(1866-12-19) After the Ball
After the Ball
Summary: Joffrey and Gwendolyn t'Synclarre have a moment (mostly) to themselves after the Awards Ball of the Rivanan Circuit Tourney of 1866.
Date: 12-19-1866 IA
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Gwen and Joff's suite at the rented "Murnord" manse in Sunsreach.
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Decembre 19th, 1866 IA

WARNINGS: Rated "M" for "Mushy"

The ball is over, and servants have carted the various prizes that Joffrey has won, even if they were only brought back to the Manse that the folk of Murnord have rented in Sunsreach in order to be oh-so-carefully packed for transport. The extravagant dinnerware may be a bit ostentatious for little old Edgebrooke, but given the boost in Joffrey's renown over the last few years and his marriage to a Duke's daughter…perhaps not so much. In any case, Joff helps Gwen to their room, even if it's just by offering an arm, and once they're inside he seats himself beside her on the couch, chuckling softly:

"Well…I never quite get used to these huge parties. But I can't find anything wanting with the Rivanans' hospitality." He lifts Gwen's hand and kisses the back of it, "Thank you for being patient. I know these kinds of affairs are a bit trying for you and our child."

Gwen has had a smile on her face most likely from birth, to hear her father tell it, always sweet, always happy. Some might have even come to expect that the story is true. There is a crack in the facade, however, once the doors close behind them and no one is there except Joffrey. She wilts a little and her belly seems heavier, as she settles on the couch and stretches her tired legs out in front of her. Her feet turn round and round and she leans back, "You can't win any more until he's born," she says, half teasing, half serious, her slow exhale a betrayal of her weariness.

"I'll have a servant bring you hot water to soak your feet. Or would you prefer a bath?" Joffrey grins a touch, leaning over to kiss Gwen's cheek, "Well, fortunately I don't think there are any tourneys between now and when that will likely occur. And even if there are, I'm not sure I'd go if there's any chance I'd miss it." He rises from the couch, "Do you want anything? You didn't seem to be eating or drinking much at the ball."

Gwen smiles a little, "Either one sounds divine," she says of the hot bath or hot foot bath. She leans into the kiss and reaches up to caress Joff's cheek, "I'm glad.. I don't want you to be out of pocket.." she says. "And I don't want to miss watching you," she says. She exhales a little, "The food at the ball was very rich.. it just didn't sit well, I'd love some bread and just regular ole stew or something like that," she admits. "Thank you love.. for taking care of me.. the closer it gets to time the more nervous I get."

"You have nothing to be nervous over." Joffrey gestures to a nearby servant, and beckons towards Gwen's feet. They take the meaning and move off to draw a deep pan of hot water. While Joffrey's not adverse to rubbing Gwen's feet, her maid stands ready to deal with that this particular evening. At least for now. Another Servant is already on the way to find some more palatable food for Gwen. "You are healthy, and our baby will be healthy. The One watches over us. And if He wills, this will be but the first of many." Joff smiles, moving to sit next to Gwen once more, while she's pampered. "And no thanks are necessary, love. It's a husband's job."

"I know.." she answers, it's easy to say she shouldn't be nervous. She shouldn't. But, she is. The shoes come off and then the stockings come off, thank the One, and Gwen just melts for a moment when the maid starts at her feet. She nods over at Joff, "Yes he will be, he is like his papa," she says of the baby being healthy. She leans over and kisses Joff's cheek, "Well some husbands might disagree.. or at least not be quite so sweet and handsome while doing his job." The maid blushes.

"Well, I could be more surly if you really want." Joffrey notes with a humored grin, moving to stand up and step behind the couch, the better to reach down and start kneading Gwen's shoulders. "I could shave off just patches of my beard, rub some grime on my face, and cut my hair to random lengths all over." He muses humorously, before adding, "I draw the line at removing teeth or scarring myself, though." He teases, leaning down to kiss the crook of Gwen's neck, using a hand to pull her hair aside for a moment. "But even if I were grumpy and ugly I'd still take care of you, I'd like to think. Even if you might enjoy it a bit less." Yes, still teasing.

Gwen nudges Joff in the side then he rises and she looks up and follows around until he's behind her and he grasps her shoulders sending her head down with a soft little happy moan. "You will not change one single thing about you.." she says. THe kiss to her neck draws another happy little sound, feminine and soft, and the maid glances up at Joff then back down quickly. Surely she's seen and heard much in her tenure with this couple. "I can't imagine you being grumpy.. or ugly… "

"Oh, I don't know. Someone out there might think I'm ugly." Joffrey notes, still kneading away at his wife's shoulders. "Though I can't recall being too grumpy since I married you." He again teases lightly, grinning just a bit…a warm expression. "But your order is heard and obeyed, Milady. The beard and hair remain intact." He chuckles, kissing the top of Gwen's head just before the servant returns with the bread and stew requested, wisps of steam coming from the bowl that's placed on a small side-table that's moved to be in easy reach of Gwen.

Gwen snorts, "There is no one.." she protests. She's relaxing more and more, minute by minute. She reaches up and back to touch his arm or side, whatever she can reach. She smells the stew and looks over at it then reaches for the bowl to hold it in her hands. "I am so spoiled.." she says. She looks up at Joff, "Don't ever change," she says, then giggles softly. She gasps and puts a hand on her belly, "Oooh.. he likes that..feel..put your hand here.." and she indicates on her stomach.

Joff chuckles, "Well, once the baby's born it's back to work for you!" Joff teases, "And I can't promise I won't go grey and wrinkly at some point, but otherwise I'll do my best." He jokes lightly, reaching with a hand to rest where Gwen indicates, feeling the life within as it stirs. "He's a busy one. Ready to see the world."

"Men just get more handsome with age, it's us women who have to worry.." she says. "A few more babies and years and the young ladies will be flirting with you.." she says. She pauses then narrows her eyes, "They probably already do.." she says, half teasingly but with a hint of real jealousy potential. She nods as her belly thumps and rolls beneath his hand, "He is.. ready to meet his momma and papa.."

"I wouldn't notice them if they were." Joffrey says, with complete sincerity, "Fairly sure you've blinded me to all others." He leans down and kisses her briefly, upside-downly, and then straightens, "I'll go have a bath drawn for once you finish your stew." He looks over his shoulder as he moves towards the bathroom and winks, "And I might even hop in with you."

The maid, now drying off her feet, has worked diligently and quietly, like a mouse. Gwen returns the kiss and smiles as Joff heads for the bathroom, "Oh you might?" she asks. The maid giggles once then clamps her mouth shut and Gwen looks down at her, "Bring up some wine when you're done here.. and just leave it out here.." she says with a grin. Cause she'll be busy.. you know… getting a bath.


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