(1866-12-01) On Favors and Murders
On Favors and Murders
Summary: A late breakfast at the Cassomir Manse in Sunsreach is the backdrop for an interesting conversation between the touched and the freckled Cassomir.
Date: 02-04/12/2015 (Date of RP)
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
In the scene.
Decembre 1st, 1866

The smaller dining room had been laid out for a breakfast to be had in passing, with so many Cassomirs currently in the Capital, it seemed hard to gather them all at once at the same time, especially when the impending tournament required some preparations, and others most often claimed by duties, or adjusting to new duties. So… With most of the chairs about the dining table more or less vacant it seems Adrienne is the only one currently to break her fast on this late morning. With a variety of fruit, cheese, bread and even some slices of smoked ham on display, along with some pastries from the previous day on display, the freckled Cassomir is currently considering where to start. Her brown hair is worn in a long braid, as usual, she attired in tunic and leggings of a Huntress; today’s mood one of her better ones, actually, with a smile curving her lips, green eyes showing off a faint sparkle as if a very amusing thought were passing her mind just now. She pours herself some lemon water from a flagon that stands at the ready, before she raises the goblet to her lips for a sip.

So many people and so many social functions…It had been a trying time for the ‘touched’ Cassomir, even if outwardly she had seemed little different. Vanishing as she oft did after a presence had been made for long enough to fulfill her duty. But she had seemed in somewhat better spirits, least as far as any could ever tell with the stoic one, since Raelyn’s wedding had passed. Emilia actually having been seen dancing with others, at both weddings even.

But since, she had been seeing to her duties as a Huntress, as well as time spent with Lonar for lessons. The man having come in place of his father Lon, invited for Raelyn’s wedding. And he seemed to be settling in well enough amongst the Huntresses and guards that had interacted with the huntsman-warrior. A reprieve from lessons and duties seemed to be had given the gentle voice that sounds behind Adrienne,”Would of suggest least be of going for one of the apple of pastries, with the little of nuts on top.” The familiar off speech pattern giving way the who, if the familiar tone hadn’t already. Emilia moving to take one of the other empty chairs,”They were much of a delight of yesterday, not so of grand as when of with fresh of pears. I am hoping your morning is going of well, mine-cousin?”

Two Cassomirs in better spirits, even after those two weddings, both paragons of stoicism if need be! Could such be possible? But admittedly, Emilia clearly prevailed in this particular Cassomir family trait when Adrienne usually appeared slightly more grumpy than really stoic. And of course, social occasions, like a Royal Wedding and the marriage feast of the new Viscountess required courtly clothing – elaborate dresses a Huntress such as Adrienne rather despises, because of the lack of practicality. So all of this seemed like a strange coincidence, that these two Cassomir Huntresses should actually have enjoyed themselves…?

Even Adrienne seems to have been preoccupied with her own business of late, too preoccupied obviously to notice or even question the reason for such lessons with a foreigner. In fact, she has noted the face of Lonar without making a connection, assumed he was perhaps someone of the new Viscount’s retinue. Strange enough, that such a man would soon be quite familiar with the Huntresses, as the freckled Cassomir has noticed with some bewilderment, but never actually put into question. She herself being on her own duties and errands, when she was not doing archery practice with a certain Tracano Princess, which had happened two days prior.

However, on this particular morning, Adrienne seems a little distracted as becomes clear from the slight flinch the sudden address coming from so close behind her causes. “Ah… Emilia! Didn’t hear you coming…”, she drawls, when she, turning her head, catches sight of her touched cousin, with a slightly apologetic and perhaps awkward chuckle. To be caught off guard, unthinkable for a Huntress! But then again, perhaps sort of a compliment to Emilia’s skills. “One above… It’s good you’re here, I hate breaking my fast on my own.”, Adrienne admits after a moment, adding an inviting gesture of her hand, not really necessary as Emilia seems already about to take a seat. “The apple pastries, you say?” Green eyes shift from her cousin’s face towards the variety on display, and after a short moment of hesitation, Adrienne makes her pick. The inquiry about her morning earns the touched Cassomir a glance from the freckled one. “Fine, quite fine, actually,” Adrienne replies. “What about you? You seem… to be in good spirits?” Is there a hint of astonishment discernible in the freckled Huntress’s tone? Even so she reaches for the flagon beside her, offering to pour for Emilia. “Would you like some lemon water?”

