(1866-12-16) Sunsreach Tourney: Archery Competition
Sunsreach Tourney: Archery Competition
Summary: The archery competition for the Sunsreach Tourney
Date: 1866-12-16
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Tourney Grounds - Sunsreach - Rivana

An open space in the middle of the city the tourney grounds is a wide flat field divided by rose bushes that have been allowed to grow here since the ascension of Queen Alysande.

The outer ring of the grounds is set aside for competitor pavilions and the stalls of merchants and food sellers fortunate enough to win a space from the master of the games to ply their trade. The inner ring is the tourney grounds themselves; a flat oval of earth ringed by a fence with openings on each end and a high gallery to one side and a flat open space to the other. On tourney days the fence is freshly whitewashed, the rose bushes are trimmed and the gallery is swathed in green and gold cloth while all around spectators and competitors mingle with gallery filled with nobles and the common folk packing in cheek and jowl across the lists to watch whatever event is on offer be it the melee, archery or that highest of competitions: the joust.

When the grounds are not in use the lists are off-limits to casual visitors and the grounds remain fanatically well-tended, lest the field become uneven and some future match be lost due to loose dirt or a wayward puddle.


The stands are not quite as packed as they are for the jousts and melees, though the commons is still fairly full. The noble stands is fairly empty— archery doesn't draw crowds.

Still, those participating consider it a worthy event, and the prizes this tournament are quite good indeed. Therefore there is a fair field of competition tonight. The targets have been set up on one half of the field, the archers posted at a line a goodly bit away. There are some squires who are doing extra work this night as runners and point talliers, but they are waiting for the first round of shots to be done before they run.

"Ladies and Lords, masters and mistresses—" the announcer barks. "Tonight we have a singular test of skill and keen eye: the archery competition. Please welcome our competitiors, and may the best archer win!"

It would not be an archery contest without a showing from Ironhold, and there are a number of Huntresses who have taken to the field as well as the Viscountess and her sister. The younger Cassomir is dressed in the usual leathers of a Huntress, though this day there is also an added leather strap fastened about her left arm. The simple token, appears to be well crafted from deer skin and mostly unadorned, save for an odd yet elegent looking design, or symbol, that has been carefully dyed into one end of the piece. Emilia's fingers faintly test the string of her bow as she gives a slight nod to Raelyn and Adrienne. Though dark eyes briefly dance over the stands, it was not surprising that the numbers are fewer.

Another Cassomir competing in the archery contest is Adrienne, displaying the confidence of a Huntress and the slight nervousness of an 18-year-old. She is not fond of these contests, passed even up on the archery competition at Pacitta, but today she is here. A glance is given Emilia, green eyes meeting the dark gaze of the touched one as the freckled Cassomir inclines her head in a nonverbal 'good luck'; then she looks towards Clara, a more pronounced smile given to her. Her bow, which looks rather plain but is of good quality is held loosely in her left hand, the quiver with arrows slung about her shoulder, above her attire of Huntress tunic and leggings of dark green. Her dark brown hair has been pulled back into a single braid. Of course, there are other curious contestants… a certain Wraith with a familiar face, that will catch Adrienne's attention and gaze for a moment. But all in all, the freckled Cassomir is focused on the contest itself, a deep inhale occurring when the start of the contest is announced.

Tiadora's easily identified as one of the few nobles present to watch. Considering she counts almost -all- her friends on the field, it is no surprise. Her tray has a platter of the offerings from the various merchants that peddle to the crowds, but looking far fresher and actually prepared just for her. She gives a friendly wave at the field and calls, "Good luck" in general well wishery.

Initially, Tristan wasn't going to participate in this competition, but he changed his mind. A part of him hoped that he could manage an upset against Corvin. He highly doubted it, but oh… how that would be amusing to him. Still, he had no doubt that someone from Ironhold was going to walk away from this competition with the prize. Hard to compete with a Huntress.

Stepping up to his line, he eyes the target, judging distance and wind and all that archer stuff. a black and white handkerchief is tied around his wrist, a favor from his betrothed. He hoped he could make her proud of him this time.

