(1866-12-19) Sunsreach Tourney: Awards Ball
Sunsreach Tourney: Awards Ball
Summary: Concluding the Sunsreach Tournament, there is a ball at the Sunsreach Castle, to celebrate the winners of the various tourney contests.
Date: 19/12/2015 (Date of RP)
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Main Hall - Sunsreach Castle - Rivana
The Main Hall of Sunsreach Castle is a large, sprawling banquet hall setup for formal occasions and the business of the kingdom. Large spinnerets go up to the heavens, and intricate stained glass patterns are mixed over with numerous banners showing the houses and duchies of the kingdom. Large windows allow the sun to come in and shine off the stained glass, architecturally designed to have te sun focus upon various banners depending on the time of day to be moving clock that follows throughout the year. The main banquet table is long, with the rulers designed to sit at one end of it, and various other places set aside fo visiting nobles, knights, church officials, or those whom the rules do business with. It is setup quite efficiently so that the servants can move back and forth quickly with ease of access to the kitchens. The minarets are setup to use the high ceiling as almost an amphitheatre, and are designed to maximize the acoustics, and many a bard has fashioned a breathtaking performance within here.
Decembre 19th, 1866

The night has begun with first, feasting, and then moved onwards to handing out the prizes.. first to Emilia Cassomir, winner of Archery, then to Esyld the commoner, winner of the Bareknuckle. Then to Gabriel l'Saigner for the Free For All, Elrick t'Tremaine for the duels, Joffrey t'Synclarre for the jousts. Then the tourney champion (also Joffrey t'Synclarre) is given the champions prize: 12 settings of very nice tableware; and Thaddeus Greycen as the winner of the Circuit in 1866 is given the championship prize: a great many lightsilver weapons, a silvery l'Corren warhorse with saddle and tack, and a harquebus.

Now that the prizes have been dispersed to their appropriate winners, the ball portion of the night has begun in earnest. Music plays from the small orchestra in the corner of the hall, and the main portion of the hall has been cleared for people to dance— though if its preferred to eat, drink, and chat that option is available as well, given the tables still left out.

Lady Alina l'Saigner is at the ball, dressed in her house colors of black and purple. Even her makeup is purple (around her eyes) so it's clear she is very much representing her house this night, and no one clapped harder or cheered louder when Gabriel made his way to claim his prize. Perhaps not Circuit champion this year, but Lord Sir Gabriel had a quite respectable showing and that pleases his wife greatly.

Clarke is at the ball, wearing a more relaxed set of attire then if not quite as fashionably as presentable. He's applauded well to the winners then, and is now just hmming over as he takes a chomp out of a buttered up thigh of poultry.

Amongst the many who had turned out for the festive closing to the weeks of tournament was Emilia Cassomir. The young woman wearing a gown of deep blue and hints of gold embroider and accents to it. A fashionable enough number that complimented her form well enough, but blended in easily enough with the fashions wore by others for the ball this night. Her dark hair having been drawn away from her face and held with small gold combs ornamented with blue sapphires, while loose curls are left to hang along her back.

A few inclines of her head and polite words spoken to a few before the grand feast was served. Emilia offering those patented smiles with the faint tugging at the corners of her lips to the few friends spied within the crowd. Taking a seat amongst the other Cassomirs as the feast was served up, content to simply listen and offer a few words no and again to the conversation that came around the enjoyment of the fine meal.

When Emilia's name is called to come and accept the prizes for her archery and artistic endeavors, there is just a brief glance at her sister before Emilia does make her way to do so. Her movements displacing that ethereal and unearthly grace the particular Cassomir possess. An effortless curtsey offered to the King and Queen, Jaren getting just a hint of a smile before her features are all solemnly stoic again. Dark eyes taking a moment to take in the splendor of the kit that made up the archery prize. One above! A curtsey offered to those in attendance in time, before the young woman moved on as the next winner had been called forth.

A turn of socializing attempted (well as much as one can expect from the 'touched' Cassomir), even perhaps a dance managed, before the attention drawn from her wins…or more so being the youngest sister to the new King, and the new Viscountess of Ironhold, has Emilia taking an opportune moment to go for a 'walk'.