Dresses had been worn, and not seemed to be as minded perhaps, least not as much as usual. The number won by Emilia for Raelyn’s wedding even a bit daring, certainly for her. A number actually designed by a certain Tracano Princess. Someone who seemed to be taken with playing dress up with Cassomirs!

To cause some turn of startling and surprise was not uncommon to Emilia, not that it will be of any surprise to find little sign of..well much of anything..upon that stoic mien. “Am of sorry, I was not meaning to be of startling.” Something that is said sincerely. A brow rises just a hair when Adrienne speaks of being glad she is there. Her cousin actually glad for her presence? “Of aye, the apple.” Selecting one for herself after her cousin has made her choice. Emilia also selecting some of the cheeses and like to put upon her plate. A little of the meat put upon a smaller plate with an almost absent turn of her hand.

“Oh aye, I am doing of well. I have managed to sleep of well for a few of nights,” which for most certainly a small matter. Even if the frequency had fallen back of since that little gate mishap, Adrienne was likely not unfamiliar with the fact Emilia had nightmares at times given the screams that could sometimes come from Emilia’s room. She inclines her head at the offer of the lemon water,”Of aye, please. How have you of been finding of the city? Even with many of left with the wedding of last…not of sure I have seen so many of people trying to be within of it. Like of a pig of spilling out of gown.”

In Adrienne's case it had perhaps been the other way round, the dress given to her for the Royal Wedding by Princess Clara Tracano combined a quite daring wine red with black, certainly a garment that would draw the eye, rather than allow her to blend into the background. Whereas the gown worn to Raelyn's nuptials was the more traditional Cassomir blue, of less dramatic design.

A shoulder lifts in a shrug, acknowledgement enough to the remark about not wishing to disturb. A brow raised in response to Emilia's lifted brow. the freckled Cassomir inclines her head when her touched cousin speaks of getting more sleep lately. She hands Emilia the goblet of lemon water, and despite herself she lets out a low snort. "Aye, it's dreadful," she opines, shaking her head with a slight roll of her eyes. "It's really crowded, but well…" Another shrug there. "It's to be expected when a Queen marries a Viscount, and a Viscountess marries shortly after. I do miss the woods of Ironhold," she admits then, her mien going pensive. "But," another roll of her eyes there and a shrug. "I've imagined it to be worse, really…" Green eyes find the dark gaze of the touched Cassomir, when Adrienne inquires after a moment: "You are going to compete in the archery contest, I presume?" Her tone casual, the gaze attentive.

The reason for the bit of meat put upon that smaller plate is well enough understood in a few moments. Namely when a certainly little scamp clamours his way upon Emilia’s chair…or more likely Emilia, before settling at that plate and taking to gnawing on the ham without so much as a ‘how do you do’, though Naois may have given a sniff at Emilia’s plate first!

“Of aye, to be of expected. But am imagining many were not so much of noticing the marriage of the Viscountess,” for it was a smaller affair. Even if the wedding feast after was decent, the true party for that wedding would be when they all returned to Ironhold. “I miss of the woods of well, imagine Raelyn does of too. Taking a ride outside of the city is not quite of the same, especially since there is need to go so of far to get of away from everyone of else who had the same of idea.” Emilia accepting the goblet once offered, those dark eyes holding the gaze easily enough when met. “Of aye, you are presuming of correctly. Raelyn would wish for of it, and even if Jaren would perhaps be of understanding, would seem to be of wrong to have competed in King of Jean-Paul’s tournament and not in of the one honoring him in of part.” Especially being her brother. “Will you be of competing this of time?”

Oddly enough, the arrival of Emilia's ferret manages to bring a smile to Adrienne's lips. "Odd little Naois," she drawls, her gaze following the animal as it moves to snatch its prize from the plate of smoked ham. "Hungry little Naois," she adds with a slight roll of her eyes, chuckling as she she shakes her head in amusement.

