear sister is slow? Name him and I shall devise him a brave education - unless 'tis our other sister. In which case, I fear you are on your own."

Aidric smiles in return when Eva looks his way, "Knowing how this city left its mark on me as a boy I can well imagine Rovilon doing the same upon your first visit," he says before he turns to the others. "Well met Sir Destrian, and from everywhere hm? A Paladin then?" he guesses, knowing them to be noted wanderers. "And how have you been Emilia?" then as an aside to Eva he says, "She is sister to Rivana's new king."

Tristan Tracano moves along the halls of Sunsreach at a slow pace, his cane tapping along as he moves. He is dressed in a finely made outfit that might even be considered gaudy by some, although as a high-ranking member of House Tracano, such clothing should come as no surprise. Moving along with him is a man geared out in the arms and armor of a Royal Lancer. From time to time, Tristan seems to be murmuring things to the man who simply keeps his attention focused on his surroundings and only offers slight nods of his head as any sort of acknowledgement.

Approaching Aidric and his little party, Tristan offers a faint smile. "Cousin Aidric, what trouble are you getting yourself into today?"

For a time, Eva's bright eyes rest upon Emilia as she attentively listens to the young woman speak, though her smile never betrays her scrutinizing, yet curious thoughts and she continues with her pleasant facade. Those eyes then flicker to look upon Destrian once more and thus the smile on her lips broaden somewhat when she makes her response, "Things are so very different here and yet similar, in a sense. But I tend to believe that beauty can be found anywhere and Sunsreach is definitely a sight to behold." She then nods quickly to Aidric, adding in, "Yes, as much as I adore Garfana, for it will always be home, there is just something so awe-inspiring about places such as these." Returning her attention back to the newly arrived pair, if she were surprised to hear this information regarding Emilia, she does little to show it. Instead, she lowers herself into a curtsy, her tone becoming all the more warm, "Oh, is that so? I'm afraid that I have been done so poorly with my greetings." Still, there are other new arrivals to be had and as Tristan and his fabulous attire is difficult to miss, she studies the man quietly from her distance, allowing Aidric to make any necessary introductions.

A brow raises just a hair as Emilia glances sidelong to Destrian,"There of some who think of such of me, though I am much of knowing when it is coming to of our sister, I am always of being of upon my own. But she…I can be of handling." Another mild flutter of her hand occuring as if adding silently to that particular matter. Though to the guesses Aidric has about Destrian, the Cassomir does allow the man to speak to himself.

"I have been of well, the days of Ironhold once of again were much of welcome. It was of refreshing to travel of slow then of fast for of a change. Though I am thinking unsreach has come to have near as many of people as we are of having of tress within of our forests. I am hoping you have been of well, of aye?" Her own features seeming remain firmly in the rather stoic and solemn mien. A mild incline of her head does confirm the bit of information for Eva,"Of aye, Jaren is being of my brother. And do not be of worrying." A small flutter of her hand brushing aside the matter. Though the young woman is soon enough giving a mild bow to Tristan, cause curtsey's jus tlook odd in leather and leggings,"Prince of Tristan, it is good to be of seeing. I hope you have been of well?"

Upon Tristan's arrival, Sir Destrian bows respectfully. Upon standing once more, he greets, "Blessings of the One be upon thee, Your Highness. I trust the day finds thee well." The knight turns his head back toward Aidric, with a passing glance at his foster-sister, and shakes his head.

"Not a paladin, Sir Knight. A Gatefinder. I sought a true test of my faith and found it…" and he gestures with a hand to a place beyond the city limits. "Out there." Then he smiles over at Lady Eva. "But I have never visited Garfana or Rovilon. To hear thee speak so well of such places, my lady, I feel diminished for having not laid eyes upon them."

Aidric grins at the sight of his cousin Tristan, "Oh, nothing too troublesome today coz," he replies to the man's remark. "Just showing Lady Eva t'Acuto the city and palace," he looks to the woman in question, "Lady Eva, let me introduce my cousin, Prince Tristan Tracano."

Though he does remark, "I know what you mean," about the court being more her home than the place she was born. To Destrian, a nod. "Ah, a Gatefinder, know Sir Broderick at all? He's another one of your order."

