(1866-11-16) Speaking of Weddings
Speaking of Weddings
Summary: The t'Acuto family come together to discuss weddings and betrothals.
Date: 2015-11-16
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A Rented Manse in Sunsreach
The main room of a spacious manse.
11/16/1866 IA

Having spent the past few days in exploration of this foreign city, Eva has retired back to her family's lodgings after supper, settling herself comfortably in one of the large chairs with a book in her lap. The magic and romance of the wedding which she had just witnessed days ago still in her mind, it does give her some ideas about the eligibility of some of her family members, namely Jordan! With her mother busy tending to Marie, all that Eva can do to pass the time is to read while she waits as patiently as she can for the return of her both her father and her bachelor brother.

And Jordan arrives, perhaps following his father in shortly afterwards and continues with what he was saying, though their tones are quieter and not quite easily heard. "Yes." Jordan nods in response to something, adjusting his bastard sword on his hip and already undoing the belt holding his shortsword in place. He quickly scans the room brief as he enters, just catching Eva sitting and reading at the time and quiets some as to, perhaps, not disturb her.

Artos is his usual stern self, his face not giving away much of his thoughts. He merely nods to Jordan and enters the room. The baron sees Eva and says, "I am surprised to see you here. I assumed you would be out seeing the city this evening." He removes his gloves and tucks them into his belt. It is far warmer in Sunsreach than Garfana, so he is not using a cloak today.

With the arrival of the family members whom she was hoping to see, Eva immediately rises and saunters over to them both, the book which she was reading now pressed tightly against her midsection with both arms cradling it. "Have I not spent the best of the past few days in such wanderings, father?" She titters with amusement in her tone and walks alongside the men as they make their way through the room proper. "And besides, I feel that I have neglected my books with all of my exploring. I have a few plans for tomorrow, nevertheless. I do like a bright and early start." There is a pause, before she continues, "Was today a productive day or a leisurely one? I do wish that the both of you would take time off from your busy schedule to enjoy the sights of Sunsreach."

Jordan hmms softly a moment, looking from Artos to Eva and back again before stating, "I suppose you could say.. leisure." He moves towards one of the seats and removes his own pair of gloves before placing himself within the seat. "I've explored enough of here with fellow knights on the past few eves. I'm not sure how much more there is to explore unless I was to head into the more.. shady areas that are on the outskirts of the area."

"Which you will avoid," Artos responds after Jordan sternly. He then looks to Eva, "I see. Sensible decision, just be careful, and stick to the safer parts of this city." He gives a shrug at her response, "It was a day. I did not come south to see the sights, save that dragon skeleton."

"I am glad that you are enjoying yourself then, dear brother. "Eva says in light tones, "The very first time that I set foot into Sunsreach, being a part of of Couvieri's diplomatic retinue, I was surprised at how beautiful and grand it all was. Though, I suppose I shouldn't have been. It should have been expected, but I was taken by surprise still." Settling herself into a seat near Jordan's, she does now state, "I've read quite a bit on the dragon skeleton, but have yet to find the time to actually see it with my own eyes. Perhaps, I should add that to my agenda for tomorrow or the next day." Seated besides her brother now, the young woman speaks in a whimsical tone, "The beauty and wonder of this royal wedding does remind me…" Her eyes then flicker in her brother's direction, a hint of a smile on her lips, "As heir, at some point in the near future, dear brother, you, too, will eventually need to be betrothed." She then turns her attention to her father, to gauge whether he had put any thought into this!

Jordan grunts momentarily, "The dragon's skeleton is impressive, to say the least." He comments before hearing the later part of her words and turning towards Artos, "I'm not about to let Darman pull me in that direction anytime soon, this I can promise though he tried the other night as I feigned needing to be up for something.. erm important." He clearly tries to ignore what Eva spoke about for a bit before sighing and responding even a little bit. "Near future? Am i getting that old already that I should hurry and start bearing a family already? Perhaps it's time to do the same before you are too old to bare them as well, sister." A wry grin forming on his lips towards the end of his words.

"I see." Artos says bluntly and looks to the two siblings, "I fully intend on having you betrothed while I am here in Rivana, Jordan." His tone stays the same. "It is high time you were wed and producing heirs." His attention shifts to Eva, "Indeed, you or your sister should be wed at some point soon after to ensure our line's security. Odo can wait a little longer, as you three need to be dealt with prior to him."