Adrienne Cassomir stands beside Princess Clara Tracano, the Cassomir lady attired in a dress of a deep blue colour, sporting an ornamental embroidery at the hems, executed in a silver thread. Her dark brown hair is worn let down in part, with a few braids starting at the temples having been pulled back and joined at the back of her head. A silver pendant in the shape of an archer hangs from a silver chain she wears around her neck. Green eyes scan the gathered nobility, a polite smile curving her lips when she observes the prizes being claimed. There is her touched cousin, Emilia, who claims two alone, the fine bow for the archery competition and a coin purse for the best painting. And there is Aidric Carling who picks up his prize for best composition. The Cassomir Huntress stands and takes a sip from her goblet of wine as she observes in contemplative silence, before she shoots Clara beside her a glance, a bit of mischief flashing in her gaze. "Considering our last conversation, the number of prizes appears to be awe inspiring.", Adrienne remarks, with a slightly conspiratorial glint in her green eyes.

Currently, Antonia l'Valdan can be found beside her husband Prince Silvio and her son Etienne who had come along at least for the prize giving part. The Prince's wife smiles, pride flashing in her grey eyes as they linger on Elrick when he collects his prize for his win of the Tourney Duels. And her hands - so far not hampered by any goblet of wine - are among the first that are brought together for a heartfelt applause, when her brother returns. "You earned it," she remarks when her gaze meets his. "And you did so well, I could feel the consequences of that final match for a few days," a slight twinkle there in her eyes, in the moment she reaches out to give Elrick a hug. "Such a fine lightsilver sword," she comments, as her gaze drifts to his prizes that are carried by a servant.

More coin and some more lightsilver weapons. That's what Gabriel had to show for his performance in the tournament. He would simply have to add it to his collection. He sits near his wife, dressed in finely-made clothes that are in the black and purple of House l'Saigner. He wasn't entirely sure what he thought about Alina's purple makeup though. Women were women, what else could one say?

The pride that Elrick feels is tempered by the failure against the Haldis in the first round of the main jousting event, an event that he was supposedly more suited for. But a win is a win, especially in the heart of the South, and that pleases the t'Tremaine Heir just enough. His posture no longer as stiff as it has been following the first day of the joust, Elrick offers the proper diplomatic words of thanks to the hosting party and when he returns to his seat, returns the hug to his sister with a smile, "Was a close duel, Sister. Very close. A shame that we could not hold onto the Circuit crown this year, and an even bigger shame that Sir Gabriel is retiring. It is certainly the people's loss for such a talented knight to no longer compete."

Silvio seems to be people watching favorite pastime for him, though his gaze always returns quickly to his wife and son. He leans in to speak something in whisper likely how wonderful she looks before adding. "Your family should be proud this day I know I am and our son." he comments though he'll applaud along politely as each gets their prize he's there to support the efforts of team work and all that naturally.

Tiadora is, to the non-surprise of those who know her, lingering near the remaining food and drink. She wears grey-silver silk beaded and jeweled in the red and black of Gerrell in traditional Normont patterns. Dark hair covered by a jeweled veil, but a few strands hang out to frame her round face in an attempt at cosmetic fashion. The dress is designed to flatter her larger figure with a wide bell skirt that hides her hips. She seems content to watch the dancers take their paces as long as she has flutes of wine and some of those fruit and cheese tarts to nibble on.

"Of course they are awe inspiring, my dear Adrienne. It is not every day we have a coronation, wedding and tournament all at once." The princess Clara Tracano was observing…but more for her own duties. It was apparent from her subtle hand gestures and such that she was directing the flow of the evening. She turns to face Adrienne, resplendent in her green velvet gown, with elaborate golden embroidery, giving her ensemble a sort of a forest theme, with the leaves and golden vines. Her own hair is pulled up in an auburn twist. "besides," continues Clara, "Tracanos throw the best parties…so I have been told."

Clarke leans back over then and twirls his finger, and then nods over at what he hears from Clara, rather relaxed, "Aye, I can speak on good authority that they do. And I can also speak on good authority.." He takes another bite of his leg of poultry and chews on it, "That most of us won't see another party like this for the rest of our lifetimes."

Having been quiet so far, Samuel is currenly walking around a bit slowly, offering a few words to various people as he does. Sipping some wine as he looks around.

Antonia nods to Elrick's words about Gabriel's retirement. "It is a pity, yes, but then that gives room for knights as his brother and you to step in and fill the void." Saying as much, as she releases her brother from her arms, her grey eyes shifting to Silvio next, as he leans in for a whisper, her smile deepening ever-so-slightly. Before her gaze shifts down to her side where Etienne stands. Her son steps forward and offers a courteous bow. "Congratulations on your win, uncle.", the boy offers to Elrick, a slight tremble apparent in his tone, both from awe and pride apparently.