"Lady Emilia, so good to see you. And you, Sir Knight, blessings of the One upon you as well." Tristan offers the two of them a smile, though he does give Destrian a thoughtful glance. At least the man wasn't a Paladin. Knights who served the church were all insufferable, but Paladins were the worst. He glances over at Aidric and the young woman and nods. "Ah, welcome to Sunsreach, Lady Eva. I do hope you are enjoying your time here." He makes a well-practiced bow, with the cane and all in her direction. "If you find yourself in need of anything please let me know and I will do what I can."

Not a terribly uncommon sight about the Castle is Gawain, making his way up on some errand or another when he spots the little cluster of nobles chatting it up. He turns towards the group, offering a bright smile towards some of the familiar places and offers a slight bow to the group, "My Lords, My Ladies."

It doesn't surprise Eva at all that this new arrival was royalty. The fabric and intricate details of his attire alone looked expensive. In a similar well-practiced fashion, Eva repeats her curtsey, but this time adding more flourish to her movements, "I am grateful for your kindness and hospitality." And here she turns to all of them, Aidric especially, "My time here has already been a lovely experience and I know that there is still more that I must see of your fine city." Her attention does return to Destrian now, taking some interest in something said, "If you enjoy reading, I do invite you to come visit my family in Garfana. We have one of the grandest libraries in all of the Edge. In fact, I was hoping to see the royal library here today." That is when a slightly more familiar face than many of the others appears out of the crowd and Eva graces Gawain an acknowledging smile in greeting, "Ah, good day. I was wondering if we would meet again."

With many a greeting being exchanged and questions coming in turn, Emilia falls into a silence as her dark eyes drift along with the turns of conversation as the go on about her. A faint nod of her head as she murmurs to Destrian,"It is of quite of grand, the library of Garfana, you would much of like it. The books and of the art to be found of there." With the appearance of another face to the group, the stoi looking young woman offers a bow of her head to Gawain,"My of Lord."

Aidric smiles, as Gawain joins them. "Gawain, well met, do you know everyone?" he asks. Then, Eva speaks of seeing more of the city and castle and he smiles, "We will doubtless get to the library, eventually," he says, arms crossed behind his back.

"You've been there, Fire — little sister?" Destrian asks Emilia with a slight hesitation in the sentence. Sir Gawain is given a polite bow of his head as the knight of House Rosendal glances at the newest arrival. Leaning a fraction closer to Emilia once more, he adds: "Hear you how the word 'paladin' passes one's lips, oftentimes?" Referring back to the earlier question. "I do swear they are a misunderstood lot…" Destrian pauses, tucks in his chin and frowns at himself. "Nay. Perhaps not." And he smirks.

The Gatefinder turns back to look at Lady Eva once more, the smirk on his features broadening into a warm smile. "Under the Light, I promise I shall make that journey someday, my lady, and see this library. Pray tell, is there any book within that you would count your favourite?"

Footfalls are heard coming from the east, echoing from the residential hall. A soft voice is heard…a young woman's…speaking plainly to another. "…be sure to check with the kitchen staff and test them to ensure they know in which order to present the feast and to which group of people. With so many different factions here, we can't afford any mistakes." As the footfalls grow louder, two young women emerge into view. One of them is clearly a handmaiden to the other. And…the other could be a familiar face to all present and not just the Rivanans. Clad in a relatively simple, at least for royalty, white gown, the princess Clara Tracano pulls up short, seeing that she just walked into what seems to be an impromptu gathering. She turns to her handmaiden and offers a nod. "Go on ahead. I will call if I have a need, Alysonne."

With the handmaiden scurrying off, Clara chooses to close the gap between herself and the group. "Why hello, lords and ladies. I should perhaps be more observant in my wanderings about the castle. I almost walked directly into you all."

So the conversation topic today was going to be on books and tours was it? Tristan almost smiles to himself at that. "You know, I have often thought to myself that I should spend more time visiting libraries. There is doubtless much to be learned from such places. Unfortunately, it has been my experience that scholars who oversee such things take a rather negative view towards the consumption of wine while perusing various works. A real shame, I think. Lady Eva, does the librar in Garfana allow for the consumption of wine while reading the texts?"

"It's wonderful to run into you again as well, My Lady." Gawain says, inclining his head to Eva and flashing another little smile, then turning his attention to Aidric, "I think I've met everyone, at least in passing at some point.."

