(1866-11-23) Delegations and Dragons
Delegations and Dragons
Summary: Aidric and Artos discuss dragons and the Grand Treaty.
Date: 1866-11-23
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Sunsreach Castle

The Interior of Sunsreach Castle is gorgeous, pristine and colored an earthly tone. These are regions that the sun has been allowed to touch, and the wood and stonework have faded with time but help give off a lovely glow. There is running water inside which help serve a series of gardens and numerous fountains about the area. A main guardhouse and barracks has been established for the soldiers, and the armory is setup next to a training area and stables for warhorses. A large arena has been setup for jousting and training, as well as a forge.

The castle is setup into three main blocks, with a large central area set off the main gatehouse which serves as the entrance to a grand garden with numerous fountains next to the main barracks. Staircases climb up the heavy, blockish walls to allow access to them as well as interior areas of the castle. High and joyous colors meet as one goes through the inner walls. This is a castle meant to enhance beauty as well as be ready for war. The central villa of the castle off the main gateway is the primary interior, where the administrative center of the kingdom is, as well as the throne room and storehouse.

The primary zones to the east is for living quarters for those who stay in the castle and help maintain them, as well as the inhabitants. Spanning up several stories, it is quite spacious with a network of intricately carved staircases and large central areas for those to gather.

The western zone is a work area, with a large central library and alcove, as well as a chapel for the One Faith within and a sanctuary. This area is also home to both the royal menagerie and the royal museum. The museum is a long vaulted building of two stories and vault below. The leaded glass fills the galleries with light and within various paintings and treasures of Rivana's past can be seen, including the bones of the last dragon. The menagerie, is a garden unto itself with pits holding a handful of rare creatures such as striped horses, lions, and other beasts.

Novembre 23rd, 1866

As promised Aidric appeared at the l'Valdan manse after matins and when he came, he came with a carriage to carry him and the baron up to the palace and the dragon. The Carling knight made an effort to be well-dressed in a casual sort of way, a fresh doublet and breeches and had Kieran shine his boots some as well so they shone while he lead the baron from the carriage to the royal museum. "Glad you had the time for me to keep my promise, Your Excellency," Aidric says as they approach the great double doors to the building. He nods to the guards there and one of them pulls a door wide for them to pass through. "I am sure you won't be disappointed."

Inside the doors the, museum, a long vaulted gallery with high windows shedding light on the floor below, stretch on towards the dragon, a collection of paintings of past kings, armour, weapons and other treasures laid out for view, though it is the dragon that draws the eye. The bones are displayed through clever use of wires and supports to look like it might have done in life, save for the flesh of course, the reared up on its hind legs, maw full of dagger like teeth open as if about to breathe fire.

Aidric is unable to keep from smiling, "Impressive is it not?"

Artos is pleased to see the Carling knight and gladly (though his face does not betray it) follows him to the dragon skeleton. The baron is in light fall clothing, still not used to the warmer Rivanan weather. He takes in the impressive displays of Rivanan history, though the centerpiece results in a blink and a moment of silence to take in the display.

Artos nods to Aidric, "Indeed. The only specimen I know of in the Edge, or in all of Erath, but I do not know what the Empire has, nor the Alhazri. However, this is a most interesting specimen."

Aidric's eyes don't leave the dragon, at least not yet. Though, he still replies to the Baron's words, smiling, "If you've not heard of another, then, I'd wager there isn't one to be found," he says offering the compliment casually before he glances at the baron. "Shall we take a closer look?" he asks, nodding towards the far end of the gallery and the dragon.

"Likely true," Artos mentally notes to see his own records on the issue and perhaps send some inquiries to some scholars in Sanctum on the issue. "Perhaps there are maybe scattered bones to be found, if they really are dragon bones, but I am not qualified to determine if they are real or not." He then nods, "Indeed, a closer look would be most welcome."

Aidric leads the way winding a path through the other displays as he speaks, "There are men who sell dragon bone to alchemists, or at least that is what they claim to be selling, but I've never seen anything quite like this," he says as they step into the shadow of the great beast's carcass. "Sort of brings last night's discussion into focus doesn't it?" he asks, changing subjects. "If this was living, how would one even begin?"

"It would be hard to prove whether or not they are real, but I am not an alchemist," Artos notes. Still in awe of the creature, the man answers Aidric's question, "I honestly do not know. I would guess the mouth would be the safest bet, but I know little of dragon hide or scales. Though I wonder if it was aware of it being the last of its kind known to us. A strange situation, almost worth pity."

Aidric's eyes cut to Artos with that last remark, registering surprise. "I've wondered that as well, what it felt, if it thought," he admits. "It is a pity it had to die but then if it was the last and it knew it, perhaps that was a mercy? If it were me I would not bear that well." He reaches out to pat the bones. "Were the damn things not so deadly, I'd almost wish that there were more of them. Just to say I saw one."

"Indeed. It is not a simple explanation, but I believe that you are correct in that it was for the best. Its presence would be more a problem than a boon, and I do not wish to see what a world would be like with multiple of these beasts about," Artos frowns, "Though I wonder what happened to them all"

"Hm, yes, I'd meant a mercy for the dragon, but a boon for us too that they're dead, or at least seem to be," Aidric admits before he frowns. "You do bring up a good question. I am hoping they simply caught a plague and were wiped out by it, because the idea of them still slumbering or worse yet, creatures besides the odd Rivanan prince who could kill a dragon are too dreadful to contemplate."

