(1866-11-16) Another Wedding, Another Dress
Another Wedding, Another Dress
Summary: One wedding down, another to go…Emilia sees to fulfilling a promise and invites Clara to come get a preview of the second dress her friend had designed for her. There may be a bit of girl talk involved as well.
Date: 1866-11-16
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Sitting Room - Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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The celebration of the Royal Wedding was a thing yet being recovered by some, least the wedding day celebration…as there was a tournament yet to come, and Sunsreach itself still had an excitement about it. But for the Cassomir’s there was yet another wedding that was fast approaching. It was to be a week of endless change for the House. And the manse was it’s own flutter of activity for the wedding of the new Viscountess. An event that would be far smaller in comparison to the one days before, and the activity likely tame compared to the buzz that surely still existed about the Palace with the many delegations and visiting dignitaries.

There were matters yet to see to, and in a bid to likely give Clara a chance to escape from the Palace, and for Emilia to have some distraction from the activity in the manse, the changes to her world, an invitation had been extended to Clara to venture out, if she so wished. For afternoon tea, as well as mention of a final fitting for the dress to be worn for Raelyn’s wedding.

Upon reaching the manse, Clara would be guided onto Emilia’s rooms. The Lancers that accompanied Clara offered refreshment and a place to settle for her stay, not that they weren’t on some level familiar with the local between visits by their charge, and the various Cassomirs that existed in their ranks, past and present.

A bit of pacing was in progress, a hand lightly fluttering and turning about in the air as Emilia moved back and forth. Rather silently at that. Though the sound of the door opening when the servant escorts Clara along has the dark haired woman pausing in her steps and starting to turn. Naois lazily looks along from his perch upon the table, or more…curled up lazing verses actually perching. With the ground travel from Ironhold, it seems the ferret had been brought along.


It was a much welcomed escape for the young Tracano. As well as a most fortunately-timed one. With the Royal Wedding done and the Wedding Feast completed, there has been a great many well-wishers for the Royal couple. And, surprisingly (or not), a great many hanger-ons willingly or grudgingly offering their appreciation of the day’s events to the Princess Clara. And, as gracious as Clara is in receiving these compliments, which all were leading to some curry for favor, there had to be some time for Clara to just be herself. And so, when the invitation was received, it took very little time at all to arraign a visit. The servants knew their roles well enough and did not need Clara present. And…with the majority of Sunsreach still recovering and/or still rejoicing, it was the perfect time to journey outside of the Palace.

And so, it is with her customary pair of Lancers that Clara heads out of the Palace, towards the Cassomir manse. Sir Alaina, as always, is a stalward presence, taking her duty of bodyguard seriously whereas the second Lancer seems to be new upon Clara detail. Not at all nervous…but unfamiliar with the ways of Clara. Already he had been chastised (albeit playfully) to drop the honorifics for today. For…it isn’t as royalty that Clara goes to visit Emilia. It is merely as friend, today. Clara had quite enough of Princessing for a bit.

With her Lancers well taken care of, Clara follows the servant onward towards Emilia’s quarters. As the servant opens the door, the young woman steps right in, breathing a sigh of relief as she does so. Her hair is down, flowing to mid back in a carpet of red, while her dress is still of nobility, if not royalty. She was still in Sunsreach, after all. But, Clara certainly is not operating under the pretense of one. One of the first things she does is step over towards the ferret, reaching down with her fingertips to scritch Naois lightly. Even as she does so, Clara turns her attention to Emilia, all warm grins and true expressions rather than the polite mein she had wore in public. “Hello, Emilia! I am so grateful for your invitation….you must have known I was in need of some pixie time…”


For Sir Alaina, trips to the Cassomir manse were likely not a thing she minded too greatly in her duties in watching over Clara. Even if she, like some many, found Emilia odd and didn’t quite ‘get it’.

The young Cassomir was dressed in simple leggings and a tunic, though there was a hint of embroidery upon the tunic, a sign of the finer quality to it. Her dark hair braided lousely and currently drawn over one shoulder. “Hello, Clara! Is there not always of need for of pixie time?” The easy answer coming with one of those corner tugging smiles. Even if Emilia herself is in dire need of such time. “And was of figuring you would be of wishing to get a preview of how the dress was of coming of out, of aye?” A gentle turn of her hand pointing along to the rich burgundy dress that is hanging upon the dressing screen.

“It was of the color Raelyn was of liking of best,” a thing Clara likely knew already. Naois mrrrs at the scritches, rolling just a little to give Clara’s hand a bit of a snuffing. “The of other, in of the light of teal, is not yet of finished. But with the fabric being of light, perhaps of a dress more for of spring any of ways. “ Not that Emilia much thinks there really shall be much opening to wear it. And truly, surely after the tournament has passed…there will be a return to Ironhold, where there is not much need for dresses!

