(1866-12-09) Plans Over Dinner
Plans Over Dinner
Summary: Gabriel and Alina skip the Bareknuckle Competition to catch up with each other.
Date: 1866-12-09
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Sunsreach - Rivana
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The Bareknuckle Competition was set to begin later in the day, but Gabriel had no interest in it. Alina would have to remain satisfied with his victory in the competition back home. For now, he will satisfy himself with some rest and relaxation, attempting to save his strength and energy for the events that are to come in the following days. He'd get the hell beat out of him in the jousts and duels as it was. Currently he is in the sitting room of the manse that the l'Saigner are using, resting in a chair, his head bent forward as he dozes lightly.

<FS3> Alina rolls Stealth: Good Success. (3 7 6 7 4 8 4 4)

Alina makes her way into the sitting room, and her face softens some as she sees her husband dozing. She quietly slips forward to him, leaning down to kiss him lightly on the forehead.

Her pregnancy has become more obvious in recent days as her waistline has begun to truly expand and show. Also, she has been avoiding much in the way of public appearances, feeling too tired and ill to be up to public scrutiny.

Snorting, Gabriel blinks his eyes open and then looks up to see Alina standing there. He grunts and reaches up to rub at his eyes. "I take it you are still feeling too ill to go and watch people punch the hell out of each other this evening?" He gives a faint smile and sits up, rolling his shoulders a little to stretch out. "HOw are you feeling right now?"

Alina shifts on the balls of her feet, and then when he stretches and leaves his lap open, she gently settles into it, nuzzling his shoulder. "I feel fine," she white lies amiably. In truth, she was tired, but not much beyond that. "I'm hungry, though. Perhaps we should have dinner after a bit?" She slides her arms around him, taking comfort in the feel of his body against hers. "I'm glad you're not fighting tonight," she admits. "I prefer being able to spend a little time with you."

"Hmm. Yeah I suppose we should eat soon enough." Gabriel reaches up and runs a hand through her hair. "You should eat something light though. Maybe some soup and some bread." He nods while yawning. "I had no interest in going out there and fight. I need time to rest and honestly? I have no need for the prize money from this event. I would rather win something more lucrative."

"I like the vegetable stew the kitchen has made the last couple of nights," Alina says cheerfully. "With the crusty bread." Despite feeling ill, her appetite has not diminished, likely due to eating for two, as it were. "The prize for tonight is leathers and alchemy— if you've need for any alchemicals you know you can just come to me." She sounds a little prideful at that. "And if you wanted a set of leathers, we'd have some made for you."

"The vegetable stew sounds like a good choice." He gives a faint nod. "The bread too, though I'll make sure that they don't let you butter it up and put honey on it. Plain bread, that will be good enough for you right now." He leans forward and gives her a soft kiss on her cheek. "You're right, I have no need for more armor or any alchemicals."

"I'm glad you did well last night, and I'm sorry I missed watching you win," Alina snuggles against him. "But I am relieved you will be eschewing these tournaments from here forward— unless something like Sidhe Steel is a prize." She sighs. "I will need you when we go to Rovilon."

"Eh, I did alright. It was a close thing though, Joffrey could have easily pulled off the victory. Still, it is nice to win my last Free-For-All, and you're right. Sidhe Steel is something to fight for, need to have something to hand off to one of my boys when they become a knight in a few years." Gabriel smiles sweetly at her. "Oh? Why do you need me? Because of your condition?"

"That," she says, "and it will need to be made clear that we are united in what we do. There will be people who assume you are an unwilling member of this family and that you are willing to turn on my father and I, that you can be a source of information for them." She frowns. "I think they will find quickly they are mistaken."

"I suppose." Gabriel mutters, shaking his head. Other people who wanted to gossip around about things that were not their business were fools anyway, but he had already made his opinions of such things clear to Alina. "So what do you need me to do while we are in Rovilon? And are the children coming with us?"

Alina nods. "They will be, and I suppose this one will also be born there like the twins were." She shakes her head and chuckles. "Strange to have an entire generation not born in Highwater."

"Can always make sure that the next one is born in Highwater if it matters that much to you." Again, Gabriel strokes her hair. "Come now, why don't you get off of my lap so we can go see about getting some food into you."

Alina slides off his lap, but not before she steals a quick kiss to his cheek. "Dinner sounds wonderful, darling." She pauses. "You do know I am happy to have you as my husband, don't you?"

Gabriel grunts as he slides off of the chair and stands, taking her arm in his. "As happy as I am to have you, I imagine." Though the way he says it doesn't sound all that happy, he is smiling very faintly.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alina=Perception Vs Gabriel=Deception
< Alina: Good Success (8 8 5 5 8 2 4 4 5 3 3 6 2 2)
< Gabriel: Success (5 7 5)
< Net Result: Alina wins - Solid Victory

"What's wrong?" Alina asks, her face falling somewhat. "Are you upset with me, Gabriel?"

"Hrm? No, I am not upset with you. You know I'm not all that good with sweet words and things like that Alina. Besides, I am tired so my natural l'Corren tends to come out a little more." He leans over and kisses her cheek. "You needn't worry about anything except your dinner right now."

Alina bites her lower lip, then nods. "Might we make love tonight before bed?" she asks teasingly. "After dinner of course," she says as they make their way towards the dining room. "Or would that weaken you too much before your competitions?"

"Maybe. Eat your dinner first and then see how you are feeling. I'm not going to do anything with you if you are not feeling well." He squeezes her hand in a reassuring way. "Not because I don't want to, I just want to make sure you get plenty of rest." There was more than Alina to think about right now.

