(1866-12-02) Information Exchange
Information Exchange
Summary: Tristan briefs Alysande on some recent doings, she gives him some news in exchange.
Date: 12.02.1866
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Sunsreach Palace - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Tristan is dressed in his usually finery as he slips into Alysande's office in early hours of the afternoon, not unnannounced, no never that, but the meeting wasn't exactly official either. It was something in-between. As he steps up to the desk, he gives a respectful bow, smiling. "Dear Cousin, I hope that this afternoon is finding you well and that everything has been going well. Thank you for agreeing to meet with me, there are a few things that I would like to bring to your attention." Oh and to ask her, but that could come later. For now he will wait for permission to sit.

Alysande looks pleasant this afternoon, dressed in finery of green. "Tris. What do you have for me?" she asks, gesturing for him to sit. "My dear cousin, it must be important."

Tristan slides into the seat, smiling as he does so. "Some things of import, some things that are not so important. Either way, allow me to begin with something of interest. There is a Couvieri here who is very interested in making trade deals with us. He wishes to sell lumber and furs. This struck me as odd but also as an opportunity that we may possibly exploit, and as such, I put forward a… proposal to this man. His name is Elrick t'Tremaine, and he is the heir of House t'Tremaine. I have asked him to consider supporting the idea of House Durante moving their banking operations into Couviere, as such I have told him he would be given a branch for his city, to help facilitate trade as I expect such notions interest him greatly."

"Lumber?" Alysande quirks a brow. "It's ridiculous to transport lumber this far from Couviere." She considers. "Furs, though… harder to come by here, so that is a possibility." She leans forward. "But continue."

"Perhaps. If it was some rare and exquisite lumber, it could be considered something of a fashion, but I doubt that." Tristan smiles faintly. "In any case, he seemed interested in my offer regarding the banking. He will be bringing it up to his father when he returns back north after the tournament. To be honest, it would suit me very well if they agreed. The city is nestled between the duchies of Murnord and Ostvor, and as such I could position agents there to collect news from both duchies as well as the barbarians to the north."

"Of course," Alysande smiles. "I knew you had to have more of a motive than simple altruism or getting lumber… which we have in plenty from Ironhold." She chuckles.

"Of course I have other motivations." Tristan smiles, a little mischievously. "There are other things I wish to get done by the end of this tournament. Finding another potential ally from the North would be useful, particularly one from Lonnaire, but I do not think that will be entirely possible, given, ah, situations. Aside from that, I do think some preliminary dealings with guests from Alhazred may be in order. There are a few of the members from their little delegation that I think I should meet with. You know that any talks of trade… that Seaguard will want goods to flow through their port. That point may become… problematic."

Alysande laughs. "Are you saying that your relationship with the l'Saigner girl has grown cold now that she's wed to her knight in lightsilver armor?" She tsks playfully. "I knew that girl was a mistake for you, Tris. You seem far happier with Lady Elaida." She smiles brightly. "As for the Alhazredi, I trust your judgment. You may wish to speak with Martyn and Clara as well on it— best to present a united front, of course."

"She has not reached out to me, and as such I have done the same. I will leave her to her… happiness as I will stay with my own. And yes, I am quite satisfied with Elaida, and in no way, shape or form, coerced her with a silver tongue into taking up residence with me." He gives her a look that says, 'and how could you even think that?' "Though yes, I will speak to Clara about it, and have her speak to Martyn perhaps. Hrm. I am not sure what your future plans are for this house, but there is something that I will need going forward. As I am trying to plan and see to the security and prosperity of Rivana for the long term, I have been considering my legacy as it were. I would like to reserve one of the children I have with Elaida as my heir so to speak. Which one would depend on the one that meets certain specifications, but I would like to groom them to take over my responsibilities in the future so they can serve your own son or daughter as I have served you."

Alysande considers his request. "Granted," she says. "One trained from youth to be a spymaster will likely be a far better one than a man or woman granted the position on simple love from their monarch." She pauses. "You have the skill," she amends, "but it is my trust in you that gained you this position. As good as you are, how much better would you have been had you been raised to it, I wonder?"