"Oh yes," Adrienne agrees to Emilia's comment on riding out. "The woods closer to the Capital are quite crowded. I've heard about a hunting trip, possibly arranged for the squires. I've offered the local master of the hunt my assistance, should it be required. But, let's be honest, I would very much suspect it to be so." She offers the information with a smile, head tilted a little to the side as she regards Emilia. "Of course!", the freckled Cassomir continues then, when Emilia clarifies she is expected to compete. "And yes. I will as well, this time. I mean… as cousin to the King and a Huntress, representing Ironhold, I shall not be able to avoid the honor. And duty. I did not take part in Pacitta, that much is true. But… this time… I am willing to give a demonstration of my skill." A careful statement, that. "Besides, I've taken part in that archery contest at the Coronation tournament as well… I am obliged to compete, to honor our new king!"

Emilia’s dark eyes drift to Naios as he settles in with the bit of meat,”He is an odd of thing, much of hiding of late.” The mention of his name not drawing much attention from the little beast, his little ears giving a wiggle as he gnaws away. “It is always food or of shinies he is of after.” A thoughtful little flutter of her fingers,”Shall likely need to be finding his new cache. You are not missing of anything are of you?” This inquiry being added, as Emilia knows the ferret did rather seem to favor stealing a certain pair of Raelyn’s earrings…and was always after expanding his treasure trove.

“Of true, help will likely be of needed. But with so many within of the city, I am betting any true of game has long of fled away.” Except the cheeky squirrels! Emilia gives a nod,”Am expecting most of Huntresses to of compete,” he had been their Viscount. “Will be of interesting to see what of field turns of out this of time. And if we will be of seeing such of upsets and of excitement in the other of events as we were of seeing in Pacitta.” A bit of thought seems to occur as Emilia partakes of some of that breakfast. “Since Jaren is not to be competing, do you of think the Queen will be of favoring of any with her of favor? Or even if Jaren will do of such, now as King?” Since it was possible to honor vassel or family with such tokens.

Adrienne glances towards the ferret, watching him devouring that bit of smoked ham, while she listens to Emilia's question. "No, it's not like I have a lot of jewelry… And what I have I keep in a safe place.", she responds. "As far as I know, everything is still there…"

As for the topic of the hypothetical hunt, Adrienne's shoulders lift once again in a shrug. "If there's game, I should be able to track it down, I believe…" She smiles, the confidence in the glance she shoots Emilia evident. "As for the archery… It does make sense for any Huntress to compete, yes. Especially when the Mistress of the Hunt has gained a new position. So this won't be just to honor Jaren, but Raelyn as well." The freckled Huntress reclines in her seat, taking a sip from the lemon water as she considers Emilia's question about favors. "Oh… why… I can't imagine the Queen would bestow her favor on anyone but Jaren, especially since they are wed now. If he won't compete… I'd be very surprised to see her give her favor to anyone else.", Adrienne remarks. "What about you…?", the question out before she can call it back, "are you considering anyone to wear your favor in the tourney…?" Green eyes settle on Emilia, one brow lifting, as Adrienne Cassomir regards her with open curiosity.

A slight nod occurs,”Of true, but the tournament is of being an extension of the Royal of Wedding. But of a good of showing by of the Huntresses would be of a fine thing to be of honoring of both, King and Mistress of the Hunt now being of Viscountess as of well. “ There is a little half shrug from Emilia. Ironhold was also close enough…it would be easier for more Huntresses to travel and compete as well. An eyebrow lifts a little bit at her cousin’s comments about favors. “Of true, she would not be of bestowing that type of favor on any of other than Jaren. But I am not of seeing why she would not yet of give of a handkerchief to eb of showing of favor or of respect to one of family or of perhaps of Royal of Lance so of deserving.” After all favors were given for such reasons as well, not simply as signs of love in that sense of it all. Even if those always made for the better gossip and romantic stories.

The question though has Emilia canting her head a little in thought at the question before she gives a shrug,”None have been of asking of it, but then such is often of the case.” Really, only her siblings had much asked for her favor in recent years, perhaps some knights beholden to the House when she was yet younger. “What of you mine-cousin, has anyone been of seeking your of favor, or will you of be asking to be wearing of anyones your of self?”

