(1866-12-04) A Bloody Hunt
A Bloody Hunt
Summary: The new Viscountess Cassomir holds a hunt. It leaves several members of the party bloody.
Date: 1866-12-04
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Sunsreach Countryside, Rivana
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Decembre 4th 1866

For those new to Rivana the day is uncommonly mild for this late time of the year. There is barely a dusting of snow on the ground and while a crisp wind tugs at cloaks and turns cheeks rosy, the sun still shines bathing the Ilnyne wood with light and some weak but welcome warmth. For those native to the southern kingdom the day is barely worth remarking upon, knowing full well that they can expect much the same into the New Year.

The day would be perfect, if there was game to be found. The hunt started just past dawn and it was creeping close to noon and while the huntsmen have reported sign of the passing of boars, as yet no boars have been found. Still, the weather is fair and there are still hours left in the day and so the huntsmen have ranged forth again, this time with Huntresses under Adrienne Cassomir to help them (and oddly, Aidric Carling, the event's would-be host, joined them) while the rest of the party takes their ease in a clearing. A couple of the huntsmen remain with them, tending a fire and the pot of mulled wine simmering above it, to ensure their noble guests are warm and ready when their prey is brought to bay.

Michael l'Corren is among those who stand by the fire, though, unlike some he doesn't seem terribly bothered by the chill, but then after months at Avondil, 'chill' has an entirely different meaning to the heir to Murnord. Still, Michael isn't one to pass up a cup of wine when offered and so drinks deep as he shares a few words with his royal cousin Clara before she moves on to visit with other guests. Left to his own devices Michael hands a cup off to one of the huntsmen for a refill, as he glances around the clearing. By his expression, his enjoyment of the day has not been hampered one bit by the lack of game so far.

A cloak rested easily upon Emilia's shoulders, settling over the familiar turn of Huntresses leathers. For all the world, she could easily blend in with the Huntresses that ranged afield in search of the days quarry. One of the cups of mulled wine was nursed slowly by the youngest Cassomir sister, her dark eyes flickering along towards her older sister,"I am of sure if there is of being any of game yet to be around," and not chased away by the hordes that had descended upon Sunsreach,"they will be of managing to find them."

Darman is, as he's told everyone numerous times during the various preparations and along the course of the ride, a terrible hunter. A middling shot, he'll claim, but a terrible hunter! Really, he seems along for the social aspect far more than out of any concern for bird or beast, although he managed to have someone find him a crossbow before leaving on the off chance he might actually get anywhere near some sort of prey. Mostly, he seems intent on hanging around and drinking, chatting by the fire, and then drinking some more. Which is to say that the current lull suits him terribly well! "It's good we have a bit of this to keep warm with," he'll claim of the drink, although the thick fur-lined cloak he's thrown over his usual attire looks plenty warm enough itself.

Being a noble knight from the north, the crisp climate doesn't appear to faze Elrick one bit as the riding leathers he has on as well as the riding cloak that is wrapped around him keeps him plenty warm. Not to mention that there is some good wine to be had, which knowing the t'Tremaine Heir, he will most certainly partake. His enthusiasm has certainly dampened with the lack of game properly tracked in the morning, but at least they are out of Sunreach for a bit and in the countryside. Elrick is currently sharing some words with his squires, those close enough to him will hear the knight instructing the boy to see to the boar-spears. Once the squire turns to check on his knight's kit, the knight himself turns to rejoin the other nobles by the fire.

After arranging things properly, Raelyn had provided invitations to those guests in the city to attend a hunt; specifically for boar. Those that may have overheard may remember upon seeing such invitations that it was something that the newly appointed Viscountess had offered, or perhaps promised, the heir of the t'Tremaine line on his venture within Rivana, and Sunsreach.

For the first time in a long while, publically, Raelyn is dressed in her Huntress gear, equipped with bow and arrows and on her favorite steed. And since her "official" promotion, Lara and Wendy now accompany Raelyn wherever she goes - a benefit and a curse of holding official title. Her Huntress companions are here as guards, more than hunting this day. She seems pleased at the turnout, venturing, "The party should be back fairly soon."

Obviously, Eva's father had entrusted her safety into the hands of their Rivanan guests before he had departed back to Garfana. While not entirely an adventurous spirit, the young t'Acuto is fine with supporting the knights and soldiers, and at times this also means lending them her support during a noble game such as this very hunt. Of course, she isn't here to participate in the hunt itself, but she does offer the others her company as she takes in the natural beauty of the forest. Dressed in a heavy and sturdy traveling gown, a fur lined cloak draped across her shoulders and down her back, the Couvieri bides her time in some company with the other non-hunters in this party, sipping at her mug of mulled wine. Every so often, she will allow her eyes to scan the area in the hopes of locating some sort of prey for the others to slaughter.

Gawain is out with the group of noble folks out on the hunt, being from the south he's maybe a bit more bundled then some of the other's visiting, though in the grand scheme of things still fairly weather appropriate. He's got on a set of light leathers, and is packing his hunting bow along with him, generally watching the Huntresses range out to stir up game. "I wonder if the game is scarce because of all the travelers coming into the city." He sorta hmmns to himself.

"Indeed," Michael says with a nod to Darman. "Good stuff too," he says before adding a quick, "For southern wine," for the sake of loyalty if nothing else, for the wine seemed to be quite good. Just the thing for a cold afternoon in the woods. Then spotting their hostess and her odd sister, Michael raises a cup to them both before he has another sip, wondering aloud to the group, "Does anyone know any hunting songs to pass the time?"

Emilia gives a mild nod of agreement to her sister's words. Her own 'shadows' amongst those who had gone a field with her cousion. The yong woman having her bow with her as was to be expected. Catching sight of that raised cup in her and Raelyn's direction, Emilia the 'touched' does raise her cup in return, offering one of those odd smiles of hers as the corners of her mouth ever so briefly tug upwards. In spying a familiar squire, Emilia inclines her head along towards him. "I of imagine it has been scarer, game..Between people of traveling about and need to be of feeding of so many."