“It is yet much of busy of here…with them of preparing, but I was of thinking it would still be of quieter than of how the palace must yet of be.” Emilia moving to offer a big to her friend after realizing just how she is babbling on a bit. “Come and of sit, be of relaxing. “


“Oh, the dress! Is it completed, then?” Clara turns her head to regard the burgundy dress hanging upon the dressing screen. “Fabulous work, if I may be so bold.” She didn’t even see it on yet…but already she knows it will be fantastic. Of course, Clara did have a hand in its creation. The mention of the teal does receive a nod. “I agree….would be perfect for the spring tourney balls…if not for other purposes.”

At Emilia’s prompting, Clara takes a seat, but not before accepting the hug. She leaves poor Naois to his lounging, as she settles in. And…for once, Clara is quiet. Though, rather happy. After all, Emilia was excited! Well…as excited as Clara has ever seen her under normal circumstances. A laugh is given, as her shoes are kicked off…the bare toes wiggling just visible from the skirts she wears. “Indeed! There is always a need for pixie time! Though, tree climbing may be out, for the moment. But, really, you are so thoughtful! I was just wondering on how your dresses were turning out. I had much adored the dress you wore to the Royal Wedding.” Of course Clara adored it. She copied it…though she didn’t necessarily tell Emilia she was doing so at the time. Just her little surprise. “Oh…but I will promise you. If the dress is even somewhat close to the image I had when I sketched it, you will be truly remarkable.”

With her feet bare, legs crossed, and attention fully given, Clara is the perfect audience for whatever dress display Emilia is wont to do.


“Of aye, it is being of completed,” a good thing with wedding number two just days away. A mild tugging occurs at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”You may of be so of bold. It is fine of work and of a brilliant design.” How could it not be, it was Clara’s! But was it a thing the usual tunic and leathers wearing Cassomir could actually pull off and do justice to. “May of depend upon of where the spring of tourneys shall be of held, to far of North and we may yet of be wishing for of furs.” Even if the colder north didn’t bother her as much it did some southerners, it did not get quite as warm in Ironhold as it did some areas thanks to more temperate highlands.

Poor Naois does not seem to mind to terribly, but then as he turns to curl back the reason may become clear. A bit of shiny rolls out from under him causing a paw to come down and draw it back to him. As it gets tucked back underneath him a small pile of the shiney bits, buttons and beads from the looks, can be spied. The languid ferret giving a little chir as he resettled atop his small treasure horde, like a happy little dragon.

The kicking off of shoes does not even garner so much as a glance from Emilia, the Cassomir certainly not minding her friend making herself at home. “Of true, I am of doubting anyone would be of taking of kindly if we of vanished and returned with a scratch or of three.” There was another wedding yet, and Court was bursting at the seams with people, even if a fair number had returned home for the lull between Royal wedding and tournament.

A look is given along to Clara,”Of course you were adoring of it,” that Clara ended up copying the styling had been something of a surprise. But not an unpleasant one, Emilia had seen the sense of it…especially how the pair ended up somewhat mirroring the other during the ceremony, almost even a bit of a tie to the unused masque costumes and the twinness of them. “Though that is of reminding me, there was of someone who thought it much of splendid, the dress of worn. Even of went of so far as to of say that none other could be of topping of it. I of told Lord of Gawain I would pass along of his compliments, since it was of your design and of choosing.”

A hand reaches to take up the dress from where it hangs,”The dress is of remarkable, Clara….but I am of sure everyone will be of looking at of Raelyn,” a pause before Emilia’s dark eyes look to Clara,”when they are not of busy looking at the Queen and her new of King.” Even if it was to be a smaller ceremony, the guest list still quite impressive. Before vanishing behind the dressing partition.

Leggings and tunic end up being tossed along to drape over the top of the partition, she had promised her friend that she would get to see her vision before Emilia would wear it about. And rightly, Emilia was far more nervous about the whole matter then excited, she had never worn such a revealing and exotic dress….ever. Usually just exiting upon the edges of fashion, just enough to fit in but never stand out. Nothing that would draw added attention to herself, for better or worse….though perhaps in times before, she had dressed differently, but few yet remained to remember the Emilia of those days. It does take a few moments for Emilia to reappear again from behind that partition.