Adrienne meanwhile inclines her head to Clara's words. "You did a marvelous job on this. I don't know how you manage!", words of awe coming from the Cassomir, as she notices the gestures that keep the Tracano Princess somewhat in charge of the evening. The last remark draws a chuckle from her lips. "Oh yes, I've been to one before." Even so, when Clarke addresses Clara, she will cast him a curious glance. Not objecting to his remark. But instead offering an "I would think so" in a polite tone.

Alina glances over towards the Princess. "Is that some minor noble of our country trying so hard to get under the little Princess's skirts?" she remarks dryly and quietly to her husband. "I do hope he's not successful. I hardly want to deal with another scandal across the borders."

"We are very proud, Your Highness." Elrick says with a bow of his head to Silvio before flashing Antonia a grin, "Especially for my sister, who showed everyone an amazing performace, that her Knighting was most deserving." When Etienne steps forward though, the t'Tremaine's features can't help but soften as he looks down at the young boy, bowing courteously in return, "Thank you, nephew, and soon enough your name will be the one being called to receive such rewards and accolades. That I have no doubt."

Tiadora also glances at the young man seeming to linger close to her royal friend. She raises her glass at Clara in greeting and eyebrows raise in question. But otherwise, she plays her wallflower part as always.

The little princess turns to regard the Couvieri nobleman. "I do believe you misspeak, Sir. I know full well of the parties held in Couviere…and they hold their own allure, completely separate from this minor spectacle." She said 'minor'….as if this could have been bigger. "I know for a fact that the masques of Lonnaire, than the l'Saigner hold, are most definitely a must-attend." Brown eyes shift…and catch Tiadora. A bright smile is given and a hand beckons Tiadora to come over…while Clara turns to regard Clarke once more. "I…don't believe we have formally been introduced. My name is Clara. Clara Tracano." The Princess title….is not mentioned.

The prince will return the bow and nod "Indeed it was, she has always been of such grace. It is merely official now though." Silvio speaks complimentary. "You did well for yourself m'lord though do not downplay that either." He looks back to his son speaking courtly and proper proud indeed of such things. "The evening looks to be off to a good start thus far. I look forward to seeing where it shall lead next."

Elrick's reply has Antonia shoot him a glance, her head inclining to House t'Tremaine being proud. When he flashes her a grin and points to her own performance her smile deepens, and she inclines her head in both acknowledgement and thanks. Her smile takes on a different quality, a separate sort of pride when her son offers his congratulations, and one can almost see her glee at how well he conducts himself. "Umm…yes… I'd hope so…", stammers Etienne in response to Elrick just in the moment he feels the proud glance of his mother lingering on him. After all his piece has been said, and the boy steps back in line to his mother and father. Antonia meanwhile nods to Silvio's remark. "Indeed, it shall be a good evening. And I believe it will be time soon for Etienne to be brought back to the Manse." She shoots Silvio a glance.

Oh -bugger-. Clarke knows something is off, and he laughs quietly, "Well, Aye. While the minor celebrations have their appeal for being more personal sorts of events.. There's something to be said for something so large and so grand." He holds his hand up, "And I don't quite think any of our nations of the Edge shall quite have this series of events coming together so pleasurably anytime soon." He bobbles his head over at Clara, "And Clarke t'Cauthone of the Blackfens." He dips his head over at her then in respect, "And given how well you hold your own, competing with a bow and all, the realm is guaranteed to be in good hands as well as to have interesting years ahead." Clarke replies good naturedly.

Adrienne's gaze lingers on Clarke as well, as she follows the exchange between Clara and the man from Couviere with a raised brow. "Pleased to meet you. Clarke t'Cauthone of the Blackfens," she says, eyes slightly narrowed, the name echoed in a manner as if to memorize it. "I am Adrienne Cassomir," she offers then, in her own little introduction. After all, she is standing there with the two, it wouldn't be polite to withhold her name. The gesture towards Tiadora is noted, and the freckled features of the Huntress lighten up, adding her own little inviting wave of a hand to the non-verbal request to come over.

That's what she gets for making eye contact! Tiadora makes her way over to join Clara and Adrienne, giving the tiny social curtsey one would expect in a setting as this. She flashes her anxious smile and holds up her glass of wine. "Lovely party, isn't it? The goat cheese and peach pastries are amazing," she gushes quickly. Clarke is given a quick nod and a 'hello' in casual greeting.

The time is glanced or well the amount of light or lack of coming in. "You are probably right, but i'll take him to the room and have him looked after. You should enjoy this evening celebration. I will be back as soon as I can of course since I think you owe me a dance or two." Silvio chuckles and will wait for the response before seeing if he should head off now. Well and of course some time with her brother is good for her.

