(1866-11-17) A Debate to Save Lives
A Debate to Save Lives
Summary: Justin and Tiadora run into each other once again, which leads to a debate over whetehr fortifications or a well-written word holds the power to save more lives.
Date: 2015-11-17
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Markettown - Sunsreach - Rivana

Markettown bustles with activity, at the very center of the city it draws people both high and low to its streets where one would be hard-pressed to find a more diverse variety of goods this side of Pacitta. The market is divided up into multiple districts, which cater to specific goods such as foodstuffs, craft goods, and other wares of the region. There is a little of everything…and what isn't available can certainly be arranged, if one has the coin. In all the area is lively but peaceful, due the constant presence of the House Guard tand there are few incidents beyond the occasional pricing dispute.

Markettown is also home to the city's Cathedral. A towering structure of earth toned stone and stained glass, a testament both to the glory of the One and to the wealth and success of Sunsreach.


Sunsreach has thinned out very little now that the wedding and related celebrations are done. Harvest time is coming and the Games are not far away. So the city is crowded with locals and foreign visitors alike. The fall evenings are warm and the wind only casts the occasional drift on hair and skirts. The market is busy even at night with the sights, scents, and sounds of commerce.
The presence of two men-at-arms with a round figured noblewoman stand out no matter the time of day, especially as the girl wanders the vendors with foodstuffs on sticks and bread-bowls being sold to the hungry shoppers. Tiadora, dressed in her austere blue-on-black, seems fairly at ease as she drifts about and is met with shopkeepers smiles.

Also strolling through the marketplace, seemingly more browsing however, is the dark-haired knight and Lord, Justin t'Acuto. He is dressed in his house colors with a dirk for personal protection, though this is likely more for show given how good of a job the local guard does with the crowds. A certain round figure catches the eye as Justin alters course to draw closer, yet still keeping a respectable distance apart, "Greetings once again My Lady, I trust you have been doing well since last we spoke?" in a polite, respectful tone.

"Sir Justin," Tiadora greets with a soft smile. She makes a polite curtsey as she spies him, and her guards back away once they acknowledge the t'Acuto lord. "How pleasant to see you once more, welcome to Sunsreach." Oh, the question. "Umm, yes! I did take second place in the art contest, and the Queen has enjoyed the wedding gift I illustrated for her."

Justin bows formally in response to the curtsey and says, "Wonderful news, I am sure you are proud of your work as it has brought joy to another. Congratulations on your placement as well. I am hoping to make a better showing at the tourney this time around. With luck I have been able to shake off the last vestiges of my laxed skills since the last tourney."

Tiadora beams briefly. "Oh that's grand! I don't recall seeing you ride last time, so that should be fun. My friend Sir Graham and Squire Gawain will be entering too." But then she says hesitantly, "I met your… sister? Lady Eva? She's asked me to do a copy of my illuminated story for your libraries, so I may get a chance to see your home someday. She's very nice, and I hope to share my library with her, she likes books I take it."

Justin smiles softly, "I spoke with her just the other night, she isn't my sister by my niece. Baron Artos is my older brother. She mentioned you had shown an interest in our library and also was contributing a piece. I am sure it will be a work to last the ages among our stacks." smiling politely.

"Oh." She looks down in embarassment. "I apologize for the confusion. Everyone is related to everyone else and I don't know your families very well. I barely know the other noble houses of my own countrymen still," she admits, cheeks red. "But I am looking forward to seeing it. Books have always been my refuge and I am sure my brother would want me to see tomes which are decidely not connected to the Faith. I think all my books are, religious that is.

Justin nods and says, "No need to apologize, anyone not familiar with my House would likely assume the same, I am only about nine winters older then my niece, seven compared to her brother Jordan our heir. This is due to my brother being about sixteen winters older then myself. That said your apology is accepted and no offense was taken." smiling reassuringly.
He then adds, "As to our library, there are texts on about every topic you could likely imagine. We keep knowledge in great regard and respect and pride ourselves on having the most complete collection of written works possible, no doubt why your piece was requested. I have no doubt you will love your time there when it arrives."

Tiadora smiles at the thought. "As your lady niece was saying. She was discussing it with my cousin Adric and he mentioned I was the scribe for his story of our Queen's romance with our… King." She mulls over the word. "Such a romantic tale indeed. I transcribed it and then did all the illuminations and capitals to make it beautiful."