"We sing to have a good time, Darman." Elrick says as he joins both Michael and Darman by the fire with wine in hand, "The trackers won't be herding the boars they find to the camp here. Once they find suitable prey for us, I am sure a signal will be sent and we will ride out to meet them at where they have the boars surrounded." At least that was the t'Tremaine's experience when he went out hunting in noble gatherings like this. "I guess when you are hunting by yourself or with someone else and talking your prey, then silence is for the best."

The Knight from the Blue Cheavliers, Clarke t'Cauthone, wearing light leathers, sits over then and watches some of the others then. Freshly arrived in Sunsreach, the Couvieran has been sitting mostly over to himself then so far. As the talk goes out to song then, Clarke lets out a quiet chuckle then and slowly turns his head up then, going to let out a soft, "Aye. Song would be good.."

Raelyn nods, some, to Michael, "Aye," she says to his request. And she smiles, warmly to the man tipping her head, "We know our fair share of such." One of those with the party, and with the Cassomirs in the same Huntress garb as the Viscountess at Raelyn's nod rises to pick up her pack and her lute. And while certainly no performer, she at least can hold a tune as she sings (with a few Huntresses joining in): "The partridge rising in fright, The snipe with it's zig-zag flight, I shoot with a steady hand, I shoot with a steady hand … boars, bucks, and deer - I stalk there, I hunt here - The fox gives me it's fur, the fox gives me it's fur." She concludes, "Hail, hala, hali, hala - the fox gives me it's fur - hail, hala, hali hala - the fox gives me it's fur."

"While I have learned many songs as a Songbird, I don't recall any that would be fit for a hunt or else I would perform one to help keep the mood lifted." Eva makes mention regarding this 'song' that everyone is now discussing. However, once Raelyn begins to sing, Eva and the others she is with quiet down to tune into both the singer and the lyrics sung. It very well may be one that the former Songbird may need to learn one day. Still despite looking as if she were out of her element among the hunters, Eva looks comfortable and calm, perhaps pleased to be in good company, though she does have a closed book resting in her lap.

"That's a sort of egalitarian view I can get behind," Michael chuckles at Darman before he too watches their hostess and her sister pass. "No more intimidating than the Falcons or the women Cavaliers," he remarks. "But dashing, that's one word for them." He nods to Elrick when he joins them by the fire and he nods again in agreement with his words. "Think of this is a tavern visit with a bit of hunting at the end," he counsels Darman. "It will make more sense then." A smile, then as their hostess sings for them, and her huntresses seem to know the tune. Not knowing the words, Michael is content to listen bobbing his cup along with the rhythm.

Clad in her own version of leathers, similar to the Huntresses only more elaborate with golden embroidery and the like, Clara has ended up standing somewhat over besides Emilia. Her own longbow is resting upon her back, with her quiver of black-and-green feathered arrows. Any chatting that she might have been doing is silenced as she turns to listen to Raelyn's song.

Clarke is content then as the singing goes on to half join in, the verse not quite familiar so the Blue Chevalier content to just quietly sing then over at it then as he listens to the rest of the hunters then, his hands gnetly tapping along on his wrist to try and get a feel over for the rhythm.

When the Huntresses begin singing, including their hostess, Elrick's attention shifts from the two Couvieri knights to Raelyn, surprised that they would be so eager to shower them with music. It is certainly a song that the t'Tremaine isn't familiar with, as most of those he knows are either in the noble courts or at the bawdy taverns, the latter more than the former. But the tune being sung is certainly enjoyable, causing him to fall silent for now.

Fingers move in a mild fluttery fashion in turn with the music that comes as her sister stirs one of the other Huntresses to the task. And even if Emilia might know the words, she does not join in the singing. A mild turn of humming might come from her though. Her dark eyes drifting over towards Clara, who gets one of those corner tugging smiles, before her gaze drifts on to the various Couviere who have turned out to take in their reaction to the song, or perhaps to see if any are familiar with the song.

"Well yes, I know what singing is for," Darman declares with a laugh, answering Elrick. "But… right! Exactly, that's the sort of thing I'm a little sketchy on. But if there's no trouble in it and the animals are far off, then by all means it sounds a jolly thing." He's likewise not the greatest singer himself, but is soon humming along the toon, tapping a foot, swaying his cup. "That sounds like much more my type of outing, indeed," he more happily says of Michael's take on thing, and then makes a show as if looking around, imagining their clearing as a rowdy tavern. "Seems we're missing the serving wenches, though."

"That song," explains Raelyn, to her company and the gathered host as a whole, "Has long been within the land of Ironhold, and some of Rivana for a few generations. Perhaps it, like other things, can now be shared between our lands." Wouldn't Jaren be oh-so-proud of his sister, playing the smooth diplomat? "Much as the feast will, after our succcessful hunt. I'm pleased to have such a turnout." She, too, has a smile for Clara and moves over to greet the Princess. "Have you hunted boar, before?"

Michael applauds the performance, and finding himself the highest ranking of the Couviere, he speaks up on their behalf. "A fine song and old, we'd be pleased to carry it back with us, though," he glances to Eva. "There are better tongues for singing it than my own," he looks back to Raelyn then. "And thank you for including us in your company this day. It's been a fine day thus far," he says.

When Raelyn moves on to speak with the Princess he remarks to Darman and Elrick, "Well best not to ask our hostess and her ladies of the wood to fill that role Darm, at least if you like all your bits attatched," a smile then, but there is a glance towards the wood too. For all the warmth and cheer in the clearing they had come to hunt after all…

"Truth be told, dear Raelyn, apart from some wild bores in Court, I haven't had the pleasure." There is a slight tip of a wink when Clara speaks, as there is a slight grin to match. "So, this will be the first. I certainly hope I don't slow everyone up."

Dark eyes flicker over towards Clara,"I am not of sure those are quite as of lively to be of hunting." Perhaps a small turn of amusement touching Emilia's eyes with the bit of comment. "I am of sure you will be not of slowing anyone up today." Such hunts were truly more social than anything.

