(1866-11-15) Words are Colours
Words are Colours
Summary: The day after the royal wedding, there is a brief meeting and conversation between a couple of gatefinders and a huntress.
Date: 1866-11-15
Related: Loosely along to the recent Royal Wedding
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Markettown - Sunsreach - Rivana
Markettown bustles with activity, at the very center of the city it draws people both high and low to its streets where one would be hard-pressed to find a more diverse variety of goods this side of Pacitta. The market is divided up into multiple districts, which cater to specific goods such as foodstuffs, craft goods, and other wares of the region. There is a little of everything…and what isn't available can certainly be arranged, if one has the coin. In all the area is lively but peaceful, due the constant presence of the House Guard tand there are few incidents beyond the occasional pricing dispute.
Markettown is also home to the city's Cathedral. A towering structure of earth toned stone and stained glass, a testament both to the glory of the One and to the wealth and success of Sunsreach.

The previous day had been a well and full day to say the least, one of the grandest celebrations the Edge had seen in some time. And while Sunsreach was still well and full of people, the market was perhaps just slightly less crowded then it had been in previous days, if only because of the many who were sleeping off hangovers. Less crowded, however was still crowded, and there were those selling remedies for those hangovers, others yet selling mementos to commerate the Royal Wedding, as well pendants for the tournament to come, even if there was yet a bit of time til it would begin.

It really was all a reminder of a day that in truth Emilia might yet wish to forget about, but life had been forever changed. Again. Escape was sought from the Cassomir Manse…where yet another wedding was being planned for… Least she was restored to her more familiar huntress leathers, and might blend some into the crowds out in the market. Though at the particular moment, she was upon the edges with a scure of some bit of meat, her head canting to the side as she studies it..perhaps trying to determine just what it was percisely that the other huntress beside her had brought back. Dark eyes flicker over to the other woman,"What wa of it again they said this was?" Before giving the meat on a stick another study.

Broderick isn't himself too badly hungover (although his squire just might be), but he is tired. Dancing until the wee hours will do that to man. Nether the less he is up and about, and since the city is still teeming with foreign-types he's made an effort to continue to look the part of a member of the royal house. Meandering almost aimlessly for now he stops at the odd stall here or there, but doens't seem to be at risk of openning his coin purse at any of them, what he does do though, is offer a nod of greeting to Emilia when he spots the Cassomir.

Destrian Rosendal finds himself wandering the markets in the relative quiet following the wedding feast of the day before. In contrast to many of the other revellers in the last two days, he appears more or less quite fresh. The man's gait is slow, his path whimsical, and he carries his sketchbook and charcoal-pouch with him as he walks.

'Serene' would be the word to describe the knight's manner.

That is, until he notices Sir Broderick Tracano walking not far from… Destrian smirks. "Little Firefly," he murmurs to himself, looking over at Emilia. However, instead of approaching either one of them, he stops in the middle of the marketplace and quickly begins sketching either one of the two people he has recognised.

For her part….Emilia was far from hungover, wine was always a thing had in moderation, even if this fact was not always something obvious. But she had stayed later then she might have for most parties, danced more than normal (people not her siblings, or cousin, had actually asked her too!) departing shortly after the royal couple had. The nod of the Tracano is caught in that gaze about the meat-stick, as it was being turned a bit this way and that. The thing being lowered as Emilia returned the nod,"A good of day to you, Sir of Broderick." The turn of greetings does seem to forestall the huntress beside Emilia from answering the previously asked question. The Cassomir's watcher happily busying herself with her food. And while Emilia has not perhaps noticed Destrian, the huntress seems to have done so as the watcher takes to watching the sketcher.
Long distance to Destrian: Emilia nods!!! He did!!! Ath plays those sorts of roles grandly….Hashim..Sirrah…Lon…The Last. He is the awesome.

"Good day Lady Emilia," Broderick replies, deciding as he does so that perhaps conversation will make an enjoyable change from aimless wandering, "I trust the day finds you well?" The huntress watcher is given a breif nod, then he follows her gaze to Destrian and watches for a moment or two before turning back to the lady infront of him. "It seems you have an admirer," he jests, "and not just the Lord Marshall's squire. Would you mind if I beckoned him over, I saw him talking with some interesting guests at the feast and owuld hear his thoughts."