Justin nods and says, "I heard you were a talented scribe. Once more I offer congratulations. The One has no doubt touched you to have such a gift to share."

Tiadora blushes a little once again. "Not as important as engineering designs, I'm sure. Your work saves lives. Mine… gives someone a few moments of beauty to admire."

Justin nods and says, "Thank you, however my work is preparations for war, yours on the other hand can inspire hope and has the potential to unite peoples which can create or maintain peace. Which truly saves more lives My Lady?"

Tiadora ponders the philosophy. "In the Light, all works of creation are equal. For the One gave each of us skill and talent, and as long as we use our gifts for the purposes they are given, we are all serving Him."

Justin nods and says, "All are equal in their own regard yes. I simply pose that when it comes to the matter of saving lives, would not a well-written letter have a better chance at creating or maintaining peace then the construction of fortifications? Fortifications preserve life during war, yet if war is ended or avoided, would that not save more lives?" in an almost philosophical tone now.

Tiadora shakes her head a little. "But my works are purely recreational. Inspirational words of the Saints, a story of love and courage triumphing over evil. It only matters to the men and women who read them." She motions casually to the marketplace. "My works are so very limited in scope, but hundreds of soldiers benefit al at once by your deeds." She seems to be enjoying the discussion, starting to grin. "Are we truly having a 'Oh no, you're more important than I am' debate?"

Justin smiles and says, "Not in the least. It is more of a case of the written form potentially has greater influence then the strong walls. You just said yourself. 'Inspirational' words, stories of 'love' and 'courage' 'triumphing over evil'. As a knight I can assure you that one must never underestimate morale and hope. The works you speak of provide both. Triumph over evil can inspire men and women to stand up, driven by the desire to put own the evil of their lands. It can cause others to stand up and speak out against an evil that might otherwise occur before it can gain ground. Love can be stronger then hate, and courage of any form can lead to deeds of greatness. Never underestimate the value of inspirational words My Lady."

"In the long-term scheme of the world, perhaps," the girl counters with a small smile. "But in the short, I'd prefer strong walls and good siege weapons for when they are needed. My works will better serve peacetime when we can afford peace."

Justin nods and says, "Which was my original point. My work prepares for the worse, yours however saves more lives as in the long-term more lives are saved by peace then walls protect in a siege. My work protects groups, castles, maybe cities at most, your work has the potential to protect entire kingdoms."

Tiadora says, "Then perhaps it's good that I've started work on the new copy for your libraries then," she says, conceeding the point with a small shrug. "It won't be as personalized as the Royal copy, but it will still be a work of art and literature for the ages.""

Justin nods and says, "I look forward to reading it personally then My Lady."

Tiadora says, "If, maybe… this is for your family's library…." She pauses thoughtfully, "I could add personal touches. Like if I knew more of your family. Flowers. Food they like. Pets… any particular colors? I prefer making things more personal since it will connect to the reader better that way."

Justin says, "Personalized touches aren't really needed. It is my family's personal library but it is also the library used by many in our country. Does Rivana have a Royal Librarian? An individual in charge f the Royal Library? For Couviere it is a hereditary position, the head of House t'Acuto, my family, holds that title. Currently that would be my older brother Baron Artos."

Tiadora says, "It's be House Bazan here. But I understand the discintion. I will just have to research Couviere then, and make it better suited for all your countrymen.."

Justin nods and says, "If such is your wish. You could certainly attempt to speak with more of my fellow countrymen if permitted. Perhaps my niece or nephew, I am unsure if my brother would have the time. There is also the Prince you spoke with before or his wife who has recently been knighted. Princess Antonia l'Valdan and Prince Silvio l'Valdan for instance. I am unsure how many others from my country you may know or have spoke with previously who would also be able to have the potential to teach you at least a few things."

Tiadora admits, "Very few," as she nods. "But with so many here for the wedding, and the games, I shall have plenty of chances I think. As long as, um… well… nobody minds."

