(1866-12-08) The Morning After the Melee Before
The Morning After the Melee Before
Summary: Dawn checks in on her nephew after his somewhat rapid exit from the tournement free-for-all.
Date: 1866-12-08
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Broderick's Suite
Not the most luxurious of suites in the palace, but that doesn't mean to say that it is anything less than fitting for one of Tracano blood. This large room on the south facade of the palace has bene partitioned into two with a wooden screen to give privacy for the sleeping area at the western end. A trio of large windows on the far wall keep the room light and airey, and also allow for fine views out over the city and to the Ilnyne River that flows below. The ceiling is high and made of square, wooden panels with a recess in the centre of each and the walls are made of the same orange stone as the rest of the complex, with columns bordering the windows being hewn from a contrasting, granoblastic marble. Slabs of the same marble make up the floor to aid in keeping it cool from the southern sun, but in key places its covered in ornate rugs. One rug hosts a pair of ornate reclining couches on either side of a low table, another an ornately carved armoire set against the northern wall, and a third disppears under the screens and into the slepeing area. A pair of mirrors are placed on the walls between the windows to limit the reflection from the sun, and a small table sits below each for drinks and the like. The area behind the screens is carpetted entirely by rugs and populated by a large bed, a smaller armoire, and a wash stand the top of which has a sizable indent carved into its top so a bowl of water can be placed as required.

It's the morning after the melee before and Broderick is feeling about as happy and cheerful as his headache. Servants have had short shrift, even Andrew has been on the receiving end of a couple of grumpy comments before he'd realised and set the lad off to see to the horses and get him out of the firing line. Currently he's sat on one of the reclining settees, leant back with one arm stretched along the top and the other holding a cup of watered wine. The windows are open to allow a breeze, which also allows the sounds of the courtyards in as well, but not too loudly so as to cause a disturbance.

Dawn is in good cheer as well. While the melee was one by a Couviere, no one can deny his prowess in the melee. She is enjoying the general festivities, pomp, and circumstance the tournament and the festivals are bringing to the kingdom as she goes to knock on the door to her nephew's suite.

Broderick turns his attention towards the door as he hears the knock. Pondering leaving it unanswered so he can stew in his own foul mood for a while longer he eventually decides that that would probably amount to sulking, and he's above that. Taking a moment to sethis features to neutral rather than sour, and rise to greet whomever it may be, he then responds with a simple, "enter."

Dawn casually enters on in then, nodding over at Broderick, "Hello Broderick, I thought I might come in and check on you. I hope that the day and the tournament are otherwise finding you well." Her eyes lightly go to search around the rest of the room then, glancing about then as she closes the door behind her.

Broderick forces a smile onto his features at the sight of his aunt, he's glad it's her as opposed to anyone else. "Can I offer you a drink?" he starts, moving towards the drinks tables, "there is wine," watered of course, "small ale, fruit juice?" there are other options, but then if he listed them all it'd take ages. "The day finds me as well as it might I suppose, but I can not claim it was a particularly inspiring start to the events." His tone gets a little terser at that point, and he turns to fetch her whatever drink she desires.

Dawn nods lightly, "I'm well. Is something the matter then? And I'll have some fruit juice thank you." She glances over at him then and moves to after a moment sit over and rests her hands over on her lap then as the drink is fetched. Letting him state if something concerns him or that everything is fine, and trusting to his privacy otherwise.

Broderick pours the drink and passes it to Dawn before retaking his original seat on the other settee. Reaching for his own wine he considers for a moment, before starting with, "I am glad to hear you're well," before asking, "were you in the stands yesterday?" He's not sure if he's hoping for a yes or a no in answer really, but either will give him a baseline from which to start.

Dawn shakes her head quietly over at Broderick, "No, I had some other matters over to attend to unfortunately and by the time they were done I could not make my way over to the arena in time and only heard at best vagaries of the postscripts." She gestures over at him quietly to continue if he wishes.

