(1866-12-14) Bonding with Blunted Swords
Bonding with Blunted Swords
Summary: Justin and Lillian meet for some practice and family bonding.
Date: 1866-12-16
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Rented Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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The morning after the Joust Brackets at the Rivana Tourney, Justin t'Acuto sets out for a bit of a secluded area of his host's manse. He had made arrangements for a sparring duel with his niece. While the free-for-all and the duels were over, it was the chance for the pair to catch up a bit as well as practice their respective skills. Especially given how little the two got to spend time together as they lived in different lands normally.
Passively carrying a tourney sword by the blade the younger brother of Baron Artos and Beatrice l'Valdan awaits his niece so they might begin.

Lillian did not attend the joust festivities for one reason or another, but she caught the gossip at the local tavern. She always visited a tavern when in foreign places; it gave her a good idea of what the people in general were like, outside of the blue bloods she ran into at court. Sparring was also a past time of hers and naturally she wanted to test her skills against her uncle, which have piqued her curiosity more than once. What better time to do it than now?

She finds Justin where he promised to be, with her own blunted tourney sword in hand and clad in her training leathers. She comes prepared. A wry smirk plays on her lips. "Hello, dearest uncle. Sorry to have kept you waiting." She inclines her head in a soft nod. "Do you want to do some stretches before we start, or are you ready?"

Justin offers a bow befitting his niece's station formally as she arrives, to her query he replies, "I have not been waiting long, and good to see you as well Lillian. As to stretching I have already warmed up, though I can wait for you to o so if required." in a calm, casual tone.

The l'Valdan seems pleased at this answer, her grin growing brighter. "No need to bow, uncle. At least not when it's just the two of us here." She raises her blade and gives it a practice swing at the empty air in front of her. "I got a good jog on my way here so I ought to be fine," she remarks as she then takes a defensive stance. It appears she will be allowing Justin to strike first. "I'm ready when you are."

Justin nods and says, "The knight in me as always I suppose. Family or not, a fellow knight or not, I do hold to formalities, at least upon the first meeting if nothing else." as he takes up his own blunted sword in proper fashion and takes more of a practice swing, likely testing how good her defense is, and perhaps making sure she is properly warmed up as well.

Lillian's blade deftly raises to parry Justin's blade as he swings down at her. The clash which would normally ring out when the weapons meet is muted somewhat by them being blunted, but it still echoes throughout the area the two knights occupied. She quickly moves to bat the opposing blade away and swings at Justin - the attack aimed at his chest - but luckily his armor seemingly absorbs much of the force behind it. The lady knight takes a long step back to re-assess her opponent, her lively green eyes alert and focused. It may be a mere spar, but she was naturally competitive.

Justin takes the blow to the chest as though he didn't even feel it, but then Lillian likely has at least heard the stories of his great tolerance for pain, as he seems to almost feel none at all. At least during combat, spar, tourney, or true. He doesn't hold back this time however as he pivots and swings his sword, aiming for Lillian's head. The armor at least would offer some defense, but it shows that as he promised he wouldn't be pulling any punches, and that blow is either going to e thankfully avoided or a big headache later.

Lillian isn't used to people intentionally going for her head, but thankfully her natural reflexes make her move just in time to avoid the blow in full force. Instead, it nicks her ear, and she backs away with a grunt. "Easy there, we don't want to accidentally murder each other," she warns as she steps forward again, intending to get another strike at Justin's torso. Her sword lashes forward, the blow being far harder than the less, but not prone to cause any serious lacerations!

Justin, mostly silent in his strikes, as he tends to focus more on the fight then banter simply says, "The blades are suitable to cause little risk of that." which may or may not cost him with the coming blow, regardless he moves in kind as he attempts to move away from the blow to deliver one of his own, how successful he is however…

"Eh, but heads are tricky. Even a rock can do significant damage. But… fair enough." Her blow lands, but so does her uncle's. The blows do not shake either combatant, however, and they go at each other just as zestfully as before. The armor Lillian wore, even though it was just leather, was made of excellent quality and it showed with how little the blows seem to phase her. It was also lightweight, which did not hinder her movement as significantly as full plate or even brigandine would. It appears to have been a wise choice! Her blade now comes down at her uncle in a diagonal slash, this time aimed at his right shoulder and arm.

Justin simply nods as he continues the 'dance' as it were. His own armor wasn't as good of quality, yet he was driven and his tolerance for pain was helping him to endure the blows he had taken. If a serious fight, especially at a tourney, there might be greater excitement. However this was simply a chance for the two to bond as far as Justin was concerned and practice his skills against someone he was proud of for her accomplishments so far in the tourney.

The blow to Justin's arm is quickly followed by another, successfully disarming the t'Acuto quite soundly. It might hurt a little and startle him, but it was truly meant to only end the duel with a clear victor. She lowers her guard and allows him to recover before clicking her tongue, another cheeky grin in place. "You fight well. I just fight a little better." She casually rolls her shoulder. "Have you ever had a squire, uncle?"

Justin gives no obvious reaction to being disarmed, though the twisting of his wrist likely did hurt at least some. Moving to recover his sword he adds, "There is always someone more skilled." as a general piece of advice not really directed to his loss or Lillian's pride. More an acceptance of fact. Taking the blade passively in his off-hand he extends his main hand to Lillian and says, "As with the tourney you honor yourself and our shared blood my niece." There is clear respect and pride in his tone as he offers the gesture he would offer any knight he respected. He never was the hugging type, at least once the younger had entered puberty at least, as prior to that he tends to be a little more affectionate and less formal. At least with the children of his two siblings.
Now however Lillian was a woman grown and was being offered a gesture befitting a proper knight. To the question posed however he simply says, "Not as of yet no. During the wars I was too busy, then I was focused on my work as an engineer so I never really had the chance. Much the same as my failings to find a betrothed." in a serious calm tone.

She finds his formality more endearing than stodgy, and her uncle is given a firm handshake when he extends his hand to her. It was odd, given she was of the royal line but far more casual about things! "Indeed. I didn't win, after all," she retorts with a slight huff. "Thank you, Sir Justin. You do your family proud and will no doubt continue to do so. I have learned much from you already." Lillian cants her head curiously at the latter admission. "Oh? It's never too late to teach another. In fact, I dare say an older knight may typically have much more wisdom to offer than one who may only have a few years of experience. You ought to look into it." She then wrinkles her nose slightly. "Do you wish to find a betrothed, uncle? Or do you simply believe you're somehow shirking your duty?"

Justin gives a firm handshake and releases the hand adding, "A bit of both in truth. Your uncle is a bit irritated by my lack of progress as well so I keep an eye out for those suitable. As to squires I am not adverse to it, yet none yet have been presented as candidates. I also thank you for your kind words as you no doubt will honor your father's blood as you have your mother's." smiling warmly.

"Hmm. If I happen upon anyone who may suit your fancy and you theirs, I'll keep that in mind," she offers with a nod before beaming at the compliment. "I sure hope so!" She looks skyward for a contemplative moment before levelling her green eyes on Justin once more. "It's about time I head back before mother starts to worry about me getting into trouble." Lillian bows politely to Justin. "I will see you again soon, uncle. And hopefully more frequently than before. I will be cheering for you in the next joust."

Justin smiles softly and says, "Thank you, and give your mother my best. Also tell her if she doesn't visit with her baby brother more often he might come over and wield a sword made of feathers against her." chuckling softly as it is clearly an empty threat, and simply a good-natured way of saying he misses his sister.

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