"Better tongues by far," echoes Darman in agreement, and then, at a lower level just to share with his fellow rake, "for that and other things I'm sure." Maybe it's the wine. Or maybe he's really pretending this is a tavern, completely with bawdy talk among the menfolk. Though again, when it comes to speaking at a proper volume, he keeps things at least a shade more dignified. "I do suspect it would go poorly for me to suggest it, though normally something being a bad idea isn't enough to stop me. See that's what I mean." About them being intimidating? Enough to promote good behavior in Darman! At least briefly.

That all bantered with Michael, he can't help but catch the other man's exchange with the Princess either, and seemingly feels compelled to contribute, tacking on to Emilia's comment too: "Oh no, I suspect you'll do no worse than I, and good odds on far better! I'm really quite terrible at all of this myself, so you're in excellent company."

"And I've had mixed responses to my singing, which I only do when there is enough ale or wine in me that the rest of the tavernhouse is well drunk as well." Elrick says with a grin of amusement after hearing Michael's words before glancing towards Eva. He is certainly no songbird and has not the talent to sound like one. When the l'Corren gives thanks to their hostess, the t'Tremaine Heir does the same with a respectful incliniation of his head. "I have a feeling it will be quite the feast tonight. The trackers must be taking great care selecting the proper prey for us to hunt, as I am sure they know that not any sounder of boar will do."

Clarke an't quite make out the 'boars and bores' comment, adn then over at Elrick's and the other words, "A boar fit for all these knights?" His eyes have a little bit of amusement in them, but also of wariness, "Just how large do they get in these woods? A boar fit for such fine company would be the size of a bear given the fine words adn songs put out by the congregation."

There is a blink of surprise as Clara is addressed by Darman. It seems she wasn't quite expecting that, but it does not deter her from taking advantage of the opportunity. "Well, I suppose if we lined the quarry up and get it to stand still, I suppose I would be able to strike it with an arrow." There is a light laugh at that, then a turn back towards Emilia. "But I will take your word for it, dear Emilia. And…you won't mind if I follow your lead. I feel that you have had much more experience than I in these sort of things."

"Just be certain you are on your guard," Raelyn warns Clara, clearly concerned for her - and not merely because Clara is the Princess, but because they are friends. "Boars are far more dangerous than many give them credit for. They are tough. Ornery. And, their tusks are as sharp as any wolf fangs." She looks over to Darman, then. "Large," she answers to him. "They get fat on the rich forest and what they forage. Last year, we took one down that was close to five feet high and four hundred pounds. But those are the old ones. And not always —," whatever she was going to say is sounded by the horns. It would seem their prey is ready, and on it's way.

A horn sounds in the forest. Three short blasts. Game has been found. The huntsmen rise from their fire, one quickly dousing it, the other hurrying to their horse and mounting it swiftly. Three more blasts are sounded, and the man whirls his steed around, "It is this way my lords and ladies," he lifts his horn to blow a returning call to begin the back and forth that will guide them to the rest of their party but he does not move until Raelyn gives the word.

Clarke goes to quickly rise up then, glancing over then at the Viscountess then as his hand rests over on the light blade by his hips. The light smirk fading then over to one more of caution as the hunt is announced then, ready to join up along with the others then as ready then, but a look more of caution on his face.

"You may be of surprising yourself, Your Highness," Emilia going with the proper title given publicness of the event. "Your skills have been making good of improvement. And of course, I would not be of minding if you are of following of mine-lead." The small exchange causing a few looks to be passed between some of the near Rivanians. Emilia giving a minor nod to what Raelyn says, adding,"And if nothing of else, can be of staying of behind of me." Cassomir Boar Shield!! But the sounding of the horns does have Emilia's head turning. And the young woman swiftly taking to her mount in turn. Holding up a bit once upon Onyie, to ensure Clara has caught up.

"I hope so," Michael says to Elrick. "I am beginning to think that I could eat a whole boar to myself, so they'd best find two or the rest of you will go hungry," he jests with a grin before the horns sound and he grins. "Ah, there we are," he says before he slams back his wine and steps quickly back out of the way of the water poured on the fire. He tosses his cup into the huntsman's bucket with an amused snort and looking to his fellows from the Circle, "Shall we?" he asks even as he begins rushing to his horse to claim his spear and mount his Alhazred steed for the hunt.

When the horn is sounded, the edge of Elrick's lips curl up in an anticipatory grin as his gaze looks out towards the direction of the signal. "Looks like it is time for us to see just how big of a boar they were able to corral for us." He certainly knows how dangerous hunting boars can be, but that is part of the fun, the challenge of it.

There isn't a worry about Clara keeping up. She has already taken to her own horse, a chestnut roan, and mounted it as swiftly as anyone…knight or Huntress. She pulls up alongside Emilia, offering a wary smile, and calls back to Raelyn. "Oh, I will be careful. That I know how to do." Of course…there always the target-rich environment around, too…to keep boars away from princesses.

"Mount," Raelyn calls to those who will be riding in the party. "And may the One give us good bounty, and see all return from this hunt hale and whole." She leads her horse next to Aidric's, then inclines her head, waiting for all to hurry, though her impatience is clear. The sooner they get to the prey, the better. And once all are mounted, armed, and prepared? She nods to Aidric again, "Let us away, Lord Carling," and begins to ride her horse towards the sound of those horns.

The morning had been so relaxed with good conversation and wine and despite the chatter and bits of gossip which Eva was able to engage herself in, just the frost covering the landscape around them is enough beauty and even a sense of solitude which the t'Acuto seems to enjoy. Now all of that was gone, but it's not as if this was completely unexpected, for the hunt was the reason why most of the individuals here had come in the first place. Drawing her small frame up to stand, the cup of wine still in hand, though she makes ready to settle it down somewhere safe, before venturing off with the others in the hopes that she can catch a glance of whatever it is they have found. To one of the women beside her, she nods in agreement, "Oh yes, this is very exciting." She and some of the other non-combatants, quite a few of them Songbirds themselves, keep to a mostly safe distance behind the actual hunting party so they may continue with their chatter.