Eva does have to roll her eyes when Darman is mentioned, "Sometimes, I think, that the Circle can very well be a terrible influence on young men, depending on the quality of members they allow into their fold." It is what Jordan says next that makes her posture stiffen, her eyes never leaving his once those words are spoken. And yet, though she may not utter the words, she is intrigued by the very prospect of marriage. However, the pout remains on her lips, one which slowly begins to fade as a twinkle of excitement sparks within her eyes. "While we are here?" She repeats her father's words and quickly rises from her seat to stand beside him in anticipation, "Do you have any one in mind, father?"

"Wait, what?!" Jordan is clearly caught off guard by his father's words as he looks from Artos, to Eva and then back once more. "And whom are you debating and discussing with about a betrothal to me?" Intrigue clearly showing in the words and when Eva seems to sidle up to Artos' side like a co-conspirator, Jordan rises and takes a few steps from the pair. "And there is nothing wrong with the Circle, sister, we are merely an enjoyable lot, to say the least." He tries a hand at changing the subject at the end.

"Indeed, the Circle is not the problem, it is up to the individual on what actions are taken or abstained from," Artos says bluntly and then answers his children's questions, "Lady Yolanda Bazan, the daughter of the Viscount. It would be marrying up for us and while I am not the fondest of the Rivanans, a close relationship with that house would be to our benefit, perhaps even so for our library." He crosses his arms and looks to Jordan, "It is part of the reason you are to be the definition of good behavior and propriety while we are here. The last thing I want is you to be involved with a scandal that will scuttle our chances at benefiting the house." The gaze turns to Eva, "The same goes for you, our house will only be spoken of well, if we can help it. Trouble ought to be far from your minds."

Unlike Jordan, Eva doesn't care to say anything more about the Circle, especially after what her father speaks of the subject. No, her attention is focused entirely on her brother's potential betrothal and her she asks, "Will Jordan be meeting with this Lady Yolanda before we depart then?" Though, now Eva wants to meet with this woman as well. "The daughter of a Viscount, too. I am a little surprised that you have chosen a Rivanan, however, father, but it seems as if several of our families are beginning to do the same in recent years." When it is Eva and her own behavior that is brought up, the young woman looks a bit surprised by father's words, her lips parted as if to protest or defend her character, but she does go on to state, "Of course, father. I wouldn't dream of doing otherwise."

Jordan rubs his hand upon his chin in thought a bit before frowning, "So I suppose our ideal evening of a few goblets of wine and having a small dueling tourney between us in the Circle shall not be happening, at least, not while here. A shame, I wanted to see how Sir Michael has been doing with his fighting. It's been a little while since we've all been able to truly be around each other and perhaps test out each other." A little shrug of the shoulders is all that is given, "But yes, clearly, I won't be misbehaving father. I don't think I've done that sort for quite a number of years now and have no intention of doing it anytime soon." Though he does seem eager when Eva brings up meeting the woman and tilts his head just slightly to hear.

"Practicing for the tourney is acceptable. I will not deny you that, and some wine would be acceptable, though not in excess. I trust you know the difference." Artos looks to Eva, "That will depend on the discussion with her father. If I can secure his agreement, and the consent of our king and his queen, then perhaps a meeting can be arranged before we return home. But we shall see."

"Jordan has grown up to become a fine young man." Eva speaks in praises of her brother, "I am always confident that he will be do the right thing." To her brother, she muses, "Do let me know when this practice tourney will be held, I wouldn't mind being there to lend my support." With the excitement of her brother's possible betrothal still in her heart and perhaps the idea of yet another wedding, Eva does come to realize something and this she inquires of, "With the marriages between the Couvieri and Rivana becoming more frequent now… does this mean that there is a possibility that Marie or myself could be living… here, well, in Rivana?" Something in that idea does hold some dread over her, but she looks curious all the same.