A narrow miss with a cart.

A stiff breeze.

Loose parchment from within the knight of Rosley's book flies free and flutters down the street toward Emilia and Broderick, landing at the other knight's feet, face up. Destrian looks that way, a plaintive expression on his face, lets out a sigh and heads toward them.

He smiles.

"Sister-Mine!" he calls out amiably as he draws night. "'Tis good I found you. Ah, Sir Broderick! Blessing of the One upon thee — ah." Destrian glances down at the parchment on the ground and utters an embarrassed chuckle.

The image upon the parchment is not of the market, Broderick nor Emilia, but is of guests at the wedding feast from the day before. In particular, it is of the Prophet, Hashim Nejem, walking upon a desert — yet leaving water behind in his footsteps.

"It is of finding me of well, I pray the same is of true for you, of aye?" The ever stoic Cassomir's brow rising just a fraction at this talk of admirers. "I am of sure he was just being of kind, not of admiring," Emilia brushing aside the idea. But her eyes do go to where Broderick's gaze had gone, canting her head upon seeing Destrian in one of his normal pastimes. "Of no, I would quite not of mind of it, should Sir of Destrian be willing to be pulled from his sketching."

Though it seems that sketching is pulled away from him by the wind as that piece of parchment flutters their way. Emilia's dark eyes watching that fluttering path before it lands near Broderick's feet. A mild turn of her head taken to see what is upon it, noting to Broderick,"It is of seeming he was admiring of a memory, not of what is within of the markets this of day." A light tugging occurs to the corners of her lips as Emilia look to Destrian when he joins them,"Good of day, brother-mine." Greeting her foster brother warmly, least for her. "I am of seeing you have found another of subject."

Broderick initialy ignores the flutting at his feet, the market is crowded after all, and if he was distracted by every small noise or movement then he'd never get anything done. It's only as Emilia remarks upon the sketch that he drags his eyes down, studying it for a moment before crouching to recover it for the approaching Destrain. "An interesting subject," he notes to his fellow gatefinder, "I saw the pair of you converse briefly last night. He seems to have made quite an impression." His words leave open for Des to expand on the subject as much as he wishes as he then notes to Emilia, "it would seem I no longer need to beckon."

Destrian gratefully accepts the parchment back from Broderick, bowing slightly. "You have my gratitude, Sir Broderick," he says in reply, and puts the parchment back in his book. The page just under it, however, depicts Emilia dancing with Gawain…

Only Emilia's feet are unusually large.

That page is quickly covered once more.

"His Holiness is…interesting," Destrian adds after a moment. "In his words are colours I have not yet seen." He smiles. "I should like to see more of them."

Emilia's eyes lightly dance back down to the sketch when Broderick reaches to pick it up. "Of aye, it does of seem that beckoning is on longer of needed." Though a brow does rise towards Destrian as that other page is spied in his notebook. "Truely, brother-mine." Shaking her head a little at him. "Remind of me to never of dance of again, will of you?" It might be a thing said in jest, but it is hard to tell with the rather deadpan delivery.

Words of colors unseen before does draw Emilia's attention, that meat on a stick rather seeming to almost be forgotten…as it gets waved slightly with the fluttery motion of ehr head,"I was not thinking that a thing of possible…for you to see of of words in colors not of seen before. So much have you wandered, I was of thinking you had been seeing of all of the colors. Of what colors were his words of carrying?"

Broderick's eyes lick to the pad of parchements, as the stray is returned, and an eyebrow just starts to rise before he manages to control it. Making no comment on the other works he simply listens to what Destrian has to say, then nods slowly. "Of what did he speak?" he asks, "I had pondered a word or two with him myself, but whenever I was free, he was not alas. Still, I hear the delegation will be around a while, so there are opportunities yet." He leaves the topic of dancing to the foster-siblings, then tilts his head towards Emilia as she talks on the prophet, a non-verbal 'what she said' almost.