Emilia inclines her head to Destrian,"Of aye, I have of been. A visit was of had when of north not to of long of ago." Canting her head just a little when he speaks of the paladins. A mild tugging occuring that the corners of her lips to briefly break that stoic look,"Of aye, is perhaps of some. Some are of misunderstood," her hand raising with that brief flutter in the air," some perhaps not." The question about wine consumption does have Emilia's dark eyes turning along once more, managing to catch the apperance of Clara. Offering the Princess a bow as protocol bids,"Your of Highness, it is of a pleasure to see of you as always." The corners of her lips tugging up just a hint afterwards. "You can of see I have returned in plenty of time."

Used to being around such a large array of people back at the Rovilon court, Eva is undeterred at seeing so many new faces, some of them belonging to those of impressive ranks and lineages! For now, it is Emilia who has the petite courtier's full attention, "Oh? That's right, my mother may have written me informing me of a visitation from Rivana. I was at Rovilon at the time and it's unfortunate that I had missed your arrival. I am, however, glad to know that there are many who enjoy such a scholarly pastime, I know of a few who dread needing to read even the briefest of poems." Those bright eyes then peer up at Destrian and she gives the man a thoughtful look, "I enjoy books of all sorts. Some of my favorites have been memoirs, for I find it intriguing to experience the world through the eyes of another." There is a brief pause, before she adds more matter-of-factly rather than being embarrassed by this admittance, "I also enjoy poetry and romantic tales. I am very much looking forward to reading Sir Aidric's most recent work, though we'll all have a taste of it at the wedding tomorrow." Being as observant as she is, the sound of footfall and chatter catches her attention and thus her gaze is drawn in Clara's direction for the moment, but she soon enough turns to respond to the Prince's comments, "Oh, my father can very well be that strict, but if you promise to take care, I do not think that there will be any issues. Still, I will speak with him. After my visit here, I am hoping to be as hospitable to any guests who visit the Royal Library from Rivana."

Sir Destrian bows to the Princess Tracano, sweeping his cloak back behind his feet at the same time. "Your Highness," he greets her formally. "Blessed art thou in the sight of the One, and ever the world is made brighter by thy presence in it." He smiles and stands back up again, looking over at Tristan.

"Methinks there are no restrictions regarding wine and texts in Castle Roseguard, my prince. Unless one should confuse which is which - unlikely, however." The smile remains upon his bearded features until finally he glances sidelong at his sister and frowns.

"You visited Garfana? And where was I when this adventure took place? I am hurt, my lady, truly." He winks.

Blah. Protocol. Such a nuisance. Still, Clara does not just up and embrace Emilia as she would normally. Instead, she offers a gentle nod in return, along with a warm smile. "Yes, indeed. Plenty of time. I had no doubt you would be, Lady Emilia." Oh yes, Clara is quite familiar with Emilia, as the smile and the friendly tone is all the indication necessary. She shifts to regard all of the group…and catches strains of visiting the library in Garfana. And…in particular…of Tristan asking about consumption around the books. "That is the standard that all good libraries should upload, dear Tristan? That one may indulge in libations while perusing the texts?" There is a light laugh, then a blink of surprise, followed by a bright smile for the eloquent Sir Destrian. And…even though it was not addressed to her, it is Clara that answers Destrian's question. "I took the Lady Emilia to Garfana…along with the Lady Adrienne Cassomir. Twas during the Rovilon coronation tournament…the very same day as the artistic competition, in fact. I had wanted to show Emilia the library that I had spent many a day in when I was but a child in the forests of the duchy of Lonnaire."

"Clara." Tristan greets his cousin with a slight nod and an upturn of his lips. His eyes flick over towards Emilia for a moment and then he is focusing on Destrian. "Oh, I think it all depends on the wine, Sir. I think I would prefer the taste of parchment than consume bad wine." What might constitute bad wine is left unsaid. "Still, I thank you for the offer. I may need to stop by Castle Roseguard at some point to see what volumes you have there. Oh, and speaking of wine, Lady Eva… if Aidric offers you anything except Tracano Red, please do let me know. Guests should be able to enjoy the best of what Sunsreach has to offer."

Stepping into the heart of Sunreach is a very… odd feeling for Elrick, but any discomforts or personal reactions he has is hidden under the dignified and diplomatic mask he wears. A mask that he will no doubt wear for most of his visit here in the southern capital. One must pay their diplomatic respects and appear to adhere to the new Couviere King's wishes of peace. Dressed in proper noble attire, fashioned in a more military design, the Heir to House t'Tremaine slows to a stop after making entry.