Not one to put his nephew further on the spot, Elrick nods his head approvingly at how Etienne conducted himself, looking up to the young boy's parents with an obvious impressed expression. At the mention of it being time for the young boy to retire for the night, the t'Tremaine Heir picks the time to disengage himself from the two parents, "I hope to see you at the other events as well, Sister. People have high expectations now, you know." He says with a grin before bowing his head to Antonia, then Prince Silvio. "I should go perform my duty, and enjoy the fine wine they have down here in the South."

Thaddeus is, unsurprisingly, in a good mood and is laughing with a couple of household knights from Stoneshield. He nods to the two after finishing the conversation, he finds his way over to get some wine for himself, as his cup is now empty.

Samwell is also present, but has been keeping to his fellow Pacittans in attendence, fully aware of his relatively awkward social position at such an event, though he is thoroughly enjoying it thus far.

Enjoying the fine wine, that seems to be Samuel's main goal so far too. His steps taking him near the group where Clarke and the women are, but he doesn't say anything yet.

A bright smile is given to the Lady Tiadora as she joins the little gathering. Clara doesn't hug Tia…thought she comes awfully close. Instead a curtsey is returned…then a giggle as she turns her attention fully from the northerner noble to her friend. "I had rather hoped you would enjoy those pastries. I made sure I hired the best chefs in the realm for the wedding and the tournament." If…it wasn't apparent to Clarke before exactly who the green-clad lady is….it is now. "Only the best for this."

Speaking of the best, it looks like the best entertainers have been obtained, as well. With a nod from the princess, the musicians start up with a composition that does seem to draw a few attendees to the dancefloor.

Aidric had been making the rounds after winning his prize, though spatting Thad free of his knights he heads over, "Thad," he greets grinning, "Let me get that for you," he says pouring the Lord Marshall's wine. When the cup is filled he re-fills his own. "You're efforts made me a good bit of coin, so, let's drink to victory and riches hm?" he asks with an amused glint in his eyes.

Thad is surprised by Aidric's arrival and accepts the cup. "Thank you," he says with a laugh and joins in the toast, "Indeed. What wager did you finally make a substantial profit on? Judging by your actions and words, I assume I had some part in it."

Being surrounded by women. There are worse ways to go! Clarke gives a hearty nod at Clara, "A pleasure and an honor to make your acquaintance." The assessive look that he's given over by Adrienne almost makes his blood go cold then as he dips his head at her, "Pleasure as well M'lady." He moves over to the side as Tiadora approaches to let her join the group. "M'Lady." Bobbling his head over at her. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Samuel and dips his head just a half inch.

Michael l'Corren, prizeless this night had been drifting about the room talking to this person and that person before his steps take him over to where Princess Clara seems to be entertaining a colloquy of nobles, including their cousin Samuel, a Cavalier and some Rivanan nobles. As he joins them he claps Sam on the shoulder before he bows to Clara. "Princess, I trust we have you to thank for another fine party?" he asks.

There may be a slight wrinkling of her brows as Antonia glances towards Silvio at his suggestion to see Etienne safely to the l'Valdan manse. "Are you sure you want to leave the ball already?", she asks, making a gesture towards their servants that are already waiting in the hall. But then Etienne steps forward, grasping the hand of his father, as he lifts his grey eyes to meet Prince Silvio's gaze. "Please. Dad. I don't want to go alone with them…", Etienne states in an imploring 'loud' whisper. His eyes growing big and taking on that puppy look parents sometimes have a hard time to say no to.

Antonia sighs softly, even so the smile will remain on her features. Her gaze shifts to Elrick. "Oh, be certain of that. I may have to train with the lance a bit more… But I am looking forward to test my mettle against you again, soon." Words offered in the friendly tone of a sister, along with a challenging gleam in her grey eyes.

Tiadora makes a polite curtsey for Michael as he joins their circle. She nods to answer him and smiles at Clara, a bit less hesitation this time. "I may have to ask you for your notes, Clara. Symon wants to host the Circut- mostly as an excuse to unearth the Gate. And unless he finds a wife by then, I might have to plan the social event housing." That though finally sinks in and she winces. The entire glass of wine gets downed in a single gulp.

"I bet you would be first among the Rivanans this tourney, though had I known you'd take the Circuit back for Rivana, I'd have bet on that as well, the oddsmakers were sure it'd belonged to one of those twins from up north. All the same though, you have my thanks," he remarks cheerfully. "Not that money matters, really, it's just nice to take it from fools," he says for propriety's sake, it was very gauche to be excited about money after all.

