(1866-12-16) A Morning Conversation
A Morning Conversation
Summary: Alina and Gabriel talk about several matters in the morning and make plans for the rest of the day.
Date: 12.17.1866
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Rented Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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Another morning comes, and one day closer to the day they can leave this One forsaken city. At least as Alina sees it. Between being rebuffed by most of the Rivanan nobles and the less than friendly regard she has recieved from most Rivanans in general (she is sure she lost the bid on the Charwin desk due to who she was more than the gold price she was willing to pay… bloody Charwins hadn't even bothered to contact her regarding a commission yet…)

Suffice it to say, as far as the heir to Lonnaire is concerned, leaving couldn't come a moment too soon.

It is still early, so the heir and her consort are still in their bedroom. Alina is still dressed in her nightgown, a thin one at that. She couldn't believe the Rivanans regarded this weather as chilly— up north there was already snow on the ground, while here it wasn't even cool enough to consider snow…

"What plans did you have for today, my Gabriel?" Alina asks, still content to rest in bed for a few minutes more. "Anything exciting?"

Gabriel is sitting at a table off to the side of the room, his various knives, daggers and hand cannons sitting on the table in front of him. He is currently polishing his lightsilver sword. Not for any real reason other than it was a habit and he found the repetitiveness of it to be rather soothing. At Alina's words, he gives a slight grunt and looks up. "Might go out and see what there is in the markets, or maybe go and encourage Michael to get off his ass at this tournament and try and win the circuit championship in the finals tomorrow. I'm not sure. Why? What do you want to go and do?"

He finishes with his sword, and slides it into its scabbard and places it to the side. Reaching over, he takes a dagger and begins to polish it, making it gleam in the morning light. "You seem to dislike it here. Why's that? Aside it being Rivana and all."

"It's too hot, the baby doesn't like the food," Alina replies, "and everyone hates me." There's a pout at that. "Plus we've almost no privacy in this manse with everyone else here." She sighs. "If you wish to go to the markets, I might go with you. Perhaps they'll be a little politer to you than they are to me."

"The weather is certainly something different." Gabriel agrees, continuing to work on the dagger. "I'm not sure that I agree with you about everyone hating you. It's probably your house that they distrust. Did your ancestors not raise quite a fuss here before the 30 Years War?" He asks, lifting his gaze and giving her a raised eyebrow. "Sometimes feelings like that can take time to heal. Do not let it get to you. Prove that you are better than them, Alina."

Alina sighs softly. "I am trying, Gabriel. But I am tired, and my feet are sore, and I don't like feeling unwanted." She stretches a little bit, then rolls over on her side, propping her head up with a hand to watch him work on his weapons. "One. You'll be getting more lightsilver with your win from the Free For All, won't you?"

"Yeah, I know." The words are spoken quietly as he finishes one dagger, sheathes it, and then begins working on a second. "I know you're tired and that you haven't been feeling well. Though I must ask, why do you care what the general population of Rivana feels about you? I doubt they want me, frankly, I don't care." He nods. "Yeah, more weapons. Just what we need, right?"

"I just don't like being disliked," Alina replies. "Especially when I don't feel I deserve it. Everyone should like me. I'm pretty and wonderful." She says that without even a hint of irony. "And I think it's amusing you will have a full kit of lightsilver. You really are my knight in shining armor," she teases. "And I love you."

"You don't deserve it. A lot of people don't deserve to be in the situations that they are, but such is life. You can either accept that what other people think means absolutely fuck all, that what you do is what is important, or you can let it bother you. Yes, you are pretty and wonderful, and I honestly think you shouldn't care what Rivanans think of you. Worry about what people in Lonnaire think of you. They are important. Sunsreach is not." And that is all Gabriel has to say about that. He does smile at her though. "I love you too, and yes, I'll have way too much goddamn lightsilver. A hundred years from now our great-great-grandchildren will wonder where in the hell it all came from."

<FS3> Alina rolls Forbidden Lore: Good Success. (3 5 4 3 8 7)

"At least there's a use for it beyond just 'being pretty'," Alina notes. "Though One send it's a use you never have to put it to. Lightsilver is proof against some…" she lowers her voice, "of the dark creatures. So keeping one of the blades on you might be wise, at any rate."

Grunting, he nods as he sheathes the knife and puts it down. He now picks up one of his hand cannons and begins to work on it. "I realize that, and I carry a sword and dagger on me at all times. Soon I will carry these more often." Meaning his hand cannons. "I wonder if a lightsilver ball would do the same sort of damage to one of those things. Curious, if we could make Sidhe Steel or melt down existing Sidhe Steel, I would almost like to shoot something in the head with it. That is too much to ever hope for though."

<FS3> Alina rolls Alchemy: Great Success. (6 7 1 1 8 3 7 4 6 3 5 7)

Alina sits up in the bed, frowning some. "Sidhe steel… probably not. But I would think lightsilver shot could be possible." Her alchemist's mind begin churning. "I daresay we could see if we could have some done, in secret of course. No one would understand the purpose of such expensive shot otherwise."

Gabriel looks up and gives Alina a look for a moment. Then he nods. "Yes, I understand. Such expense would need to be kept hidden. Anyway." He lifts the pistol, points it at the door, and pulls the trigger. Nothing happens of course, he's not stupid enough to have it loaded while cleaning it. "I have come to appreciate these and the alchemical items the wraiths use. I have wondered if a cavalry charge could be mounted where the first wave tosses in smoke, then a second rides by firing off a volley of shot. I wonder what that might do to the morale of an opposing force."

"I don't know," Alina replies with a considering look. "Are you thinking you'd consider arming a unit with handcannons, then? An expensive proposition."

"Am I thinking about it? Yes. Am I considering doing it any time soon? No. Believe me, I realize what it would cost, but I also realize that there are many things that one has to look at." Gabriel lets out a long sigh. "Perhaps that topic of conversation would be boring to you though. I doubt you have any love of war. Just be assured that I am having a number of thoughts on how to defend Lonnaire by killing as many people as possible who try to do you harm."

"I don't mind the conversation, dear," Alina replies. "Even if it's not my first choice of conversation, such things that affect the duchy are interesting to me." She scoots over on the bed and pats the side. "Come back to bed, hold me and tell me of your thoughts on this. Perhaps you might convince me to begin saving for this unit of yours, my darling."

"Alright, alright." He grumbles, taking a few minutes to finish cleaing the hand cannon before putting it carefully down. Standing up, he makes his way over to the bed, slipping onto it and taking her into his arms. "Why don't you just close your eyes and rest a little first? We can talk in a little while. Then maybe take a walk."

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