(1866-12-02) Dangerous Dances
Dangerous Dances
Summary: Aidric presents an opportunity for Eva to misbehave.
Date: 1866-12-02
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l'Valdan Manse, Sunsreach
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Decembre 12th 1866

It was another crisp, bright day at Sunsreach, when a slender, balding bird-like man and Lord Aidric Carling present themselves before the gates of the manse rented in the city by the l'Valdan. The pair of guardsmen at the door question the arrivals and when their business is ascertained, a servant is fetched and sent within with a message for Lady Eva t'Actuo, to announce she has visitors and if she will consent to see them.

With all of the festivities that had taken place since the first moment that Eva set foot in Sunsreach, and without any other social calls to be made nor touring of the city to be done, all that Eva can do is settle down with a good book in hand. It was rather lonely without her parents present, sadly, so when she is summoned out of the blue by a pair of guests, she is rather curious as to what this call is about. The book will have to wait.

"Sir Aidric, I was told that you have come to pay me a visit." the young t'Acuto pipes up after offering both men a flourishing curtsey, not knowing exactly who the newcomer is. "Come, shall I order something to drink for the both of you?" Without her mother's presence, Eva is pleased to play the part of the lady of the house!

The guests make an interesting pair. Aidric in his wool mantle, worth nearly as much as many commoners might make in a month, and the other man, dressed well, but not that well, carrying, a long polished, wooden staff in one hand, though he moves far too gracefully to need it to walk. Aidric for his part carries a sheaf of parchment, with obvious care as not to smudge any ink on either his mantle, or, the clothes he wears beneath it.

When met with their hostess the two men bow, the unknown man much deeper than Aidric, suggesting common status. Aidric rises, with a bright smile for Eva. "Thank you, a drink would be welcome," he says, "I've come however to deliver the promised papers, and to introduce you to a new acquaintance of mine, Maestro Gorgio Baldini, a dancing master of Rivana." The man, so named, bows once more, "A pleasure. My lady."

Eva is quick to catch the well-practiced or perhaps innate elegance and grace which the stranger displays; her eyes watching him with a slight curiosity, before they return to Aidric as he makes the introduction. Here, her posture stiffens just a touch, knowing full well that Aidric was there to have heard what her father had said regarding her learning of Rivana dances. In fact, her eyes do meet with his for a very brief moment, but that quickly changes as she offers the pair a brilliant smile, "I am delighted to make your acquaintance then, Maestro Baldini." She then ushers the pair in and leads them into the quaint main room of their rented manse. "Please, have a seat and make yourselves comfortable."

On cue, one of the few servants which were brought from Garfana to make this trip quickly offers both men a selection of spirits before pouring each a glass. Eva, seated in a chair beside her visitors, continues on, "I am quite eager to read your tale with my own eyes. There is a difference between listening to it performed and spoken or hearing the voices in your own mind tell the tale upon reading it." Her attention then turns to Baldini, "Maestro Baldini, so you taught some of the finest dancers, if not the finest, within Sunsreach?"

Aidric is the picture of innocence when Eva's eyes cut to his own. Or well, he's almost, the picture of innocence. His eyes give him away, glinting with a mischief, that does not quite match the nature of his smile. The Maestro seems to not notice or has been schooled well in his etiquette and pretends not to notice any of the interplay between the nobles and simply follows them to the room and takes a seat beside Aidric.

The guests both take wine, and Aidric nods at Eva's words after a brief sampling, "Hmm, yes I quite agree," he says. "I hope this rougher copy will serve to whet your appetite until the final copy is completed for your family's library," he says before he takes another sip of wine, letting Baldini speak for himself. "I have taught some of them, yes my lady," he says with a nod.

Aidric lowers his cup. "I had thought to have him brush up my dancing before the tournament ball next week, but business got in the way you understand," he explains.

Taking nothing to drink herself, Eva's attention remains focused on her guests. The manse itself is very quiet with her parents gone and both her brother and uncle off practicing for the tournament, there's scarcely a soul to be seen or heard within these walls. "Oh, I am very certain that it will. I do fancy tales of romance and chivalry and this story is filled with both and more. A tale that any little girl would love to live." She then brings up rather randomly, but not entirely so and once more her eyes remain locked on Aidric when she speaks, "You have shown my father the dragon bones then?" There is a subtle emphasis when she speaks the word 'father', but she continues, "They are a fascinating sight, that there was a creature so large and some even larger than that."

It is then to the maestro that she addresses now, "Maestro Baldini, I am an esteemed dancer myself back in Couvieri. It was during the wedding festivities and surrounded by music and dance that I realize just how different the Rivana dances truly are in comparison to our own."

Aidric seems to have timed his visit well, but remains careful in the choosing of his words. "Yes, it is a tale to aspire to for both boys and girls, after all, what boy does not wish to be the perfect knight and marry their princess?" he asks, with the faintest bit of irony in his tone. "And it's a true tale as well, much like the dragon," he continues, keeping his gaze locked with Eva's. "A massive beast that, your father seemed to be actually impressed for a moment or two. I trust his departure went smoothly and he is safely back in Garfana?" he adds his own subtle emphasis on departure.

The Maestro carries on, seeing and hearing nothing, when he is addressed he nods, "My lord did mentioned you were skilled in such things. The Couvieri dances are much more elegant than our own, every step just so. Rivanan dances, such as you may have seen at the feast, those are just as precise when done correctly, but, less elegant," a pause. "Like the dragon you and Lord Aidric mentioned, they are full of fire." Aidric chuckles lightly at the description, and offers a slight shrug to Eva. "The Maestro assures me he is skilled in both," he says. "As I said, I had made sure that he was free through the week, but, duty has me otherwise engaged, it would be a shame to let his talents go to waste. Seeing as you're as talented as a dancer as you are I thought you might know someone who would welcome his instruction."

