(1866-11-21) Harvest Festival
Harvest Festival
Summary: Celebration of the first night of the Harvest Festival
Date: 1866-11-21
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Inner Ward - Sunsreach City - Sunsreach

The Inner Ward is sheltered behind Sunsreach's inner wall and is home to the wealthiest of Sunsreach's merchant class. Their manses are while not as large as those of the nobles in Goldseat, are expansive and well-decorated, as each tries to outshine the others with the display of their wealth. Besides the homes turned monuments of conspicuous consumption, the district also plays home to the major guild halls and some of Sunsreach best shops, theaters, and inns. It is also home to the tourney grounds, where deeds of valour are done for the amusement of the crowds.

The streets of the Inner Ward teem with a diverse mix of people, nobles, merchants, craftsmen and beggers, who come to shop, trade or be entertained by the spectacles on offer within.


The streets are packed in the Inner Ward for the first night of the Harvest Festival. Rough hewn tables and hastily-erected market stalls are set up on the normally placid streets to sell any number of foods: though pumpkin, berry, or meat pasties seem to be the most popular. Ale sellers have set up stations to sell mugs of the famed wheat beers of House Volstak— bring your own mug, or they have some of their own to sell with the beer for a modest fee. Bales of hay have been set up on various street corners like benches for people to sit on if they choose, and some of the hay benches have human-like forms leaning against them. The temperature outside has dropped to something decidedly chilly for Sunsreach, but the chill autumn air hasn't stopped the revelers from their revels.

The festival is being held throughout most of the city, though the section of city known as the Inner Ward seems to be hosting more of the higher class merchants and the nobles (since Goldseat's streets are blocked from such revelry occuring in them). The bulk of the lower class common folk are in the lesser areas of the city, though prehaps celebrating even more than their betters.

Lady Alina l'Saigner nibbles at a berry pasty while watching the crowds pass by, leaning lazily against the front of one of the tailor's shops. Her husband and her brother are with her, so she had no worries about being out in such a heavy crowd— and even if she did, the Sunsreach Guard are out in force… just in case. Her black and purple dress makes her pale skin almost glow in the setting sunlight as the lamplighters move through the streets to begin to light the lamps in the high end district.

Lady Elaida Toulan of Sanctum giggles joyously on the arm of Prince Tristan Tracano. Her cheeks are flushed, but instead of a blush of embarrasment as it so often is, her cheeks are flushed with giddiness. The betrothed of the Prince has her hands wrapped tightly around a mug from one of the stalls, the golden liquid within sloshing slightly as they move through the streets. "Do they make haymen down here in Rivana for the Harvest Festival?" she asks her husband to be. "I would love to see them— the pumpkinfaces are so much fun to look on!"

And there are haymen, though the lady has not come across one quite yet. Those human like forms are men and women made of old clothing stuffed with hay, with heads made of hollowed and carved pumpkins (instead of sacks of hay with painted faces like they have in the field). An old tradition throughout the Edge, farmers keep them in their fields to frighten off birds and animals, and over the Harvest Festival they are given places of honor among the reveling to represent "thanking" the haymen for their "hard work" over the spring and summertime. In fact, it isn't odd to see various people "sharing" a bite of pasty or a tip of ale with the haymen— sober or drunk, though the more inebriated are more prone to play at making friends with the haymen.

"Bring your own mug, now that's a peculiar thing," Darman is saying as he ambles the stalls in his typical company… which is to say a somewhat atypical and very hodge-podge assortment of random lesser nobles, knights, and squires, and possibly one or two even less lofty than that, all of whom seem slightly drunk already. It looks like the sort of friends a person would have if they had found those 'friends' by simply rounding up people at a nearby bar and dragging them along. In fact, it's very likely that is precisely what happened. "But I suppose it's a good scheme to sell mugs!" He's not adverse to paying for one, and in fact once he has it, and has it filled, he declares, "A fine souvenir of my visit!" An appropriate one, anyway, given he's spent most of said visit drinking anyway.

The newly appointed Viscountess of Ironhold, Raelyn Cassomir, is dressed not as of a lady of her station this evening, but in her Huntress Leathers. Then again, it's something that likely she finds most comfortable having played that role for so long - and tonight is more about revelry, than Court. Her arm, though, instead of upon that of her new husband's arm, is holding a mug of ale that is nearly half gone already. She tugs on Stephen's collar a moment, before tipping just a bit of the ale into one of the haymen's 'mouths', saying cheerfully, "I, for one, am thankful for such a splendid harvest. As are those of Ironhold." She then grins towards Stephen, "A rather fine celebration. Though, I suppose we should go mingle and not keep it all to ourselves, mm?"

Stephen Gre- er….Cassomir ambles along beside his wife, looking upon the revelry with considerable amusement, himself. His own attire is casual, though still befitting a noble and now in the colors of House Cassomir rather than Greycen. "I suppose that'd be in the spirit of things, yes." He replies to Raelyn, having been pulled down towards her thanks to that collar-tug, "Good to see the Couvieri getting into the spirit of things, too." That said, blue eyes sweep the area, looking for familiar faces…and perhaps not so familiar.

Corvin Fremont is dressed for "work" given that it's a big public festival and his sister is wandering about, so it's more sturdy combat leathers and a rapier for the Wraith. He does, for once, eschew the black armband. Most here wouldn't recognize it and most that would already know he's among their number. He does smirk a bit at Alina's comment on Haymen, commenting from a few feet behind her, "Saw plenty of them being stuffed and arranged earlier today."

Arriving at the celebrations from around the outskirts, as the lamps are being lit is Lord Sir Justin t'Acuto escorting his niece Lady Eva t'Acuto. Whether the lady's father is delayed on business, or is unable to attend for some reason. Justin for his part is dressed up in the colors of his House, it may be a night of revelry but the knight still takes his attire at least seriously. Unlike some of the others he is currently lacking a drink and shows no signs of inebriation.

Of all the things Tristan would like to be doing right now, this wasn't one of them. Of course many of those things are things best left in private, but one needn't dwell on them too much. Not right now in any case. No, for now he shall stroll along with his betrothed, his clothing made of the finest fabrics and obviously quite expensive. Half of his attention is on Elaida and the other half is on what is going on around them. At her question, he looks over at her and smiles. "Yes, I think you will see them soon enough." He eyes her mug with a slight frown. Beer. He'd rather piss in his own mouth. Any celebration should be met with wine or some other fine liquor.

Thaddeus Greycen is present for the festivities. not in finery, but still looking the part of a ducal heir at a harvest party. He takes the opportunity to approach his brother and new sister-in-law to say, "Stephen! Or should I say, 'Your Excellencies'" Thad grins and continues, "I am glad you two are here, I was afraid you two would not be seen for a fortnight!" He takes a sip from his cup and laughs.

Samwell sits among some of the Pacittans having found a good place to sit and drink for now before finding other entertainment for himself. The Marchette is pretty happy to be here and it shows on his face with a smile.