"It was only for of a day," Emilia affirms, after Clara has done a fine job of explaining the nature of the visit. A small incline of her head offered to Eva," Most were of keeping to of Rovilon proper with all of the excitement, with of such of a short of visitation there is nothing to be of worrying about having of missed of it. I fear mine-cousin might be of amongst those who have more of dread, but I was finding it a most lovely of place and could only be of saddened that such of little of time could be spared for the venture." There is a turn of sincerity to Emilia's tone, even if her expressoin remains fixed in that stoic bent giving little hint to actual thoughts. Dark eyes flicker over to Destrian,"Of aye, I did. And you were of yet wandering of about the world, being of missing, mine most wayward of brothers." That hand doing a fluttery little turn in the air once more, though this time it briefly touches along to Destrian's arm.

Though as her hand falls away from Destrian's arm, Emilia does look to the group more as a whole, giving a bow of her head as she says,"If you of all will be of excusing, I am fearing I must be of continuing of on and seeing to of a few of matters of yet." An added little tugging at the corner of her lips offered as well as another incline of her head to parting words before she takes her leave of the group. Her steps carrying an unearthy turn of grace to them as the other huntress falls into step with her.

"As if I would," Aidric drawls to Tristan about the wine before he notes Clara's arrival and inclines his head. "Cousin Clara, meet Eva t'Acuto," he says of his guest before bidding goodbye to Emilia. "Emilia," he says with a nod. As the huntress goes another unfamiliar knight approaches and Aidric glances to Eva. "One of yours?" he asks, nodding in the direction of the knight.

The knight of House Rosendal listens to the Prince and Princess, nodding and smirking all the while. The mention of 'wine that might taste worse than parchment' elicits a raised eyebrow from Destrian, followed by a muted chuckle. He does not argue.

"I fear, Your Highness," he replies to Tristan. "That upon the road, I fear the taste of parchment - or worse - has passed my lips. I do swear I was told 'twas wine before I consumed it. The One knows, it haunts me still."

Destrian directs his grin toward Clara.

"Alas, Princess Clara, my sister speaks true; my journeys bore me elsewhere and I missed this particular pleasure…" and he nods toward Lady Eva, either referring to the person or family's library. "The journey was not without its — "

He stops.

At Emilia's farewell, he gives a nod and then bows to everyone else. "I should see to my sister's safety on these errands. Your Highnesses, My Lords and Ladies — I bid thee farewell." And he begins walking to catch up with Emilia, not that the Huntress truly needs his protection. Perhaps it is just the thought that counts.

With all of this conversation going on around her, Eva remains attentive, turning her bright eyes and open ears to one discussion or other. Though it is Clara's sudden appearance that captures and holds her gaze for a time, almost as if having some recognition of the young woman. "Princess Clara, is it?" Those brilliant eyes of hers flicker as she quietly regards the other woman now, smiling in a friendly enough manner. "I do apologize for not being present during your… return to Garfana. I hope that the staff have been accommodating and as hospitable as ever. Were you able to speak with my father during your last visit?" Her attention then moves to the other faces in the crowd, that friendly smile growing all the more bright when she muses, "Of course, Your Highness, I will be sure to remind him. Now, I do admit, as it was brought up, I am looking forward to a taste of such fine wine." Elrick's appearance is yet another somewhat familiar one, though in no way as familiar as her memory of Clara. However, as it is good to know as many people at court as possible, she does call out in some form of greeting, "Ah, Lord Elrick is it? I'm afraid that it has been some time since I had seen you at the Rovilon Court." With Destrian's announcement of departure, Eva quickly nods, the smile still on her lips, "It was a pleasure meeting with you, My Lord. Perhaps we shall meet again."

The beauty of the palace certainly has captured Elrick's attention but he keeps his reaction in check, or at least tries to. But one can see that his gaze if focused more on the architecture of the place instead of the nobles within, at least for the moment. Finally the t'Tremaine's eyes lower and looks towards the nobles present, some of the southerners he may somewhat recognize. It is the Couviere Lady that catches his attention though when she greets him, his feet moving once more to bring him closer to the others. Once he approaches, a proper bow is offered, his words for Eva first, "Lady Eva, it has been quite a bit since I had the opportunity to return to Rovilon. Business and duty called me back home, I trust you have been well?"

