(1866-11-22) Sisters Catching Up
Sisters Catching Up
Summary: Amara visits Antonia at the l'Valdan Manse in Sunsreach, completing her secret mission for their mother, Lady Annaliese t'Tremaine.
Date: 22-24/11/2015 (Date of RP)
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l’Valdan Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
In the scene
Novembre 22nd, 1866

Princess Antonia and her husband Prince Silvio l’Valdan are staying in the manse rented by the royal House of Couviere. This time they have taken their son Etienne along, and so he is currently to be encountered in the garden, receiving a lesson in swordsmanship from his mother. Both are wearing training leathers, both seem to be in the best of spirits, Antonia’s grey eyes gleaming with mirth as she demonstrates a feint to her son, and he receives the lesson with adequate dignity - even if it means he loses his balance, as his practice sword flies through the air, and he lands on his behind, disarmed, defeated. Antonia bends over to lend him a hand, remarking: “See what I mean…? Never assume you know exactly what your opponent is up to. Keep your senses open for all possible attacks.”

Etienne nods, smiling despite the lesson just learned. He accepts his mother’s hand and moves to stand.

This will be the moment, Amara will be led out into the gardens, by one of the trusted servants of House l’Valdan.

Antonia straightens, grey eyes lifting to see who it is that is coming to visit. Seeing her sister, her demeanor brightens considerably. “Enough practice for now, Etienne,” is murmured in an aside to her son, as she steps away, placing the practice sword on the weapon stand, and then moves to greet the youngest t’Tremaine. “Amara! How glad I am to see you are here as well. I wasn’t sure, Papa would allow you to come. After all, this is Rivana.” The old grudge of the t’Tremaine against the Southerners, Antonia grew up with, and even now, after eleven years of being a l’Valdan, had not quite been able to rid herself of.

Amara is once again wearing that most favorite golden gown of hers. She is carrying the basket filled with colorful fabrics between which a tiny adorable Guardian is hiding. The kitten peeks at his surroundings and mews, and circles in the basket. There is a huge smile in Amara’s features, when she sees Antonia and Etienne, “Teaching him how to fight? Seriously? Sister… We do not need violence anymore. We are here, in Rivana, alive and without any threats. We all can be friends!” Amara winks and tiptoes to wrap her free hand around Antonia, giving her a hug.

“Not Papa. It was mother, who sent me here with a very special business. She searches for something in the kitten’s basket and after a few moments withdraws a bag, and gives it to Antonia. “It’s mother’s most precious jewellry. She wanted that I would give it to you for safe keeping.”

“We are here to compete in a tournament,” Antonia clarifies drily, in response to Amara’s remark. “A tournament that is being held in honor of the marriage of the Queen of Rivana with her new King. I would think that our attendance to this event will be viewed as the required friendly act of acknowledging them.” Even so, she steps forward and returns her younger sister’s hug in a truly heartfelt manner.

There is a cry of glee escaping young Etienne when he spots his aunt, and once his mother is done with greeting her, he will jump at Amara, his arms flinging about her, with the enthusiasm characteristic of his youth. “Aunt Amara!”, he beams, attention soon shifting to the basket with Guardian within, and reaching out, he casts an inquiring glance towards the young t’Tremaine lady. “Can I hold Guardian for a moment?”

Antonia meanwhile takes in the information with a lift of a brow, “Not Papa?” This seems to baffle her. Even more so when Amara continues. Her hand extends a bit hesitantly to accept the offered bag, but even so, she inclines her head in a nod. “Mama’s jewels?” The ghost of a frown plays across her features. “Why?” The question, in fact encompassing far more than the single word may hint at. “How are things at home?” ‘Home’ in this case referring to Hart’s Home, the seat of House t’Tremaine.

Amara gladly hugs her nephew, and even places a peck on his cheek, “I am glad to see you, Etienne,” she withdraws from the boy and gives him the basket, “Of course, Guardian is happy to see you too.” The kitten mews and sniffs at the boy, but does not struggle at all to avoid his snuggles.

Then Amara steps closer to Antonia and shrugs, “I am not fully sure, what she meant. She said, that she has a secret mission to me. She gave me her jewels and asked to bring them to you, because it’s the safest place, where she can keep them. She said, she can’t trust anyone, and it’s no longer safe at home.” Amara shrugs, “I was just happy to come here and meet with you. I talked with Elrick a little bit. Our family does have serious troubles. Money troubles. So, I was wondering… Maybe I could spend more time with you? Learn? And maybe soon I could try to find my place in court? I want to help my family and a good position, might be wonderful as a good husband. So… I thought I could learn from you?”

While Etienne seems to be perfect content with playing around with the kitten - the boy that has just endured sword practice with his mother - Antonia’s mien certainly is less playful, as she listens to what Amara has to say on the mission her mother had sent her on. “I will keep them,” she assures, her fingers tightening about the bag. “But this is to remain our secret, am I not right?” Her demeanour turns even more thoughtful when Amara continues. “Hmm… I’ve heard nothing of it. I shall speak with Elrick,” she intones to the matter of money troubles, with a faint line appearing between her brows. “Even if I’m not sure I can do much to help…” The other request seems to be less complicated. “Ah, of course! You can stay with us and Etienne. And when we return to Rovilon, you can of course come with us. But I must warn you. The courtly dance is not that easy to learn. And I am not referring to an actual dance here, rather the interplay between the various interests presented at court. Even I have just recently managed to enter one of the factions. After getting knighted.”

Amara nods, “It will be our secret. Nobody should know you have this…” The girl points at the bag with a nod of her head and then her features brightens, “Then it is decided. I will go with you, and I will stay with you. I will be able to learn from the best and as you know… I am a good and proper student. I promise, I will not ashame you. Of course, I will never be knighted, but maybe I will do something different! Thank you, sister, for agreeing to take me in. I really need to grow up and leave home, finally!” She laughs.

Antonia seems to be positively amused by Amara’s admission about never ataining knighthood. “Of course not! But in fact, this will make it difficult for you to become one of the Falcons. There are other factions, though. Don’t expect this to be easy. The court of Rovilon is not waiting to be charmed by your innocent ways, that may usually suffice for you appeasing our father.” She gives her little sister a playful nudge against the shoulder, smiling at her with a slightly mischievous glint in her grey eyes. Eyes that will soon shift to where her son is playing with Guardian, contemplating that rather content smile on his features for a moment. “Either way, Etienne will be very happy to have his aunt around.” Sir Antonia l’Valdan states as her gaze shifts back to her sister, Lady Amara t’Tremaine. “Decided, it is.”

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