"Yes exactly. A nice, steady, slow-moving, or really preferably non-moving target would be precisely my speed as well. Do you think they will be kind enough cooperate with us?" This is the last Darman will offer Clara bfore he too mounts with the rest, hoisting his preferred weapon from where it sits against a tree and then going to find his horse. There is no rush with him to ride to the fore of the group, as clearly he has no intention of being anywhere so near the prey as to be worried about -spearing- it. Really, it's a barbaric kind of thought!

At Raelyn's command the hunt begins and they quickly quit the clearing for the treeline. The ride through the wood is a brisk one, the huntsmen taking the party through winding tracks and a quick pace, with damp frost strewn branches whipping at faces and tugging on lose cloaks and hair. They find the way to the rest of their party through the blowing of horns, call and answer, until at last the sounds of the grunts and squeals of boars and the baying of hounds, announces that they have at last come to the game. True to Elrick's prediction, they have found no common boars, but massive beasts, all rough bristles and yellowed tusks, aggressive beasts too, and they push the huntsmen to their limit to keep them checked.

When the hunters arrive, one of the huntsman, a youth, turns, and that costs him, his foot slips and he falls with a surprised shout and the boars, seeing a hole in the wall of spears and hounds, lunge for it, as the poor huntsman struggles to get clear of their path.

Emilia gives Clara one of those smiles of hers before setting her black horse onwards. The young 'touched' woman easily keeping her mount at the pace set by the huntsmen and ducking under some of the branches, a hand occasionly coming up to protect her face a bit more from them. In hearing the grunts and squeals, her bow is brought up. And an arrow is notched as she sees that youth fall, aim being taken at the boars. Time was important if he was to not be trampled and gored!

The sounds of the hounds and boars rings familiar in Elrick's ears and as he rides to the location where they have boxed in their prey, he looks impressed and excited at the same time at the boars that they have tracked. However, when thhe youth falls, the t'Tremaine can only wince while muttering the word, 'Fool!' under his breath, knowing that the youth may have seen the last of his days. However, that doesn't cause the noble knight to hestitate as he quickly dismount from his steed, exchanging the reins to his squire for a boar spear.

As the party nears the boars that have been herded by the scouts, Raelyn jerks her horse to a standstill, before smoothly notching an arrow, pausing a few moments as her bow moves with the speed of the incoming boars, taking aim at the one in front. She has said enough, now it is time to hunt, and her arrow looses from her bow.

Darman rides at as conservative a pace as keeping up with the rest of the party allows, clearly in no rush to be the first at any of this. It might be dangerous! When they arrive upon the scene of the cornered beasts, he does give a bit of a startled, "My word, those are -big- ones." Despite that, the huntsmen do seem to have the beasts well hemmed-in, and so at first he takes some leisure in loading up his weapon - before that careless slip sends the boy tumbling. Although surely some of the more accomplished knights will soon ride in to his aid, he hastens to line up a shot at one of the charging creatures in the hope it might save the unwitting lad.

"Abyss," Michael calls when he sees the huntsman fall. "Run lad! Run!" he slips from his saddle and takes his spear from his squire, keeping low and trusting to the One that he won't be shot in the back as he advances, trying to get to the boy before it is too late.

Clarke is riding with the others, cursing slightly under his breath, "Yes, big ones." Blade in hand then, cautious then as he's out of range without a bow then as one of the melee fighters, trying to slide from his saddle to backup Michael then as he heads along wtih his weapon to try and be of aid to rescue the fallen one.

The smile is returned as Clara rides closely besides Emilia. She seems perfectly comfortable upon the back of her horse, keeping up with the pace while doing a bit of dodging herself to avoid some of the lower branches. The sounds of boars is heard…but also, too, the panicked shout of a huntsman falling down. Without a moment's hesistation, the princess slides off her horse and frees her rosewood longbow, all in one fluid motion. An arrow finds the string ready, which is quickly nocked and pulled back to release. Not for the sake of hunting now….no, Clara shoots to protect the fallen huntsman now.

Gawain isn't particularly the world's best Archer, or anything, but he takes aim at one of the boars preparing to gore the young huntsman as the group comes across the boars, frowning just a bit as he tries to give the lad some aid in getting free of the monstrous boars!

Even though the group of hunters now prepare to descend upon their prey, Eva has been on many such hunts in the past, with her family, that she knows enough to keep attentive even though she and the others may deem themselves at a safe distance. The forest is vast and wild beasts may come out from any angle. Riding on her own borrowed horse and moving at a much slower pace than the others, the audience still has a curiosity that needs to be quenched, especially once one of their own suddenly falls. "Such clever things, these beasts." She speaks of the boar, "Ever at the ready." Her own lithe fingers begin to tense tightly around her reigns.

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Huntsman with Tear - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Huntsman with Tear - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Darman attacks Boar1 with Crossbow - Light wound to Right Leg (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gawain attacks Boar1 with Shortbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar2 with Longbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar2 with Longbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Light wound to Left Leg (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Huntsman with Tear - ARMOR on Right Arm stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar2 with Longbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Huntsman with Tear - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Gawain attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

There is a small twitch of Emilia's as that first arrows gows wide and sinks into the ground and not the boar. But with the Huntsman having both boars after him, another arrow is notched and quickly sent towards the boars, with better luck this time. Though not without the Huntmans seeming to fall down and stay there….another arrow is quickly being notched into place again. A mild breathe drawn, though the young woman's expression remains ever stoic.

The huntsman is set upon by the boars, screaming as their tusks rip into his flesh. The arrows fall, sticking into the boars' thick hides like spines, but they only madden the beasts as they rush out of the circle intent on goring anything close at hand as they make their escape.

Heading towards the boar that's after the fallen Huntsman, Clarke moves to try and backup MIchael, trying to put himself over in front of the boar to slash out with his blade. More cautiously, more trying to get the boar to focus on him rather than the fallen hunter to try and keep the board distracted, rather than in hopes of getting any significant hits in. "Away with you beast!" Scrambling, trying to make himself a harder yet more obvious target.

