(1866-12-12) A Modest Proposal
A Modest Proposal
Summary: Paege t'Rannis has an offer for the t'Tremaine
Date: 1866-12-12
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Elrick  Paege  

Lonnaire Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Since the Couvieri party that was hosted at the l'Saigner manse, Elrick has been rather busy, both practicing for the Wedding Tourney and also analyzing the opportunities that he had discovered while here in Sunreach. Unfortunately for the former, illness had prevented him from participating in the first and only a mediocre showing in the second, the t'Tremaine Heir was still able to work on the latter. He also has not forgotten the friendly banter exchanged at the Couvieri party, as brief as it may have been with Paege, and when the opportunity for a meeting with her came up, Elrick made the time. Dressed properly in noble attire of t'Tremaine colors, arrangements have been made to 'reserve' the sitting room for this occasion as well as appropriate refreshment of wine and water, and a platter of cheeses, sliced meats, and bread.

Lady Paege t'Rannis, the only daughter of Viscount Alfonso, arrives as agreed upon, dressed in a lovely gown in her house's colours and designed by Lady Alina l'Saigner. When she is escorted in, she flashes Elrick a brilliant smile and bobs a teasing curtsey. "Lord Elrick. I see your hospitality has not waned all for us being in the south," she greets him. "To business first, or pleasure?"

Elrick was on his feet when Paege arrives and when he sees her, an easy smile graces his expression. Her greeting is answered in kind, a bow that offers both respect and familiarity with the smile that remains. "But of course, Lady Paege, one more adhere to propriety no matter how… different, the location may be. But your loveliness is ever radiant, My Lady." As for the question asked, there an amused expression as he shakes his head slightly, "It is best if we focus on the former first. Would you like a glass of wine? Unfortunately it is not as fine as the Tracano Reds they have down here."

"Wine sounds lovely," Paege replies. "And business it is. I understand that you are shopping around for interests in your lumbers and furs?" Paege tsks lightly. "You must know moving lumber especially down here would come at great cost." She tilts her head. "Cost that can ill be borne by your house unless things have greatly changed."

As Lady Paege speaks, Elrick begins pouring the wine for the both of them, enough so that their discussion won't be interrupted by the need of refill when drinking at a conversational pace. Bringing both glasses, the t'Tremaine heir offers one to her before nodding his head in agreement to her words before gesturing towards a couch they can both share comfortably, "Logistics to the South would no doubt be expensive, that I am fully aware of, especially for heavier loads like lumber. Any discussions and negotiations with a southern party would of course involve the cost of such transportation, moving the product to their destination." A sip of wine to wet the tongue before Elrick continues, "I have to first gauge what interest there may be for such resources like lumber and fur here in the South before fully investigating the issue of transportation though."

"Furs may do better since they would be more of a luxury item," Paege notes as she takes the wineglass, taking a sip. "Since they don't have the types of beasts that make for good furs in this area, assuredly." She considers. "Though if your debt problems still trouble you, I may have a solution that might please you better than negotiation of lumber transport."

Elrick isn't surprised when the debts of his House is brought up, he knew that it was a subject that would be touched upon or maybe even discussed at length since Paege's House is one that the t'Tremaines have a loan with. "The debt is of course troublesome, but that is not the only reason why I am exploring trade options here in the South. It is for both the long term gains to strengthen my House, which will in turn strengthen the north. And to comply with our Majesty's decree that we are to have peace with the South, and besides a bloody war against a common foe, I believe the prospect economic profit is what can help bring people of opposing side together." A rather diplomatic response, but after another long sip of his wine, the t'Tremaine Heir does add, "But if you have a solution that is even more beneficial than trade to the South… I am most interested, My Lady."

Paege takes another drink of wine, then places the glass aside. "We might be willing to buy your debt from the t'Mollari and the l'Corren… and forgive it, for an exchnge. My father has many bastards, you see, and he does try to keep them all occupied. He has mentioned to me the desire to build a hunting lodge in the north— well, north for us, of course. North of Savora." She smiles. "The Hartwood is teeming with game and a wonderful spot to hunt. If we could be given leave to build a lodge deep within the Hartwood— and, of course, to hunt the forest— we could call it even. My father would have what he wants and some of my bastard brothers and sisters would have a place to hunt and prehaps bring back trophies for my father's walls."