She looks cheerful enough as they settle into the dining room. Very quickly, a pair of servingwomen bring out large bowls of the vegetable stew for them both, along with wine, lemonwater for Alina, a large bowl filled with crusty rolls, and each a plate with a fine cut of steak. Alina sets to eating her stew, only nibbling at small bites of the steak.

He settles in to eat. Looking at the stew and the steak with a rumbling in his belly. It seems that he too is hungry. "A fine meal tonight." He says, conversationally, and then swallows a large bite of the steak, chewing it and then swallowing it down with some wine. He watches Alina carefully as he eats, a little worried about her.

Alina finishes her bowl of stew in record time, with a couple of the crusty rolls and the lemonwater. She looks at the steak and sighs. "The midwife says I'm likely to have another son. Something about you being so strong and lusty." She frowns. "So they keep trying to make me eat so much meat, but I just want vegetable stew." She takes a bite of the meat anyway. "I want this child to come out strong. I love our twins, but I was so afraid for them right after they were born."

"Another son? Are you sure about that?" Gabriel asks in between mouthfuls of steak, bread and stew. It's his second helping. He needs to gather his strength for the upcoming events. Gulping down some wine to help all the meat and bread go down, he gives her a look and nods. "Yes, I'd hate to go through all of that again."

"I still hold out hope for a daughter," Alina says, "but the midwife insists its a son." She scowls some. "If so, I will still want a daughter, but I think it will be a couple of years before I am willing to go through this again."

"Well, what will be will be. At the very least Leonard can have two brothers to depend on in a fight." Gabriel sighs as he finishes his meal and puts his empty glass of wine down. "We can wait a few years, we're both still pretty young, I think. Do not worry over it, Alina."

"I won't," she assures him with a small smile. "We have the rest of our lives." She hmms. "Is it true your mother and father became a love match?" she asks idly. "Duke Cesare's love of his wife and family is somewhat well-known at court, afterall."

"Yes, they love one another. I'm not sure how long it took though. I'm afraid I never really asked them about that." He hadn't thought of it, truth be told. "I wasn't aware people spoke of it at court, but then again I am not someone who is made for such things."

Alina stretches, pushing away her plate. Half of her steak remains untouched. "You'll learn." She gives him a smile that's half reassuring, half grim. "Speaking of learning," she says, "how are you with tactics and field leadership?" She shrugs lightly. "I assume as you've spent a fair amount of time fighting in the field, I would guess you're a fair hand at them— but I don't recall hearing that you were ever in charge of large numbers of troops." She tilts her head. "I know you are a ferocious fighter by yourself, but how good are you at leading men?"

"Tactics and field command?" Gabriel asks, tilting his head slightly. "I have some experience in it. Asked for it, as there was a time when I had hoped to remain in Murnord and help my brother defend the north. I'm not the expert that others are, but I have a good starting point to further my education in tactics. Leadership? I think I can inspire people to fight, but I admit that I find it best to lead by example."

Alina nods. "I'd like to talk to Father about starting to move you towards your ultimate position as head of the military forces we command." She taps the table lightly. "If you are up for it."

"If that is what you need of me, then that is what I will do. Have you considered anything further on my idea of the knights? I have been trying to find some worthy candidates for the first little group." He glances at her, licks his lips and then says, "I have considered calling it the Amethyst Guard."

Alina chuckles, nodding. "Father should have let you know he's given you leave to recruit. He sees this as a test to see how you are as both a recruiter and a leader." She smiles. "I like the name."

"He mentioned something of it, but I just wanted to know if you had any thoughts." Gabriel gives her a smile, and shifts in his seat, leaning back a little. "After all, your opinions matter as well. And I am glad you like the name. I wanted to incorporate the purple of the house colors into the name in some fashion."

"I think you are doing what you believe to be best to protect your family," and by that she means the more immediate family of herself and their children. "As such I am eager to see how well it turns out." She tilts her head. "Have you found any worthy recruits yet?"

"I am trying to protect my family. The three of you are very important to me." Let that be confirmation enough of her suspicions. "Though I will protect Lonnaire too as it is important to you and what is important to you is important to me. As for recruits? There are a few potentials. That Captain Esyld would make a good knight, do you not agree?"

Alina chuckles. "She would. And I have already requested she take leave from the Black Foxes to serve the family directly as one of my guards. Would she be one of your first Amethyst Guards, I wonder?" Alina's eyes twinkle with merriment. "If so, we are thinking along similar lines it seems."

Gabriel grunts in an amused fashion. "Did you now. A guard? Were you planning on training her as a Wraith then? Tell me, what qualities did you find appealing about her to bring her on as a guard? I am curious."

"No, not as a Wraith. We do keep some more traditional guards, you know," she pouts. "Besides, I felt she would be a good addition to protecting me, since Big Pie and Theo are guarding the twins now."

"So you trust her then." It's a statement, not a question. Gabriel nods, considering that fact. His wife trusted the woman enough to make her one of her guards. That was something to take note of. "We can talk about her more in the future, but I am glad that you are getting people around you to keep you safe."

"She's loyal to the house," Alina agrees. "And her type of loyalty is hard to find. So yes, I trust her." She stands, stretching a bit. "I have more than just me to keep safe, you know," she grins at him impishly, tapping her stomach. "I think you would be quite disappointed in me if I didn't take such things seriously."

"Good, I am glad to hear that." Gabriel stands and then offers her a hand. "Come, let us go and get ready for bed. We can speak more of these things later, and I still worry about how you are feeling."

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