"Am I ever glad to be in this section of the festivities rather than elsewhere in the city." Eva idly comments as she watches the far more untamed revelries happening further down one alleyway or other, even pausing in her steps as she does so. The young woman is dressed in an exquisite turquoise hued gown, adorned with beads and lace trim. Soon enough, she takes the few quick steps to match her uncle's pace once more, her attention returning to him Justin for a moment, before her gaze once more observes her surroundings, watching the crowded streets with care. "Nevertheless," She starts, her tone much lighter, her voice only slightly louder as to be heard over the music and laughter, "I do enjoy a good festival and for the most part, this looks to be entertaining enough. The atmosphere is definitely lively."

"Mmm. Behaving. Yes," Raelyn agrees, though somewhat relucantly as she catches sight of Alina, her husband and Corvin. "They seem to be at that." Still, she seems to pause, and instead directs her Stephen another direction. Perhaps the Viscountess is not quite ready to try and play nice with the l'Sainger just yet. And she's pleased when she runs into Thaddeus. She smiles, widely at him, and tips her head, "We could not miss the festival," she agrees. Then amends, "At least one night of it." Then, she laughs just a little. "And you, Lord? How fare you this eve?"

Broderick is also out an about at the festival, although today he is without his squire, the lad being off with others nearer his own age for the time being. Sauntering down from the direction of the castle his ultimate aim is the Golden Dragon, but there's always time to take in the sights and sounds first. Tristan is nodded to, and Thaddeus casually ignored as if not seem as he meaders through those assembled, eyes flicking left and right to take in the haymen and such.

"A fortnight was tempting, but who wants to miss a good party?" Stephen replies to his brother, grinning a bit as he sips from his own mug of Volstak wheat beer. The fellow who poured it was practically giddy to be the first man of Ironhold to serve their new count this particular libation. "Besides, we have to eat and drink sometime…and no time's better than the Harvest." He chuckles, "Quite a crowd. Never been to the Festival here in Sunsreach before."

Alina snorts derisively at her brother. "Peasant traditions," she replies absently. She leans over and lightly brushes her lips across Gabriel's cheek, then notes, "the handpie is tasty, but I suppose we should try the beer. I think it's the same stuff Father occasionally manages to get a barrel or two of for masques— made with wheat instead of barley. I recall liking it." And with that she pushes herself off the wall and, allowing her brother and husband to flank her, she makes her way towards one of the ale-sellers. She spies Darman and his crowd of… to be charitable, drunks… and rolls her eyes.

Hissing in an undertone just loud enough that her brother and husband can hear, she grouses, "is that entire family incapable of going more than a day without drugs or drinking to excess?"

Elaida is oblivious to her betrothed's distaste for her drink. And she, not much of a drinker herself, is trying this particular beverage for the first time. "It tastes almost sweet," she mumbles idly, sipping her ale. She leans over and nuzzles Tristan's cheek. "You don't seem to be having a good time, your highness. Are the crowds too much for you?" Her concern is sweetly spoken, and obvious.

Justin says in a calm, casual tone, "Come along." whenever Eva slows to try and get a look down alleys or anywhere else, he is determined to keep her attention on more suitable festivities and not allow her to witness anything untoward. At least as much as he can passively so there is a public display of gentle, subtle reminder not an overbearing or overly-protective, forced action. Justin is casual enough in his tone and movements. Well as casual as a nobleman depicting proper posture and the like can show. There is a reason he has a good reputation of being an honorable knight after all.

He then nods to his niece's words and says, "Most festivities of this type are lively, I hope you enjoy yourself just don't overdo things." When he speaks of not overdoing things, his tone is that of a loving uncle who cares about the safety and health of his family and their reputation, though there is a bit more to the family then the reputation, but it is only a slight addition which might not even be noticeable to most.

Naturally enough, once Darman has purchased his tourist-priced, 'hah you didn't know to bring your own' mug, he sees said mug filled with the popular local wheat beer and gets down to some serious drinking. "Well, I like it well enough," he comments offhandedly to one of his odd entourage after taking an initial swig and swallow. "Easy on the way down. Almost sweet, I'd say. But, not bad." One of the others makes a joke about stuff that's easy going down being a risk of coming back up and there's a bit of laughter at the notion. In that fashion they amble on, poking at stalls and making threatening gestures at haymen and otherwise enjoying themselves, until eventually their path crosses that of a more familiar bunch. "Oh, Lady Eva, I see you made it out!" So much for keeping her away from anything untoward! "Sir Justin." And then he looks around, "Your brother isn't with you?"

Eva is usually the one scolding her own siblings and relatives and friends about getting into this or that trouble, so when it is her uncle, this time, who tries to guide her away from the unsavory acts that may come with festivities of this sort, the young woman looks unmoved. In fact, Eva is quick to pretend to ignore such trivial things. What prior comments however were made more towards how the lessers celebrated in a far more raucous, drunken and perhaps lively manner than is exhibited here! Without looking towards Justin, she responds, her tone airy, "You know me, Lord Uncle. You need not worry." In fact, her gaze just happens to be locked on Darman now, watching him make his approach from across the street. "Wonderful" She speaks to no one in particular before the man closes in on the pair, though when he finally does arrive, she lowers herself into a curtsy and though she may come off as chilly towards the man from time to time, the festival itself forces her to smile and make light chit-chat, "Lord Darman. I enjoy these festive times. The music is uplifting, the atmosphere light." From her close proximity, she can easily pick out the alcohol on the young Lord's breath as well as on the men who hover nearby. "Enjoying yourself early, I see."

Gabriel l'Saigner rolls his eyes at Alina's grousing and leans in to murmur. "Must you pay attention to what they are doing right now? Why don't you try and enjoy the evening?" Not that he finds a great deal of enjoyment out of drinking.

Tristan offers Elaida a faint smile, "Oh, I enjoy the time that I spend with you, my dear. I admit that the rest of these little, ah, festivities have lost a lot of enjoyment over the past year. Still, do not worry about me. As long as you are enjoying yourself, I am happy."

Thad laughs at his brother and slaps him on the back. "Well, I cannot blame you for that!" He takes a healthy drink from his own cup. Thad looks to Raelyn and shrugs, "Oh, it goes well enough. The festivities are of course most welcome. Though with all the weddings and festivities, I fear I may forget how court works!"

In his younger years, Elrick may have been in Darman's company as one of the nobles that have already participated in the pre-festival drinking, perhaps a woman in his arm as well. But these days, the t'Tremaine Heir appears to be more subdued, mind distracted from the fun. He does make the proper appearance at the Harvest Festival, even though it may appear… less refined than what he would prefer. But it is the first night of celebration and he must make a showing, a black, green, and silver cloak wrapped around him as well as the Stag sigil. One glance is given to the beer stand, but when he saw that it was BYOM, Elrick shakes his head and mutters something about backwater setup before moving on.

