(1866-12-07) A Brief Reunion
A Brief Reunion
Summary: Uncle and niece catch up at the local tavern after aiding each other during the Free-For-All.
Date: 12/7/1866
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Golden Dragon Inn
Player too lazy to find it

It was a few hours after the last man fell in the Free-For-All and the excitement was beginning to ebb within the tavern, though it would be quite some time before the regular patrons went home. Lillian had arrived minutes prior, intent on relaxing and winding down after faring well (in her eyes, anyway) and no longer feeling quite as sore as before. She is seated at a circular table in the northwestern corner, enjoying a mug of mead and simply enjoying the ambiance for now.

It had taken a bit longer for the older one to recover, the price of age. Yet he know who he saw helping him in the event, and so Justin t'Acuto had gone searching for his niece, and it took a bit of effort to finally find her in a tavern. Making his way over, whether he is noticed or not, the older knight finally comes to stand a few feet away and asks, "Mind the company of a bruised and beaten old man?" with a good-natured tone. Justin had a reputation for being an honorable knight who does his best to uphold the rules of chivalry, but then this is a case of family so there is a bit more freedom to just approach a noblewoman without an introduction, and Justin does have a sense of humor in his own way, even if his delivery isn't always the best.

Bright green eyes dart up at the sound of a familiar voice, and her countenance immediately brightens as she lifts her head to regard Justin. "Uncle! I am glad to see you are well. I had noticed you took quite a beating." His resilience left quite the impression upon her, especially against such a skilled opponent. She gestures to the seat across from her at the table. "Please sit! It has been some time. How is Valetta doing?"

Justin smiles softly and takes the offered seat and says, "Last I saw a few months ago the fortifications were repaired, so my job was done. From there I headed to Pacitta after hearing about the tourney there, unfortunately I had a poor showing. Judging by how well I did with your aid either I should have had you there, or the four months repairing walls dulled my skills a bit. I understand you lasted a little longer then I did, I am proud of how well you did my ear niece. How are you faring aside from helping your poor old uncle with fights?" winking playfully.

"I'm pleased to hear that. You work quickly," the lady knight muses outloud. She did not stay long in or around Valetta, but did could deduce it needed Justin's help before she returned home. The compliment she receives causes her to chuckle merrily. "We all have bad days. Today you had a good day. I may have aided you, but you showed you can take care of yourself and then some. I simply needed an opponent who wasn't on my side, and yours was good as any. I am glad you helped me with the pair I had to deal with, though, otherwise I suspect I would have went down first." There's a pause as she considers the answer to his next question. "I'm doing well. The war was… taxing on me, but I think I'm well enough to be productive again. The melee got my blood running hot again; it was good to feel that way again. Do you intend to partake in the rest of the tournament, uncle?"

Justin nods and says, "You do me too much credit, though I thank you for it. As to the tourney, I typically take part in the free-for-all, joust, and melee. No different here. Will you be taking part in more of the events?"

"I will likely have the time to participate in the Bareknuckle contest. Can't say I'm confident I'll do very well; I am not quite as practiced in punching men. It has been awhile since I've been dragged into a brawl." She shrugs her shoulders lightly. "But it'll be rewarding in it's own way. No points will be rewarded, but I'm a little late to the Circuit anyway." To say the very least. She reclines back in her chair and sips at her mead. "The Duels are my favorite event, but obligations elsewhere may prevent me from attending. We shall see." There's a thoughtful cant of her head. "I don't think I've seen you joust before. I should make sure to watch you at the finals, at the very least."

Justin nods and says, "Good luck to you in whatever events you can take part in, if we face each other then let the better win. As to the joust you are certainly welcome to watch, though you do not joust yourself? It is considered the highest event, do you doubt your ability to handle a horse? As to bare-knuckle I suppose the easiest option for hitting men would be to imagine they attempted something untoward and make them pay for it." chuckling softly.