Jordan will leave the 'practice' at that, in their thoughts, "I will let you know as soon as it is set to take place." Though he pauses a moment and asks, "Does this mean she will be coming back with us, if the betrothal is approved by her father, when we marry? Or will I keep having to travel here to meet her and so forth?" Clearly the travel isn't bad, but "I get tired of sickness when traveling so far as it is, and to repeatedly be doing it over a short time frame." A heavy sigh before he eyes his own sister a moment, "I don't know father, if Eva's marriage would take her from the library, she may just run and hide. That's something of a disaster in her book." Get it, pun! Mwahaha.

Artos shakes his head. "I would rather it not be the case, though if it is in the best interests of our house, then perhaps. I will promise nothing in that regard." He then shakes his head to Jordan's question, "She will likely stay with her family until the wedding, if I can secure it." He snorts at the pun, "If things go well and Yolanda is like the rest of her house, then she will be at home in our library."

"To be honest, I wouldn't mind remaining as part of the family for as long as possible. Perhaps even having a husband to marry in." Eva states evenly, a small frown on her lips when she considers what will most likely not be an option for her, though she continues on, "Though, if I were to marry into another family, I was hoping to marry an heir." This is said so boldly, especially in the presence of a man such as her father. "I think I could do wonders as the lady of a household as I've been trained to be." Her gaze, of course, diverts from her father and she looks towards her brother now. "Jordan with thoughts of braving the gates to visit his potential betrothed and I, to merely visit my own family's library. Then again, I may be getting far ahead of myself."

"I suppose what must be, will be, then, father." Jordan sounds resigned though now, as well, intrigued by the woman he hasn't had much interaction with yet. "I will see how things proceed then before approaching her, no need for me to become entirely friendly with too many Rivana folks if not required. I would hate, if things ever came to it, to have to fight a friend down the line." Though he does pause a bit when he hears Eva and shakes his head just slightly, "Perhaps, but would you truly want to leave home, Eva? I just worry you would not enjoy being too far away, such as down all the way.. here." Though of course she could wear less layers in that case.

Entering the room at a casual pace, and a bit late from bed. Likely due to his somewhat later arrival by Faegate and still shaking off the last remnants of the affects. Justin t'Acuto enters the room mid-discussion and silently closes the door behind him to secure what privacy is possible with the help. The Baron's younger brother observes the scene for a bit before commenting, "Come now dear niece, it is bad enough your brother is making me look so poor by discussions already taking place about his potential options for marriage before myself. Surely you would not be in such a rush to shame me further." in a calm, casual tone. Perhaps trying to lighten the mood a bit.

It is true though Justin is over thirty and has never even courted as of yet, for whatever reason. Or at least whatever reasons he gives, true or not. He then offers a formal bow befitting his brother's station as Baron in silent greeting, then nods respectfully to his nephew and the heir to the house and before offering his niece a respectful bow of the head as well.

Artos shrugs, "It will depend on the circumstances. If another house favors your sister to marry in and it is a good enough deal, then perhaps she will go. Ideally I would have you marry an heir if you marry out, but that is not always possible, though a spare might be a suitable option if the house is right. Our house lacks the pull to reach so high so often."

Artos shoots Jordan a glare, "The King wishes for there to be peace. I hold no love for Rivana, but if there is to be peace we will work to ensure that it stays that way. I have seen enough war and if we can avoid it, then so be it!" His tone hardens as it continues. "So make friends where you can. Be likable. You were the squire to the king, you know how it works, find friends where you can." The arrival of his younger brother causes Artos to turn and face him, "That would require you to actually show some ambition in that field, brother."

Eva shakes her head, her eyes on Jordan, "I wasn't planning on marrying into Rivana, myself." She soon returns her gaze to her father, adding in quickly enough, "Not that it my choice, of course. Still, as lovely as Sunsreach is, everything feels so different here in Rivana and it would be so far from home." However, she does quiet down to hear her father out, nodding once to assessment of their familial situation and where they, as a family, stand in the grand scheme of things. "I understand. Of course, if any man were to be my husband-to-be, his place within his own family comes second to his noble character."

It is then that Justin makes his appearance and here Eva has to laugh lightly at her uncle's words, "Lord Uncle, have you not had so many years ahead of us to have that all settled and done with? Perhaps if I saw you more at court, you could potentially capture the attention of some young lady. Or even here, I suppose, with every family that's worth anything, all gathered here for the royal wedding."