"Well, I recall someone scolding me as a child that it was always better to be early than late," Darman quips back at Eva, smiling easily. "I suppose the lesson stuck. You are quite right though, the atmosphere here is wonderfully energetic. I've been trying to pick up a few of the local songs and dances since the wedding feast, in fact. Have you tried some of the pastries yet?" The man has an inkling her interests run more that way than toward the selection of wheat beers and pricey mugs. "I admit they taste more or less the same as berry pastries back home, regardless of whether it's the same berries or not. They all end up quite sweet and sticky when you bake them long enough I think. Still! Quite tasty." Somewhere off in the distance he spots Elrick, who looks to be… well, doing something that isn't drinking, and so naturally he salutes him with that said same mug. "If you don't have one, some of them are selling!"

"Then you shall be in good company with me, Lord," Raelyn teases Thaddeus, "Why do you think I married Stephen?" Her eyes are quite mirthful, and she finishes off the rest of her mug, frowning, "Well. I seem to be emptied." She looks about for the nearest place for a refill, in the meantime, and in doing so spots Elrick. She inclines her head, nodding towards the Couveri Knight and nobleman. "That's Sir Lord Elrick Tremaine, isn't it? As I recall he's quite the force within the Tourney." She looks towards Stephen, "Perhaps we should make the honorable Knight feel more welcome?" Thaddeus, too, is included in the glance.

Justin remains near his niece, and to her remark he nods and says, "Of course. Forgive the implication." in a tone showing he has been called out for being the foolish uncle being too protective. Then comes the new additions. Moving a bit closer to his niece's side, he offers a formal bow of his own alongside his niece's curtsey and says, "And yourself Lord Darman. As to my my brother, the duties of a baron are not so easily set aside." Catching sight of a somewhat familiar face in the crowd, Justin bows his head to Elrick in a fashion suitable to the setting and the other man's status as heir to his House. He gives no verbal comment as of yet, more of a respectful acknowledgement for now.

With no apparent sign of his usual drinking partner, Broderick instead angles himself over towards his cousin. Well, one of his cousins, the one present that he is actually relatively fond off. Shifting through the crowds so he doesn't end up sneaking up on them from behind he gets himself a beer then offers his greetings. "Tristan," he starts with a smile, then offers a polite inclination of is head to the lady on his arm, "forgive me my lady, we have not been formally introduced, but you must be Lady Elaida?"

Alina hmphs. "I look forward to tomorrow night's party," she says crossly. "This sort of celebration is just too…"

She eyes the people in the streets. "Messy," she finishes. "Absolutely messy." She bats her lashes at her husband. "Take me home and ravish me instead?" She's halfway between serious and joking— knowing she still must make her appaearnce, but not adverse to such things happening, either…

Elaida looks concerned further. "I want you to be having a good time as well. If that means we go home— or perhaps a smaller, more private celebration?" She tilts her head, but then Broderick appears. She listens to him introduce himself, and she nods, blushing. "Yes, Lady Elaida Toulan. It is good to meet you, Lord…?"

Corvin rolls his eyes a bit at Alina's suggestion to her husband, but it's more amused than truly exasperated. "This is actually a far cry more orderly than many festivals I've seen." He opines, eyes briefly falling upon Darman and the t'Acutos, before continuing to scan the crowd, more out of vigilance than curiosity. He's not expecting trouble, but he keeps an eye out for it anyway.

Stephen follows Raelyn's gesture in the direction of Elrick and shrugs a shoulder, "No particular reason why not, I think." He glances towards Thad and grins a touch, "Unless you've another suggestion?"

"Perhaps," Thaddeus ponders and after amoment nods, "Seems like a fine enough suggestion. At the very least it should not hurt anything!

The way to Goldseat may be blocked off for most…but, it seems that it is not exactly the case for all. A pair of Lancers can be seen forming a temporary entrance through the barricade, allowing a female figure to step through. Then, with a nod, the two Lancers allow the passage to close, then follow the female form of Clara as she makes her way through. Yes…it is always better late than never…but no sense taking the long way.

"Broderick." Tristan gives his cousin a faint nod and then smiles. "Sir Broderick Tracano, my betrothed, Lady Elaida Toulan. Elaida, this is Sir Broderick, a cousin of mine. How are you finding this festival Broderick? Have you tried any of the, ah, ale or beer that they have around here?" He gives Elaida a little smile, one that indicates agreement with her earlier question.

"I am certain, Lord Darman, that your instructor must be very proud, having made quite the impact on their student. Or was it one of your parents? A sibling" Eva's tone remains light despite her company and she seems to be somewhat smiling as well. "It doesn't matter. I'm sure /someone/ is proud." The young woman might very well wrinkle her nose at the idea of learning any of the Rivanan dances, after having witnessed some of what was performed at that very wedding ceremony, but she does go on to state, "Before I leave, I suppose, it wouldn't hurt to learn a Rivanan formal dance. I'll inquire about it at some point. How difficult can the steps be." Then again, Eva is confident in her own dancing, even though she is not entirely enthused about what she has seen here thus far.

When the discussion moves on to pastries, though, Eva's gaze looks from various stalls with some interest. "I would expect it not to terribly different." Though she is surprised that Darman would bring the topic of pastries up rather than anything else more suited for him. "And which are your favorite pastries here, My Lord? Maybe my uncle and I will care to sample some of them." Here, she turns to Justin for the briefest of moments, before her own gaze follows the others to view Elrick in the distance. "So it is." However, as she begins to scan the crowd, more familiar faces stand out — that of her cousins, Alina and Corvin. "My cousins are here, come we must speak with them as well."

"Toulan," Broderick repeats, although to be fair, he knows already, "a fine house, of which my mother was once a member." Until she married his dad that is. As Tristan completes the introduction formally he smiles to Elaida once more, "a please to finally meet you Lady Elaida." Then, the Tristan, "more intersting perhaps than usual with our foreign guests present, but I msut confess that I haven't yet quite found my swing yet. Perhaps in the days to come, or perhaps I might take it easy and prepare instead for the tournement. I shall have to take it as it comes. Yourselves?"

Justin leaves Eva to carry on with the discussion for the time being, though he is clearly paying attention to what is being said. As the cousins are mentioned Justin nods to his niece and says, "Of course." Then to Darman he adds, "If you will excuse us a moment." in a polite tone, leaving time for a response.

Eyes scan the crowded Inner Ward but through the mass of people, Elrick is able to see familiar colors and faces. He takes note of Daman's location and salute, giving the other noble a respectful nod in return. The same is offered to Justin as well, but remains for the most part, where he is. He also takes note of the familiar southern faces as well, faces he is use to seeing in tournaments. Seeing the trio, Stephen, Raelyn, and Thaddeus looking in his direction, the t'Tremaine Heir offers a respectful bow of his head to the three, diplomatic in public as always.

Darman briefly opens his mouth as if to say something in reply to Justin, pauses, closing it, and then starts again, as if having changed his mind mid-thought. "Ah, yes, I'm sure his business must keep him very busy. My sister was unable to attend at all, for similar reasons." That said, he turns his attention quickly back on Eva, grinning as if in on some joke, "And Sir Jordan, is he about somewhere? Up to trouble without me, perhaps?" Then a slight shrug. "Oh, I don't remember who said it. Probably more than one person, realistically, it's the sort of thing people are very likely to tell children, after all. Hmm." A thoughtful pause is taken on the pastry topic. "The blackberry ones, perhaps?" He might well be picking at random, just to have an answer. "You should definitely try and learn a dance or two. Not that you're not the envy of our own court for th lightness of your feet already, but it would still add something to your repertoire the less-traveled girls could not boast." All that talk aside, much like Eva, either because of her own distraction or because he notes the other man's glance in his direction, he likewise turns his gaze toward some of the others, perhaps Corvin in particular, before glancing back as Justin excuses himself. "Oh, of course."

