(1866-11-25) Persistent t'Tremaines
Persistent t'Tremaines
Summary: Sir Elrick t'Tremaine visits his sister, Princess Antonia l'Valdan, enjoying a bit of conversation as they discuss the possibility of facing each other in the upcoming contests of the tournament.
Date: 28/11/2015 (Date of RP)
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Study - l'Valdan Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
In the scene
Novembre 25th, 1866

House l'Valdan has rented a manse for the stay in Sunsreach, for all of the Royal family that would attend the wedding and the tournament. A Royal family, Antonia has been a part of for eleven years now, since she was married to Prince Silvio. She and her husband are currently in the Capital of Rivana, and have obviously even brought their son along. Knowing Elrick would not miss the tournament, Antonia has sent word out to him, an invitation to pay her a call, if he should find the time.

It is early afternoon by the time, the t'Tremaine arrives, and he will be shown right into the study. Where he will find his sister, sitting at a table, quill in hand, obviously in the process of penning a letter. Grey eyes alight, as Antonia puts the writing utensils aside and moves to rise. She wears a dress warm enough for the season, and moderately fashionable as becomes a woman of her station. Her gaze however, sparkles with glee when it locks with the eyes of her brother. "Elrick!", Antonia smiles, taking one step toward him to offer him a hug, from older sister to younger brother - and heir.

Elrick is certainly here in the South, much to his dismay, to attend the wedding and the tournament, not only for the latter to show off his martial prowess, but also duties to their House, the one they share by blood. He has been rather busy as of late, an interesting new development occupying the t'Tremaine Heir's mind when he isn't practicing and staying in top physical shape. However, when he receives word from his older sister and Princess, he would most certainly make time to meet her.

Arriving at the l'Valdan Manse, Elrick is in noble attire, fashioned in a militaristic style with a high collar. After he is escorted through the Manse and into the study, his gaze fixes immediately on his sister. When she rises and begins to approach, he makes the proper greeting by bowing and saying, "Good Afternoon Highness." However, that quickly gives way to the more informal exchange of siblings as he enfolds Antonia into a loving embrace, "Sister. I have missed you."

There may have been a hint of amusement dancing in Antonia's grey eyes, when she perceived that bow of perfect courtesy and the greeting - which are completely adequate, according to the demands of protocol. But she pretty quickly makes it clear that this meeting is not meant to be formal by any means. Her arms will stay about her younger brother for a moment, before they let go of him. "I've missed you, too.", is admitted as she takes a tiny step backwards, the warm smile curving her lips putting more emphasis to her words. Her gaze flits over his appearance, and soon lifts again to study his face. "You look well." The smile remains, even if it dims into a slightly more thoughtful version. For a moment. "I am glad you could come around," Antonia states then, moving away from the table over to where two chairs stand before the hearth. "Would you like anything to drink? Some refreshment, perhaps?" A wave is given to a servant to see to that. "Wine. You know.", the Princess says to the man as he hurries off. She turns and settles herself into one of the chairs, her eyes on Elrick. "I'm not sure if you heard…" Her fingers move to a pin worn on the dress, somewhere between the shoulder and the collar bone. The pin depicts a falcon. "About recent developments." A brow lifts as she gestures for him to join her.

Releasing his sister at the same time, an easy grin appears on Elrick's face, reflecting his current mood. "How could I not come? It has been too long since I've seen you, Sister, a negligence on my part that I hope to correct in the future." When refreshments are offered, the younger brother nods his head and doesn't even have to tell Antonia what kind as she asks for wine. Instead, he joins her by sitting at a nearby chair, relaxing into the soft cushions. As for whether he has heard or not, Elrick manage a light laugh, "How could I not? Congratulations, I know it was something you were hoping for since we were young. Something that was… pulled out of reach when duty called, but as you have shown everyone that when a t'Tremaine wants something, they will get it, no matter how hard it is to attain it. I am so very proud, and I pray that I do not run into you in the tourney, lest it is the finals." The tourney knight part of Elrick pushing through though it is spoken in a lighthearted and humorous way.

Antonia's smile deepens when her little brother offers her his congratulations. "Thank you." Her mirth fading just a touch then. "Well, we all aimed to become knights, didn't we? Except for Amara, of course." She shakes her head. "Dear little sister… You know she asked me about taking her along to court? Ah!" The servant returns and the wine is brought, along with a plate with some bits of cheese, and smoked ham to go along with it. The plate is put down onto a small nearby table, the wine is poured into two goblets, both handed to Princess and t'Tremaine heir. "Still… yes," Antonia continues after a moment, returning to the first topic. "I'm not sure what finally did the trick. Me mentioning my wish for something more of a purpose to Sir Michael, or the spar he arranged with his sister." The Queen. "Anyhow. This puts me into the position, to perhaps face you in the tournament, dear brother…" Antonia raises her goblet in a toast. "But you know, I've always been awful with the lance. Perhaps the melee. With the sword… This could be interesting." A competitive glint there in her gaze, even if her smile remains warm.