Justin nods respectfully to Artos and says, "I have the ambition and have looked over options since my departure from Valetta. I have discovered I have grown a bit… Soft as it were in regards to court and socializing. Why I have asked the assistance of my niece and your permission to assist me in correcting such failings. As you have said yourself, the right match must be made, one of suitable connections and standing."

He then turns his ice blue gaze to his nephew, "As one who has also seen enough of war and a bit of the rebuilding to follow it, even a knight such as myself can make the attempts, no doubt as a t'Acuto you can as well, especially as the heir. I believe I even know of a Rivana to start with if you would wish and not already met. Perhaps not an option as a match, she could be a way into their court to make suitable social and political contacts. Tiadora of House Gerrell. She isn't overly knowledgeable about Couviere last we spoke, but she does seem to possess the curiosity to learn. Handle the matter properly and she may prove a useful ally." He then simply nods silently to his niece for now.

"Nobody said there would not be peace, father. But are we to be so blind to not hope for the best, peace in this case, and always prepare for the worst? I've made some friends amongst the locals but I don't want to be friends with everybody in this city. You've already limited some areas to not go, so I'm remaining clear of those and the people within." Jordan remarks before looking at Justin and about laughing at his first words before shaking his head over the bickering between the two. "And here I thought we weren't going to see you here in Rivana any, Uncle." And then he gets it not only from his father, but his uncle some as well and mumbles quietly at how he seems to be being blind-sided by the pair. "First, I'm being betrothed, then I'm being double teamed. I'm not so sure I am enjoying this trip as much as I thought. Mayhaps we'll have to go spar some later, the circle and I, sooner." Perhaps to blow off some steam.

"Double-teamed!" Eva says, humour touching her tone, "You knew that this discussion would come up at some point, brother dearest." And here, Eva's small figure sweeps across the floor, so that she may speak in hushed tones to her brother, "Perhaps, we will seek out this Lady Yolanda together. I, too, am curious to see if she is worthy of my dearest of brothers, after all." Withdrawing slightly from Jordan's side, her bright gaze looks to Justin once more, "Sunsreach is the perfect place to make use of everything you have learned thus far. While, you may have missed the royal wedding reception, there are many opportunities for mingling and dance in the festivities to come." Though here one of her brows lifts gently, her eyes looking thoughtful now. "Oh, I have met with this Lady Tiadora. I had heard that she was an expert on sweets, was it, or something or other and that she would be the perfect guide through the marketplace when in search of such things." And just as if she only now remembered a request, Eva moves in her father's direction to inform him of things which she had discussed with some of the Rivanan's earlier, "Father, I had requested a copy of Sir Aidric's tale of the royal marriage to be made and brought to the Grand Library once it is done. Lady Tiadora would be the person to scribe a copy for us and she, as well as a few other Rivanans have shown interest in our library. I didn't think you would mind overly much for us to have visitors, but I knew that I ought to speak with you still."

"Good," Artos says to Justin. He keeps his stoney demeanor and shakes his head, "Just be careful." His words were directed at Jordan, but Artos sighs and nods at Eva, "Indeed, the record will be welcomed, and Tiadora is welcome if she finds herself in Rovilon or Garfana, as are most nobles. If we are lucky this entire stay will be painless and profitable."

Justin looks to his nephew and says, "Lady Tiadora Gerrell is a deeply devout young woman, a bit young yet for betrothals but that simply means she is a good contact to make. Showing no interest in a betrothal and also showing a capacity for civil discussion improves our image among the Rivanans, also her social circles does include a few of high connections if I remember correctly. I was merely offering an option in line with what your father is speaking of. A boot in the door as it were, as opposed to one through the door. You have the potential to be diplomatic, a useful trait for bot an heir and the head of a house. This is simply a means by which you may prove it with relatively minimal risk of scandal or misunderstandings. She should recognize my name if I am not mistaken, so declaring yourself my nephew should do well, if you are not formally introduced in some other way. If misunderstandings or offense is caused then it can be blamed on the Lady's inexperience with our customs, and you can show your diplomacy by disregarding them as such, keeping the general relations positive. A stepping stone to something greater. There is hoping for the best and preparing for the worse, and there is also taking steps to give hope more ground to stand on."