Elaida grips her cup a little tighter. "It's been a very fun first night of the festival so far," she says with a small nod. "I was looking for a hayman to see how they've done his pumpkin face. Sometimes they make them scary and sometimes very happy— at least they do in Sanctum." And throughout the Edge as well, though Elaida isn't as aware of that.

"The tournament you say?" Tristan inquires of Broderick, curiously. "Well, I wish you luck cousin. The competition should be quite intense at this particular tournament, it being the one that will decide the tournament champion for the year. Though if you could knock out a few Couvieri early and keep them from winning the championship two years in a row, I know a number of Rivanans who would be quite pleased to see that." Glancing at Elaida, Tristan smiles. "They do that here as well, though whether or not they are done as well as in Sanctum… I cannot say."

Leading the two men towards Elrick, the Viscountess smiles, warmly to him. "Welcome to Festival," greets she warmly. "I don't believe we've ever been formerly introduced, but I am well aware of you, and have oft watch you spar against my countrymen. I am Raelyn Cassomir, this, my husband, Stephen Cassomir of Ironhold. I hope your stay is good and enjoyable."

Even as she moves those she is conversing with towards where Alina and her own little group have settled at, Eva turns to Darman once Jordan is mentioned. "He may be in training elsewhere, I'm not certain." The discussion never halts her steps, however, forcing the others who care to follow to trail behind the small young woman as she elegantly swishes her skirts pass several people who are practically blocking her path with their beer drinking. "And besides, my dear brother hardly gets into the sort of trouble that you do, Lord Darman." As they approach her cousins admist the revelry, Eva says with some elation to Alina, "Thank the One that I have finally found some sanity in this chaos." Then to the others, she curtsies, "Lord Cousin." She says to Corvin, "Sir Gabriel."

Justin nods to Darman and says, "I am sure your sister would attend as well if she were able." smiling softly then nodding to the pastry recommendation. As the response is given the older knight nods once more to Darman and moves along with his niece towards Alina and Corvin.

Gabriel grunts. "There is no sanity anywhere in this chaos. Not unless one can completely ignore all that is around them." He shakes his head and sighs, "Forgive me. I find such festivities don't sit well with me right now. How are you all doing this evening? Tried any of this ale? I found it slightly amusing and insulting that they wanted to charge me to try their damn ale. Rivanans." The last word is grunted out under his breath.

"It was myself and the Lord Marshall verses the lot of them at the last tournement I faught in," Broderick replies, "and I lasted longer than him despite being taken on two to one. Sadly though it was not an offical circuit event, so didn't count." Not hat he's bragging about having don ebetter than Thad of course, not in the slightest. He nods in agreement with Tristan regarding the haymen though. "Indeed they do, and there are a few about if you look, although I suspect the Couviere crowd are rather blocking the view at the moment."

Alina smiles brightly at her cousin. "Cousin Eva!" she leans forward to embrace the other young lady. "It's good to see you here. How have you been enjoying things?" She tsks at Gabriel's grousing. "Later, darling. I'm sure we'll be able to slip back to the manse soon enough. We've a few last minute plans for tomorrow we'll need to handle." She looks back to Eva. "You will be coming tomorrow night, I trust?" she queries.

Elaida shifts off the road proper and begins moving their little group towards one of the stacks of haybales and the haymen. She allows Tristan and Broderick to continue their conversation while she looks over the hayman and his pumpkin-headed face. "I like this one," she notes idly to no one in particular. "He looks friendly." She splashes a bit of her ale into his 'mouth'.

Seeing the three Rivanan approach was not something Elrick had expected, he had assumed that the proper greetings exchanged from afar would have been it. Tensing up very slightly, the neutral mask he wears is there. As introductions begin, the t'Tremaine Heir now offers a bow of his head in response, "Thank you for the welcome and the hospitality as well. Honored, Lady Raelyn, I am Sir Elrick, Heir to House t'Tremaine."

"Oh, I don't know, he has his moments," Darman will say of Jordan as he indeed takes up alongside Eva while she sets off across the way. It seems any effort to be rid of him by either t'Acuto is for naught! "But our bonds of brotherhood prevent me from sharing any details. Probably the best for everyone involved, that. Hah!" Arriving, he offers a more general round of greetings that echoes the lady's, although he lets the two Songbirds have their own moment while turning a slight nod and smile toward Corvin.

Thaddeus follows the two Cassomirs and nods to the t'Tremaine heir, "And I am Lord Thaddeus Greycen of Seaguard. I assume you are staying for the tournament, sir?" He takes another drink from his cup.

"Ah, well, the Couvieri do tend to work well together. Perhaps Rivanans will be more united this go around and a Rivanan will be champion of this particular tournament. I suspect that would please Her Majesty." Tristan turns slightly and watches Elaida splash some of her ale into the mouth of the hayman. He pats her hand gently, approing of that use of ale as it is a hideous drink and unfit for human consumption.

Eva returns Alina's embrace, though her own hug is done in such a delicate fashion that one may think that such a simple act would break her. "Sir Gabriel is mostly right, I do admit." And here, Eva casts a glance over the entirety of the festivities. "I am pleased to see that you found somewhere out of the way and remotely safe to watch the world move on around you. I believe that in this case, this very well could be the best seat in the house to witness the festival." Gesturing to the pair in her own company, she states, "You know my Lord Uncle Justin and… Lord Darman." Who still happens to be there! "And of course, I will be there. It will more than make up for this evening, I'm sure. Though… I have decided to learn at least one Rivanan dance before I leave. Do you, by chance, happen to know anyone who could very well teach one? A formal one." Meaning proper!

Alina shrugs. "Their formal dances are much the same as our own," she replies with an amused look, remembering her own… learning of certain Rivanan dances while be instructed by a certain handsome prince. "It's their… exhuberant dancing that truly makes it learning a Rivanan dance. I did myself a couple of years ago." When she was the lover of Prince Tristan, which was an open secret for the time they spent together. "Nothing I would do in court back home, but quite fun. Invigorating."

"Well met, Lord Thaddeus, your name is well known in the north, as is your skill in the martial arena." Elrick says with a similar bow of head that was offered to Raelyn given to the Lord Marshal of Rivana. "Yes, I will be staying for the tournament, Sir. I believe only the most urgent of business will call any of the knights away from this last circuit tourney of the year."

Justin bows respectfully to Alina and Corvin in a style befitting their positions and offers a simple greeting as Eva speaks on after the introduction. A bit quiet today, but then he isn't really well known as a socializer at festivities and parties, if anything he is better with smaller gatherings.