Samuel pauses at the clap to his shoulder, before he grins as he sees who it is. "Cousin," he offers, before turning to offer the others a smile and a polite nod as well. "My Ladies, My Lord. It's a pleasure to meet you," he offers.

As the exchange about pastries slowly sinks in, even Adrienne suddenly becomes aware she may be a bit hungry. "Goat cheese and peach pastries?", she echoes, smiling at Tiadora, even as Clara continues to speak about acquiring just these sort of pastries for Tia's sake. "So they are good, you say?" Clarke's slightly startled reaction to her stare is noted with faint amusement. "A lady, and a Huntress of Ironhold," she clarifies. Green eyes drifting briefly about, as if she were looking for someone. But then they are joined by another Couvieri knight. As Clara is the one he greets, Adrienne remains quiet for now, regarding the knight - even she knows is already safely wed - with faint curiosity. Tia's remark about a possible future circuit tourney in Gerrell territory draws her attention, but only briefly.

Clarke nods over at Adrienne, "A pleasure." His own disquiet is for now gone in the presence of such lovely ladies then, and the much better topic of pastries. "And I'll have as many of them as I can get my hands on." Is cheerfully noted then as he watches where the rest of the attention and discussion is going, the Knight of Rovilon having an amused look on his face. The comment of circuits and tourneys has his attention, but quietly so.

Michael is greeted with a proper curtsey, even while Clara offers a quirky little grin. "I do what I can, Cousin." The other mention of the word cousin causes Clara's eyes to shift to Samuel, and another curtsey is offered to him, as well. "I did have some time to plan." Oh…as modest as always, much to Adrienne's amusement, no doubt. "Of course, Michael, I am always free for consultation, for a minor concession." There is a tip of a wink, and a laugh. Oh…it does seem that at least Clara is somewhat familiar with the knight.

As far as Tiadora, Clara offers a bit of consolation. "Well, dear Tia, I will be happy to help you organize the tournament, should you need. I am sure that Her Majesty would not mind the loan of my services."

Thad thinks for a moment and smiles, "I see, and yes, I would have wagered on one of them to take the circuit as well." He grins, "And yes, it does help bringing it home, especially since they swept us on our own grounds, though we did that to them, so it really is fair."

Silvio looks to his wife and brother in law chuckling softly "Enjoy m'lord, I am sure there will be more time to speak later for us three." He looks back to his wife and than their servants but his son intercepts that look and gets a smile. "Of course, son i'll take you there myself and get you setup but I do have to come back, who knows what trouble your mother will get into." the child laughs at this joke and the prince gives a wink to his wife.

Michael returns Samuel's cousin, a "Cousin," of his own before his attention is captured by the smiling princess, "Ha, well come visit Murnord sometimes and we'll be happy to have what pointers you can offer on cheering up the joyless north," he says with a wink of his own. "Speaking of home though, have you met cousin Samuel? And who are these ladies with you?" he asks of the Rivanans before favouring Clarke with a smile. "The Cavalier, I know," he explains before giving Clarke a smile, "Sir Clarke," he greets with a shallow nod.
Clarke has connected.

"Yes", Tiadora says to Adrienne, perhaps too enthusiastically. "And a delicious spinach cream spread on toast, and the spicy shrimp…" She trails off as she looks at Michael making some inquiries. "Oh! Um. I'm Lady Tiadora. Gerrell." She adds her surname hastily in a more quiet voice as she sketches a broad curtsey for Clarke and Samuel. "I, uh… Illustrated Sir Aidric's composition entry. I was happy he won for it."

"It would be the safe bet, but I didn't lay coin on either of them, not going to win coin watching the Couvieri carry off another tourney honour," he snorts. "Anyhow, speaking of tourney honours, what are you planning to do with your prize? You could outfit an army of Sir Warrens with all that lightsilver," he says in reference to Warren the Monster Slayer who wields a silver sword in the tales.

"Indeed, no sense having mixed feelings about coin," Thaddeus nods and thinks on the question for a moment. "I am not entirely sure, yet. If there was a poleaxe, I would replace my current one, but I fully intend on using the lance, longsword, the knives, and harquebus. The others I may consider trying to learn, but I might think of other uses for them. Do you have any suggestions?"

