(1866-11-19) Hunting For A Dragon
Hunting For A Dragon
Summary: A pair of Couvieri nobles pay a dragon a visit.
Date: 1866-11-19
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Sunsreach Castle

The Interior of Sunsreach Castle is gorgeous, pristine and colored an earthly tone. These are regions that the sun has been allowed to touch, and the wood and stonework have faded with time but help give off a lovely glow. There is running water inside which help serve a series of gardens and numerous fountains about the area. A main guardhouse and barracks has been established for the soldiers, and the armory is setup next to a training area and stables for warhorses. A large arena has been setup for jousting and training, as well as a forge.

The castle is setup into three main blocks, with a large central area set off the main gatehouse which serves as the entrance to a grand garden with numerous fountains next to the main barracks. Staircases climb up the heavy, blockish walls to allow access to them as well as interior areas of the castle. High and joyous colors meet as one goes through the inner walls. This is a castle meant to enhance beauty as well as be ready for war. The central villa of the castle off the main gateway is the primary interior, where the administrative center of the kingdom is, as well as the throne room and storehouse.

The primary zones to the east is for living quarters for those who stay in the castle and help maintain them, as well as the inhabitants. Spanning up several stories, it is quite spacious with a network of intricately carved staircases and large central areas for those to gather.

The western zone is a work area, with a large central library and alcove, as well as a chapel for the One Faith within and a sanctuary. This area is also home to both the royal menagerie and the royal museum. The museum is a long vaulted building of two stories and vault below. The leaded glass fills the galleries with light and within various paintings and treasures of Rivana's past can be seen, including the bones of the last dragon. The menagerie, is a garden unto itself with pits holding a handful of rare creatures such as striped horses, lions, and other beasts.


The afternoon meal has ended and most have gone about their business as usual with just a few stragglers both common and those visiting for the wedding and tournament. The hall exits into the grand way of the castle much room for many more than had just been dining before now. It is after mid-day though still rather pleasent with all the festivities being readied for. One who was late to leave is Lord Sir Graham Cassomir. He walks out of the hall chuckling before looking about stepping off to the side a bit to decide what the day should bring now.

Still unused to the much warmer Rivanan climate, especially as this time of year tends to become much chillier back home in Garfana, Eva is dressed more modestly than some, especially the natives of these lands. Donning a dress of sapphire blue and black lace trim, a capelet drapes over her slender shoulders, while her hands and the length of her arm up to her elbow are covered in a pair of gloves to match the hue of her dress perfectly. After the initial days of touring these foreign lands and having finally set foot into the library which she had been wanting to see, the young t'Acuto looks to be taking things in a more relaxed manner now, before the rest of the seasonal festivities opens up in full swing, though there are signs of preparations being made for both the Harvest festival and tournaments alike that can be seen. Having just exited the royal library, a place that she has holed herself up into ever since she was allowed entry into it, the small young woman looks to be in search of something more of interest that can be found here. Her eyes set upon the entrance to the menagerie, she looks to be heading in that direction, though upon coming across a young knight in passing, she politely stops and offers a curtsy in greeting. "Good day, Sir. If I recall, I believe I had seen you in attendance at the royal reception just a few days ago."

Having adapted to the warmer southern climates rather easily, Elrick is still in formal wear that clearly shows his standings as a noble, which is a light tunic with a high collar that he has grown accustomed to that bears his House colors. He has explored a bit of the city proper itself with the appropriate escorts for himself but not the castle itself. When the t'Tremaine Heir was attending the royal reception though, he saw a few potential spots for what may serve as potential training and practice grounds, and that is the purpose of his visit today. With the northern knight is his squire, Joseph, who from the former would say some quiet words to the latter from time to time, while pointing out some locations.

Graham turns back at the voice and smiles though he doesnt know the name of the speaker. "Yes, I did indeed attend wouldn't miss my cousins wedding." He chuckles softly though looks curious "Were you looking for something or someone in particular?" he wonders though also giving a bow. "I am Lord Sir Graham Cassomir." he introduces himself looking to her though he looks side long and spots another as they approach. "Ah Sir Elrick, it is good to see you once more."

"Your cousin's wedding?" Eva echoes the young knight's words, her eyes all the more thoughtful now. It is when she hears his name that it all registers and a tiny smile spreads upon her lips. "It was a lovely evening to be certain." Her own gaze seems to have been drawn to Elrick's presence as well, always pleased to recognize a face in a mostly unfamiliar crowd and just as Graham calls out to the man, she graces him with a curtsy all the same. "It would seem that you both know one another. Not that it should surprise me. I hope that you are finding things pleasant this day, nevertheless." Returning to Graham now, she finally responds to his question, "Not in particular now. Though my father had spoken of some dragon bones which could be found in the menagerie and I was interested in seeing them for myself rather than hearing about them."