Broderick doens't seem to overly mind the ale, although it's certainly not his drink of first choice. "He does indeed Lady Elaida," he notes, "although I wonder if he'd scare off many birds with that face." Then, nodding in agreement ot Tristan he replies, "I suspect it would. And we must do our best for her. Do you know if the King will be competing? We loose a valuable fighter if he does not, but then I suspect that many might try for him, especially in the melee, just so they can say they did."

"Lady Eva, a pleasure as always." Corvin inclines his head towards his cousin with a brief, polite smile. He's technically no Lord, but he doesn't bother correcting her for the time being. "I hope you're enjoying yourself so far?" He looks past her to Darman for a moment, lips quirking just a touch, but remains silent for the time being. He looks back to Alina and though she's well aware of his distaste for a certain Tracano Prince, he does note with some humor, "I may have to make a point of learning a few before I leave…"

Stephen inclines his head towards Elrick, smiling politely, "Well met, Sir Elrick." He seems content to let Raelyn and Thaddeus do the talking, but while he might seem the silent sort, it's clear he's paying attention to the conversation. Or faking it very very well.

"If there is aught you need, just let us know," Raelyn proffers to Elrick, warmly. She smiles some, then. "But I hope you will not begrudge me wishing my own countrymen to take the tournament instead of you. Still, I wish you well, Sir." She inclines her head to him, asking him, "Have you tried the ale? It's Rivana's finest."

Darman's smile curls in a way that more or less matches Corvin's, and then he lifts his hands in something of a 'who knows' sort of gesture. Who knows about what? Who knows! "Why don't you live a little, Lady Eva, and learn one of the… well, non formal ones. I'm sure they must have some that, hmm, how would you say it… Well, that between totally, boringly stiff and inappropriately vulgar, there has to be some sort of middle ground. Something celebratory, rather than sensual?" He looks around, as if maybe some local can suggest one!

When in Alina's company, Eva often times doesn't hold back her criticism and such, so with a look of disdain, the young woman says with a sigh, "I don't believe those types of dances suit me at all and especially if one can't perform it at court. Then why bother." There's a thoughtful pause, before she continues, "That said, I'm sure there is some energetic little dance that might be passable. We shall see. However, when Darman horns in, it very well looks as if Eva may have changed her mind completely on any of this. "Thank you for your insight, Lord Darman.." To Corvin, she does state, "It would seem that my cousin is in search of an instructor too. I shall let you know if one comes along."

"I think I've heard," Elaida offers shyly, "That His Majesty has retired from the Circuit entirely." She looks sheepish. "I'm sorry if that's not to your liking, Lord Broderick." She regards the hayman again, and considers. "Well, his sackface might be scarier," she allows. "But tonight he looks cheerful and friendly."

Justin remains at the side of his niece until she is ready to leave or her father shows up, largely quietly listening.

Alina shrugs. "To each their own, cousin," she says. "I wouldn't dance it at court because my dear husband would not enjoy being dragged into such a dance. He's more of a battlefield dancer than a ballroom one." She winks at Gabriel, then continues, "though, Corvin, Eva, I will see if I can use my contacts here and find you both a fair tutor in such dances. You never know when the knowledge might come in handy."

"I doubt it. I do not think Alysande wants to risk him being hurt so quickly after their wedding, which I think is completely reasonable. We need the man intact for at least a few months." Tristan gives a faint smile and then nods over at Elaida. "Yes, he does indeed look cheerful and friendly. Just as you always do, my darling."

An easy smile is offered to Raelyn by Elrick as he inclines his head in an appreciative manner, "Thank you, Lady Raelyn. And I will certainly not begrudge you for that, it is to be expected. I am sure what we can all agree on is to have a good showing for those who will be watching, that is the most important goal for all tourneys." When questioned about the ale, there is shake of his head, "Not yet, perhaps a bit later. I have heard good things about the famed ale."

Gabriel grunts and gives Alina a look. "Put a steel in your hand and that's the only dance that matters. Life. Or Death. No wearing some fancy gown to impress others. You do it enough times, you start to wonder where is the purpose in moving your feet around in a fancy pattern."

"Sad news," Broderick replies, "but understandable, we shall just have to find someone else to fill the gap he leaves. I hear Graham Cassomir is a good prospect." Then, more to Elaida than Tristan, "you are likely correct, but he has been good enough to grace us with his pumpkin face for the festivities." That being said he moves to take his leave of the pair, "I shall not impose upon your enjoyment any longer though, have a good evening."

Elaida nods in agreement with Broderick. "He's a good knight and seems to fare well in the tournaments," she agrees. When he moves to take his leave, she lifts her cup to him as he departs. "It was good meeting you, my lord. Perhaps I will see you around the castle."

Darman now turns flat toward Eva, and repeats his questioning, helpless gesture in her direction. "What? I think we were saying almost the same thing. Energetic, celebratory. You see?" And now, as if totally on a mission to find out if such a dance exists, he turns around and raises his voice to a level where it might carry beyond their little circle to the nearby crowds. "Is there any Rivanian lass about who would care to show me a few of your local dance steps?" One presumes, since he's making the request in public, possibly of a would-be stranger, that there would be some bounds on just how tawdry it could be! Though he might be surprised. Or, well, everyone might totally ignore him, which is nearly always the safer course.

With a chorus of giggles, a couple of nearby Rivanan girls eagerly take him up on the offer. It's not entirely odd, as there has been no small amount of dancing in the streets with the beer and revelry.

Once Gabriel speaks, Eva is all smiles, finding his gruffness endearing in a sense. Almost like her father! "Be lucky, Sir Gabriel, that you do not need to don one of those fancy gowns. I, however, rather enjoy it and the fancy patterns." To Alina, she chirps, "I would be grateful for that. It's hard enough for me to realize who to trust here. Not that anyone that I've met so far has been the despicable sor—" And just before she has the chance to finish her statement, Darman makes a big fat spectacle of himself, something which Eva had always felt was unseemly.

"You'd be surprised, Lord Gabriel. A grounding in dance can actually help with balance and footwork in battle." Corvin notes, then chuckles just a bit, "It seems a principle Rivana's new king took to heart, certainly." He shrugs a shoulder, then nods to Alina's declaration. Not like he usually objects to her wishes in any case. He does tilt a brow to Darman, but whatever he's thinking, he just shakes his head slightly, smirking as he's dragged off by giggling Rivanan girls.

Alina is no stranger to spectacles, though this time she seems more content to observe while her arm stays firmly locked in her husband's. "Don't let him fool you. He does clean up rather well, and is entirely a gentleman in every way possible." She smiles fondly at him. "I look forward to us being in Rovilon after the tournament. I'm unsure if the babes will be coming as well, but I know I'll be spending a fair amount of time in our manse there, and my Gabriel will be coming with." She may not have exactly asked him about this yet, but it is what it is.

Oh, lookie there. Seeing that he has some takers, Darman's mission seems a go! "I'm off to do some reconaissance," he declares of Eva, who might now finally be rid of him. "If I learn anything useful, perhaps I can teach you in turn." Or not! Well, it would be too much to hope for to be permanently free of him, but at least in the immediate present, the man does finally depart, turning to stroll over toward whoever it is who has taken up the offer. "Well hello there. Darman t'Corbeau. Oh no, the pleasure is all mine really. Do all us dance together, or shall we take turns?"