Two arrows loosed and both missed. Clara is certainly shaken as the boar bears down on the huntsman. She…isn't able to stop the boar as it lays into the downed man. She takes a step forward, calming herself down to take her next shots with more focus.

Well, he hit something! That is about as good of a result as Darman could hope for, even if his shot is hardly enough to slow the thick-skinned beast. But at least he didn't miss! You have to take pride in the little things. Of course there are other troubles, like the fact that his weapon is designed more for castle sieges and other protracted engagements, not mobile skirmishes, leaving him to spend some awkward moments reloading even as the various huntresses unleash volley after volley of arrows. He's helping, really! Eventually, Darman gets another bolt seated, but turns to aim at the other critter, somewhat uncertain of firing at the one closer to the injured lad. That would be a bad way to end the hunt, bagging him a Rivanian youth.

Gawain's first shot goes flying wide, having been rushed a bit more then it probably ought to have. He grimaces just a bit as he draws his second arrow, firing it off at one of the boars and scoring a clean hit in the critters chest bits, "We need to get the huntsman away from those boars!" He exclaims, moving to reach for another arrow for his short lil hunting bow.

Michael's face goes grim when he sees the huntsman's fate, but such was the way of hunts and battle, mistakes killed. He just had to be sure the same did not happen to him. Clutching his spear in both hands, he steps into the path of one of the boars and thrusts down, trying to get over the thick skull and sink his spear in the skin of the neck. If he misses, he gets clear, as the arrows will soon follow.

With the boar spear held firmly in his hands, Elrick advances with purpose but not a dead run to save the young huntsman, knowing that to rush things now would only endanger his own life. Mistakes were already made and the t'Tremaine isn't going to compound the situation, especially with dangerous boars on the loose. Seeing a couple of the other hunters approach on of the boars, he picks the other, one that is already very injured but most likely very angry as well. Yelling out to try to get the boar's attention, Elrick would wait until he is able to try to get a good thrust in with his boar spear, hoping to impale the creature in the neck and drive it into the ground.

Raelyn's first two shots hit true, but the boar's old hide proves too thick, and the creature too enraged for that simply to fell it. They stick, like pincushions in the leg and neck of the creature. Her expression, like many others within the party, tightens as the hunstmen is felled - she will have to compensate his family. That thought is already in her mind, before she purges it anew to draw another string, determined to fell the raging beast before it injures any other parties.

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Boar1 with Longspear - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Boar2 with Spear and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Gawain attacks Boar1 with Shortbow - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Light wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Darman attacks Boar2 with Crossbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Clarke attacks Boar2 with Longsword - Serious wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Darman with Tear - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Michael with Tear - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Darman has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Gawain attacks Boar1 with Shortbow and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar2 with Longbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Boar1 with Longspear but Boar1 DODGES!

<COMBAT> Clarke attacks Boar2 with Longsword - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar1 with Longbow - Serious wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Boar2 with Spear but Boar2 DODGES!

<COMBAT> Boar1 attacks Michael with Tear - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Boar1 has been KO'd!

The next shots hit the boar, turning the creature further into a pincushion. Though Emilia now takes a few moments longer in her aiming to not hit the hunters attacking the beastie at closer range. It wouldn't be good to hit one of them instead, for them or her! There is a brief twitch of her lips as the boar does work at claiming another victim. Screams of boar and man alike. Oh the carnage!

Clarke goes to swing at the boar, his swing digging into the hide but not doing any appreciable damage that he can tell. Yes, this is a big boar. Yes, he's too late to save the poor hunter being skewered. Now this is dangerous as the others will be peppering away at the boar. He sees another of the hunters fall, moving to swing around to try and put himself at a point where he can try and block off the boar if it goes towards the fallen Darman, "No others will go down to you creature!" Blade out once more, trying to block off the boar's access while also hopefully not putting himself in the way of the bows and crossbolts being sent towards it!

So, Darman is lining up his next shot, and oh, there go the knights charing the boar. That's about how it's supposed to go. Except for the part where it knocks past one of them, then the next, then another, running a veritable gauntlet of spear-jabs and sword-slashes, as well as a hail of various arrows, ignores ALL of that and b-lines for the poor t'Corbeau in the rear. Or maybe he's just in the way of it's escape path. Regardless, he did say he was bad at this, and maybe that includes the world's worst luck! As the animal charges, the man's horse rears up in fright, and naturally the shot that Darman is just about to fire goes waaaaay high instead, perhaps knocking a few leaves down but otherwise accomplishing little. The sudden motion throws him from the horse and to the dirt, again still JUST enough in the boar's way that it pauses to give him a side-to-side trash of it's tusks, sweeping the nobleman from the animal's path. He lands somewhat unceremoniously in a pile, and his horse goes running off, perhaps causing some further chaos.

Having ranged weapons has it's advantages. It keeps a modicum of safety for the Princess, surely. She takes careful aim…and manages to hit a boar. The excitement causes her to miss with her next shot…but…at least she hit!.

Gawain is certainly not the expert marksman some of the ladies present are, he manages to miss as often as he hits the boar, only landing one real solid hit on the beast.. luckily it drops, so he can start to focus on the remaining beast before it thrashes and mauls it's way through any more of the hunting party!

Damn but the boar was quick, one moment it was worming out of the way of his spear the next it was ripping Michael open with his tusks. He knew he was badly hurt, he could feel it but that didn't mean the danger was over for him or the others. He drops the spear and grabs is sword, coming after the beast, but careful about it this time.

Raelyn's concentration proves to be a vaulable thing. As Elrick's spear lands solidly into the boar that's already got two of her arrows in it, Raelyn lands two more arrows into the creature, felling it with the last, but not before Darman goes down, severly injured. Now that's two men on her hunt? "Damnation," she curses. But she doesn't let the situation get out of hand. She's too proven for that, and her hand moves fluidly again to her quiver to draw another arrow, aim for the last boar, and shoot.