With two nobles he recognizes, it wouldn't be proper of Elrick to just continue walking on without offering greets and such so he gives Joseph a nod, sending him ahead on the search. Then, the t'Tremaine knight approaches both Graham and Eva, bowing his head respectfully to both, "Sir Graham, likewise, I trust you have been keeping your martial skills sharp. This tourney, being the last of the year, will no doubt be a grand one." Any feelings he may have about the Rivanans are most likely kept well hidden behind the diplomatic mask he wears at events and when he's in the heart of Rivana. He then offers Eva a smile as well as a slight nod, "From the tourneys, I believe that is where we first made our acquaintances, across blunted blades."

The question gets nod and smile though agreeing "I quite think so as well, I know my sister and other cousins much enjoyed themselves. Graham looks over "I will gladly give a tour if either of you wish." He looks over to Elrick and nods "Quite correct and I certainly hope so, I wish to give a good showing for my house at very least."

"I do love the excitement that comes before a tournament. All of the practice and training that our knights have rigorously pursued throughout the year will finally be put the test. Not in war, but of some form or camaraderie. Exciting as it is," Eva says with a slight frown, "I cannot help but worry still. Having had family participating in these events from time to time. Still, I do wish the best of luck to the both of you and your Houses and despite my own concerns, I look forward to the festivities all the same." With her mind set on visiting the menagerie, Eva looks from Graham to Elrick now, "Were you interested in seeing the dragon bones as well? It is nice of Sir Graham to offer to show us around, I think." And to this, she returns a smile to the young knight.

At the invitation of a tour from Graham, Elrick shakes his head to politely decline, "Thank you Sir Graham, you are most kind with your offer but there is no need. I came to see if there is another… suitable spot to practice and train, besides the area in the manse the l'Correns rented." He then glances towards Eva, laughing lightly in amusement, "Your brother is more than capable in a tourney, Lady Eva, trust me." When she mentions what is in the menagerie though, the t'Tremaine arches a brow, his expression revealing that he doesn't know much on her question, "Dragon bones?"

A sense of relief washes over Eva when Elrick speaks highly of her brother's tourney prowess. While she is a proud sister, the young woman knows exactly the type of danger these knights put themselves into all for the sake of honor and House pride. "I know that your words hold truth, Sir Elrick, but he is competition against the likes of yourself." And here she turns to Graham, "And Sir Graham as well, so surely, even I know how fierce this competition can very well be!"

She doesn't look at all disappointed when the t'Tremaine shows little interest in this 'tour', but once the dragon bones are brought up once again, Eva does have to state, "Visitation to the royal library here aside, my Lord Father has this ritual of visiting the dragon bones kept within the menagerie whenever his duty brings him to Sunsreach. I was unable to view them myself the last I was here, but I would not leave this time around without paying them a visit."

"But of course, Lady Eva, the competition will be fierce, especially in a venue like this. But that is what makes the victories even more important, more rewarding." Elrick says with a nod of agreement with Eva's assumptions on these main circuit tourneys, "It is also part of what we train for, especially in times of peace." It certainly seems the t'Tremaine Knight is more interested in tourneys than dragon bones but the latter isn't exactly a dull subject for the northern noble. "That is an interesting ritual that your Lord Father has, is there some sort of significance to the bones?"

Eva , herself, does not mind the discussion of tournaments. The tourneys are a time to show your House pride and come out and support your friends and loved ones all the same. There is much gallantry to be witnessed when the knights take the field and the stadium as a whole is filled with the raucous cheers of excitement that makes people forget the day-to-day drudgery of their pathetic lives. "Which of the events will you be entering, My Lord?" She asks with a lilt in her tone, adding in, "There are so many to choose from, but it surely must be grueling to take the field day in and day out." As to the dragon bones, she taps a long slender finger at her chin, as if considering her words, "None that I know of. Or none to my father. However, as there has never been a dragon to be seen in centuries, I suppose this skeleton very well may be all that we and those who come after us will ever see of such a monstrous creature."