Clarke is not competing, sitting over in the stands then and watching the Huntresses most of all. THey're the ones that have the loveliest views being presented. And Clarke can dream then as he looks over the competitors and ~particularly~ the nobleladies competing, lightly whistling from his place in the stands.

With her rosewood bow and quiver at hand, the princess Clara Tracano seems rather at home upon the archery range. Familiar faces are noted…and some even get a warm smile in return…as Clara stakes out her claim. Choosing a space in the middle of the field, arrows are placed down…and the longbow strung and at the ready.

Aidric, like Tia, is one of the few noble specators and sits next to his cousin to watch. "So, who do you favour to win this time? Emilia again?" he asks her as he sips from his wine. However, for all that he asks the Carling seems laid back about the results of the competition as is merely here to spectate.

Up in the Royal Box, there is at least one watcher. That being King Jaren Tracano. Oddly enough, Alysande doesn't seem to be with him this evening, but he does have a pair of interesting guests accompanying him: The Shahzadeh Rashad Behzadi and the Shah Kabede Aman. With whom he seems to be sharing a pleasant conversation as the event prepares to begin. Though it does look like the former is having to do a fair bit of translating for the latter.

Having just finished stringing his bow and giving it a few test-pulls, Corvin Fremont waits for the opening announcement, before heading to his mark. He makes mental note of the gaggle of Cassomirs he seems to be competing against, and the relative lack of Couvieri contestants. Tough field, it looks like, but then he notices that a familiar face is lining up beside him, and bows towards the Princess Clara Tracano, offering a smile and greeting, "Your Highness. Always a pleasure. It looks as though Rivanan life has been agreeing with you." He does look past Clara to spot Tristan, and briefly wonders if there's any way he could claim the wind caught an errant shot that just happened to strike the Prince entirely unintentionally. Deciding that no, that isn't possible, he turns his attention back to Clara, his smile still quite amiable, "In any case…good luck to you, Highness."

<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (7 3 8 4 1 2 3 6 8 5 4 2 6 2)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Great Success. (6 5 1 8 3 6 8 4 2 8 2 8 1 3 3 7)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 7 3 3 8 6 1 3 4 1 7 4 3 5 1 6)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Success. (1 3 6 3 1 3 8 5 6 6 3 1 1 3 6 4)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 2 7 5 8 6 5 5 6 3 1 5 1 5)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 3 2 2 6 8 1 7 5 2 4 7 1 5)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (6 6 1 3 7 7 2 3 3 5 4 8 2 3 4)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (7 3 2 3 8 8 1 2 3 3 7 5 8 6 8)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (5 6 7 8 7 5 2 6 7 1 7 1 5 8 7)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Good Success. (6 3 8 1 1 4 5 4 4 6 8 6 5 6 5)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 4 5 4 2 5 3 3 8 8 1 7 8 1 1)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Good Success. (4 4 4 7 3 4 6 3 6 3 2 3 7 6 1)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Great Success. (8 6 5 7 8 6 3 2 4 8)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Great Success. (3 8 8 1 5 7 4 4 5 7)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (7 8 2 4 5 2 4 3 4 1)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (8 2 3 4 2 2 3 3 7 5 1 5 5 5 7)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Great Success. (5 2 6 7 1 2 1 5 7 8 4 1 2 7 7)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (3 6 4 2 6 1 7 4 2 7 4 6 2 3 5)

Tristan raises his bow, knocks the arrow and releases. He watches his first shot thud into the target at the edge of the bullseye. Letting out a breath, he repeats it for his second shot, scoring a hit on the otherside of the bullsye, still on the edge. He had overcompinsated his aim. Trying to use this knowledge on his third shot, he aims, and looses. He frowns, watching the shot hit the target but his aim off a little more than the last two shots. He would have to focus more for his next series of shots.

Hmmm, not his best first round…but not his worst, either. Corvin cants his head at the results of his shots, and doesn't seem terribly pleased, though far from fuming. Still two rounds to go, after all. He moves to ready his next three arrows, gauging the wind while he waits. He's not yet paying that much attention to the other competitors, but he hears the stir from the crowd as someone clearly makes some superb shots. Pretty sure that's not him.

Up in the box, Jaren pumps a fist and grins as Emilia starts off quite strong.