Once the young huntsman is gored by the boars, the chatter amongst the observers rises feverishly. Some gasp, some turn away, but Eva keeps her gaze locked on the image of the fallen boy in the distance. This was the reality of the hunt. It wasn't a mere game that these knights, soldiers and hunters were playing despite hunting being seen as mere sport. The discussion between these observers soon falls deathly silent, though a passing whisper escapes every so often in the brief seconds when the tension begins to wane or when one of these women has a fit of bravery for discussion. However, there is a collective gasp from the group trailing the hunters once Darman is downed, several of the women in the crowd being well acquainted with the charismatic member of the Circle. Some of them even speak of riding in to help just as the man's horse races right through their gathered crowd. Darman's fall does capture and hold Eva's attention and from her distance, she is uncertain on how gravely injured he was or whether he was dead.

After plunging the tip of his boar spear into the large beast, Elrick knows that the strike missed the neck and entered the torso which means he doesn't have the leverage to ground the animal. Pulling the spear back, he tries to stab again but the prey is too quick and his stab misses, hitting the dirt instead but soon an arrow follows, killing the boar. The t'Tremaine's gaze tracks where the other boar went only to see it charging Darman, "Darman, watch out!" But the warning is too late. With a gorwl, Elrick now quickly runs towards the boar with spear in hand, wanting to put it down before it goes even wilder.

<COMBAT> Clarke attacks Boar2 with Longsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Boar2 attacks Clarke with Tear but Clarke DODGES!

<COMBAT> Elrick attacks Boar2 with Longspear - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Clara attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Moderate wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Emilia attacks Boar2 with Longbow - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!

<COMBAT> Raelyn attacks Boar2 with Longbow - Serious wound to Neck (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Michael attacks Boar2 with Spear and MISSES!

<COMBAT> Gawain attacks Boar2 with Shortbow but MISSES!

<COMBAT> Boar2 has been KO'd!

The final moments of the hunt are chaos, as indeed Darman's horse is on the loose, huntsman move to stop it while others try to pen the beast as spears and arrows fall around it though in the end it is the Viscountess' arrow that brings the beast low a shot through the throat that spills its lifeblood into the dirt as it dies twitching.

A wild swing of his sword at the boar accomplishes little more than get it's attention focused on him, and Clarke can only -desperately- lunge to the side as it charges, the charge stopping short then over as the beast finally falls, and he gasps, "Well, I take back what I said earlier. They definitely were enough to handle for us." Panting heavily and just shaking his head as he slowly rises, going to sheathe his blade slowly. "Well shot Viscountess." He takes a breath, then gives the Viscountess a salute, fist clasped.

The next arrow bounces off the thick hide of the boar, but Emilia simply starts to reach for another arrow. Though her hand is seeing it returned as the second boar is soon enough downed with both Clara's and Raelyn's arrows striking true enough. The beasts would make for a fine feast, but…dark eyes look onwards towards the huntsman that fell at the start. A faint breathe drawn in seeing the other man being tended to. Emilia glances towards Clara,"You did of fair, though it does of seem mine-sister has shown well why she is the Mistress of the Hunt." An incline of her head going to Raelyn,"Well of shot."

Relief wars with pain and adrenaline as the last beast falls to the Viscountess' arrow. Michael does not envy her this hunt, but then, such were the way of these things. He sheathes his sword unbloodied, hand clutching his wound he makes his way to Darman's side. "Are any of you healers?" he asks his companions. Damned if he knew what do about wounds save to bandage them…

"I've bandaged a few wounds." Gawain says in response to Michael's question, putting away his bow and moving towards the fallen northerner, "But we should get him to a real healer sooner rather then later." He adds after a brief moment, looking about the little group of hunters and huntresses.

The rough bristles definitely makes formidable armor and Elrick's strike with his spear was made from a poor angle, causing it to glance off the boar. Luckily though, Raelyn's expert shot downs a second boar as it strikes into the neck, causing the creature to fall. Looking over to the southern huntress, the t'Tremaine Knight actually offers a nod of respect to her before looking over to where Darman fell, moving quickly to see the status of the other man.

The Viscountess does not have to signal, Wendy, one of Raelyn's on-duty guardswoman blows her own horn, signaling for one of the healers, back at the camp to come. Shortly thereafter, another horn is blown to acknowledge. Raelyn exhales, surveying the chaos. Knowing it could have been worse. She nods, once to Clarke, "Would it have been yet more timely," she says, and there is a bitter note in her words. She looks to the fallen huntsmen, then to Darman. Then, to the rest of the party. She nods to Gawain, "Triage, if you can, until further help arrives. I'll not have another die, on this hunt."

Clarke gives a bow to the Viscountess at her acknowledgement, "Aye." His head bows over then for a few moments before looking around then, seeing to what tasks he could do to help occupy himself. The poor fallen hunter. One thing to die on the field of battle, but no one deserved to be chased and gored by a beast. Not a memory he would wish to relive anytime soon, no matter how it was arisk that all hunts had.

Michael nods to Gawain, stepping out of the young man's way. "Then by all means, see to the man until the healer comes," he says before looking to Raelyn. "Sad turn of events Your Excellency, but, every man and woman here knew the risks," a glance down at his wound and a slightly sheepish smile, "Myself included."

The bow lowers….and Clara breaths a sigh. She turns her head to Emilia, nodding softly, then slowly return the bow to her back. "I…may want to wait a bit before doing this again."

Emilia nods to Clara,"I am of imaging it will be of some of time before there is another." A faint knowing glance given to Clara. A hunt really could be almost as bad as a minor skirmish. "Should be of letting them see to of the beasts," meaning the dressing…and other gory work. A faint nod going to a Huntress who comes up along side of her.

Eva and some within her group gallop part-way towards the camp to meet up with the healer before accompanying them back to where the other hunters still lingered. "Lord Darman had fallen." The t'Acuto explains, moving her horse in the direction of the injured lord and to where Gawain now treats him, ensuring that she does not get in any of the other hunter's way. Some of the others with her follow slowly and for the most part, the group continue to observe, though at least one of them dismounts to see if she can offer further assistance. Eva, however, remains mounted and watches from her distance.