He then looks to Eva and says, "I do not recall speaking with her about sweets at all, a bit of religion as she has a keen interest in it, it would surprise me if she didn't end up a Cardinal some day. Mostly though she expressed an interest in learning more about our kingdom but I said little of note as I would not consider myself versed enough to instruct one with no knowledge at all. After all a trivial error for us could prove a major scandal for her, which in turn could reflect poorly upon our family." He then nods in agreement with his brother adding, "Lady Tiadora especially would likely be a good choice of the Rivanans given her curiosity and willingness to learn more about our own kingdom."

As her uncle had come after the proposal was mentioned, Eva decides to fill him in on Artos' revelation to Jordan. "Lord Uncle, it seems that my father does have a young Lady in mind for my brother. A woman named Lady Yolanda Bazan. I do hope to be able to meet with her soon, or at the very least, catch a glimpse of her." For she expects that her brother would wish for a lovely bride! Looking between the men in the room, though her gaze is locked upon Jordan for the most part, knowing that unease he must be feeling on the possibility of this impending betrothal. Though when Justin speaks more of Tiadora, she does have to comment, "Oh, it was her friends and relations, I believe who informed me that she would be the one to seek regarding delicious foods and sweets, if I recall correctly." Here she pauses, though there is a glint in her eyes as if she were thinking of much crueler things, "With how… sweet she is, I know that they must be speaking the truth." There is then a wave of her hand, "But yes, she is a fine scholar as well, so I'm told. She, Sir Aidric and Sir Destrian had shown an interest in our library. Prince Tristan had as well, if only he is permitted some wine with his reading. Perhaps, I can play hostess with mother when our guests arrive."

Artos listens and nods, "We will see. It, One willing, will not be until after the tournament that we will return to Garfana, and plans regarding visits can be arranged later." A yawn follows, "But I had best get some work done before I go to bed. If you require anything, then please let me know." Barring any need to stay, the baron departs after farewells are given.

Justin nods to Eva and says, "I see. As you are here, perhaps you could tell me what you know, if anything of a Lady named Amara t'Tremaine. I know she is the youngest daughter of Baron Benjamin t'Tremaine and the Baroness Annaliese, the former a fairly renowned warrior in his prime. Her eldest sister was married to Prince Silvio l'Valdan, as I believe I heard recently Princess Antonia has also earned her spurs. Their brother, and the heir to the family Lord Sir Elrick is well-regarded as a tourney knight and veteran. Yet my own investigations has yielded little in the way of information in regards to lady Amara herself, as she seems to have no reputation at all that I was able to discover, aside from seemingly being a bit sheltered by her family." He then bows respectfully to his brother, so as not to delay him further, at least for his part.

When her uncle brings up a name she is more familiar with, Eva considers his inquiry with a curiously amused look and an arch of her brow. "Now, I do wonder why you are inquiring, Lord uncle. She is rather young, is she not?" Spinning on her heels now, in a gentle twirl which forces her skirts to billow about her, she continues on, "I don't believe I had seen her as of yet in Sunsreach, though I'm certain that she must be here with family. I did meet up with Sir Elrick a day or so ago and then at the wedding reception. He definitely looks to be making the most of his time spent here… If there is anything to be found, Lord Uncle, I will let you know." Though with her father now departing for bed, she graciously curtsies before him, her tome of romance still within her hands and now once more pressed against her as she, herself, prepares to go. "Rest well, father." Before making her own announcement, "I ought to turn in as well. I would like to finish this book before Marie returns," The sisters having to share a room here! "It's difficult to get things done whenever she's around." To Justin, she then states, "Goodnight to you uncle. I'm glad to see that you had arrived safely, gate sickness aside."

Justin waves dismissively about the gate sickness saying, "Just a last few vestiges soon to be passed, I have traveled the Faegates enough to know such. As to my reasons for asking I am simply curious about her, given how different she is from her siblings. I ran into her brother once when I went to apologize for what I took to be an offense that wasn't present. I also briefly spoke with her sister the princess during the closing feast of the previous tourney, though only a few words. Her brother is certainly protective of Lady Amara in a way suitable for an elder brother from what I noticed. That said I seek information about the individual more then the family." His tone is calm and casual, giving no sign if his reasons for being interested in her is limited to those given or something more. If even he himself is aware.

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