She settles back in her seat. "How soon," she asks dryly, "would you wed you betrothed, since you felt the need to have her in all but name as effectively your wife now?"

Tristan offers a faint nod, smiling. "Excellent, and yes I had much the same thought, plus if my child and yours grow up being friends together, well, that will build up a sense of loyalty and bonding that will last a lifetime, I think." He considers her second question and nods slowly. "I would do it as soon as it would be appropriate. I tell you now that while we may share a bed, she has no interest in getting with child until the wedding has taken place. Which, I suppose I cannot completely fault her for."

"Well we will have to look at it being soon." Alysande gives him a wry look. "Especially with all these rumors of your bastards coming to light. Right now we need your reputation to be cleaned up some, Tris."

Tristan frowns slightly. "None of these bastards have been confirmed to be mine, as far as I am aware. There was only the one woman who truly came forward, yes?" The one who was killed.

Alysande frowns back. "I've… been given some information from my own sources that say others exist and are considering coming forward, but were dissuaded by the display." She looks troubled.

"Wait." Tristan shifts in his seat, a little wary of this conversation. "Others? Other what? Children? Are you saying that the little girl who was murdered was most certainly my daughter?"

Alysande looks at him, her expression compassionate. "As much as we can tell… yes. Or at least her murderers believed her to be so." She stands, leaning forward to touch his arm. "I'm sorry, Tristan."

It's not like Tristan had known the girl, and so it doesn't quite have the impact that it probably should. Still, he frowns and a bit of anger sparks in his eyes. "Those bastards cannot be allowed to continue to act in such a fashion." He is aboutt o say something further, but he stops himself. "I am glad that Elaida has protection now. I… I am sorry I did not know that little girl. It does pain me that she kept her away from me all these years. I would have done what I could to make sure she had a good life. Married into a nice merchant family or something. Still, maybe she had no faith in who I had been. The girl was what? 7? 8? That means I fathered her back when I was in Normont. One. I was 17 or 18 then."

"The woman was from Normont. Her husband had died in the recent Thorn uprisings— he was one of the men who served under Paul." Alysande grimaces. "I suppose she may have only come now because she was desperate to feed her children. She had two others, by her husband."

Alysande's voice grows harsh. "They found their bodies right before the wedding celebrations began in earnest. Throats slit. I didn't mention it because the people needed happiness for the wedding and coronation, not darkness. But now we can turn our minds to finding the people hunting down your bastards."

Tristan nods, the confirmation that the woman having been from Normont not a surprise. "They are hunting down my previous lovers, which I have made a list of if you recall. I am unaware of any bastard children I may have had with them, though if you wish for me to try and find out I can." He leans back in the seat, a sigh escaping his lips as he shakes his head. "At least… well, at least I need not worry about the future. I am content to remain true to Elaida."

"I'm glad to hear that," Alysande sighs. "It will be better for all of us if you do. But yes, I think it wise if we find your bastards, if you have others, before these people do." She grimaces again. "I do not want to idly stand by as innocents suffer. It is not something I enjoy doing."

"If I beheave myself from now on?" Tristan smiles faintly for a a brief moment. "If I have others, I do wish to know, but my priority right now is both on the people behind this and of course, the future of Rivana. Obviously we cannot let any act out against a member of our house, even a problematic member of it such as myself." Another small smile. "We will make sure justice is served. In the meantime do you have anything in speciific you would like me to see to?"

"Not at this time," Alysande says. "You've been serving admirably. And you've calmed down a fair bit— so I believe my choice for a wife for you has worked out well," she teases. "If there's anything that you find that needs to be brought to my attention, you know my door and ears are always open for you."

"Did you ever doubt me?" Tristan smiles as he stands, fiddling with the lace at the end of one of his sleeves. "Very well, I will keep you apprised of any and all developments that may arise. Let us both hope that Rivana ends up doing well in this tournament, yes? Oh, and I hope that you and Jaren both end up having good news to give us all sooner rather than later." He gives a grin as he moves towards the door.

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