Clarke watches the fired array of shots, resting back then and trying to parse how each of the shooters has done then, craning his neck up and over to observe them and applauding quietly then.

As the order to shoot is passed down, Clara fires off her three shots. All strike the second ring….not terrible, but not her best at all. Is it Corvin, making her all nervous and such? There is a shifting of her feet…then a shake of her head. She will do better. Corvin does get a smile…and that's about it…or now.

There is just a flickering hint of a smile that graces Emilia's face up to the royal box, to Jaren. Though Tiadora is noted as well and given an incline of her head. Though as the mark is called, Emilia takes a deep breathe and draws the first of her arrows. A small breathe before sending it to the target, not a bad shot. Her next two arrows shot in similiar fashion, though there is just a faint bit of blink when not only does the first arrow hit the bullseyes, but the second splits the other in twain when it also hit the bullseye mark. There is just a fiant hint of speeshness in th elook that goes Raelyn's way.

Tiadora offers a fried pastry to Adric, enjoying one herself. "I'm sure Emilia will do wonderful again," she says with confidence. "And I do hope Tris does well. How is his jaw, by the way?" All those face shots in the boxing…

She sips her wine and cheers as they let loose, the obvious amazing shots from Emilia. But her other cousin shoots with finesse so Tristan is also given cheerful applause. "Excellent shooting!"

Adrienne shoots her first three arrows in short succession, straightening while lowering her bow as she eyes her results, one arrow near the bull's eye and two a bit farther away from the center, in the second ring, solid shots, but perhaps not enough to win this contest. A faint line appears between her brows, her lips pressing together as she considers what to improve in her next round of shots. Only fleeting glances given the other targets, even if… Emilia's archery butt she cannot help but stare at for a moment. One above… Air leaves her lungs in a deep exhale as Adrienne tries to regain her calm and focus, preparing mentally for the next round of shots.

<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 4 1 8 7 3 8 6 1 3 8 4 8 3 1)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (4 1 5 3 4 5 8 2 7 2 8 7 3 4 3)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Good Success. (7 3 1 1 6 4 5 3 2 6 5 4 6 8 5)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Great Success. (6 5 3 6 7 3 6 5 1 8 2 8 7 2)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (5 6 2 2 3 7 8 7 7 5 7 5 8 7)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Success. (2 1 6 6 5 1 8 3 4 5 3 1 4 6)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows+5: Amazing Success. (4 7 2 8 1 5 1 4 6 8 8 5 5 3 1 2 5 5 6 7 7)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Great Success. (8 3 4 4 6 8 7 1 7 2 3 5 6 2 6 1)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 1 3 6 5 5 5 8 8 4 8 3 7 4 4 3)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Good Success. (6 6 7 6 6 8 2 2 6 5 1 5 3 5 1)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (1 1 5 4 4 8 6 2 6 7 8 7 1 3 1)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (8 8 6 1 6 3 8 2 8 8 8 8 6 8 8)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 2 5 4 7 7 5 4 2 5 6 4 4 8 3)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (8 8 6 6 6 4 1 2 3 2 4 5 7 2 6)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (6 4 5 3 3 4 1 5 6 2 8 4 5 7 4)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Success. (4 7 6 5 6 5 2 4 5 5)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 7 2 1 6 2 4 8 4 8)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 3 3 4 5 3 8 5 4 8)

Aidric notes Jaren's enthusiasm at Emilia's win and can't help but chuckle, wondering what the Alhazred thought of that. Though as a new round begins and he chews on the pastry offered by Tiadora he remarks, "Seems like she is as for Tristan, I don't know about his jaw, but at least his arrows seem to be hitting the target," he remarks as the second round finishes.

At least the strong start does help to maybe show some that it was not a complete fluke of nature that Emilia gave such a strong showing in the prior tournament. With the next round called for, Emilia draws a slow breathe before taking up the first of the three arrows. While she doesn't pull off quite as an amazing feat, her shots do still come of strong with that third still hitting the bullseye.

Raelyn grins at Emilia's first shot, though she looks at her own with am edge of disappointment. They were not her best shooting. It was time to step it up. Knocking out her shots, with better results and looking a bit more pleased this time.