As others with greater expertise in the healing arts move to treat Darman, Elrick steps away to give them space, looking a bit concerned. It seems like he has seen results like this before when it comes to boar hunting, so there is certainly concern from the t'Tremaine noble. He does look over to where Michael is and approaches the l'Corren, "Cousin, how is your wound? Should definitely have a healer see to it as well."

Once someone comes over to treat Darman, he will, after some effort at staunching the initial bloodflow and getting him propped up a bit, begin to groggily come around, groaning little as his head sways and his eyes flicker open. And being that his savior is evidently Gawain: "Oh, you know… I'd always imgined that waking up like this, it would be to some beautiful maiden sweetly tending my wounds. This is rather a dissapointment." Proof at least that his head didn't get hit too hard on the fall, as his personality seems intact! Indeed, laughing a little and then groaning in pain in response, he cranes his neck to look around a little. "Is the Princess still about? I think it only fair to point out that I was right about making a worse showing than she."

A bit off as Clarke sees Darman rising he lightly pumps his fist over then in relief that the other man can, at least as he can tell from his position, is not hurt too badly then and he gives a quick salute to the Couvieri Lord, letting his eyes otherwise continue to wander the area then as he just listens.

"Those who recieved injuries shall recieve the utmost care. The fallen - will be respected," Raelyn assures. But once she is certain Darman's life is not in jeporady, and that while severe, his injuries are not something that will leave him a cripple or some other more ghastly fate, she, too, looks to Michael. "You should rest. They'll see to you promptly, I assure you, Lord Sir."

Michael looks up from Darman when Elrick approaches. He glances down at where his hand is sticky with blood from his wound. "You're not wrong. I'll see it tended," he says before the diminutive Viscountess joins her words to his cousins'. "I was just agreeing to something like that," he says as he moves to sit on a log. It's a little tricky but he makes it. "But I am fine, I assure you. And don't worry, no one holds this against you, Your Excellency, like I said, these things happen. And hear that?" he says when Darman makes a jape of his situation. "Darman will be fine which is enough on its own to be unhappy about, we don't need to add to it," he says in an attempt at a jest, but there is a little tension in his voice from the pain. Abyss did the wound hurt!

Inclining his head towards Raelyn, Elrick seems to echo Michael's words though at a more subdued level, "Those who hunt boar knows the risk when hunting them, that is part of the allure that draws some of us to choose them as prey. "I have to say though, I am very surprised to see how well you were able to put down those beasts with your arrows. Usually it takes specially made spears like this," A quick glance to the boar spear in his hand before his gaze returns to Raelyn, "To bring such a vicious creature down but your arrows were very well placed, Your Excellency."

Clarke glances over at Michael then as he winces at what he can make out of the other man's injuries. The Healers would do far better work than he given his paltry knowledge of battlefield medicine, and he gives another sympathetic wince then before looking over at the boar's fallen form once more and listens, his attention wandering over to the Huntresses.

Raelyn's smile is tight, but genuine as she nods to both Michael and Elrick. "Thank you," she says. "I know all knew the risks. Still." But, she says nothing further, instead, "But your words will be remembered." And she tips her head with appreciation for the kindness shown." She looks towards the Knights again, as she sets her bow upon her horse, securing it. "Though you are both from the land where I hear tales of Ice Bears stemming from. And if half of what I hear is true, this is squire's play compared to a hunt of that danger."

With longbow upon her back, Clara detaches herself from her thoughts and makes her way over towards Viscountess and cousin alike. The Tracano is silent at first, though she certainly looks concerned when she catches sight of Michael's wound. "I apologize we could not bring the beasts down swifter than I would have liked, cousin. Perhaps, had my aim been more true, we could have spared you the harm that befell you. Most certainly, I might have been able to help that poor huntsman…" She pauses, regarding Raelyn with a nod. Otherwise, Clara seems rather subdued…much less the excited person prior to this excursion.

"I heard that! Ouch," comes shouted from Darman's direction, no doubt aimed toward Michael, the man having now inched his way back a bit to sit propped up by a tree. "No, but really, I don't think I'll die, you can all be relieved and whatnot." Pause. "I don't suppose anyone saw where my horse ran off to?"

Clarke shifts at the yell from Darman, and barks out a quiet laugh over then at what he can make out, "I believe that some of the hunters went after it." In response over to his horse then, as Clarke glances back.

Now with the danger of vicious boars out of the way, Eva and some of the others in her little party ride forward once more to check upon the injured. There are several of them. Some of these wounds look terrible and quite nasty, but the person who got it worst was the young huntsman at the very beginning of raid. Hearing Darman's question from where he is being treated, Eva responds quickly, "Your horse may very well be at the camp by now. The last I saw, it was heading in that direction." When it raced through the rest of the hunters and then the observing party behind them. "How are you faring?" She decides to ask, her expression neutral. "You took a very bad fall. Many of us were concerned for your well-being. If there is anything that we can get for you or the others?" And here, her gaze looks towards Michael as well, noting that he was injured in this too.

Michael reaches out and puts a hand on Clara's arm. "It will be alright," he says to her, before a healer comes to tend to his wound, which is well timed as a new spasm of pain shoots through him as he snorts a laugh at Darman. "Somewhere that way," he gestures vaguely. "Someone will find it for you I am sure." Michael nods then at the remarks about ice bears. "Yes, we've ice bears, nasty things, hard to take down. Spears like those," he nods to Elrick's weapon. "Are good for it. Poleaxes too." Noticing Eva's look, he says, "It's not as bad as it seems," he says of the wound.

"Ah, well I'm grateful that nothing bad happened to my faithful steed while she was busy dumping me on the ground and running off," Darman will answer in his usual fashion. Although the answer they've given him about his steed does leave him with a slight predicament. "I would ask you to hold me as I struggle to walk back," he will tell Eva, since she seems in a generous mood, "Though I suppose that's a task better for one of the lads. Shame you're banged up too," is added toward Michael, "or I'd make you do it! Lady Eva, I only hope you will not forget to visit me as I lay in recovery. Your smiles, and perhaps a story or a song or two would do me great comfort." This is what she gets for offering polite concern!