“Hmm,” Adrienne shoots Emilia a glance, as the other seems to agree with her. At least in regards to the duty as Cassomir and Huntress to compete in the archery contest. As for favors… “I wasn’t aware there were different kinds of favors,” the freckled Cassomir intones, arms crossing before her as she leans back in her chair, head tilted to the side as she regards her cousin. “Like… favors and favors? A handkerchief would be a secondary sort of favor? But well,” a slight shrug there, “there are different rules for a Queen possibly than for the rest of us.” Not that it seems to bother her much. Arms uncross as the Huntress reaches for her goblet of lemon water. Taking in the response the touched Cassomir has in regards to her own favor with a pair of lifted brows, the answer is accepted with a swift nod that very much suggests Adrienne would not have expected it to be otherwise. The counter question, however has the corners of her mouth twitch ever-so-slightly, green eyes lowering as she considers – even if such must have been expected. “No. Same here.”, Adrienne replies then, lifting her gaze to meet Emilia’s dark eyes, that some have found to look a little unsettling at times. “Not that I’d be very keen to ask anyone, nor eager for any such requests… It would only get all those tongues wagging.” She snorts, depositing the goblet once again on the table as her arms cross before her.

Emilia looks towards Adrienne and studies her a bit when she says she wasn’t aware there were different types of favors. Perhaps trying to discern if her cousin is teasing her or not. When it is clear that such is not the case a faint nod occurs,”Of aye, there are different kinds of favors. Have you truly never paid of attention at the tournaments?” There is some turn of curiosity with that question. A little flutter of her hand in the air occurs as she speaks next,”Of no, rules for favors are being of the same for all, of their meaning…It is not being of different for the Queen. It is all depending upon who is doing of the asking and who is doing of the giving and what is of the relationship of between, what is meant to be of shown of such. Even for those of keen upon one of another, there are different kinds of favors with their different of meanings. To be of implying just what of affection might be of had. Are they just of keen or are they of being of lovers? As one does not give of a suitor the same of favor as they would of their brother, mine-cousin.” Those dark eyes do occasionally give Adrienne a slight look as Emilia gives the bit of explanation, still half-uncertain that her cousin really is that unknowing.

The answer to the questions are not unexpected, Emilia giving a slight nod,”The tongues do like to of eag about with every little tidbit. And I am of suspecting, even if not eager for such of requests, with Jaren and Raelyn of married, they might be of coming all of the same.” After all there were even those stray betrothal inquiries for Emilia now. “Be of sides, just because someone of asks, does not mean you have to give of a favor. And truly…you would not of care to seek the honor of competing with the King or Queen’s favor, or our new Viscountess?”

“Oh… I’ve never paid much attention to these things.”, Adrienne is quick to explain, the tone of her voice rising a little in pitch momentarily, as her brows are raised. “But well… Of course, I’m aware of the effect such… romantic favors would have in any case, and the rumors that would evolve from them. And… even if I doubt such would occur… Never would I decline the favor of the King or Queen, or Raelyn even! I am sure, however, that Graham’s favor will go to Cathrynn, and hers to him.” All of this stated in a rather matter-of-factly tone. That does not quite fit the flicker in those green eyes that briefly occurred when the different kind of favors were explained. “And as Raelyn is competing in the archery, I truly doubt she will give any of us competitors her favor, as it wouldn’t make sense, really.”

She smirks, even though her gaze becomes distant for a moment, her expression rather thoughtful, as it focuses on Emilia once again. “The favor of honor is only to be bestowed by people of greater station… Other than that, I know I shall most probably neither wear anyone’s favor nor bestow any such on anyone.” Closing the topic then and there. Before shifting to another.

Green eyes focus on Emilia then as Adrienne asks: “Were you able to pick up any news on that case of the murders?” A question that in a way is surprise enough, as it acknowledges Emilia to be more than the halfwit her broken speech may point her out as. “As far as I know, there haven’t been any new deaths reported, here in Sunsreach.”