Clara isn't a giggling girl. At least, not yet. Though, with a couple of Lancer bodyguards in tow, there may not be much of a chance for Clara to get to the point of giggling. Still, she does seem rather to be enjoying herself. Drifting through the crowds, she claims a cup of wine for her own, insisting on payment even though the vendor was giving it freely to her…recognizing her for who she is. It is with this cup in hand that Clara remains on the outskirts, allowing herself to simply watch and be content.

Eva pays Darman or the Rivanan girls no more attention as the Couvieri is dragged off and to some extent, she looks relieved. "It's been a while since I've seen the babes. Do let me know if and when you bring them and I'll make certain to visit." Her eyes then idly scan the crowd once more, when she murmurs, "On top of a Rivanan dancing instructor, I believe I'll be seeking out one who can assist in teaching self-defense as well. My Lord Father insists. But I won't worry about that until we return to Rovilon."

"Good," insists Raelyn to Elrick. And she nods, "If you've a taste for ale at all, then you certainly should try some." Her voice, mannerism warm, friendly, even. "And if it is country and forest you find welcome, there are a few places I can reccomend for hunting if that is your fancy." She, too, catches the spectacle that Darman is making of himself, commenting to Elrick, Stephen, and Thaddeus all, "Well, it seems that one of you is certainly getting into the festival mood."

At the mention of hunting, Elrick does look a touch more intrigued, which is something to say since he is speaking with Southerners. Anything that peaks his interest would be a rare event. Before he can inquire though, he does hear Darman's request, turning his gaze at the fellow Circle's direction, smirking in amusement, "Indeed, it appears that he has found some willing dancing instructors as well." That is all he would say on that matter, perhaps recalling his own antics in the past, which he must sadly leave in the past now. "As for the subject of hunting… is boar hunting a favored pasttime in the south?"

"Boar, Deer, a variety of small game. All popular quarry for hunters in Rivana." Stephen answers Elrick's question, "There are a few herds of Wisent out in Eastfield, but they're a little too easy to make good sport." He chuckles, "Bears in the hills and mountains if one is feeling particularly adventurous."

"Plenty of good hunting," Thaddeus nods as he joins his brother's response. "No doubt with the abundance of guests, there will be plenty of opportunities to hunt, providing Her Majesty allows for it." He takes a drink from his cup, "But yes, should you wish the hunt, Rivana has plentiful game."

"And quail and such, if you've a care for falconing. I brought Zeus with me since we'd been here so long, but," amends Raelyn, cheerfully, "I've not had too much chance with all the celebration to get out as much as I would like." She looks at Stephen, telling him, "Speaking of. We're going to get you a falcon, too. So we can go out together." She grins, some.

It seems the answer is taking turns, as much as Darman might have hoped for some sort of three-way! But he does end up getting some resonable instruction from the chorus of giggling young ladies, managing his way through more or less admirably as they try to show him the steps. As for the propriety of the dance, the public venue, much as he thought, does keep things at least child-friendly! The dances are a little steamy by Couvieri standards, certainly, with the young women showing him the much closer partnering positions, hardly to Darman's complaint. Besides that, there are some dips and he's even something where the first girl encourages him to lift her leg and drag her a few steps… although he nearly botches that, getting it down better with the second. Practice makes perfect!

The subject of falcons does remind Elrick of someone else who owns a Gryfalcon, but he remains quiet as he listens to the other three Rivanans speak of hunting and their birds. "If Her Majesty does allow for a hunting party for wild boar or even… a bear," Sounds like someone does like to live dangerously at times, "I would be most thankful if an invitation could be sent my way? I am currently staying in the Manse rented by the l'Correns."

"A falcon? You know I'm perfectly content just riding alongside you and Zeus." Stephen notes, "But I suppose it can't hurt to learn." He shrugs a shoulder, then nods to Elrick, "With all the visiting nobility, I would imagine at least one hunt will certainly be on the social calendar somewhere. Probably more than one."

"Ha!" Thaddeus grins and says to Stephen, "Seems that she intends to keep you busy enough!" He then nods to the Couvieri, "Indeed, if there is not a hunt soon, then perhaps I shall seek to arrange one. Who knows?" He finishes his cup, but does not seek a refill at this time.

Alina chuckles and nods. "Perhaps you need help in seeking a good instructor for self defense as well?" she teases Eva. "I might be able to assist." She squeezes Gabriel's arm, her mind momentarily flitting to their shared training in hand-to-hand combat under the tutelage of her brothers and other Wraiths.

"If our cousin needs instruction in defense, I believe we have a great many available that might assist in that task, Sister." Corvin notes to Alina, "Even myself, as my duties permit. Or any of the other Wraiths we've brought along." He glances towards Eva, then back to Alina, before shrugging a shoulder, "If she wishes."

Raelyn inclines her head, "I believe I could aid you in such a party, if that is your interest, Sir Lord Elrick," Raelyn offers to the man. She looks to Thaddeus, after a brief glance to Stephen. "Should you wish to come, Lord?" She touches Stephen's arm. A silent telling that he need not come if he does not wish, but he is welcome to all the same.

"Very good then. My brother Jordan has offered to train me, but sometimes these things could use a woman's touch." Eva comments about the instructional, then turns to Corvin, gracing the man with a pleasant look, "Of course, I wouldn't turn down any other offers. There's a multitude of styles to learn, though as with dancing, I'm sure that I'm more suited to some than others when it comes to martial matters."

"That would be most excellent, Sir Thaddeus, if time and duty allows." Elrick says, keeping his enthusiasm in check, sounding more appreciative than anything else. He also inclines his head to Raelyn who wishes to assist as well before glancing towards Stephen, "I find hunting with boar spears to be more enjoyable than shooting arrows from afar. Personal preference of course." The t'Tremaine quickly adds, remembering that Raelyn was a Huntress of the south, which means she most likely would not take it kindly for him to speak ill of the use of arrows reserved for the peasantry.

"What? A mug, I brought one." Is the reply given to a merchant as Jordan hands over his to have it filled as he seems to be coming down the street with a pastry in one hand, leaking maybe a bit of berry from it. He's been scanning here and there, stopping to talk and then continueing on his way. "Oh, here." He hands over a few coins before reaching for his drink and sipping back some, "Thank you." He offers before turning and nearly running over a haymen. Oof! He sidesteps, not spilling a drop from his own tankard before glancing around and hoping nobody noticed his failed walking. However, upon spotting Eva with a few others gathered around he decides to head in her way to see what is going on, "Sister." He smiles before offering a quiet nod to the rest, not wishing to interrupt anything being said.

"It could be an entertaining diversion." Stephen replies to Raelyn, then chuckles at Elrick, "I'm more of a bowman myself, but my path was turned away from the Knightly arts when I was quite young, so I'm afraid I'd be as likely to skewer myself as anything else with a boar-spear." He notes with a touch of a self-effacing, sheepish expression. "But I enjoy the wilds, regardless of the circumstance."