Tiadora whistles cheerfully as Raelyn takes the round and closes the gap to her sister. She giggles at her enthusiasm and enjoys the snacking. With smaller crowds, she's clearly less self conscious of her actions- enjoying the match as much as the rest. If not more for her friends fine showing.

Tristan fires off three more arrows. The first is a bad shot, though it does manage to hit the target. Underneath his breath, he mutters a curse. Something about hoping Corvin shoots himself with an arrow. Attempting to focus once more, he fires off a second and third shot, both of which hit within the circle. Better, but still not good enough. He glances to the sky. One, if you were ever going to give a shit about Tristan Tracano, please do it here and now. He needed at least one bullseye. Just one. That would be enough to please him.

Adrienne places the first arrow against the bowstring, takes aim and releases it, and with a TWONK, it hits close to the bull's eye; the second soon joining it there, while the third once again hits the second ring. The corners of her mouth lift only ever so slightly. It was an improvement to her first round, but to be honest… a glance towards Clara's and Emilia's targets shows that they have once again managed to hit right into the bull's eye. Heavy competition indeed.

Well, Clara may not be the one that's distracted, given that Corvin unleashes a second volley of…thoroughly mediocre shots. Well, perhaps slightly better than mediocre, but mediocre for him. Still, he retrieves his next three arrows and waits patiently. He imagines he's well behind, but one never knows…there's always hope. Though possibly not as much for him this particular night.

Three more shots for the princess. oh…closer to the center….and bull's-eye! But…the elation from that shot sends the third almost completely off the mark…just managing to hit the target.

Clarke cocks his head over, watching at the best angle as he can get as he watches the arrows fired by the contestants, jotting down and trying to guess the scores as the arrows shot through the air then, and then looking up to see how close he was.

<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows+5: Good Success. (8 1 7 2 1 5 1 7 6 1 1 2 5 4 3 4 2)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Great Success. (3 2 6 4 8 5 7 8 1 6 7 6)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 3 6 7 3 5 4 2 3 2 8 1)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows+5: Good Success. (7 7 4 1 5 4 6 4 8 5 5 1 1 2 1 4 4)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 7 5 7 6 5 4 7 1 5 5 4)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Good Success. (7 1 4 2 4 2 2 1 7 7 6 2)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 8 6 3 5 6 3 4 6 1 8 6)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows+5: Good Success. (5 2 1 5 4 7 4 5 4 7 5 6 1 8 2)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (2 6 4 3 8 5 8 6 3 5)
<FS3> Tristan rolls Bows: Good Success. (1 7 3 5 7 8 4 3 3 4)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (3 8 1 4 7 3 7 4 7 4 3 2 8 5 7 5)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Amazing Success. (1 2 3 6 7 2 7 7 1 7 6 3 7 8 6 8)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Bows: Great Success. (8 5 5 4 5 1 8 8 5 4 4 1 7 7 3 6)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (4 8 7 3 1 1 5 4 6 5 1 8 7 1 2)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows: Great Success. (6 4 7 3 3 6 8 3 8 6 4 3 1 7 7)
<FS3> Emilia rolls Bows+5: Amazing Success. (7 4 5 7 1 3 6 8 2 8 5 4 5 8 7 1 3 3 7 6)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Great Success. (7 2 4 8 6 3 8 2 8 6 2 2)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 5 6 5 8 6 2 8 3 7 1 3 6 7 4)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows: Great Success. (6 1 6 5 6 8 2 3 6 6 7 7 1 7 2)
<FS3> Adrienne rolls Bows+5: Amazing Success. (3 4 8 3 8 2 2 6 6 5 4 6 7 2 8 4 8 3 7 8)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Great Success. (3 7 5 6 7 8 4 7 6 5 4 8)
<FS3> Lydia rolls Bows: Good Success. (8 3 8 6 2 1 2 5 7 2 4 1)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows+5: Amazing Success. (4 6 6 3 7 6 8 6 6 1 8 7 1 3 1 7 5 6 4 7)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Failure. (6 5 4 1 4 6 1 4 2 5 2 5 3 6 4)
<FS3> Corvin rolls Bows: Good Success. (5 4 3 7 3 3 6 3 2 5 7 3 4 6 6)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Success. (4 5 2 6 1 1 1 6 4 3 1 7 4 6)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows: Great Success. (2 8 3 3 7 2 7 4 6 3 2 3 5 7)
<FS3> Clara rolls Bows+5: Good Success. (1 2 1 4 1 5 2 8 5 8 4 2 8 6 2 6 6 2 4)