The first of two diamond clasps rests upon the curve of her left shoulder with a second found just below her collarbone, rich burgundy fabric caught up between them before flowing down from the last. The fabric quickly branches with one piece crossing diagonally down over the swaths of fabric that appear to be wrapped about her body. The burgundy material slightly bunched in as the draws over her form showing off the womanly curves she does have. The styling of the material adding shadows and tones within the rich coloring and the way the material keeps from ever being truly smoothed out. That other piece that flows from her shoulders meeting up with the first as they both get taken up by a gold and diamond clasp just above her right hip, the material draped with a slight looping effect to sway with her movements. The design only serves to accentuate the young woman’s ethereal and faelike movements. With dark hair bound back within the braid currently, the bareness of her shoulders is more poignant, her right fully bare with only the left having that slight turn of fabric drawn over it with the diamond and golden clasps. Hands faintly drift in a mild fluttery motion as Emilia comes to a stop, dark eyes looking towards Clara for her reaction, a faint chewing to her lip belaying some of the nervousness, even if the rest of her expression remains ever stoic.


Compliments of the Royal Wedding attire is picked up first, even as those digits upon Clara’s uplifted left foot twitch in freedom from the confines of the shoes left upon the floor. “Oh? You received many compliments? Oh, then I must have failed you, dear Emilia.” The tone sounds sincere and apologetic…but the expression upon Clara’s mein is that of wicked delight. “For, the intent was to provide social stealth…surely not to draw attention.” A tip of a wink, then a giggle….Clara couldn’t hold the deception much longer. “Oh…a specific admirer. Gawain…Gawain…” The name is repeated, as Clara searches her memory. “Oh! The young squire that had spirited you away to the dancefloor! He seemed quite enamored of you, dear.” The emphasis is a gentle jab….a tease for her friend. “Perhaps we should have you wear dresses more often, then?” Again, another light jest. Clara is certainly happy that Emilia is getting some of the attention she truly deserves.

And then the object of her jests disappears behind the screen, along with the burgundy number. Clara calls out over, while she stretches out, her head tilting back to hang over the back of the chair, a leg climbing into the air that would have been thought improper for any other place beyond the closed doors of the very private room she is in currently. “Of course, he is right. It was splendid…and not just because I designed it. Though, I wouldn’t go so far as to say that none could top it. One bless his heart, but Lord Gawain has not seen much if he feels a dress formed from a mere ten minutes of sketching is the pinnacle of fashion. Some of Lady Alina’s fashions would just boggle his poor mind.” Another giggle…and then the other leg stretches. “The dress you have now. If he was to see that, your lovely ensemble from the feast would be but a distant memory.” There is a pause…a silence…before Clara admits to the unseen Emilia. “I…had that idea within my mind for some time before I drew it for you. So…it was more refined. I didn’t want to offer something to you that I did not believe was you. I…I just hope that you feel it does suit you.”

Words fall to silence as Emilia steps out. Clara’s naked foot quickly finds the floor as the princess leans forward, her eyes riveted to the fae creature that just stepped out from behind the screen. And….silence reigns. A minute…a minute and a half. Almost unsettling as Clara just…sits….there. Then, with an explosion of merriment, Clara leaps from the chair. “One above, Emilia! It…it is fantastic! Better than I could have possibly hoped!” The princess rushes over, hovering about the Cassomir as the Tracano orbits about, those eyes of her taking in every detail, from nearly every angle. “it is simply amazing! Why…it is best we are saving this for Raelyn’s wedding…for if my last offering brought attention, then this! This will almost demand it!”


“Of a few,” confirms Emilia,” though some were likely just being of polite. “ After all, Clara’s gown mirrored Emilia…and well she was the King’s sister now…no more future King business. Though that mischievous look and wink do have Emilia giving Clara a slight look,”Why of Clara….were you of actually trying to get me some of notice? “ shaking her head a little, though she does not appear to be upset…after all there was many a thing drawing far more attention than she at the Royal wedding.

“And of aye, Lots of Gawain, Sir of Thaddeus’ squire in of fact.” There is a slight blink though as Emilia hits upon one of the words Clara used,”Enamoured? Surely you are not of thinking… “ She shakes her head again, she was far to used to people being nice to her, least when they were, because of wishing some connection to her siblings. “Do you not of think Sir of Thaddeus put him up to of such of a thing? As of being a kindness to of Jaren? “ It is now a thing Emilia is bidden to give serious thought upon..hesitating just a little before words slowly come out this time,”Destrian mayhaps be thinking like of you…he was giving me of a sketch of us of dancing, me and his of cousin.” A hand gives a little motion toward a desk not far, where said sketch appears to be residing.