"Sleep well, Etienne," Antonia offers to her son as she bends forward to give him a kiss to the cheek. "I will see you tomorrow." For a round of sword practice maybe. An amused twinkle there in her eyes at Silvio's jest. "You need to come back, as I need you to dance with me…" After watching them move off, the l'Valdan Princess will walk over to where the food and the drink is and help herself to some of the delicacies.

Adrienne smiles politely at Michael's request for introductions. "Adrienne Cassomir," she offers, with the hint of a curtsey performed. Tiadora receives the next glance as she elaborates on more delicacies, "Spinach cream… spread? Ooh nice." Even so, what she says next will gain her Adrienne's immediate and complete attention. "Oh… you did? But he must owe you certainly, some part of the prize, then?"

Clarke dips his head over at the others in the conversational circle then, having returned from having nabbed several of the delicious, delicious pastries as he takes a seat once more then and with a mouth full of it goes to swig it down with some drink.

"What all else did you get?" Aidric asks, he'd only perused the weapons briefly from a distance and had, like most people, truly only saw the lightsilver and not the weapons crafted from it. "Though for the most part, that sort of thing looks best on the wall if it's not a weapon you'll use."

"There is a gladius, a mace, a morningstar, and I believe a greathammer," Thaddeus notes, "along with the horse and its tack. I may learn how to use a morningstar better, especially because of its utility against heavier armor, but we shall see. I had ventured the idea of giving an item or two as a gift, but at worst they will be wall ornaments."

"Well…I will have to make a point to come visit then, Michael." It seems that Clara doesn't have to introduce her friends, as they did that for her. However, a small nod is given to Samuel, as the princess speaks. "I do believe that we made our acquaintance before. Possibly. Though, I wouldn't remember where, at this point. I feel that I would need at least a month or two of no major events in order to clear my mind of all this in order for me to recall."

Tiadora smiles at Clarke as he seems to take her suggestions. She knows her food, certainly. But Adrienne has other topics in mind than snacking. "Well no, I didn't know he was entering it. I did it as a wedding gift for Their Majesties. I'm actually starting a second copy for the Grand Library of the t'Acuto." That shared, she gives Clara a sympathetic smile. "I could use some peace and quiet, that'd be nice."

There's a brief chuckle and a smile at Clara's words. "It does seem like there has been a lot of things happening here," Samuel offers, after a few moments of pause, before he nods at Tiadora. "It looked quite lovely," he offers.

Clarke nods lightly over at things as he listens, finishing off a sumptuous pastry, "Aye. not a bad thing." So long as he's not the one having to organize them at least.

Adrienne regards Tia, her freckled features twisting into a smile, as the Gerrell lady explains. "Ah, you are far too modest. I would remind him of my efforts, if I were you." Flashing Aidric a look where he is engaged in contemplation of the tourney prizes with the Circuit Champion, a brow lifting ever so slightly. "I am sure it contributed to the decision of the jury." The mention of peace and quiet will elicit a frown on the Cassomir's features. "Ah. Yes. I feel almost bad about leaving, but I'm sure as soon as I'm back in the woods of Ironhold, I'll realize how much I missed them. Now, if you will excuse me? Your highness," this addressed to Clara, "Lady Tiadora, Sir Samuel, Sir Michael." She inclines her head in a rather informal temporary goodbye, before the freckled Huntress moves over to the table with the food. Perhaps fleeing any impending danger of a dance that may be forced upon her.

"I will be happy to find at least the peace portion. The quiet would be pleasant…but…if I had to choose, I would rather have a noisy peace, if that makes of any sense at all." Clara offers a nod to Adrienne, allowing the Huntress to walk away freely. She, herself, remains within the little circle that has formed about her. She turns more towards Tiadora, though, as Clara nods in response to the departing Adrienne's sentiment. "Oh…I would certainly talk to that cousin of mine. His composition may have won…but the illuminations certainly helped it along…"

Clarke nods quietly over, "Let the peace reign for a good log time." Something that he's more than happy to hope against. His hands rest down on his lap then, glancing off and over, "And may we find plenty of other ways to remain loud at things and it be left simply to tournaments and jousting."

"We will need to make arrangements for that before I go home in a few days then," Michael says to Clara. "I know my father would love the chance to host you in Murnord," he assures her before bowing to both Adrienne, who has departed for the food and to Tiadora who has remained. "The Great Library is good for peace and quiet. Couldn't stand it all myself when I went, but then I was a hotheaded young page at the time," he offers. "Though congratulations on the work with your cousin, I did see the book at the event, it looked lovely," he offers politely, though books were never his thing not being one of those who read for fun.