The final three shots are loosed anddd… Tristan doesn't manage to land a bullseye. He grumbles and then awaits the final score. Oh. Last place. And look, a Cassomir won. He was pretty sure he called that, good thing he betted on Raelyn and Emilia. It was going to earn him some coin at the very least. There was also one additional consolation. He tied with Corvin. He offers Corvin the prettiest of smiles if the man looks his way, and then Tristan is off to go find Elaida.

With that last round of shot called for, Emilia steps to her mark once again. A deep breathe drawn as the first of the three arrows is plucked and notched to the string in her bow. Once drawn back she takes a moment before it is sent to the target. A solid shot. The next just as strong before she finished up with another bullseye. A strong showing and if ever stoic, there might be a flicker of a smile at actually having managed to have a solid performance over all. There is a glance to the others, though her one hand is flitting briefly to the token won. It has brought her luck. She might however blink at discovering she actually won.

Clarke quickly does a mental tally of the scores then, looks over at the board then and checks it. Grumbles and then scans over the targets then as he loos away and then back over at the targets once more. Very, very glad that he is not one of them given the very, very deadly accuracy displayed by the Huntresses.

Lydia did not finish too far behind but she was no huntress.. Her arrows flew nicely putting her at least she was not last. A smile on her lips as she moves to collect her arrows.

Tiadora cheers. Rivana sweeps archery again!

Hardly a glance is spared for anything or anyone else, as Adrienne takes aim for the first of her last three shots, becoming one with the bull's eye, or at least rtying to, as she releases the arrow from the bowstring. It hits next to the bull's eye though, as does the next shot. Very good shots indeed. She releases the third, closing her eyes in the moment it leaves the bowstring, not daring to look where it hits. Until a murmur in the crowd makes her look, and gasp, and smile. Her one shot that hit right into the center. It is her own private victory, even if the win goes as usual to someone else. Today to her touched cousin, whom Adrienne will offer a smile. They are Huntress sisters, after all! Her next glance will go to Raelyn, taking in the good showing that is displayed in her target. And then… Clara. A slight lift of a brow there, an incredulous glance Adrienne gives the Tracano princess, before she allows her gaze to pointedly shift to the Wraith, and then back to Clara, with a knowing smirk.

Raelyn closes the gap further - but not enough, as she levels a dead-on bullseye, and then the second shot splits the arrow, and lands perfectly in the center again. The last shot settles near the first two, but just off the mark. Raelyn is quite pleased with her performance, and a quick glance down the line tells her that her sister has bested her this time 'round. She grins, wide, and walks over to Emilia, touching her arm, "Quite poetic, don't you think?" She asks, clearly amused. She is pleased for Adrienne, too, grinning at her cousin as she realizes, after some mental tallying, that her cousin has settled in behind her. "Cassomir's down the line, in first, second, and third place. Not a bad showing at all." Raelyn's more than proud.

While Corvin's next shot is just about perfect…the one that follows doesn't hit the target at all. Which actually causes Corvin to stare in disbelief a moment, before shaking his head and firing one last shot. It at least strikes the target, if not spectacularly. "Well, clearly not my night…" Corvin comments, moving to start unstringing the bow. He'll break and burn it later, but such a display would likely be unseemly here and now. He does catch Tristan's oh-so-pretty smile. And the one Corvin returns is…not the friendly type. Much more of an "I know a thousand ways to kill you painfully" sort of smile. It's brief though. Really.

Clara sends her shots off…with mixed results. Is she upset? It doesn't show at all as she offers a smile to everyone…including Corvin. "Well…it seems like it was our night, dear Corvin. But. .thank you for participating in my tournament." Her tournament? But hey…at least she doesn't look upset. Adrienne's glance is completely missed…as far as she knows.