"These boars were especially formidable, your trackers did well finding and corralling them. Those bristly hides of theirs… made it much harder to drive them to ground with a thrust at the neck." Elrick says as he glances to the boar corpses that are being prepared now. He then smirks slightly as he glances at Darman, "Maybe I will visit and offer some finer points of boar hunting next time. But rule number one, get off of your horse."

Clarke grunts at the comment on ice bears with a half nod. Not something he ever particularly would care to hunt having heard the stories. The lad of the Blackfens approaches towards the other Couvieri Knights then and crosses his hands at Darman and Michael as he listens. "I do hope, even though the hunt was quite invigorating, you don't quite have many more beasts of that size throughout the countryside."

Eva lingers nowhere near the boar corpses. Though she may not be overly queasy, just the thought sounds disgusting in her mind. Despite Michael informing her that his injuries were nothing to worry about, Eva looks unconvinced, for these are men and they tend to put on such brave faces when they are in pain or discomfort. She still responds to him, however, "I am glad to hear. My assistance goes out to you as well. You were all brave and heroic out there against these beasts." Though it is Darman's words that draw her attention back to him and though she might wish to purse her lips at his taking advantage of her polite offerings, she retains the whispery smile all the same. "I will make certain to do so when time permits. Why, I could even read to you Sir Aidric's story. It should bring both comfort and inspiration while you recover."

"Lady," Raelyn invites of Eva, "If you've need of anything while you attend to the comfort of Lord Sir Michael, or Lord t'Corbeau, you've but to ask. Thank you," she says, sincerely. She looks to Michael, nodding some to his words, and then looking to Elrick. "I hope neither of you spoiled your chances in the tourney. May the One be with you both. With all of us."

Michael grits his teeth some as his wound is cleaned. "Actually Sir Clarke they used to have dragons here at one point, so the boars are an improvement," he smiles, before another bit of attention to his wound causes him to curse. "The jousting isn't for some time, I should be fine," he says, after all it was the joust that was worth the most points.

Speaking of the corpses of the boars, the huntsmen attend to them, binding them up to poles for transport back to the feast. The body of the young huntsman is wrapped in cloaks to be carried back to the city. Michael pays neither much mind, as he lets the healers work on him.

Clarke rubs his head at Michael, "Aye, I can say that boars are definitely an improvement over dragons, and that is also added to the list of thingsI hope I am never in the presence of." A light tone of bemusement over in his words, accent a little more of the Blackfens as opposed to the normal studious one of Rovilon he normally kept. "And for myself, I hope that boar are the biggest game I'm ever in the presence of. I tend to prefer not having things that regard me as a tasty, bite sized morsel to the same degree I would a pheasant."

"Oh, I am sure anything you would read would be music to my ears, Lady Eva. Having heard so much over this tale I would be particularly interested in a detailed recitation. I suspect I will have excess time for laying around and enjoying such leisures over the next few weeks of my long and painful recuperation." By now, one of the huntsmen has come over to help Darman up, offering a spear as a makeshift walking stick and offering his shoulders for the man to loop his arm about. "Oh yes, MUCH better than Dragons. If you'd taken me out here to get eaten by a Dragon, Michael, I would be most cross with you!" Forget that it wasn't Michel who arranged the trip, he claims the blame! "I do suppose this means I will almost certainly not be joining you lads in the melee, either. Shame, that."

"Thank you, Your Excellency." Eva says politely to Eva, her head lowered in a show of deference to Raelyn. "I'm confident that your healers will have them both back on their feet and ready for the tournament festivities before we all know it." Listening to the conversation regarding boars, especially when dragons are brought up, the t'Acuto does have this to add, "Let us pray that we never have a dragon encounter. The carnage would be far more deadly than what it was today." She then has to ask, "The poor huntsman. Who was he? When they took him away, he looked so… young."

"The youngest son of a family of Ironhold, one whose sister nearly became a Huntress," Raelyn tells Eva, quietly, soberly, and in Cassomir traditional fashion, stoically. Which is - not altogether her own fashion. She looks to Clara, then, making sure the Princess is alright, before addressing Clarke. "There are bears, of course. But our woodland bears are not quite as aggressive as I've heard your own ice bears are. Nor as large. My brother killed one, once, in an excursion up north. He brought me back a fang."

Then Raelyn looks to Darman, "Even the best of us can be gored by a boar. I myself was," she admits, openly. "But that seems a long time ago, now. Even though it was only just over a year." She shakes her head. "I will need to tell the boy's family. The feast will be held in his honor."

Michael stands with the help of his healer and nods, grimly when the boys story is told. One keep you he prays silently, lowering his head a moment. Then he nods, "Well, we shall see him sent off right, with food and drink in his honour, the One will know he is coming," a tight smile then as he glances at the work of the huntsmen. "It looks like they're ready, we should go."

Clarke nods over at the Viscountess' words, "Aye. Not something I have done then. Those bears are murderous and taking them down is dangerous, even for veteran warriors and hunters. Honorable and valiant to take a trophy from one, and not something I shall ever deem myself quite so skilled to do so." He inclines his head over at the Viscountess and the others present.

Darman laughs (and winces), and then shakes his head a bit at Raelyn. "There's no need to comfort me, I'm quite some distance from being the best of anyone, and well aware of the fact. Though I remain somewhat both baffled and impressed that the creature managed to find its way back to me through so many braver and more formiddable knights. Next time, I ought climb a tree first or something. Boars don't climb trees, do they?" Despite his injury and any embarassment, he still seems all jokes and smiles. "Truly, I appreciate the chance for the outing. Think no more of any harm done me. My only regret is that the shot I did manage wasn't truer. I think I got it's leg, but not enough to slow it. That poor lad." With that he seems ready to head, or at least, be half-carried off to the horses as well.

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