"But of course, good Sir." The nod is given and Clara is more than willing to let Destrian go to watch over Emilia. Then…with Aidric introducing Eva to her, Clara herself turns to regard Eva, offering a slight bow of her own. "Truly. Princess Clara Tracano, first cousin to her Majesty, Queen Alysande Tracano." There is a pause, as Clara sees that flicker of recognition within Eva's expression. "Though…you might have known me with another surname. t'Myrin, perhaps?" There is not any time dwelt upon that as Clara answers the other portion of Eva's inquiries. "Alas, I was not able to speak to the Baron t'Acuto. We were only visiting for part of the mid-day, as my guard were undoubtedly nervous being in a place that only I had experience being at before. However, the staff was just as accommodating as I had remembered. As gracious to me as a princess now as I was but a lady prior."

Gawain totally got drawn off from the little gaggle by.. something, it would seem. But he's back now and offering a smile towards the new faces, and the ones that were there before, "I can't believe how big the crowds have gotten in the city in just the last couple days!"

Eva gracefully returns Elrick's bow with a curtsey of her own, before rising up to full height once more, which in itself isn't a very impressive height! "I thought I had recognized you. Why, just yesterday, I believed I had spotted you at the Inn where my father was relaxing and spending his time." Turning to the others now, she does the proper introductions, "This is Lord Elrick t'Tremaine, heir to Hartwood in Couviere." Turning to Elrick once more, she continues, "This is Prince Tristan Tracano and… Princess," It was still such an odd thing to say, despite having heard rumors or some news about Clara's ordeal at court at some point, "Clara Tracano. And also, Sirs Aidric and Gawain. Sir Aidric has been a wonderful guide of the city so far. As for my stay, it's been pleasant. Have you been here before?" Returning to Clara, having heard the explanation, Eva continues to smile, perhaps a touch more brightly than just prior, "I am glad to hear that you were treated well then. You are always welcome to Garfana."

Aidric adds a nod for the departure of Destrian as well, then simply listens, chewing on a thumbnail, at least until the new comer is named at which point he lowers his hand, "Sir Elrick is it?" he asks of the northern noble. "Welcome to Sunsreach. Enjoying your stay so far?" he asks solicitously. "And these are Prince Tristan and Clara Tracano," he says before frowning at the mention of the house Clara had once belonged to. "House t'Myrin? Oh yes, I'd forgotten you'd spent time in Couviere before your return," he says, delicately, though his expression is curious as he regards the Princess a moment.

"My men and I were at that inn, however briefly, but it was a… touch too crowded." No doubt an understatement that was purposefully made by Elrick though a slight smirk appears as he speaks. A brief and neutral glance is offered to Gawain, "The wedding of the Rose Queen to her Champion no doubt will draw such a crowd, and then some." When Eva begins making introductions though, the t'Tremaine Heir turns his full attention to southern royalty, once more bowing respectfully, "Honored, Prince Tristan, Princess Clara." Then a glance and respectful nod offered to the southern knight, "Sir Aidric. Thank you and I am, Sunreach is quite the city, though the jewel is no doubt this palace." Another glance is given to Gawain but that is about it, as no title is attached to the young man's name.

There is a nod to Aidric…and a pensive, almost sad expression, as Clara considers the time spent in Couviere before moving onwards. When she does move onwards, it is with a smile and the proper courtesy. It does become apparent that Clara knows her way around Couvieri customs, as her mannerisms when addressing Eva are nearly textbook, taken from the pages of the Couviere book of etiquette. "I certainly appreciate the welcome, Lady Eva. The next time I am in Rovilon, I shall make it a point to visit…and visit longer." The northern etiquette holds true as Clara is introduced to Sir Elrick, responding with a nod. "It is a pleasure to formally make thy acquaintance, Lord t'Tremaine." Oh…Aidric didn't mention Elrick's surname. Yet another indication that Clara knows more of Couviere than your average southerner.

Nodding quickly to Elrick's explanation, Eva does agree, "It certainly was a popular place last night, but I can only imagine how much more crowded the streets and establishments of Sunsreach must be due to the royal wedding. Still, I hope that you have been enjoying your stay here as much as I have. Though, my father does worry so and I'm glad that he was able to entrust Sir Aidric as my escort and guide for the day, or else I more than likely would not have explored the city as much as I was able to thus far." To Clara, Eva nods, her words holding some strange warmth to them, "Wonderful! And I shall ensure that I am there to greet you when you do visit. I do insist that everyone come and see the library at some time. It is Garfana's greatest treasure and I am so very proud of it."