A mild nod is given, some agreement coming,”Most do only seem to pay of attention to of the rumors coming from the romantic of favors. But one must be of understanding the differences even of such favors to be understanding and knowing if such is nearly of gossip or being of a scandal in the making.” Emilia cants her head a little,”Of true, Cathrynn and of Graham are likely to be exchanging of favors, if they are to be asking of anyone's of favor.” For it was improper form and quite forward to give one's favor if it was not asked for. “ Of perhaps, though Raelyn had allowed of me her favor before. But I am of thinking if any are to be allowed of it, it will be Count of Stephen. “

Those dark eyes study that cousin of her’s as for once it seems to show that Emilia is actually knowledgeable on some turn of Courtly ways. “You hold of greater station then our of hedge knights and knights of our vassels,” points Emilia quite simply. Perhaps simply to give her cousin some food for thought, even if not a mainline Cassomir, Adrienne was not without position over others. Though for her part, Emilia makes no statement about actually wearing another’s favor…especially as the topic shifts.

As Naois starts to sniff at Emilia’s plate, having finished up his but of ham, Emilia’s gaze goes to him before plucking another bit of meat for him,”Hear you of go, you greedy thing.” If there is surprise at the question being asked of her, it shows naught upon her stoic mien. Shaking her head some before she looks back to Adrienne, “I have heard nothing of further, myself. But I am not of surprised that there have been no more of murders of recent. Security has been much more of right with the wedding and tournament. Though truly to pull off another such murder during this time…would have made the statement stronger, but much more of risk in being of caught as of well. “ A finger lightly taps at the edge of her plate as she considers it all,”If they were making a of statement, perhaps it is of made. Or simply they are of bold but not of stupid. Have you of heard anything of further yourself?“

Adrienne endures the speech about favors and how she could grant one possibly to one of their vassals, but it is clear she is not really willing to discuss the matter any further. Even though… A bit of curious mirth flashes in those green eyes when Emilia references Raelyn and Stephen. "Ah… I remember Raelyn wearing his favor in Pacitta…" A smirk there. "See? There will be talk, no matter what sort of favor is given…"

The shift of topic is actively pursued, and even if Naois receiving his next bite of smoked ham from the touched Cassomir's fingers draws briefly Adrienne's attention, the freckled Huntress's head is inclined in a nod. "One can only hope they have deemed the previous murders sufficient to prove their point," Adrienne murmurs, perhaps more to herself. "I'd spoken to Raelyn, and I know she wrote to the Queen, offering the help of the Huntresses. But so far I've heard nothing that has come of it." Green eyes shift from the plate with apple pie before her to Emilia. "There have been rumors that Lady Elaida is sharing quarters with Prince Tristan now. Certainly a measure to provide more security for her. In more than one regards, probably." The latter added with a wink, and a hint of amusement. Everyone was aware of the reputation of the Prince of Fools. "But I understand, she may be in danger as well, given he is probably the target of these actions…"

Those dark eyes do occasionally glance towards Adrienne as breakfast is eaten, some small study made of her, or beyond her, it is sometimes hard to tell for certain. “And sometime there is of talk for a favor not being of worn as well. They will of talk no matter of what.” There is a minor shrug, Emilia was used to whispers and tongue wagging about her to some degree. It was why she disliked Court so, even if she did yet seem to have a grasp about its workings.

“Of aye, I have heard of similar of rumors about the Lady of Elaida,” says Emilia before adding all so very deadpan-ly,”I am much fo sure it is purely for her of safety.” Yeah right. It is Tristan after all. Certainly the bookkeepers had the odds already figured on how soon before the lady in question would be with child. “Of true, word has seemingly marked him as a target in of fashion. But I have not of heard that any of those murdered were of noble of blood. And I cannot of imagine any would be quite of foolish to risk bringing Pacitta into of things as of well,” given Elaida’s parentage. “I have heard nothing upon our offer of help being of taken of up, though I would of think the Wardens perhaps of better of suited to be of investigating such of things in of the city proper.” Granted, each group was better suited to their ‘home turf’.

There may be a faint lift of a brow, when Adrienne catches one of those occasional glances, a slight twitch there at the corner of the freckled Cassomir’s mouth giving away she may indeed among those that perceive these dark glances as slightly creepy. Her own gaze shifts to the plate before her. “If that’s the case, so be it.”, this uttered with a hint of stubbornness on the matter of causing gossip by not wearing any favor. And at least she seems to be of one mind in this at least, with the touched Cassomir, to dislike the general workings of Court.