When the offer is made, Elrick is silent for a moment, only swirling his wine very slowly in his hand as he studies Paege. The sum she speaks of forgiven is considerable, at least from his point of view as his House's wealth isn't anywhere close to where the t'Rannis stand. The Heir also appears to be thinking about the purpose of the hunting lodge in his mind, "That is a very interesting offer, Lady Paege, a very… attractive offer. One I would have to speak to my Lord Father about before approving but I am sure I can get him to agree. Are there any… conditions that are attached to this deal?"

"Well, the house would be ours… the land, of course, still yours, but the home and its contents ours and thus courtesy would be required," Paege says. No bursting into the lodge unannounced… but courtly courtesy would also allow the Baron and his family to request visits should they desire, of course. "We would be given rights to hunt within the forest, though the number of heads of animals could be negotiatied— we hardly wish to be a problem should you need to limit how many animals are taken within a year." She taps her fingers on the arm of her chair. "We would be allowed to build the lodge to our desired specifications and utilize whom we wish to do the building. My father is quite particular in his tastes after all. And we would be exempt from taxes on the animals we take."

Bringing his glass of wine for another drink, Elrick listens to the conditions which all seem logical and reasonable for a hunting retreat that is dedicated to the t'Rannis. Plus, Hartswood is known for its beauty and hunting ground, which would make sense as he continues to think about this proposition. "Of course, courtesy and respect of privacy would be afforded, for such honored guests. That number of heads will have to be negotiated as you say, but I am sure I can convince my Lord Father to allow more for your House." He will have to limit the hunting licenses for others but others aren't buying out the t'Tremaine debt. Waiving the taxes isn't that large of an issue, since in a way, the t'Rannis are paying it up front by buying up the debt, but there is one important question that Elrick now puts forth, "And how many years would this agreement be in place?"

"That is the question, isn't it? We obviously would like the agreement in perpetuity, but perhaps we can allow for ten years after the lodge has been finished being built," she replies amiably, "with the ability to renegotiate at that time."

Nodding his head, Elrick seems pleased that Paege is not demanding for an everlasting deal, which he would have to reject from a long, long term point of view, a deal that he would not want to inherit when he becomes Head of House. "This is something I can and will certainly bring to my Lord Father," Even someone that the t'Tremaine Heir may even be willing to cut his trip here in the South short for if the t'Rannis asks for it, "But there is a couple of concerns that may come up when I discuss this with him, so I may as well ask now to save us time. As you said, we will respect the t'Rannis privacy and courtesy, however since it is my land, the safety of our important guests are a priority. Would t'Tremaine guards be allowed? Not inside of course, but to patrol the location. They would not be underfoot and would not interfere unless asked to, or if a matter of safety and security comes up where they will have to act."

"We would prefer our own guards," Paege responds, "and not to impose upon you and your family for guardianship of the lodge's grounds. We could handle such ourselves."

The response was not a surprise to Elrick, as his way of inserting his own eyes and ears in the area has been denied, but that doesn't change his interest in this deal, just another possible concern he will have to think on. "I understand, My Lady. This is certainly enough for me to present to my Lord Father once I return home, I am sure his answer would be favorable though."

"That will be good to hear." Paege finishes her wine, then stands up. "I do not wish to impose upon your time any longer, Lord Elrick. I do hope our conversation has been satisfactory for you?"

When Paege rises to her feet, so does Elrick as he inclines his head respectfully to his guest, "More than satisfactory, and you know you would never be one to impose. I will always be willing to make time for you, Lady Paege, if I am able."

She leans forward and kisses his cheek lightly. "That's good to hear. I look forward to seeing you back at court this upcoming year, Lord Elrick." And with that, she departs.

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