Broderick nods slowly, that answer putting into context her earlier query. "I trust those matters were resolved satisfactorily?" he opens with, inviting her to share or not as she pleases, before then moving on to answer the question asked. "I can not tell you much of the event, for I witnessed very little of it. The Couvierians repeated their previous tactic of mobbing us to get us out early and this time I was not so lucky in fending them off. I can not imagine that the Queen will have been pleased to see the only Tracano to compete end up being the first forced to yield."

Dawn winces softly then, her expression turning more into a frown, "Of all the nerve.." She crosses her fingers then and bites back some less than polite off the cuff remarks, "But, if they are to persist in such things and otherwise the tactics shall be freely wielded in the tournaments.." In other words, if they are not deemed illegal.. "Then a method must come up with to counter them, if not by force of arms than by stratagems."

"Indeed it must," Broderick agrees, "for there is nothing at all that they did against either the letter or the spirit of the melee. Were we in the position they were I suspect that we would have done exactly the same, the issue though is numbers. While we continue to field less knights than them, we will always be vulnerable to it." Leaning so his back is against the back of the settee once more he frowns a little, "how to persuade more to do so is another matter though, a complex one with no easy answer." Well, bar royal decree, and he's not seeing that as likely.

Dawn nods over then and lightly purses her lips then in consideration, "If the issue is that we field fewer knights than they it is not something that is likely to change soon." Nor are the rules, in any case. "then perhaps it might be best then to otherwise discretely make agreements with the knights of the other kingdoms then. I'm sure they find the Couvieri sweeping of the melees just as distasteful. If they are to maintain such tactics, then perhaps you can find others who would be willing to cooperate in opposition to them, so long as they maintain such a farce."

"Should another kingdom field a noticeable force then it might be worth such indeed," Broderick replies with a slow nod, although he's not exactly holding his breath for that to happen. "It is only an issue in that one event really, thank The One, but I suspect it would not hurt if those partaking on the next tournament get our heads together before hand to formulate some form of co-ordinated response."

Dawn inclines her head in a slight nod, "The Couvieri are likely pending repercussions to see the effectiveness of such a technique and otherwise utilize it again." She would hardly put it past them, even if it's on a subtler level in the future. "Merely just be ready should they show intent to do it again to coordinate with others to prevent such a thing." She can hold her breath.

"I'd say it's very effective," Broderick replies tersely, "from what I was able to see before being struck in the head, each of us was under assault by at least two of them. Very effective." He leaves the matter there though, rehashing it now won't change the result, and it's doing no good at all for his mood. Pushing himself to his feet he goes to stand by one of the open windows and gazes out, "Will you stay for the rest of the events? I think I shall skip the bareknuckle tomorrow and concentrate on the joust. I know the Queen wants impressive results, but given the knock it took yesterday I suspect my skull would benefit from a little longer to recover."

Dawn has a frown then and gives a nod over, "I believe I shall be observing some of them. And it would be better to give your best for the events then and focus rather than pursue them piecemeal and risk further injury to yourself. However, if you would wish for something to otherwise try and inhibit some of the pain and allow you greater focus if you are still somewhat disoriented for the next few days.."

"The preliminaries are three days hence," Broderick replies, half turning back so he can still gaze out, but she isn't forced to speak to his back. "If you have anything that would help in the meantime though I would greatly appreciate it, and so I suspect would others about the castle. So long as my head is clear on Friday I will bow to your exert knowledge between now and then."

Dawn nods over, "Take some Valarian root and make a tea of it. Use a weaker dose than normal so it does not make you sleepy, I would suggest if you are uncomfortable but do not wish for it to make you fatigued to use roughly half the strength you would normally take otherwise to help you rest. That should help soothe and relax while not quite putting you to slumber. However, it will also make you somewhat lethargic to a degree, like you have had a few ales."

Broderick listens carefully then nods his understanding. "Perhaps one for the evening then," he replies simply, "I do not doubt that we are expected to be out and about as a presence in town for our guests today, and dozing off mid conversation with some foreign lady or lord might not be seen as good diplomacy. I shall see how it goes though, and have Andrew acquire some in case."