<FS3> Clara rolls Deception: Good Success. (6 6 6 7 2 2 7 1 6)

Aidric applauds the victory, not in the least surprised the top three were all Cassomirs. If Tristan should look his way he gives the prince a shrug before he looks to Tiadora. "Not a bad night for your friends," he remarks as he begins to get to his feet.

Emilia shrugs a little at Raelyn,"Not of sure if it is of poetic, but you did nearly of catch me. Was just being of lucky." Dipping her head to Adrienne,"Was much of fine shooting…and of aye, a fine of showing, I am sure it is one that is pleasing for Jaren." A mild tugging to the corners of her lips,"And of at least we have captured some glory for Rivana." A thing their knights have been struggling with.

Tristan steps up to Clara, placing a hand on her shoulder. "You did well, cousin. I am proud of you. It is fierce competition any time anyone from Ironhold enters one of these competitions." Idly, he wonders if he could pay the Circuit to ban House Cassomir from the Archery competitions for an entire year. That might cost more than it was worth though.

"I suppose it'll be some small consolation for how the Knightly events have been turning out so far." Corvin glances briefly towards the Royal Box, where Jaren has been on his feet applauding for the superb showing by his birth house. "Particularly for your new King." He smiles far less menacingly and far more pleasantly to Clara, "I suppose I must simply have been distracted by my surroundings." Yes, there's a bit of his usual cocky grin there, but he bows once more, smoothly but formally, "Thank you for allowing my participation, Highness. And better luck next time. In either case, always a pleasure. I hope the rest of the Tourney proves enjoyable for you."

Clarke shifts up and over then, watching then at the contestants then, "Glad I never have to face any of them in the field." Where he has a strong awareness that likely the arrows would well find their way on his body..

Lydia offers a smile to Clara and Tristan as she collects her arrows, her eyes move over to the Huntresses and idly wonders a moment. Slowly the dark haired Lady makes her way over to Emilia and Raelyn "You are both fine shots with your bow, dose your house offer any training?" Looking over the Hunt-Women, she smiles in an awe struck sort of way.

Emilia's dark eyes flit over when Lydia approaches, a incline of her head offered in greeting,"You shot fo well yourself." The question causes a brow to rise just a hair,"Of aye, it is sometimes of permitted that a few may join with the Huntresses for of training for a time."

Tiadora smiles at Aidric. "Now if only Sir Devlin can win the joust…" She blushes and adds, "or another Rivanan.." She rises and has the rest of her food sent to feed the poor.

There is the slightest of blushes from Clara. She could never quite stop that. A nod is given to Corvin, and a minor confession. "Yes…I believe you are right. I really must see to making our environment a little less….distracting." Along with that soft blush is a small smile…the same sort of smile that Corvin may remember, back when Clara was just Lady Clara and not a princess. "Please…enjoy yourself, Corvin…and perhaps we will see each other again before the tournament is out. Perhaps at the ball…"

Then, Tristan's hand finds Clara's shoulder. There is a laugh, then a nod. "Oh…I told Adrienne when we had our practice that I would not win…not against the likes of the Cassomirs. She didn't believe me….but…at the time I was shooting much, much better. Still…I am glad Emilia won. At least we have this contest under wraps."

"Perhaps, Your Highness. But I will do my best regardless, on the matter of enjoying myself." And with that, Corvin heads off back in the direction of the Manse the Lonnaire folk have rented for their stay.

Getting up, Clarke goes towards the group of competitors and gives a light bow over at Emilia, "Congratulations M'Lady. Lovely shooting." Then nodding over at Raelyn in turn, "I do not believe I would wish to face tiehr of you on a field of battle, for you would quite quickly give me the business end of your quivers."

Lydia nods her head as her attention is focused on Emilia then. "Ahh good, is their a head of the house, or …" she pauses and flushes. "I am afraid, I do not know the proper way to ask for such training". Blundering - she at least tries. "I am Lady Lydia Giraldi". She offers

Emilia inclines her head to Lydia,"It is a pleasure to be of meeting, Lady of Lydia. And of aye, you would need to seek of permission through of them." Just a mild tugging at the corners of her lips,"Which so happens she is here,"a hand lightly motioning to her sister," May I be introducing Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir, and Mistress of the Hunt." Clarke's approach has Emilia turning her head a little towards him, a slight bow offered in turn to the noble. "Of thanking, My Lord. The One and luck were of guding our arrows well of this day. And let us of pray there is not need to ever of face one of another upon of the battlefield."