"With experience and self discipline in training, it isn't as grueling as it may seem from the stands. Plus, when you're in the tournament, both your mind and adrenaline pushes you forward when at another time you may have collapsed." Elrick says with a smirk, mostly from confidence in his own skills and abilities. "I'll be participating in the events for knights, in both melees and also both jousts as well." As some may say, once a tourney knight, always a tourney knight, it's something that the t'Tremaine Heir himself enjoys. Looking in the direction of the menagerie, then back to Eva, he says, "If you wish, My Lady, I can walk with you to the dragon bones. I'm curious to see the remains of the once fearsome creature."

"What happens if you ever become injured?" Eva just has to ask, her head turned upward to peer up at the t'Tremaine lord. "Do you drag yourself out of bed to compete in the next event and risk receiving a greater injury that you originally had, or do you rest and heal up instead?" She then turns to look towards the museum as well now, when she says in an airy tone, "Decisions, decisions. And knowing as many knights as I do, how you must worry your sweet sister who will be watching from the sidelines." She of course speaks of Amara, more than likely. "The very same way that Jordan worries me, I'm sure." The way in which she speaks is not chastising in any way, despite that being her nature to do so at times, but instead they sound thoughtful, almost whimsical when spoken. "I would gladly accept your accompaniment, My Lord. I don't know why, but just the very idea of laying eyes upon a dragon's remains is sending goose bumps up my arms."

There is a slight shake of Elrick's head at Eva's question, "That's why we used blunted weapons for the melee and tourney lances for the joust. Instead of leaving grievous wounds, the most one usually gets is a bad bruise. Rarely anything worse than that…" He does say rarely instead of never, but the unspoken remains unspoken, as rare as serious injuries may be, they do exist but do not belong in the tourneys that glorious tales are spun of. When Eva brings up his sister though, the t'Tremaine Heir can't help but smile at the thought, "And it is because of sisters like you and Amara that Sir Jordan and I have that helps us reach for greater heights. For the hard earned victories." At the Lady's acceptance of his invitation at his knightly duties to act as an escort, an arm is offered. "Have no fear, Lady Eva, if the bones rise up, I will surely send it back to the ground."

Graciously, Eva links her arm with that of the young lord's; Elrick's much taller frame making her diminutive stature look all the more small. Still, she carries herself about with grace and dignity, holding her head up high as they make their way into the museum to view an artifact, both ancient and mysterious. "It has been a while since I've seen Lady Amara. I can safely assume that she fares well then? I'm surprised that I had not seen her here yet, myself. Has she made the journey here already?" Eva is full of questions it would seem, her chatter perhaps brought about by the growing anticipation building within her as they draw ever nearer to the remains. It is once she sets eyes on the thing, a smaller dragon in reality, spanning only 37 feet in length, though much larger than any creature she has ever seen, that she pauses in her steps to merely take in the skeletal remains of a creature that can only be found in stories now. "I've only read about such beasts, but I couldn't imagine anyone doing battle with something so large. One of the Tracano Princes of old, if I recall correctly, slew one of these creatures with the might of his army." There is a brief pause, before she adds in a much quieter tone, "The world used to be a much more terrifying place, it would seem."

Elrick's own poise and ease of movement shows that he is well practiced in the courtly manners, a dignified manner that he usually holds himself to in public with other nobles that almost matches Eva's. When they enter the museum, the knight is greeted with culture and history, subjects he never particularly favored in his younger days. "She is well, though I believe she traveled to Sunreach with my sister, Princess Antonia. So I wouldn't be surprised if they are at the l'Valdan Manse. I am sure she would love to meet you though, Lady Eva, I have a feeling the both of you will get along quite well." The objects they pass hold not much interest with the t'Tremaine Heir but when they approach the main attraction, the night's gaze locks onto the bones. "I wouldn't be surprised if it took an army to slay a dragon, but the size… the tales portray them as much, much larger. Perhaps this one was not fully grown." He does continue to eye the display with some curiosity, as if trying to picture it with muscles and scales.

If Eva looked small in comparison to her escort, she is practically dwarfed by the size of these dragon remains. So while Elrick may have come to realize that this creature is a smaller variety in comparison to some of the tales written of these beasts, to Eva, the skeletal remains are larger than life. Though she is slightly awestruck by the very sight of this beast, she does her best to keep up with the conversation at hand, even if her attention is drawn almost fully to the dragon. "That would be wonderful if we could get together at some point. As much as I respect the generosity shown us by our Rivanan hosts, there is comfort to be had in the company of our own people." Still, Eva does have something of a reputation at the Rovilon court that may put her at odds with the t'Tremaine's young sister, namely being a part of Alina's coterie, but that is neither here nor there. Pulling her gaze away from the creature on display, she looks up at Elrick when she asks, a small smirk forming at her lips, "Can you imagine fighting one of these things? Though, I have a feeling that you, and my brother alike, would say that saddened to have missed the opportunity."