Disappearing with the topic at hand in the air. A sound occasionally muffled as she changed,”I was of quick to point of out the Queen’s dress was certainly more of splendid than of my own. And of rightly…we do not exactly see many of Lady of Alina’s fashions.” Certainly a few might get picked up from Pacitta, or more likely imitations thereof. There is silence for a moment before Emilia notes,”He is likely to be of seeing of it….he will be of coming to of the wedding with being Sir of Thaddeus’s squire. “. There is a blink hidden behind all things when Clara speaks of having had the idea in mind… “You had thought of this dress for of me, even before I was wanting of a dress? “

Ah, but then there is the reveal… And silence. What seems unending silence and little reaction, and thus Emilia actually fidgets a little….well mostly a hand flutters and there is a little toying with the lower clasp near her hip. “Something is of wrong? It is not being of what….” But then Clara quite nearly explodes causing Emilia to blink and soon looked a hint relieved. Truly…Emilia is her father’s daughter with those rather stoney expressions. “You really think of so? That..people will be of noticing?” Some mixture of apprehension and actual excitement upon that level. After all..there are some..well at least one she might not mind to notice! “But not to of much?” She did not wish to detract from it being Raelyn’s day!


“Emilia. My dearest Emilia. Everyone is always noticing you. But…this.” With that, Clara indicates the dress. “This will give them something to really talk about. And I know you showed this design to Raelyn. If she said to wear it, then Raelyn has no worries about you taking from her day. You should really relax.” Clara’s light chastisement is not without its share of giggling, too. “Don’t let anyone…and I mean anyone, stop you from enjoying yourself.” The eye contact made seems most likely meant not just for Emilia…but for that which undoubtedly is not happy with Clara at the present time.

The former question is waved off with a hand…at first. But…then Clara blushes…and nods affirmatively. “Yes. It just started as an exercise. Something to do with my hands while I was adjusting to palace life. But, ended up becoming what you see now. I threw away many a drawing priorly. That is why it came out so easily before. You see…I had practice.”

The final question…which was the first, is now attended to. And that blush disappears, followed again by a comforting laugh. “Poor Emilia. I can guarantee you, from what I saw, that Gawain was not put up to do anything by his knightly patron. That exchange, between you two, was completely upon his own volition.” A smile….as Clara stands before Emilia, her fingers reaching out to tease a few locks of hair to frame the Cassomir’s face. “So, truly, if you want to avoid that for Raelyn’s feast and dance…be sure to have your mystery suitor there to dance with.” A tip of a wink. “How else will I get to meet him otherwise!?”


That causes a small blink,”Everyone is always noticing of me?” Emilia knew there were whispers, a different sort of noticing that occurred. But truly most seemed to just see right through her or…ignore her. Least in her mind. “But of aye, Raelyn approved and wished for of the wearing. She is already simply of pleased to be of marrying someone she is most of besotted of with.”. And Emilia is suddenly quite glad the wedding is a smaller affair…even if not entirely small. It is the joining of a Viscountess to the son of a Ducal House after all. Of They certainly aren’t happy with Clara for many things…though if They have any say, They would put the dress to use in different ways.

“ I am of seeing of that….and you are having of a talent with this of designing, Clara.” There is a pause as she cants her head a little bit,”Is not in of the same of way as Lady of Alina…making of fashion for of trends….But of making of a piece…fitting to of a person. “

“You are of sure of that,” said concerning the matter of Gawain. Though Emilia has to admit,”Was giving him of opening to of escape…yet was never of taking of it.” She knew most were usually out up to such things, to take pity upon the poor ‘touched’ Cassomir. A hint of coloring comes to Emilia’s cheeks though as she says softly,” He will be of there….and has promised me of at least one of dance. So even if not of meeting of proper…you will be seeing of him there.” Glancing down at her dress before looking back to Clara, it rather unsaid but yet clear all the same the thought in Emilia’s head….just what will /he/ think of how she looks in the dress. And that idea does not please Them at all!


There is a nod…”yes…there are those noticings, too.” Clara seems to have guessed what may be on Emilia’s mind. “But…there are others. Gawain, for example. You are quite enchanting. If it wasn’t for, well…you know….” No…not going to mention Them. Not yet, anyways. “You would see for yourself. I am sure of this. But yes…we shall give them something good to talk about. You will see.”

There is a wave of the hand, passing the designing praise off. “I am nowhere near the level of the Lady Alina l’Saigner. This I can honestly assure you. Perhaps, with time, I might be able to come close…but she has too much of a headstart on me for that day to be anytime soon.” Although, there is a touch of blush to those cheeks. Clara is being too modest for her own good.

“And…as for your mystery suitor. Don’t believe for a moment that I won’t be looking out for him! And may the One spare him, should I get him cornered enough to talk to him!” A bright laugh escapes from Clara, as she reaches down to take Emilia’s hand. “Now, come on. If we are to bring your suitor speechless, then we must ensure that no detail is missed.” Clara leads Emilia on to a seat before a mirror, where she spends the rest of her visit primping and preparing her oh-so-stoic friend for the reception that will happen. Not only for Raelyn’s wedding…but for Emilia herself.


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