A passing servant provides a new cup of wine for Tiadora and she gives shy smiles at the praise. "My dragon painting didn't fare as well, but Lady Emilia's skill exceeds my own. I'm more used to religious topics. I've glad you all liked the book. I had good source material to work on." She raises her glass over towards Aidric's way.

Samuel chuckles as he listens. "A noisy peace sounds like a good thing. Too quiet, and you'd wonder what was going on," he remarks, before he looks to Michael again. "So, it'll be home, then?" he offers.

"A lightsilver great hammer?" Aidric exclaims with a shake of his head. "Now the smith was just making that just to make it," he says, bemused laughter in his tone. "Though the morningstar hm? They pack a punch, but a touch inelegant if you ask me," he says but then that was not his call to make. "Though gifts, that might be a good idea for the rest of the weapons, never hurts for a Duke to be seen giving out Lightsilver to his vassals, especially if he won the lightsilver in question." Aidric catches sight of the raised glass from Tiadora, and turns to Thad. "Shall we pay my cousin Tia a visit?" he asks.

Thad takes a drink from his cup, "Indeed, it is why I was sad said smith did not make a poleaxe instead!" He nods again, "Indeed, but inelegance matters little on the battlefield. Swords do not do as well against plate." He looks to where Aidric sees his cousin and nods, "I see no problem with this suggestion, lead the way!"

Clara says, "Certainly, Michael. Whenever you wish…I shall ensure to reserve time for you." A hand beckons a servant over…snagging a cup of wine for Clara's own. Clara leans over towards Tiadora…"Oh, I adored your dragon painting, Tia. I wish I had the talent…or the courage…to show off my artistic side."

Clarke nods lightly, "Aye, something I don't quite think I'll ever have any air for." He lightly duffs his hands, "Or at the very least I can do a dance without immediately stepping on my partner's foot, but I believe that shall always be the limits of my professoinal capabilities at courtly affairs. Much less showcases."

Tiadora says, "Perhaps we could do a painting day. We set up a bowl of fruit and whatnot and we ladies can all paint our version while we drink wine and chat." She giggles a little at Clara. " Some nice sunny day in the gardens or something." She turns her deep blue eyes to Clarke and shakes her head. "My mother viewed dancing as sinful. I know the country dances our women do but that's about all. I'd shame myself out there." She drinks heavily at mention of her mother but her glass raises again as Thad and Aidric manage their way over. "Congratulations- both of you!"

"Come then," Aidric says to Thad as he leads the way towards the ladies and the northern men who stand with them. "Cousins, my lords, might we join you?" he asks as he does exactly that anyhow. "You all know my lord Thaddeus of course?" he asks before he smiles at Tiadora's congratulations and offers a bow, "Thank you, coz," he smiles bending to plant a wine scented kiss on his cousin's cheek.

"Excellent," Michael smiles to Clara before he notes Bella waving furiously to him from across the ball room. He chuckles, "It seems I am needed," he says before he bows to the gathered nobles and those just arriving. "Excuse me," he says as he slips away to join his wife.

Clarke takes the moment to distrat himself by raising his drink up as well in the impromptu toast, "Hear hear!" Otherwise resting his hand back over on his lap. "That's what I enjoyed. I have many fond memories with my family and the servants in the fens, just dancing. Memorizing them and the music as a child. So forgive me M'Lady if such a thing is sinful, but it brings bak far too many memories of happiness as a boy that I treasure, so if you would forgive me for my transgression?"

"Indeed, congratulations are in order!" Thad smiles and nods to Aidric. Having forgotten entirely that Aidric won his contest. He then turns to Tiadora, "I hope you are enjoying yourself? I will say this is possibly my favorite part of being at court, and I am glad that it appears to be going well for most."

Tiadora beams at Aidric before she gives Thaddeus a nod. "I am, thank you. I like seeing the dresses and watching the dancers be graceful. My mother thought a great deal many things were sinful," she answers to Clarke. "You have nothing to beg forgiveness for."

There's a chuckle from Samuel as Michael is called off. "Ah, that's probably one part of being married…" he remarks, before he looks to the others. "I should go get myself something to drink…" Heading off to do so now.

Clarke nods ightly and smiles, "Thank you M'Lady." He dips his head over at Tiadora, "And as children we paid such rapt attention to the lessons because of course they weren't related to the pathways which let one avoid being eaten by the swamplights." His grin half rises, just a little.