Tristan continues walking with Elaida for a while longer, allowing her to view more of the haymen and other things happening here at the festival. Finally, he murmurs something in her ear and the two of them, shadowed by their guards, depart for the evening.

"Oh, there are a great many styles, but unless you're planning on being a professional warrior it can safely be whittled down to but a handful if one is looking into practical defense." Corvin notes to Eva, then grins sidelong a bit towards Alina, "My sister has benefited from my instruction in the past. Indeed, she's likely skilled enough that she could instruct you in the basics, if she wished."

"There is an artistry to both spear, and bow," agrees Raelyn. And if she had sensed Elrick's pause, she gives no indication of it. "I will see that it is arranged, then." She smiles to the men about herself. Score one for diplomacy? Sort of? She then gently takes Stephen's arm, commenting, humored, "I could tell you a few stories of watching my brothers train." But, she does not share such stories just now. "I will send word when the plans and preparations have been made, Sir Elrick. We shall find ourselves a fine hunt for you. It is the least we can do as your hosts, during your stay here."

Nodding his head understandingly at Stephen, Elrick can't help but pity the other Lord when he was denied a chance at knighthood. He also inclines his head towards Raelyn when she mentions artistry for both spear and bow, "But of course, and both can be lethal in the right hands. Thank you, I will speak to some of the other Couveri Lords and Knights as well, in case they wish to participate as well. The hunt itself is only half the fun, the companions that participate is the other half."

Alina looks scandalized at her brother. "Me? Teach? And you flatter me too much. I'm not at all skilled in that arena." She smiles warmly from her brother over to her husband. "That's why I keep him around after all."

With her eyes constantly surveying the area, uncertain if some drunken Rivinan would start a brawl anywhere near where Eva is situated, just as she had noted Darman's presence from afar, her gaze now follows Jordan. "Brother dearest, Both Cousins Alina and Corvin have offered assistance in helping me hone some sort of defensive skill. Truly, how much more difficult can it be than dancing?" She says with some jest in her voice, before adding, "Far more physically grueling, I'm sure." Her eyes flicker from Corvin to Alina then at the banter between the siblings, though turning to Corvin first now, she nods very slowly, "Well, I will gladly accept any assistance from whomever is willing." Then to Jordan, she inquires, "And where might you have been, Jordan? Not that you've missed much."

Thaddues nods, "Indeed. Should you all wish to arrange anything, let me know. I will gladly participate if invited!" He looks down at his cup, "But I had best go and seek more to drink, as my cup is sadly empty. If I do not see any of you again tonight, enjoy the rest of the festival!" With that Thad departs to find more beer.

After as much time as it takes to dance with a full group of giggling local girls (he did offer!) Darman finally mkes his way back to the group. There may be some small ruffling to his doublet, but otherwise he looks more or less free of excessive wear and tear from the experience. "Well, I danced some local dances and no one ended up pregnant." Well, not yet anyway! He did spend a few minutes talking with one of the young ladies after they'd all finished, leaving her with cheeks blushed from other than the exertion of dancing. "What did I miss? Oh, Sir Jordan! You've finally showed up.

Jordan tilts his head lightly to listen, nearly blurting out the differences in dancing and defensive arts before just giving a shake of his head, catching perhaps the bit of jest his sister offers. "And if I've had the time to be home ot teach, I'd do it myself gladly. I suppose though," A faint pause as he looks between both Alina and Corvin, before nodding and continuing on, "That you at least you can learn from somebody whom is family than outside of. It should be a lot better and of course, I'll get any stories of blunders, like cutting a dress, or even dropping of your desired piece." A sparkle of amusement is seen in his face as he states this before, "And yes, I've showed up. Well, I was here just farther down." And he points, a berry flying from his pie and landing in the street, "Oops, well down that way and wandering around enjoying myself. I've just finally made it down this far." He quickly begins the finish off the pie before somebody present ends up wearing a berry, or worse.

"Well, perhaps if Corvin is coming with to Rovilon," Alina notes, "we might be able to spare him a bit to help our cousin learn how to better keep herself safe." She seems pleased at the thought.

Gabriel nods, not adding anything to the conversation but obvious in agreement with the idea of self defense.

"Father does usually prefer I accompany you to court." Corvin notes, giving Eva a brief smile. "Apparently regardless of whether that court is of Rivana or Couviere." He adds with a touch of a wry tone to his voice. "But in any case, I'm sure we can work out the details later." He gestures, "There's a festival to enjoy after all."

Eva clasps her hands together, looking just as pleased as everyone else, "Lovely. Then it's a deal and I believe we shall be seeing you in Rovilon at some point in the near future then, Cousin." She says expectantly of Corvin, before returning to Jordan, "I understand. You and father are both very similar. Always terribly busy, not that I blame you for that." This comes out almost dismissively, but then again Darman has made his return from who knows what sort of activities. Eva can guess. She then looks sullenly at her brother, "I assure you that there will be no such stories."

"I will be certain to give you plenty of time, should any of your countrymen wish to join," Raelyn advises Elrick, after a moment. She hadn't -meant- to make this a big thing, but now that it is? Well. She's coping with it nicely, "But you -really- should try the ale, if you've a taste for it. If not, the Tracano Red wine is quite remarkable in of itself." She looks to Thaddeus, curious. "Would you be hunting with spear as well, Lord?"

"Ah, well yes, I suppose it does go on and on for a bit, they really make quite the celebration out of this," Darman muses, glancing down the way Jordan is inadvertently chucking berries. "I was worried you were missing the party, you know! Your uncle was about before, and actually, right when I first spotted he and Lady Eva, I inquired if you would be joining the festivities, but he thought I meant your father. I felt bad and didn't correct him! At any rate, it seems like the whole thing is coming along well enough. I learned a forbidden local dance, much to your sister's chagrin, although it turned out to be not all that forbidden or risque as everyone made it sound. Well, maybe just a little of the latter, but still. Tame by my imagination's standards."

Alina laughs lightly, leaning up to Gabriel and murmuring in his ear. He sighs, shaking his head ruefully. She turns back to everyone. "Well, it has been lovely…" she begins, "but I do need to get back to the manse and finish preparations for tomorrow evening."

"Yes," Gabriel says gruffly. "It was good to see you all." He can manage to go through the motions, it seems.

"Good night," Alina says in farewell. "Corvin, if you wish to stay, Gabriel can manage me," she grins. Corvin may well err on the side of caution anyway, but she offers.

As Thaddeus speaks of his own departure to find himself more refreshments, Elrick bows his head respectfully to the other man, "Thank you, Sir, and I no doubt will enjoy the rest of the festivities." Then he also smiles at Raelyn as she reminds him to wet his tongue, "I should seek out a glass of the Tracano Red then, it is a very high quality wine. Thank you." With that, the t'Tremaine makes his goodbyes to the Cassomirs so he can seek out a drink and perhaps find where his own compatriots have gone.

Corvin does indeed err on the side of caution, and moves after Gabriel and Alina as they depart, though not before giving a brief bow towards Jordan, Eva, and Darman.