Justin nods and says, "I am of course unsure of the schedule of the Prince or Princess, but I am sure with your skill you could write a well-worded letter to at least make the request. It could be a chance for both sides to learn. Perhaps the Princess, though as she is now also a knight she may be busy with the coming tourney, still the request might be a bit delayed but you should be given some form of reply which is likely to be polite if nothing else. The same should apply to the others I have named."

The Gerrell gives another slow nod. "I— I should ask my brother before doing so. He's a Duke, after all, so it… would be only proper politics to let your prince know I have my leige's blessings in such an… um.. .endeavor."

Justin nods and says, "Of course, I assumed that went without saying as you are a proper Lady." smiling reassuringly.

Tiadora tries to smile. "Although knowing my brother, he will jump at the chance. Have you met Duke Symon, Sir Justin?"

Justin shakes his head and says, "I fear I have no had the honor of a proper meeting now My Lady."

Tiadora mms. "Peraps you will run into him at the games. Don't let him scare you. He got angry the last man I was speaking to but that was only because I was so very anxious and didn't like all the people staring at me at the ball."

Justin nods and asks, "Your brother correct? It is only natural for a brother to be protective of their younger siblings. Especially when they are a knight as well. I bear you no ill, nor do I have any untoward interest in you so I am sure everything will be fine My Lady." with a soft, reassuring smile.

"A brother, who is a duke, and very protective - a dangerous combination, I'm sure," the girl says with a faint giggle. "But you have been nothing but ultimately polite, Ser Justin, and very gracious. I wouldn't be worried of him."

Justin nods and says, "I have ran into such a protective brother before, and left with a degree of mutual respect I believe, once he understood I was an honorable man. I am not worried, though it is polite of you to warn." offering a good-natured smile at his last comment.

A horrific look creeps over her face, slowly spreading. "Oh, Sir Justin… um, please don't think I'm, um… being too forward… or thinking of any implications by talking about him. I mean… I'm not trying to insinuate anything or suggest anything! I, uh… just meant… you may meet him sometime."

Justin chuckles softly and says, "I think so such thing My Lady. I was simply saying I have encountered a protective brother who likely assumed worse then anything your brother might and I came out of that unharmed when he learned his fears were unfounded. You said yourself you are not anxious around me so I should have nothing to fear from your brother." reassuringly.

Tiadora's relief is clear as she lets out a deep breath. "I'm so very sorry if my mind leaps to strange places, Sir Justin, I'm… not very good with people. Forgive me if I gave any insult."

Justin smiles softly and waves his hand dismissively, "No need to apologize My lady. No insult was given and we all have odd thoughts at times. They can sometimes lead to good or ill, most of the time in my experience they lead to nothing at all. They are simply passing thoughts that do not linger and are quickly forgotten. I am sure whatever thoughts you had would be such a case. As no offense was given the thought can easily be placed aside and no harm is done."

Tiadora motions to the market around them. "Am I, uh… keeping you from business, my lord? I was just out getting a late night snack so my kitchen staff could sleep." The guards get no such luxury but they're guards.

Justin smile and says, "No. I was just getting some air. Shaking off the last lingering affects of Gate sickness, I arrived a bit later then the rest of my House due to a miscalculation in timing. Nothing serious. I hope I am not keeping you, you are the one seeking nourishment and it is late."

"Oh yes," Tia agrees, "I know how gate sickness is. I had a terrible bout of it once we left Pacitta City. I hadn't eaten much as I was on a fast. But if you need somthing to help keep your stomach under check now, I can make recommendations? I know all the best places and when they're open."

Justin smiles softly and says, "Thank you, it is more a touch of fatigue is all. Sometimes rest works, but I was a bit restless tonight, in such times a walk often helps me more. I have been through Faegates more often then I like to count due to my service as a knight. I'll be fine soon, maybe another day or two at worst."

Tiadora gives an understanding nod. "Well, I'll leave you to your walk then. If you turn left down at the next cross-street, you'll find a delightful little place which has some excellent music and dancers. They make this olive tapanade which goes on toasted bread - absolutely lovely."

Justin smiles softly and says, "Not a fan of olives but I will ensure I have a look before I leave the city at the very least. Thank you for your delightful company and the enjoyable debate My lady." he then offers a formal bow befitting her station before turning to leave, though he does continue to the next cross-street.

Tiadora curtsies as he departs and waits until he's departed fully to go find herself that midnight snack she mentioned.

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