Aidric does note Clara's knowledge of the Couviere, but makes no remark on it. "The palace is certainly the jewel in Sunsreach's crown, I'd invite you inside, but with Clara here it is more her place than mine," he remarks before he introduces the last of their little group. "Oh and this, is my cousin Gawain Rosendal, squire to the Lord Marshall." No mere commoner is he it would seem.

"It really is one of the finest castles in the kingdom." Gawain says with a nod of his head, "Almost like being back home in Fairgarden really." He says with a bright smile, "And I don't imagine any of the inns will be anything but packed for the next month, luckily I believe most of the visiting family's have manors to lodge in for the duration."

"Oh, I would take you inside…but we are just putting the finishing touches on the grand hall for the wedding feast. So, you would forgive me for not extending my dear cousin's tour further inside." Clara offers a bright smile for each in turn. "Besides, everyone will see the inside soon enough. Just one more day." Her head tilts…a thought has struck her. "Speaking of which, I really should be checking on the setup and ensure everything is in order. If you would excuse me?" Clara offers a curtsy to each and every one present (even Gawain!) and turns to head for the main hall, her pace quickening as whatever struck her mind simply cannot wait.

When Gawain is more fully introduced, Elrick inclines his head to the young man, "The Lord Marshal's squire… you have quite the mentor then." At the mention of inns being fully packed, the t'Tremaine Heir can only release a sigh of slight disappointment, as his opportunity to enjoy the inns would be limited. His gaze does move to Aidric, then Eva, "Then Sir Aidric is most kind, to provide you such an opportunity, as your Lord Father is right to worry." The northern knight even curtailing his own adventures at the packed inns as they are in the south. When Clara moves to excuse herself from the group, Elrick bows his head once more, "Princess."

While Clara's news isn't completely unexpected, Eva does blink when she is told of the castle's unfinished state before the wedding and her eyes turn to Aidric. "I suppose that this means the visit to the library will have to wait. As disappointed as I should be, I do not mind so much. I'm certain there is more to see in this fine city." Her gaze then flickers to Gawain, her attention piqued once more, "Your family home is named Fairgarden? I can only assume that it is as beautiful as it's name more than hints. I do enjoy a lovely garden." With Clara's sudden departure, Eva, too, offers a curtsy to the departing princess, her gaze trailing behind the young girl as she disappears deep into the castle. She then turns to Elrick, "Oh quite. He is very kind and generous to offer up this time. I was hoping that my father would be here for the tour, but he tends to be quite the busy man…"

Aidric bows deeply at Clara's departure and when he rises, he smiles at the notion of his generosity, "I am a very generous man," he says with a smile to show he's not quite that full of himself. "Anyhow, with the palace closed to us today, let us return to the city, I am sure we can find something amusing to do."

"He wasn't the Lord Marshall when I was first squired, I spent most of that early time aboard a ship infact. But yes, I've learned a lot under him, M'lord, hopefully I can put it to use for the crown some day!" Gawain says with a smile, "But if you'll excuse me, my lords, my lady, I actually have an errand inside the castle I need to run."

At the mention of Artos being a busy man, Elrick can't help but grin in amusement, nodding his head in agreement, "Indeed, your Lord Father takes his duties rather seriously, My Lady." Then at Aidric's self confirmation of the type of man he is, the t'Tremaine Heir can't help but smirk once more, though the hint to return to the city is taken, "I am sure something amusing will be there, question is if there will be room for more." When it is the squire's turn to be called away by duty, Elrick offers the young man another nod.

While she can normally don one of her many masks well enough, Eva cannot hide her disappointment, even if it's a mere hint of it, when she nods to the t'Tremaine's confirmation of Artos' ways. "So very true." She says in a much quieter tone than usual. That is soon cleared away as the prospect of exploring further does help to brighten things up. "Of course, Sir Aidric, please do lead the way. Is it very often that your services are requested to lead around a group of Couvieri nobility?" When it is Gawain, this time, who decides to give them the slip, she graces him with a polite curtsy, "It was nice to speak with you again."