The deadpan comment on Elaida moving into Prince Tristan’s chambers draws a low snort from Adrienne’s nostrils, along with: “Yes. Certainly… For her safety.”, added in a tone of mock conviction, followed by a brief chuff of laughter. She grows silent then, taking a bite of the apple pie while she listens to Emilia’s comments on Pacitta; and the offer of Huntresses.

“The wardens… aye. They may be better suited for investigation,” she allows, “but my suggestion to Raelyn was to offer Huntresses to guard a number of suspected next targets; unobtrusively,” Adrienne remarks, lifting her green eyes to meet Emilia’s dark gaze, leaning a little back in her seat. “I’m not sure Raelyn… or even the Queen may have agreed to such a plan, as Raelyn wanted to keep me out of it.” Her shoulders lift in a shrug. “I’m a Cassomir, a known face. Commoner Huntresses would work better for such a ploy.” Her gaze grows distant for a moment as she considers. “Maybe our concern has been for naught, and they, who killed the other women, have decided that any more bloodshed may not really be of benefit to their vile plans.” Another shrug of her shoulders there, as her gaze focuses once again on her touched cousin. “Anyway. My idea has probably been discarded, and if things stay as quiet as they are… Who am I to object?”

A small stroke is given to Naois’ back after Emilia slides another bit of ham onto his plate. Causing a bit of a churrring from the ferret, though for the ham or the pet, or both…hard to be entirely certain where the spoilt little beast is concerned. “It is being of a fine of suggestion, though I am of agreeing. Would make more of sense to see to using Huntresses that are not of Cassomir, nor of one's that have been oft to any of our of details.” A mild fluttering of her fingers,”Unless to be of watching over potential of target that was being of noble…could be making more of sense in of that for it to be of using of you, since could be passing as new of friendship. “

A bit of a nod comes from Emilia,”Of hoping no more are of killed, but I am of thinking those who were of doing will still be of sought.” Much like their uncle’s murder was…even if not so diligently….cause noble vs commoner. “I am of doubting your of idea has simply been of discarded. Could of be it was even of used, they could have of put even lesser of knowns to be of watching and we…you would never be of knowing.”

A bit of air leaves Adrienne’s lips in an exhale as she shoots Emilia a slightly astonished glance. Did the touched cousin just pay her a compliment??? “Well. Yes.”, the freckled lady concedes then, her tone not unfriendly. “The difference in status was one of the reasons, certainly.” She shrugs. “And I believe… it might be easier to catch them - whoever they are – if there was a chance to be there in the moment they attempt the next murder. Of course. They shall be caught, either way. The question is just how long it will take, especially if they are being cautious.” Continuing the way of not referring to them by name, until any of that suspicion has been confirmed. A soft sigh there, as Adrienne considers the topic at hand. “And yes. You are probably right. Better perhaps, if the number of people knowing of the ploy is kept to a minimum. If it is indeed being pursued.”

It would seem that just might be the case! Emilia gives a slight nod,” Of true, it is more of a matter of time. More of an when not of an if they will be caught. “ Some bit of certainty in her tone, even if it is simply her belief and faith that drive it. Not seeking to change the unspoken naming of the ‘they’.

Her hand gives a small turn and flutter as Emilia leans back in her chair,”It is usually being of better. For do we not do of the same even when matters are of looked into and of investigated within of Ironhold? Not every of Huntress is being given all of knowledge or all of the plans in of a matter. While all might of wish to know it is not always of best for all to be of knowing of a thing.” Oh, all the many meanings within that statement. “If the of idea is being of used, if such of an angle is being of pursued, we may never be of knowing.”

"Right," Adrienne agrees with a nod, lifting the goblet of lemon water to her lips before she takes a good sip from it. "So… We'll see. If there should be more murders, or any attempts of that kind, I can only hope they will at least provide us with the proof we need…" Her mien is pensive, and the corners of her lips lift. "But of course… Let us at least hope there won't be any of such in these days of celebration and merriment, with so many foreign guests currently in the Capital…" Green eyes focus on Emilia, in a slightly challenging glare. “And the contests that are to be carried out during the tournament.”

One of them, the archery contest.

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