Destrian looks at his sister, an unspoken apology in his eyes, then smiles in an - 'I'll make it up to you' manner before glancing over at Broderick. As more carts and farmers with produce pass by, he steps further away from the open street and puts his sketchbook back under his cloak.

"When I have names for these colours… I will tell you, I promise," he replies to Emilia first of all. "There are things…" His voice trails off. Glancing secondly at Broderick, Destrian banishes his more pensive mood with a smile.

"He spoke of understanding - between cultures and faiths. I thought perhaps he only meant the similarities between our two religions…but methinks there is more to it."

The knight of Rosley shrugs, staring at a blank space in the air just off to the side of his two companions. "He spoke as a traveller - of walking midst ideas as well as o'er hill and under dale. 'Twas like hearing my own soul given voice - but moreso. I would hear him speak again, and someday… I may visit his homeland for a change."

"I am of thinking, many are wishing to be of speaking to of them. More than of which there are minutes in of the day, though many that have no of chance to be of speaking with." The delegration was a grand curiosity for many. Emilia may have some curiosity herself, especially to hear how Destrian speaks, but she doubts she will be one to have much interaction with them.

That mystrey meat upon a stick is slightly fluttered at Destrian with the look he gives to Emilia, that unspoken promise. After, she does actually pull a chunk of it off to finally partake of. A faint look going along to her huntress watcher after a few chews. Before dark eye turn back to Destrian as he speaks of the colors.

"It is sounding as if perhaps there is of more, especially with of the colors you cannot name of being of seen within his of words. Is of like…seeing of the shadows that no one else of see's…but of being of better." Emilia studies Destrian a moment further,"Shall you be of then speaking once of more of to him while he is being of here?" A small tugging occurs at the corners of her lips,"I have of faith that you would see to of such a visit. Your of soul will wish of it of now, the seed of given into it for this trip."

"I think perhaps I may be lucky and see them about the castle, which I know is not a chance open to all," Broderick notes with a slow nod, "hopefully though, there will be time at somepoint to exchange words. For now though, I'm afraid I am all out of time for words, I have let my squire sleep in given the grandure of yesterday, but it is of a time I should see that he is awake. There is much to do as always." Des gets a nod, Emilia a slight bow as he departs with "a pleasure to see you both, and blessings of the One be upon you."

Destrian gives Broderick a slow nod and a smile.

"And upon thee as well, Sir Broderick," he says and turns his attention back to his foster-sister. In response to her comments about shadows… he merely lifts his chin, watching her quietly for several seconds, and then lowers his head in another nod.

"You know me too well, Sister-mine," he tells her fondly. "I would speak to him of visiting his lands with him… but there is also much here that he wishes to see. I shall not be leaving you so quickly - I did promise to stay a while, did I not?"

He smiles again and tilts his head to the side a little.

A nod of agreement comes,"Of true, it is not of a chance of open to all." Emilia perhaps reminded to inquire to Clara about the delegration, with her friend likely having some interaction with them herself. "The Blessings of the One upon of you, Sir of Broderick."

Another bit of meat getting gnawed upon a bit by Emilia s Destrian studies her so. Shadows were as to her much as his colors were to him. "Of aye, you did of make of such of a promise. And Raelyn would be much of upset if you were of not of present for /her/ of wedding." Granted, that was but a few days away. "What is he of wishing to be of seeing? Though," her head canting just a little,"if his of soul is of a wander like of yours..I am of imaging of all that he can in the time he is of having of here."

"There was light in his eyes when I suggested he visit Ironhold - Rosley, also, but particularly Ironhold." Destrian paces in a circle, his hands on his hips and causing his cloak to billow out behind him. "But he has duties, as we all do. I… would like to think we bonded in our conversation, but truthfully how could such a figure make the time?" He smiles and turns about to look directly at his foster-sister.

"I must sound strange. 'Tis not since I first met thee and and Jaren that a soul's voice hath affected me so, is it not?"

Emilia blinks some at this news,"He was of particularly of interested in Ironhold? Was of saying of why? I of mean….I of agree, but Ironhold is being of my home, it is where I am oft preffering to be." Though for her, she was bound to a being that, that made long stretches of time away…unpleasant. "Just of curious of what he has been of hearing to give of him such of interest." Her dark eyes do follow her foster-brother's pacing, watching the people in the market place occasionally vere their own path to avoid his and that billowing cloak.