Tristan is sure to give Lydia a nod and a smile when the woman nods at him. Still, his attention is focused on Clara. "You did do well, much better than I did. I daresay that a bit more practice under your belt and you will win one of these competitions, Clara. Me? I will never improve, I just do not have the desire to keep learning the bow. Truth be told, I only hope to get lucky one of these days and manage something completely spectacular." He grins, the last bit is whispered in a conspiratorial fashion.

"You know, you should come and have dinner with Elaida and I one evening soon. It would be good for us all, I think."

Tiadora makes her way down to the to field to join the other young ladies but sees they are all engaged and busy in conversation. She settles for a proud and cheerful wave before heading out.

Clarke glances over at Emilia, "Aye. I'm more than happy to never be on the receiving end of any bolts other than in training myself. But, I must say you ladies are quite, quite skilled at it regardless, so allow someone to express his appreciation of thine skill and the hope that he never has to be the one at the receiving end of it then? And Clarke t'Cauthone." Glancing at Clara and giving a light bow, and a nod at Tristan.

A little fluttery wave and corner tugging smile is offered to Tiadora, when Emilia spies her friend upon the edge of the field. A mild incline of her head is given to Clarke, though a mild look is given over to her sister in there. "I am thinking ost prefer to be of avoiding to be upon the recieving of end upon the battlefield. With of luck, there will be not be of many battlefields in of the days of ahead and peace will be of our future. It is a pleasure to be of meeting, I am of being Emilia of Cassomir." Probably obvious given the announcements of the contest.

Raelyn inclines her head, watching the exchange between Tristan and Clara with some amusement. She smiles to Clara, an offering of approval for the Princess' showing at the tournament. Tristan? Well. He's just amusing, really. And she still can't figure him out. But when Emilia introduces Lydia to her, her attention turns towards the woman, nodding. "Hello," she offers warmly, "Indeed, it is as my sister said." She tilts her head, "You wish training?"

A smile is returned to Lydia, then Clara shifts to regard Tristan. "Well, perhaps I will practice some more. Though…after the new year, I fear. If there is any time. I will have to talk to Raelyn to see." A pause…then a nod in response. "Dinner with your and Elaida would be grand, Tristan. Though aren't you afraid you will be out-numbered?" A bit of a wink, then a giggle…as Clara shifts to approach Emilia from behind.

A voice calls out from behind. "Oh, are we taking solicitations for Huntress training? If so, then I just might be interested in offering my own." The familiar voice sounds out from behind Emilia…as Clara steps into view. "For, it seems that I may benefit yet from training…and, if this princess role ever fails, I could always take up being a Huntress." A joke….and a jovial one at that.

Lydia gives a little bow of her head to Raelyn, "yes M'lady, I can pay if it is required, or needed." she offers. Her smile flickers slightly to Clara and she grins lightly, "I do believe, once a princess, always a princess, there shall not be any failment."

Clarke glances over at Clara then as he looks over at her target, "I see no reason why a Princess could not also be a Huntress. You certainly have the skill for it." Looking appreciatively over at Clara - both her bolts and her. Nodding over at Emilia, "A pleasure then Aye. And a hope that we do not have to meet on any battlefield for a long time that is not for sport and tournament." He glances over at Lydia and chuckles. "Perhaps."

Tristan gives Clara a slight smile. "Perhaps. Perhaps not. We shall see." With that, he lets her go and speak to her friends as he makes his way back to the palace. He had things to see to and plots to get involved in.

The familiar voice is quite easily noted, Emilia's dark eyes slowly drifting to pick up Clara as she comes from behind her. "You have been of improving of much since you started of practicing with of us, you managed some of fine of shots this of eve. And you are always of welcome to of train of with." A beat passing before she adds in typical deadpan fashion,"And of course would be of welcome as of a HUntress, but you would need to improve on a few of other things as of well."

Clara laughs softly and nudges Emilia lightly with an elbow. "Of course I do, Emilia. Of course I do. The question is not if I would be welcomed…but if I would be allowed. There may be other designs for me."