"That is too often the question Sir Elrick, at least, during these last few weeks, but then rank does have its privledges, I am sure we can find someone who does not need their table," Aidric remarks with a knowing smile. Gawain's departure is noted with a nod. "Enjoy," he offers archly before turning to Lady Eva. "Surprisingly not, so this has been a novel experience for me as well, however, your kingdom welcomed us Rivanans warmly when we came for your coronation, so only fair I return the favour. " A shrug then. "How are things back home, by the way? Your king seemed to be getting off to a good start. Popular at any rate," he says as he begins leading the way back down the hill.

The knowing smile is answered with a knowing smirk as it appears that Elrick knows exactly what Aidric is speaking of, "Indeed, some tend to be rather accomodating when it comes to nobles." A fun night in town sounds welcoming at least, and not having to deal with the crowds would be a boon if the southern knight can indeed use his advantage in position. "All is well in the north, we are recovering nicely after the war with the barbarians, returning to full force." Whether that is true or not, the t'Tremaine sounds rather confident in his answer, "Had a run in with some of those… raiders from the sea. Had the opportunity to show them the error of their ways and why they should remain out there instead of venturing onto our lands."

Eva is actually pleased to be able to view the bustling city below the castle and then the view beyond even that, out in the horizon, as they make their way down the hill. Politely, for the most part, she listens to the men speak, though she does eventually have to inquire with a gentle wrinkling of her nose, "Raiders? How vile. We have been blessed enough in Garfana to not have been bothered by such ruthless men for a time now." Her diminutive size is practically dwarfed by the men in her company, Eva trails alongside them as best she can, rather enjoying the mild, if cool, temperature and the interesting company.

Aidric nods "Very kind of them really," he says still smiling of the lesser people giving way to nobles. "Good to hear," he says of the state of Couviere before he too wrinkles his nose at the news of the raiders. "Wish we had as good of news to report, they hit our coast but escaped before we can chastise them properly. Pacitta too from what I hear. I know our Lord Marshall is keen to punish them when the winter storms have passed," he makes a face at the thought. "Lost a kinsman to their raid. Anyhow, it shall be interesting to see what comes of it."

The commoners parting ways doesn't seem to faze Elrick, for him it is to be expected and doesn't give a second thought to the matter. His attention is focused on the two nobles with him, as well as the subject at hand. At the mention of Aidric losing one of his blood does bring a slight raised brow, "Hopefully it is just a brief distraction and we will be able to put this matter behind us. I am certainly not looking forward to another war against savages again."

Finally, the t'Tremaine glances at their surroundings, noting the celebrations and revelry around them, "So, Sir Aidric, what do you consider amusement around these parts? I get the feeling that it isn't /that/ much different than what we do up north, which means it would involve drinks and good company. Sometimes a few games of cards, and… other activities." A brief glance offered to Eva as he doesn't go too deep into the subject, as it is not proper for certain ears.

"That is horrible." Eva says, her lips pursed at the idea of such filthy scoundrels taking the lives of what she believes to be good people. "I hope, for the sake of Rivana and beyond, that you eventually do capture these men and bring them to justice." It is when Elrick inquires about the more interesting or fun things to do in Sunsreach and to this, her gaze shifts to look upon Aidric. Despite the t'Tremaine's attempts at politeness, Eva isn't so naive to not understand what is being asked of, and she feels as if she had heard this conversation before, but instead of Elrick, it was Darman who did the asking. "Drinking and a good game of cards aside, I'm certain that many a good person in Rivana has ventured into the royal library from time to time." And here Eva offers a hint of a smile. Reading is /her/ pastime after all. That said, however, she did not dare interrupt such a conversation not meant for her delicate ears and as they near the market, it is not difficult for her many of the more expensive and elaborate wares to grab at her attention. "My Lord, Good Sir, I hope that you do not mind if I do a little bit of… shopping in the vicinity. I would hate to hold you both up with my frivolousness."

"Nor I," says Aidric of a renewed war with the savages. "But some justice would be welcome," he says with a nod to Eva. When the topic turns to other pursuits, Aidric smiles, "Well as it happens…" he begins before Eva, makes her remarks. "I am sure good people can find reasons to see both," he remarks before she bows to do a bit of shopping. "By all means," he says before waiting for her to part from them, watching her as she does, before continuing, "As I was saying…"

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