"Comfort indeed, to bring me south of the border would take extraordinary circumstances. Like the Queen's wedding to her champion," Elrick says, a smirk appearing for just a moment as does the tightening of his features that quickly fades back behind his mask. At least his words are spoken quietly, only to be followed in a normal conversational tone, "But you are right, our Rivanan hosts are quite… hospitable." As for the nuances of courtly politics between the Ladies, the t'Tremaine heir, at least at that age, wasn't as aware of the details and intrigues as he tries to be right now. When he was younger, he was fully enjoying life with the other members of the Circles, and their amusing antics, as well as his career as a Tourney Knight. When Eva mentions her brother and him saying the same thing, Elrick can't help but laugh whlie nod his head, "You would be right, My Lady. Good knights are supposed to be bold and courageous, but the ones that separates the good and the great? Making sure you are prepared when your boldness and courage are greatly tested."

The t'Tremaine's words regarding the Southerners does remind Eva of something she was told a few nights prior when in the company of her family. Here, she also keeps her voice low, so that others do not hear, "What are your thoughts on the current trend of Couvieri marrying Rivanan?" Though she does not turn to face Elrick now, she does observe him from out of the corner of her eye. "These matches seem to be happening more and more as of late and it does concern me, somewhat, that at some point I may end up here…" She then quickly adds, "So far away from home." She returns her attention back to the dragon, though it is now shared more equally between the monster and the conversation at hand. "Perhaps, I shouldn't let this bother me, for there is change in the air."

Before answering, Elrick listens to all that Eva has to say, his expression remaining neutral this time, especially with a topic so delicate and in such a public location. "I am sure it is for the greater good… for our Majesty's great peace. To allow a better understanding between the north and the south." Spoken like a true diplomat, but like any t'Tremaine, his words do not end there. "But if it were my sister? I am sure my Lord Father would not allow it, nor would I if I were the Baron."

Finally Elrick glances towards Eva, almost with a look of pity of her possible fate, "I am sure it is a subject you can discuss with your Lord Father… perhaps even to caution him that it is indeed happening too frequently. That even though we are to be at peace, there is true loyalty in the north, whereas in the south? You can see that you never know when they would stab each other in the back." The last parts spoken with a quieter voice, as the civil war is no doubt a touchy subject for the south. "But I am sure your Father knows all of this, as he is the most knowledgeable of the men in this realm."

Eva looks content at first when Elrick speaks in a more diplomatic manner than she had expected, for it would seem that quite a few would be more than willing to embrace such a match were it made for them. However, when he continues on, Eva looks all the more intrigued and there is a look of understanding that can be found within her eyes now when she returns her full gaze to him. "Lady Amara is lucky to have you as her brother, though I'm sure that Jordan would feel the same." Her voice grows quiet at the end of this statement, clearly holding uncertainty to her own words. Keeping herself composed at all times, her own features like a mask to hide much of her darker emotions, while there is some hesitance on her part, Eva shows know outer signs of distress. She even smiles for a brief moment, shaking her head as if she were embarrassed to have even mentioned any of this. "I very well may be worrying over nothing. But you are right, my Lord Father is a knowledgeable and reasonable. Whatever his decisions, they will surely be made from long hours of contemplation over the matter."

"Indeed, I have no doubt whatever his decision is, it is for the benefit of your House and the Realm, as well as with you in mind." Elrick says with a nod of his head, his features softening slightly as he looks down at the Lady at his side. A shame he is unable to say the same for his Lord Father, but that of course remains unsaid. Finally, his gaze turns back to the dragon skeleton display, releasing a slight sigh of mock disappointment, "Well Lady Eva, it appears that this dragon is truly dead and its bones will not rise."

"My father would be glad to know that you speak so highly of him." Eva says with a soft laughter in her voice. "I, personally, am pleased to be reminded that aside from my father's gruff exterior, that there are those who do admire and respect him. Perhaps, I should be the one to remind him of this fact as well." All eyes to the dragon once again, the young woman says affirmatively to her companion's assessment of their current situation, "I'm afraid that you may be correct, My Lord. I am also grateful for your company today and the knowledge that if ever we encounter beasts such as this one, that you, alongside my brother and many other brave knights, will be at the ready to protect us all." With those proud words spoken, she then asks, "Perhaps now, we will have the time to find where the other knights will be training at."

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