"Of true, he would have duties, especially to be of sent upon such a tasking of this." Emilia not doubting there were politics and then some afoot. "Time is made when it can of be, that is of the case for every of one." That familiar tugging occurs upon her lips,"You sounds like mine-brother as you always of do. And of truly? No of other has so of affected of you til of now?"

Chuckling fondly, Destrian leans over to kiss his sister lightly on the cheek and nods his head a few times. "As I said, you know me too well - but I spake truly. Few can weave threads of light with words as my beloved brother and sister, even in shadow. This Prophet… I cannot help but think that if we had more bishops like him, we would have more converts… and fewer Purges."

He smiles once more.

"I am sure all will be well."

A flickering smile actually touches Emilia's lips at the light kis ot her cheek. Such a rare sight. "I have been of having of time to get to be of knowing." She cants her head a little,"Few would of say mine words of now weave at of all, you know of this. To most of ears, mine-words of disquietening, a chord with misplaced of notes..not of a harmony, a murual of color and light. They hear only of the threads of shadow that have come to ting them." Her voice perhaps lowering a hint as she speaks of such. Even if likely none of those passing would give any heed to the 'touched' one's words.

"It is of perhaps so….but of the Lucian's actions…much of damage has been of done to the of Church. Faith of the One is yet to be of had, but of trust and faith in of the Chruch…this is of wavering…stumbling like a new born of lamb seeking to find of footting."

"Truth," Destrian replies - foregoing any further words for the moment as a peasant walks by with two live chickens held upside-down by their legs in each of his hands, flapping and clucking in protest.

"Whatever trials face those of the One Faith, 'tis still those of the Many that I pity…" Destrian frowns, clearly referring to something specific and not merely 'anyone' who follows that particular 'heresy'. The expression remains for but a moment, and he banishes it (or tries to) with a smile.

"Fear not, little Firefly," the bearded knight attempts to comfort his foster-sister. "There is music in the night, and you will find someone who can hear it as surely as you can. And should he miss any notes, well… he would have you to teach him, aye? Here."

He reaches into his cloak and pulls out a single page from his sketchbook. It, too, depicts a scene of the wedding feast - a scene of Emilia dancing with Gawain - but in this charcoal drawing there is no blemish or deliberate alteration for Destrian's own amusement. It is simply a drawing, and a good one.

He holds it out to her.

Dark eyes drift briefly to the chickens in their protest at being carted about and violated in such ways. Emilia's eyes going back to Destrian as he speaks. "One can sometimes only of pray for of those, when all else has been of exhausted. " A hand fluttering to gently touch to Destrian's arm with the expression that had come with his words, an comforting touch in the passing moment.

"And some are of finding of a sweetness yet in a vintage wraught by frosted of grapes that none else are of finding," murmurs Emilia softly. A small nod,"He of would…and perhaps of I of him to show of me that light that is lost of within the shadows."

Her head cants a little as he reaches into his cloak, Emilia's eyes falling to the page he pulls oout. Seeing the piece, half expecting it to be the one glimpsed earlier with seeing it being of her and Gawain dancing…but her feet are not over large within this one. It being simply of a captured moment. Her hand coming up to accept it as her dark eyes study it further.

"'Tis but a moment, borrowed from history for a time," Destrian tells her quietly. "As with all such things. Life in Rivana is the brightest it has been in a very long time, for now. Remember it with joy, Firefly."

Tucking the book back under his cloak again, Destrian glances away. "I should be going. I came to buy apples for Old Friend and he will be missing me. Take care, my dear sister. We shall talk again soon."

"It has been of a bright of day for of many. Much of change has been of come, more of yet to of come." A small day is taken by Emilia,"A good of day for of Rivana…for of the Edge. I shall remember of mine-brothers of joy. Of that which was also given to so many in turn."

Emilia nods a little,"I should head of back, there is much of yet to of see to, more of changes yet to of come. Take of care and may the One be of watching over of you. We shall, for of certain."

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