Eva laughs gently, nodding in agreement when Aidric corrects her in his own subtle manner. "Yes, a wondrous tale for both. Though, I was never sure if little boys were interested in the romantic aspect of such stories. The chivalry and adventure, of course." And of course when they are older, they tend to chase anything a skirt, the young woman knows that much, though she may not exactly speak her own mind. "And yes, my parents arrived safely in Garfana and my father has returned to his duties shortly afterwards. I do find it a pity that they will not be here for the tournament, but I will cheer for our family in their stead."

With the conversation now returned back to the topic of dance, Eva says with a tiny smirk upon her lips, "Yes, incredibly fiery and… passionate, I would say. A little too much passion for my taste usually." She then looks thoughtful, pondering on this opportunity now that her father had departed. Still, it is not like Eva to disobey his orders outright, so she is stuck in quite a bind. "I'm sure that I will be able to find someone who will eagerly take up such an offer. You are right, I do know quite a few who have expressed some interest." Herself included in that and yet! "Where will I be able to reach you," She asks the maestro now, "To send someone your way?"

"Yes, I am afraid boys are quite immune to the idea of romance until a certain age," he says "And beyond in some cases," he says sharing the same line of thought as Eva was, after all after a certain age it wasn't really 'romance' that was in the forefront of a young man's mind. He shakes his head a little then before offering a pleased nod at the news of the Baron and Baroness' safe departure. "Good to hear there were no problems," he remarks.

As the topic returns to dance he grins, "Doubtless that sort of dancing would be scandalous at the court in Rovilon from what I saw," he allows, though his critique is spoken more as an enticement. He nods at the news that she knew of those who would be interested, "I figured you might, " he remarks before he lets Baldini respond to the questions sent his way. "I have rooms at the Academae," the Maestro replies. "Send word and I will be happy to make myself available to teach whomever you find who is willing to learn."

The young woman's own gaze drifts towards the book which she were reading just before her guests' arrival, another tale of romance, one which she had brought with her from home. If she weren't already in interesting company, should would be longing to return to her reading. While Eva does not verbally agree with Aidric's words regarding the fact that for some men, romance is such an alien thing, she does conclude, "It is pleasing to know that there are men out who are romantic at hearts. Being a writer, such as you are and to pen such a tale, I would almost expect that you had a deep understanding of the topic first hand." Her lips lift into a quiet smile, almost playful in nature, for a woman who is rarely playful at all.

The smile does fade slowly at the very mention of how scandalous a Rivanan dance would be, "That is what I am afraid of." She plainly states, "For I would have no use for it in the court of Rovilon or almost anywhere, I don't think." Though remembering that she was specifically told to not learn any Rivanan dance, she is quick to continue on, trying not to look as if she very well may still be interested in learning and to the maestro she responds, "Thank you. I do not mean insult to your style of dance with my last statement. I'm just rather consvervative at heart, I suppose."

Aidric's eyes tilt slightly upwards at the notion of him being a romantic, though they do not fully roll. "I suppose they do say that of writers," he says as his eyes glance to the book then back to Eva.

When her smile fades, and she speaks plainly of her concerns, he speaks in the same fashion. "One misses the point if one only pursues enjoyable things for their utility," he says, with a glance to the t'Acuto lady. "We spend most of our lives being useful, it's good to add a little frivolous enjoyment once in a while, it makes for a more interesting life." He smiles then, adding, "Or so I've heard." He attends to his wine then. Baldini for his part shakes his head, "There was no insult there, there are dances for different places, where Rivana's dances fit, or not, I leave to your judgement."

Aidric gives the Maestro a nod as he finishes his wine. "Well said," the Carling knight says. "Anyhow, the offer is there for anyone who wants it, or not my lady. It's entirely up to you."

Eva cannot help but look curiously at Aidric now, when he tries to explain himself regarding not only the dance, but perhaps tidbits about life. Perhaps her idea of frivolous enjoyment is far different from his, but she does have to remind herself that he is a Rivanan. For Eva, a scandalous dance would not be enjoyable at all and just the idea almost makes her cringe, but she does her best to hold that back. "I am told that not all Rivanan dances are so.. passionate. I am interested in seeing what sort of fare you have to offer, Maestro." She then looks towards Aidric, stating simply, "Just to sate my curiosity of course." Because she would /never/ go against her father's word. "Perhaps I can meet you at the Acadamae some time tomorrow and then, I'll see about sending some of my own friends and peers your way."

If Aidric notes Eva's discomfort at the topic he doesn't let it show. He just smiles and finishes the rest of the wine nodding when some sort of arrangement is made between Eva and the Maestro. The Maestro nods, "I am at your disposal, send word, and I will be ready when you arrive." Seeing Aidric finishing his wine, the Maestro does the same, though with less brashness than his lordly companion.

Aidric, sets down his cup and stands then, "I glad you were able to recieve us on such short notice, but we shouldn't take up any more of your time. But I hope you will enjoy the book."

"I am grateful for your visit and generous offer, Sir Aidric. It's not everyday that one is presented with a master of his art who is willing to pass some of that knowledge on to a stranger and for that, I am very grateful to the both of you." She then rises to stand once Aidric does so and drifts alongside the men as she leads them back to the entryway, "Oh, I'm know that I will enjoy the book, verily so. Sir Aidric, I am excited to even begin with my reading. That is how much your tale and the wedding of the royal couple has inspired me." As she sees them out, she finishes with, "I shall see you tomorrow, Maestro Baldini. Sir Aidric, it was a pleasure, as always. Our paths will cross soon again."

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