Raelyn seems to consider Lydia, thoughtfully, "Training is not something usually we offer," she says, and not with any unpoliteness. "Though, we do seek to help each other improve, continually." She frowns, thoughtfully, "But, perhaps an accord can be found. There is precedent, certainly. And exceptions have been made." But, Raelyn makes no promises, just yet, or committments. She only speaks of possiblities. She turns to Clara, "Should you wish, Clara, you've always a place in Ironhold," she invites, warmly. "But not among the Huntresses. We've nothing to organize, or dresses to consider," she teases the Princess back, humored.

Clarke glances over at Clara, "And don't we all have plans for ourselves? Roles we must fulfill then? But, you while having more obligations also have more room to design yourself then and to learn the sorts of skills you might." Raelyn's words get another light nod from him then, "Aye, we be in a brave new world. Perhaps it can be a fresh start then, though I speak above my station."

Emilia nods to Clara,"Of true," a hand giving a odd little turn and flutter within the air,"of the allowing and of designs, I fear that is beyond of mine-control. I can only see to of the welcome. It is up to of Fate upon of the rest." A mild bit of attention being paid as well to the exchange that Raelyn now has with Lydia on the matter of training, and the possiblities of it.

Lydia nods her head to Raelyn "Of course, and you have plenty of people who want to speak to you this evening, I will await word from a handmaid if you should consider it further." she says politely, then offers Raelyn a little bow of her head before she turns to distance herself from the activities.

"Oh, but Raelyn…should it ever come to that point, then you know that it would be covered fully." Clara giggles gently. "Besides, I did not hear much complaining for Emilia's gown. Apart from convincing her to actually wear it." The giggling gives way to a bright smile…which then softens and immediately becomes a more proper, courtly smile as Clarke addresses her. "Plans have a way of falling by the wayside…changing at the drop of a hat. Two years ago, I would have laughed in your face, if you would excuse the expression, good Sir, if you told me I was to be a princess. Roles change as often as the seasons. It is a matter of remaining true to yourself, in my opinion."

Clarke nods over at Clara and smiles, "Life has a way of surprising us. It is the way perhaps of the One to teach us a little more of preparation." He gives a light bow over to Clara and then over to Emilia. "So best to try and get as much experience with as much as possible then to be ready for what surprises it sends our way then." He grins at Emilia, "And congratulations again on your win, Lady. Your arrows certainly nocked true."

At the mention of /the/ gown, Emilia cheeks might pinken just a hint. "You did make of a fine of design of it, Clara. But if you all will be of excusing, I should get of my things put of away." A minor move of her hand with bow yet in it. Namely before other Huntresses deem she needs to go about celebrating. "Of thanking, Sir of Clarke, it was of again a pleasure to be of meeting." Her hand lightly touching to Raelyn and Clara's arms in turn,"I will be of seeing of soon." Before Emilia does withdraw from the area as well.

"I'm certain we will speak again," Raelyn says to Lydia, warmly. Then she looks to Emilia, touching her sister's shoulder. "So, Emilia. How does it feel to have a sister, who is always right, mmm? Just wondering," she teases her sister, before looking over to Clara.

There is a pause in Emilia's departure at Raelyn's words,"It is taking some of getting used of to." A faint tugging at the corners of her lips before she does depart. Honest!

Raelyn offers Clara, "The wedding, both weddings," she corrects, with a self-pleased smile, "Were wonderful. And Emilia looked amazing," she assures Clara. Then she looks to Clarke, "A pleasure to meet you, Sir Clarke."

Clarke nods over at Raelyn, "A pleasure as well Viscountess, though I saw you in action during the hunt that was leading up to the Tournament. Your slaying of the boar likely saved my own life at it."

Raelyn nods to Clarke, "I'm glad. I felt bad enough for the young boy who lost his life." Her smile turns more into a grim expression, the memory still fresh. She nods again, "But, I'm glad no more were lost, or wounds grievous. Though I do not recall seeing you in the Tourney?"

Clarke nods at Raelyn, "In the events I went in I lost in the preliminaries so did not get far. I look on it as a learning experience. Namely learning that I have to work significantly more on my skills before I compete again." He nods at Raelyn's words on gladness that none more were lost.

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