"Indeed, our little sister is too kind and too gentle." Elrick says with an understanding nod of his head though his brow arches when he hears that Amara is interested in court. However, the t'Tremaine Heir doesn't look entirely surprised, almost as if it was expected. Accepting the goblet with a slight nod of acknowledgement to the commonborn servant, Elrick's attention never leaves Antonia. "If it was the joust, I have a feeling I have the advantage. But if it was with blunted tourney blades? I would beat a hasty retreat, you were always quicker than me. Maybe if I manage to land a blow, it would hurt more, but… to land that blow?" There is a slight shake of his head and he was about to drink the wine when he pauses, raising the goblet instead, "To you, Sister, and to your Knighthood."

"Oh yes," Antonia agrees with a chuckle. "The joust. I /may/ try, but… well, after all the Queen has asked me to make a good showing, and I doubt it will happen in those contests. As for the tourney blades…? I'm eager to find out. And if such happens… all I ask is that you'd rather fight me as a competitor, not as my dear little brother. Who knows? It's been a while since we last sparred, maybe I've become a little rusty?" Jest or challenge, who can tell? Even so, the Princess will bring her goblet to her lips for a sip of the wine, after inclining her head to Elrick's toast. "How are things at home?", she inquires, setting the goblet down on the table, grey eyes lifting to study her brother with outwardly casual curiosity.

Shaking his head, Elrick appears not to believe that Antonia has gotten rusty when it comes to her skills, "Doubtful, Sister. But worry not, I will definitely compete against you seriously, I know if I don't, you will put me on my back in a few swings and that won't bode well for me, or those who are watching." Taking a long sip of the wine, the t'Tremaine Heir's expression goes from enjoyment of the taste to a neutral expression when his sister asks about home. "Better, Sister. The traitors have been punished accordingly, the peasants were not slaughtered in the process. And Father… well, it appears that he is slowly accepting some of my advise on how to run the Barony."

"Hah!", Antonia seems to be pleased with Elrick's reply, about having to fight her seriously as not to look bad to those watching. "Indeed!", she chuckles, "But even so… I believe nothing is decided until those days of the contests. I do look forward to it, though." She observes the slight change in his bearing, which is to be expected, given the shift of topic. Her own mirth dims as well. "Good.", this Antonia states to the news of the traitors. Another "Good!", comes after a moment, her brows lifting as she leans forward to reclaim her goblet from the table. "I am aware…," she drawls thoughtfully, her gaze flitting to the goblet in her hand. "He hasn't made the best decisions in the past, in regards to the barony. That he accepts advice, suggests he has come to the same realization…?"

A smirk appears as Elrick looks off to the side when they begin speaking of their Father, a slight shake of head from the Heir as he takes another long sip of wine. As if that would make the words more pleasant tasting. "I don't believe he made /any/ decisions in the past, he most likely delegated all the work away and never bothered making sure it was done properly." No doubt that was how the traitors were spawned, out of greed, but Elrick need not dwell on that part of the past, "I hope so, I believe he did realize just how remiss of his duty he had been."

A sigh leaves Antonia's lips as she leans back, goblet in hand. "I've been away from home for such a long time…", this a statement addressed perhaps more to herself. "I've not really known much of what was going on. Even so…" Her mien lightens up a little, as her gaze finds that of her brother. "It is good to know, you are there at his side, to make sure he is more diligent in the future." Her lips twitch into a faint smile. "And it's good to know, that the Head of House t'Tremaine will be succeeded by someone who will not repeat his father's mistakes."

"So was I, Sister, so was I. I had thought that all would be well at home while I was on the tourney circuit, to make a name for myself, for our House's future and perhaps send home coins that are needed." Elrick says with a sigh of regret as well, "Then there was that damned war with the barbarians. But I am home now." Another long sip of wine, draining the goblet, "For our House to return to prominence, Sister, we can afford no such mistakes. I will do what I must, for the good our House."

"You've made a name for yourself," Antonia states. "You have always represented House t'Tremaine in the best way, on the tourney field. And even in that damned war," echoing his own wording there with the ghost of a smirk, "you showed yourself to be an honourable and valiant knight." Her grey eyes go distant for a moment, as she considers. "Of all news that reached me, I was always particularly happy to hear from your deeds." The gaze becomes focused once again, lingering on her brother, when Antonia admits: "Whatever has happened, and will happen, I want you to know that I am proud of you, Sir Elrick t'Tremaine. I even admit, I envied you, for a while, that you would be able to make yourself that name, where I… was to fulfil other purposes. Even if not by name anymore, we are siblings by blood." Her gaze flits to where her fingers twine about the goblet, a faint line appearing between her brows, before she raises her eyes again. Her expression softens into a smile.

"Whatever happens. You'll always remain my dear little brother, Elrick.", is added in a bit of sisterly tease.

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