Artos again notes something to look up when he returns home. Where the dragons went. "Indeed, but you think we would have found more of them. Therefore, I think it probably migrated here. From where I know not. But it would make the most sense with what we know, or at least what I know."

Aidric nods and glances up at the bones again. "Hm, true," he says of a massive dying off of dragons leaving bones to find. The notion of migration earns a thoughtful hmm, "Well Goldhollow is not far from the coast and Roland Rindel wrote of islands of fire in the Aecorian Oceans beyond Brodlund and the Southern Isles, mayhaps that's where they make their homes." And mayhaps another reason never to sail out of sight of land Aidric adds in his head.

"Indeed, though if it means that they can travel across water, then I am curious how far up the coast they would migrate, though I doubt such a thing will happen again. Though if they nest so far north… I am not sure what to think of it." Artos shrugs, "I can merely take comfort in their lack of presence."

Aidric offers a nod then. "If I had wine I'd drink to that last thought," he says to the baron good-naturedly, tugging on the cuffs of his doublet. He gives the bones another, familiar glance, "If old Flamewing here, is the only dragon I meet I will not be unhappy about it," he says, then realizing he spoke the name aloud, he wrinkles his nose, "I first saw the thing when I was a boy, I felt it needed a name at the time," he explains, after clearing his throat. "Anyhow, how are things in Couviere?" he asks changing the subject.

Interesting choice of name," Artos remarks and ponders, "I am sure that as the foremost expert on the story, you would have some ability to decree it, barring information to the contrary." He shrugs, "We have peace and a new king. The former is most welcome, the circumstances that caused the latter less-so. I fully support our king, I just disdain the situation that caused us the problems. How have things gone in Rivana?"

Aidric can't help but chuckle. "The name is a child's fancy, nothing more, in my book and in all the lore I could find, it is simply called The Dragon," he shrugs, taking in the Baron's words about Couviere. "By the situation, do you mean the Cardinal or the barbarians?" he asks, before speaking of Rivana. "Things move along. The Thorns have been plucked, the realm seems to be content with the Queen's choice of bridgegroom, and we turn our eyes to the treaty to see what comes of that. Your king's suggestion of agreeing to mutual aid is an interesting one."

"Both. I disdain what the cardinal did, and those savages to the far north will always be a problem." Artos frowns and nods to what Aidric says, "It seems so, though mutual aid makes the most sense. I do not foresee any real threats from without save the Tirians, though I know little of the Alhazredi. If we can have peace, I will support it. I have seen enough war."

"Well I can't blame you for either position," Aidric says with a nod. "As for mutual support, you're right there it is likely to be the Tirians or the Brodlunders we need to deal with. As for the Alhazred, who can say with them? Though I suppose it would behove me to speak to them some, and see what can be learned. In all though, if they're sending such an illustrious delegation as they did to watch the treaty proceedings, then, we've at least got their attention." He makes a mental note to speak with the Alhazred. "I'll share what I find," he offers before he asks, "And what does Couviere think of our suggestion, direct trade between kingdoms?"

"True, if they were hostile they would not have sent such," Artos says and mulls over what Aidric says, "Honestly, I not a merchant, but I am sure some houses would welcome direct trade over having to go through upjumped merchants in Pacitta. Others might prefer the current situation. It affects Garfana less than others, so my opinion is not as strong."

"Agreed," Aidric says of the Alhazred, before moving on to matters of trade. "Heh, you won't find me haggling in the marketplace either Your Excellency, but still, these matters of trade and indeed the upjumped merchants of Pacitta you mentioned, they may not be the sort of things that we would care to deal with but they do have an effect on the natural order of things," he looks to the Baron then, "I mean if we continue to let them prosper how much longer will our kingdom's merchants be content in their place? Best we curb them now that there is a chance," he says. "I know this is likely not much within the scope of your interests, and much to ask of a new acquaintance but, as you are your king's own vassal, if you could let him know, that if he sends word to Prince Tristan Tracano, he will find an attentive ear to the idea of holding private trade talks that would be free of Pacittan interference."

"Indeed, it is a messy situation, but I know that Pacitta's merchant houses already have the infrastructure in place, and while our merchants see Pacittan fortunes rise and fall, there is little to empower them at this time, but it is worth considering." Artos nods with the bit about Tristan, "Should I speak with him, I will let him know. I believe direct trade is likely best overall for the realm, but Pacitta will always be a factor in it. I assume that you hold similar views?"

Aidric nods. "Yes, you have it exact, we'll never be rid of the place entirely, nor should we be, but direct trade will help enrich our merchants and keep Pacitta from growing too big and too bold for anyone's good," he says with a nod. "So, I may trust these views will be shared with your king?"

Artos frowns, "I am curious if those merchants have any plans, but I doubt it. Save plans to make more money." He does give a nod, though, "If I get the chance, I will convey the message. I am sure that he will listen, but I do not pretend to know what he thinks. For all I know he might already be aware."

Aidric snorts. "They are clever, no matter how low-born they might be," he says of the merchants, "Save for Mancini, of course," he smirks slightly there. "Anyhow, that the king hears those words is all that I ask, and naturally, should you need a favour in return someday, I will be happy to oblige."

"Fools seldom make it far in the world, so I do not deem them such," Artos remarks, "I just do not think they currently have any long-term plans outside of how to fatten their purses." He shrugs, "Consider it done. Though hopefully I need not use it."

"Still, the favour is there if you need it," Aidric says with a shrug before he gestures to the rest of the gallery, "Shall I show you the other exhibits?"

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