Her lips curve into a wry smile. "If you beat me, you deserve to. I would like to see family win if I myself cannot, too." She winks. "But I won't go easy on you just because I like you more." She purses her lips. "I can joust well, but it's such a large multi-part event that it is rare that I can attend all engagements and you need to be there in order to participate. I admire those who can do it and do it well, though." The grin morphs into a smirk at Justin's suggestion on how to fight her opponents. "If I did that, I'd pulverize them and we'd have a very low attendance in the following events. Anger makes me punch much harder and think much slower and I think I'd have to do more of the latter if I want to stand a chance."

Justin chuckles softly and says, "I don't know, such an aggressive fighter could get you a respectable by-name and leave the enemy in fear of you." Settling a bit he ads, "I won't hold back either, it isn't my way. Regardless feel free to visit more while you are here. I am staying with my brother and his children. Have you had the chance to catch up with your cousins or your other uncle much yet?"

"Eh, I'll leave the fear to the warlords," Lillian replies with a dismissive wave. "But I know I can expect a good fight out of you." She scratches her chin a bit thoughtfully. "I remember spotting Eva in the stands so I thought you might be. I definitely ought to drop by and say hi. I'm afraid I've been a little too holed up lately and I'd like to see what all of you are up to." Her brows hike up her forehead. "Jordan ought to participating in the tournament, yes?"

Justin says, "I believe he expressed an interest to, not sure if he will actually have the chance. Artos is trying to arrange a betrothal for him and he isn't happy about it. Of course he is after me a bit as well as I've never married combined with my advancing years, well…"

Lillian can't help but snicker. "That makes sense. You can't escape the ball and chain forever. Jordan is still young, but… that's what comes with being the heir." Her eyes drop to the tabletop in front of her thoughtfully. "And we're at peace now. Has he already told you of the potential candidates he may be looking into for you?"

Justin shakes his head and says, "I believe he is more waiting on me to name options really. As to Jordan it is time for him to marry anyway, even if not the heir. I waste those years too focused on being a knight and not giving proper attention to my duties as a nobleman. I have begun to consider options though I'm not yet sure if any would be suitable as of yet."

"I don't know… enjoying your youth is important, too, though I suppose there's nothing saying you can't enjoy a marriage as well. If you're given more freedom, you should make ample use of it while you can." Then again, Lillian wasn't the eldest child in her brood, so she may be speaking as someone who does get more room to do as she pleases. "And you're being given an opportunity to choose? Find someone you like and don't let go, I'd say."

Justin smiles and says, "No certainty Artos will listen, but it is long past time, roughly a decade really. That said I have no illusions about my place, I do not seek to marry for love, that is for the smallfolk, I seek someone respectable and who will not dishonor myself or our family. If love builds with time all the better, but it is not my driving goal. I am more then old enough to know what is required of me."

Lillian hums at Justin. This wasn't the first time she's heard something akin to this. "I'm not suggesting you fall deeply in love first; just find someone whose company you can enjoy. A marriage is a lifetime; you don't want to be shackled with someone who makes you miserable, do you? That and I'd hate to see you unhappy, myself. Those standards are a good starting point, though." The glint in her green eyes turns slightly mischievous. "Are there any unwed female acquaintances you're fond of?"

Justin chuckles softly and says, "I don't being miserable will be my fate. As to those I am looking for. Not really any that stand out. There is one that has caught my interest, though I am unsure what sort of interest it is. It could simply be enjoyable company and someone to pursue as a friend, it could be an option for marriage, or something else entirely I can't say."

"Bah. You're being vague on purpose," she complains petulantly though the glint doesn't fade. "I'm sure I'll figure it out on my own anyway. Just you wait." She lifts her half-empty mug to take another sip. "Do you want me to buy you a drink, by the way? I don't mind. If I had my cards on me I'd challenge you to a game."

Justin chuckles and says, "Sure we can even both have a drink, after that beating we could likely use it."

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