Aidric grins. "Thank you," he says to Thad. "Though some of the credit is due to Tiadora, she did a fine job penning and illuminating it," he says with a slight bow in her direction. Though no mention of sharing the prize just yet. He frowns to Clarke. "Swamplights?" he asks.

A light shiver goes through Clarke as he looks up at Aidric, turning his attention, "A.. Story from the Fens. They say if you're alone and you see a light and go towards it it would consume you." HIs hands are half raised, not in theatrics but in a somewhat crossed posture. "So when you see one you back away from it very, very slowly. And the Fens are hard enough to find your way around in as it is, so as children we learned the paths that way." And perhaps given his family history there's a little more to the shiver than just a childhood memory.

Thad nods to Tiadora and says, "Well done!" though he avoids wincing at the mention of Tiadora's mother. Clarke's remarks do get a raised eyebrow. "So why not drain the fens where you can?" He asks, mildly interested in the northerner's comments.

Tiadora isn't bringing up sharing the prize, which would likely vex Adrienne when she learned of it. Instead she just nods a general agreement with Clarke, accepting or believing every word.

An easy enough answer, though Clarke takes a large bite of pastry first and then a swig of drink, "The Blackfens is sparsely populated and not particularly aflluent of the duchies. And one cannot simply just drain a swamp.. You hae to search out where the water comes from, dam it up, and build up systems to prevent the water from coming back even after you drain. While I admit rather much to not being an engineer nor a sailor, it would be an immense, expensive project, and as much as I love my home, for the sheer scale of it if I were asked by the King to speak my mind i would say it woul be a waste of money and blood if it were even possible to do at all. And if not done right by the next wet season the swamps would be quite full again. So long as there is rain, they will be tehre."

Tiadora adds, "And it would likely be bad luck to disturb such spirits too."

Aidric takes in Clarke's explanation with a skeptical expression. "Sounds like ghost stories to me," he decides. "We have much the same in Holymount. If someone falls off the mountain, it was the ghosts who pushed them. I expect the same is said of these lights and those who drown in your swamp?" he says before shooting a disbeliving look at Tiadora after her remark.

"The cost is a valid reason, no doubt," Thad remarks. He raises a brow at the spirit reference, "But I doubt that spirits would be enough to warrant it, if they even exist. I have heard similar things from sailors, but have yet to see enough in my time at sea to warrant such a claim."

Clarke nods over as he leans back, "Aye. One always knows someone who's walked out into the Fens and is never seen again, but the swamps are dangerous even if you do know your way around." He's not one to dismiss the stories entirely.. "But I've always seen it mostly as something of respect. You respect the swamps and the dangers they have and do not be dismissive of them. For they are always there to prey on you when you are boastful and unwary. And in that particular bit, teaching children to be mindful is an artful way to go."

Tiadora shoots Adric back a look, mildly surprised he doesn't take it as seriously as she does. "A good story to end the day on. I think I've had a lovely enough evening. I should head back home. You stay, cousin. Have a good time with the party," she says warmly.

"I see. Best to be careful in the swamps or fens," Thad says dryly. He takes a drink from his cup and nods to teh departing Tiadora, "Enjoy the rest of your evening, my lady." Thad frowns and takes another drink, "But regardless, I think simply teaching safety in the swamp can be done without mentioning whtever those things are called."

Clarke shrugs, "The swamps are a strange and dangerous place. Same as any other that has not quite been fully settled. I grew up in them and even I not know all the twists and turns of home." He sips at his own drink and waves at Tiadora as she departs. "And perhaps things are overstate,d and perhaps not." He looks somewhat distant for a moment before shaking his head. "After all, many stories start at least off with a grain of truth to them."

"Ah," Thaddeus notes, "Well, at least you have the wisdom to know that you do not know." He takes a sip and nods to the northerner, "Perhaps. I hope you are enjoying your time in Sunsreach?"

Clarke nods, "Aye, it's very pleasant here. I hope to come here in the future and get to spend some more time here. When I'm not trying to do a step above falling flat on my ass with either the ladies or other." A light grin on his face.

Thad snorts, "Well, perhaps that will improve with time." Approaching nobles in Charwin colors catch his attention, "But it appears my attention is needed elsewhere. I wish you a good rest of your evening, my lords." With that, Thad goes to speak with the approaching nobles

Clarke dips his chin at Thaddeus, "And good evening to yourself as well M'Lord. And a pleasant rest. And fare thee well." Clarke gives a light bow to Thaddeus of a more relaxed nature, then returns to his seat.fare thee well." Clarke gives a light bow to Thaddeus of a more relaxed nature, then returns to his seat.

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