Taking Stephen's arm, Raelyn leads her husband back towards the ale. And then likely, … away from the festivities. They showed up, they had a good time. But Raelyn knows such private time will be in short supply, soon enough. And besides, it hasn't quite been a fortnight yet. The couple can be seen if people pay attention moving off back to the residential section, and the Cassomir manse.

Jordan tilts his head lightly to listen, nearly blurting out the differences in dancing and defensive arts before just giving a shake of his head, catching perhaps the bit of jest his sister offers. "And if I've had the time to be home ot teach, I'd do it myself gladly. I suppose though," A faint pause as he looks between both Alina and Corvin, before nodding and continuing on, "That you at least you can learn from somebody whom is family than outside of. It should be a lot better and of course, I'll get any stories of blunders, like cutting a dress, or even dropping of your desired piece." A sparkle of amusement is seen in his face as he states this before, "And yes, I've showed up. Well, I was here just farther down." And he points, a berry flying from his pie and landing in the street, "Oops, well down that way and wandering around enjoying myself. I've just finally made it down this far." He quickly begins the finish off the pie before somebody present end@emit "Your imagination is a place I wouldn't wish our worst enemies, by the least, Lord Darman. Perhaps I should learn this dance, myself, to clearly make sure it's not too risque." Jordan glances past Darman a bit before glancing back towards Eva's direction. Clearly she'll have something to say about it but he responds to what he overhears from the rest. "It'll be good to see folks around when I come to visit Eva that aren't trying to do anything to cause her problems, I hope at least." Another quick glance towards Darman before he looks briefly around and shakes his head, "Lord Uncle is somebody that sometimes doesn't seem he's always there, but always a good man when you are in trouble. He's probably decided it was his turn to have a few drinks now that more family is around Eva."

"Your imagination is a place I wouldn't wish our worst enemies, by the least, Lord Darman. Perhaps I should learn this dance, myself, to clearly make sure it's not too risque." Jordan glances past Darman a bit before glancing back towards Eva's direction. Clearly she'll have something to say about it but he responds to what he overhears from the rest. "It'll be good to see folks around when I come to visit Eva that aren't trying to do anything to cause her problems, I hope at least." Another quick glance towards Darman before he looks briefly around and shakes his head, "Lord Uncle is somebody that sometimes doesn't seem he's always there, but always a good man when you are in trouble. He's probably decided it was his turn to have a few drinks now that more family is around Eva."

"I know one dance I won't be learning." Eva says in her usual matter-of-fact tone, before she curtsies once more for her departing family. "I truly can't wait to see what you have in store for all of us tomorrow. Until then and have a lovely evening or what remains of it." To her brother now, however, she says with piercing gaze, "You may learn the dance, dear brother, but you don't have to worry about me learning it. I'm sure I can find other native dances here that are much more appropriate." Falling silence now, in either thought or annoyance or both, she simply watches Alina and the others as they make their way through the crowds. Her lips part at some point, before deciding not to make any more mention of the festivities tomorrow, less Darman may not have heard about it yet!

Darman seems to take Jordan's reply as a compliment of sorts, grinning despite the dark picture it seems to paint of his mind. "Well, if you're keen to learn, all I did was… loudly declare that I was looking for someone to teach me one of them, and I was promptly accosted by several young ladies, almost as if they were eager to find some bold Couvieri keen to indulge in the local culture. So you might try that. Although maybe, on the second try, it will have lost some of it's novelty? Really though, given the festive spirit, you could probably ask more or less anyone for a dance, and have good odds." Seeing that Eva is at least acknowledging his existence, if not speaking to him directly, he turns as if to include her more in his conversation. "Well, I'm sure there are some tamer yet than the one I learned and still… spirited, in the Rivanian fashion. If Lady Alina knows a few, she might be the best teacher, as I imagine she can pick one that suits you better."

Jordan looks shocked, taken back, as if he would learn it.. though he might still. "Sister, you really believe me to be one that would.. learn this dance?" He shrugs indifferently about it, "I'm sure you'll learn enough of them that you'll outshine me every day on the floor, so I'm not too worried about learning it. Perhaps in the future, I'll learn a few dances from you and teach you a few tricks with whatever weapon you do decide to learn with." Though after a brief moment, he siddles towards Darman before nodding a bit, "I may have to learn them another time, perhaps before I'm married but not anytime soon else Eva may try to hurt me somehow." Somehow, that is, what worries Jordan about his little sister.

Eva looks at her brother skeptically, but just as he shrugs, she does the same, "First of all, if I were to learn a Rivanan dance, it would only be the most appropriate. I'm sure that the others aren't worth my time and as Alina had said, they are not suitable for court." And to Eva, that is all that matters. "Secondly, Alina had already said that she would find an instructor and I'm sure that she will find one suited for me and my tastes. So I'm not overly concerned." She then ignores the suggestion of her trading instructionals with her brother, stating in an even tone, "I already have many takers who will teach me how to better defend myself." She would go on about how Jordan should already know most of the Couvieri dances and such, but instead, she refrains. "I think I'll seek out something to drink and perhaps a little treat. I've been avoiding it for most of the evening, because I can never trust the Rivanans, especially drunken ones, to not cause trouble."

"Oh, but when will you be here in Rivania amidst such a season of celebration, both wedding and holiday? It seems that to put off your studies now will let a great opportunity pass by." Darman cannot quite help himself from encouraging, instigating as always, despite any fears of retribution from his sibling. Though, he cannot quite keep from a chuckle as Eva puts off even his offers of training. "She does seem to have a long list of suitors… even for that. It's why I've not even bothered to offer." As if she would ever accept! "I doubt there'll be any trouble here," he will go on to say, glancing around. "From our hosts, anyway. It's the drunken Couvieri you ought to watch out for! Speaking of which, I really ought to go refill this expensive mug I bought and see what trouble I can cause." Notably, he glances around to see if he can follow where some of those young women from earlier have gotten off to!

"Do enjoy yourself with your new toy." Though Jordan doesn't say if it is the mug or the women that are the toy as he watches him go off to do whatever he decides. Turning back towards Eva, "A lot of suitors, I hear? Does father know you are doing his job?" He jests, "I'm sure he'll be thrilled, one less to have to worry about being married off." GRIN! "But anyways, I've not learned a new dance in long enough, though maybe something that won't make me look too bad is what I should be learning before I venture into something like .. well what he was learning. What do you think would be a good one to go try out, sister?"

Eva doesn't even waste the energy to roll her eyes at Darman when he departs, simply stating, "I do hope that the Rivanan don't think that the rest of us are like that." She very well may be joking, but the more than likely she is not. Instead, she pulls away and if Jordan wishes to follow, he may. Moving from one vendor to the next, Eva struggles to get through the throngs of revelers who stand in her path once more, but soon enough she fins a little table selling beverages. "And how was that pie that you were eating?" She asks, taking her time to decide on what beverage she would like to try. Only once she's stopped moving does she return to her brother's own questions, "Suitors? Of that, I do not know of. People willing to train me in self-defense, then yes, I have had at least two offers." For now, she puts off making any decision on dances which he should learn, as that is one to ponder on.

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