(1866-12-19) A Breath of Fresh Air
A Breath of Fresh Air
Summary: Alina and Emilia have a brief exchange during the awards ball, in which there is a bit of unexpected kindness.
Date: 1866-12-19
Related: Occurs during : Sunsreach Tourney : Awards Ball
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Gardens - Sunsreach Castle - Rivana
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The ball was well under way, the prizes had been presented to the various winners of the tournament and grand feasting had been partaken of. Now the merriment had begun in full, many rooms of the palace were filled with people socializing and enjoing the grand entertainment to help close out the celebrations surrounding the royal wedding. Though not all were within the rooms and taking the moment to dance or socialize, or perhaps more correctly networking and posturing. There were a few who had slipped away to take a break, to get a bit of fresh air out in the gardens.

The night air was cool, thouhg certainly fair from the cold that most of Couviere were more accustoed to, nor for those of Rivana from more mounteousness regions. For Emilia had not bothered with a cloak when she had slipped from the festivities. The young Cassomir alone, with many a Lancer amongst others on security detail, a personal shadow was not on hand as she walked the gardens. Currently standing before a tree yet with many of its leaves, her head canted as she gave it a mild turn of study.

"Ridiculous," a voice chimes crossly. "I'll be fine right here. I need some fresh air." Alina l'Saigner is resplendent in her house colors but the middle of her pregnancy is getting to her. The Wraith at her shadow scowls slightly but acquiesces to her being out in the gardens.

The voice causes a pause in whatever thoughts might have been passing through as Emilia draws her gaze back from the tree. Turning and lightly moving in the direction it had sounded. The blue of her dress and soundless way of walking, perhaps making Emilia seem a shadow that appears from no where. "There are many upon of watch, no harm will be of coming to Lady of Alina out of here." Some turn of reassurance being offered to the Wraith, even if from a Rivana and a Huntress at that…it is likely not to be much of a reassurance. Though to the Lady herself, Emilia offers a bow of her head and a rather graceful curtsey. "Good of Evening, Lady of Alina. The gardens are of peaceful and hopefully you can find some of previve from the noise and bustle of within." Her hand giving a faint flutter at the general direction of the festivities.

"Thank you… Lady…" Alina pauses, hunting for the name of the younger Cassomir. "Elina? No, Emila." she says politely. She settles down onto one of the benrches and looks relieved at the quiet and fresh air. "What brings you out here," she ask companionably.

A small bow of her head comes,"Of aye, Emilia." Not seeming to be bothered or put off for her name to have to be searched for. Though little did seem to show upon the rather stoic features. "A bit of a freah as of well." A minor pause as Emilia looks back to palace,"ANd perhaps of a break from everything for of a bit." So many eyes. Thouguh her gaze flits back to Alina as she settles. "I had of noticed Lord of Lucas had not of come this time to tournament. I am hoping he is being of well?"

"He is fine." Alina shrugs languidly. "Peace or no peace, its unwise to send all of ones heirs to a foriegn nation," she explains away her brother's absence. "And he isn't over fond of tourneys, anyway."

"Such is of true,"agrees Emilia with a small nod, upon the point of sending heirs about to the same place. A faint tugging occurs to the corners of her lips,"Can of see of that of him. Am not much minding of the events of themselves, it is more….the things that make of one wish for of a bit of fresh of air. Though if you would not be of minding, please give of mine-regards to Lord of Lucus and of Rogue?" Yes, she did include the Catlord.

Alina chuckles. "I'll pass along your regards to them both," she replies to the younger Cassomir. "I am sure they will reach him in gladness, as few actually ask after him. He's more of a woods sprite than a noble sometimes," she says, teasing her brother who isn't there, then sighs. She will be oh so glad to depart back north, and soon!

A gentle tugging occurs at the corners of Emilia's lips at the chuckle and words about Lucas,"Of thanking. And of aye, I can see that he would be of happier within the woods." Certainly many of the Huntresses had long ago started pining for the woods of Ironhold. "Though I am of thinking we all have of moments when we are not of noble, even if many are not of paying of witness to of it. Just some..are perhaps having more of those of moments." A small little shrug coming at that. Everyone needed to be themselves…sometimes. Canting her head just a little bit,"I am knowing you will be soon of departing," for surely many would be leaving shortly after the ball to head for home,"but in what of time remains, if there might be of anything I can be of doing to make of your time within of Sunsreach more of pleasant, do let of me know." The offer seeming one that is actually..genuine in nature. An oddity no doubt…from a Rivianian and a Cassomir at that.

Alina looks taken aback at that offer, too! She is quiet for a moment, before responding, "I thank you for the offer, Lady Emilia," and she smiles, a bright and courtly one, but no less genuine for the courtliness, "though I will be departing probably too soon for which to take you up on it. If ever you wish to come visit Lonnaire and have leave of your house to do so, know you'll be welcome to visit with Lucas and explore our woodlands." And gears, of course, of politics and matches begin slowly turning in the future duchess's head…

Emilia dips her head when the response comes,"Perhaps of then should you be of in Sunsreach of again, the offer will of remain of so." Even if not a frequent thing, such travel between kingdoms…tournaments happened. "Of thanking, I of admit, I would not mind to have chance to visit of Lonnaire of again at some of time. Mine last visit was much of shorter then was of expected."

"Lonnaire has much beauty in it, for those who care to look for it," Alina replies. "From the swamps in the southern marches to the heavily forested woodlands of Three Rivers, and the mountain passes of Savora." She smiles, though a look on longing crosses her face. "It will be good to return hom, see my babes, sleep in my own bed. These things become a desire for me whenever I'm away too long."

"It sounds of beautiful, and of what little I was of seeing of before, it was much of lovely. There were of these gardens that I quite of enjoyed when of there. I am of knowing, such is but of a small of part, but it was still of a moment of enjoyed when of visiting your home." Emilia's words, genuine rather then courtly polite, even if the delivery is a bit off with the ever stoic expression the young woman bears. "I can be of understanding of that, one often longs to be of home again, especially when of away for to long. And you have been in Sunsreach for some of time with so much of going of on here." Royal wedding…tournament. "Hopefully I will have of chance to visit of again, and see more of the beauty it is having to of offer."

Alina nods, and then rises from her bench. "I should return into the ball before my husband worries after me. Men do that, you know… worry." She smiles, happy as Gabriel comes to her mind. "It was good to speak with you, Lady Emilia."

Emilia nods a touch,"Of aye, they do…as do of family. I should be of returning as of well." Granted, they might just assume she shadowed out…like normal. Giving a gentle dip of her head,"It was of nice to be of speaking to you as well, Lady of Alina. I hope your return to of home is of being of pleasant." Well you know as pleasant as possible…cause faegate and sickness. "Do be of well and the One watch over you." The last seeming a bit more out of habbit then anything.

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