Dawn nods over at Broderick, "Yes, and if it pains you more significantly then it is something you should make inquiries of a healer more familiar with you. They would likely have a better suggestion for something you could take that would not otherwise impair you if you are discomfited."

"It pains me no more so than similar injuries have in the past," Broderick replies with the faintest of shrugs, "I suspect it will heal quicker than others though." Unlike perhaps, his pride. "Should the root not work I will seek you out again tomorrow," he continues, turning to gaze once more at the view, "I mean it as no disrespect to the healers here, but they have their hands full with all the guests." That, and he'd rather keep ailments, however minor, with someone he trusts to keep his confidence entirely.
Dawn nods over at Broderick, "But of course." She gives a quick assessment over of his words and then inclines her head at him once more, "And if it still troubles you by tomorrow I'll see about having something prepared that will help dull it without being quite as lethargic inducing as valarian root tea would be."

Broderick considers for a moment, then asks, "how long does it take for the lethargy to retreat? If not taken before sleep I mean." He's assuming it won't last through the night and he's have a clear head by morning at least. "Mind you, if I've still using it two nights hence then perhaps it is more of a case for worry, but I do not expect that to be the case. I will send word tomorrow as to progress."

Dawn nods, "Valarian root tea is generally taken as a sleep aid and relaxant, and in smaller doses can help soothe if not as effectively." She taps at her chin, "My normal remedy is mixing a small amount of it over with some herbs used to help deaden pain but in smaller dosages of each then. It would last about three to four hours depending on the strength of the dose but you would still be somewhat lethargic over it, but you could simply pass it off as having had a pint of ale with all likelihood."

"Leathargic after a pint?" Broderick replies as he turns and crosses back to retake his seat once more, "I might have to say several, or Lord Aidric would never let me live it down." It's his first attempt at genuine humour all day, since the melee in fact, and while his delivery may be somewhat flat, he does at least mean it. "We shall see how things pan out though. Enough about me for now mind, the other matters you had yesterday, they are addressed to your satisfaction? And Quentyn, he is well I trust?"

Dawn nods, "I have not yet had the chance to keep up with my son. I believe he is likely quite busy then, not only with his duties but also being on hand for things around the tournament, so I have not yet had the chance to encounter him since our brief engagement. I would assume such otherwise." She gives a soft nod over at Broderick, "And I'll have the mixture ready if you request it for tomorrow, but I will likely err on a lower dose with it."

"I imagine he is being keep on his feet yes" Broderick agrees, "it's a shame, I would like to see how he would handle himself in the tourney."He has a handful of years on the lancer, but not the same relentless training, "did I hear he was assigned to Tristan and his betrothed now? That must be a prized assignment, and speaks well of both his skills and character."

Dawn nods over, "Aye, he mentioned as such in passing when I met him. And also for his sense of discretion." She looks half distant for a few moments. "And I am little enough responsible over for what he has become. He has made a full man of himself, and one his father would be proud of."

"One you should be proud of too," Broderick replies with a smile, "I sometimes wonder how things would have been different if I'd gone that route, but I suspect I do not have the temperament for it."

Dawn nods quietly, "Those he was raised by have most of the credit for him, but thank you." She nods quietly over at Broderick's comment. "Perhaps you can catch him to spar sometime to test his mettle."

"Perhaps," Broderick answers with a slow nod, "but not I think, until after the tournament. We both need to beat our best these next two weeks, and I doubt he will have much free time until afterwards anyway." Draining the last of his wine he sets the cup down on the table between them and makes no immediate move to refill it. "And what of your plans afterwards? Will you linger a while, or make for home?"

Dawn admits, "I have not quite figured that far honestly. Home is an easy enough journey that if I decide to stay here for somewhat longer it is a simple enough thing to arrange." She crosses her hands over. "And Quentin shall likely be quite busy for the foreseeable future, so I will encounter him when is better for him."

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