(1866-12-20) Of Finger Paints and Monsters
Of Finger Paints and Monsters
Summary: Sir Aidric goes to the Cassomir Manse to see his daughter and ends up having a bit of a conversation with Emilia while he waits.
Date: 1866-12-20
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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It's the morning after the tourney banquet and Aidric Carling has business to attend to. He weaves his way through the traffic of the Goldseat district, Goat, one of his men-at-arms, following close behind with an arm full of goods. The Carling knight's course takes him to an unlikely destination, the Cassomir manse. Before the building comes into view he takes a moment to straighten out his attire, smoothing down his doublet, adjusting his cloak, straightening his rings, then, and only then does he proceed to the gate with a nod for the guards, "I am here to see my daughter," he announces.

The guards familiar enough with the Carling Lord do grant him and his man etrance though the gates. The sevant who greets him at the manse blinks to see the man,"Please, if you would follow me, it will be just a moment to have Mistress Cassella ready to see you, Lord Carling." Even if perhaps most times he is not made to wait, today he is. As he is lead on to a sitting room. A request if he would care for any refreshments before he is left there to wait.

It is a fair five or so minutes before someone appears again. And likely not someone Aidric expected, nor perhaps even heard arrive, Emilia Cassomir. The young woman wears a simple tunic and leggings, and seems to be in the process of wiping her hands with a cloth. "Lord of Aidric," a bow of her head being offered to the Lord. "Please be of forgiving in the delay to see of your daughter. I fear it is of my fault, but she shall be along of soon." Pay no mind to that bit of blue that is streaked on on cheek.

Aidric follows the guard inside and while he takes a seat he accepts no refreshment with his stomach still sour from too much wine the night before. He does however instruct his man to put the bundle down on a nearby table. Gifts for his daughter.

When Emilia enters, Aidric stands as courtesy demands. "Lady Emilia, an unexpected surprise," he says before his eyes catch sight of smudge of blue and he smiles lopsidedly. "I trust that is not my daughter's work?" he asks, nodding his head in the direction of the smudged cheek.

A hand flits up to her cheek with the nod to Aidric's nod, fingers finding the bit of a smudge. "Ah, I thought had gotten all of them," as she uses that bit of cloth to wipe away that bit of color. The corners of Emilia's lips tugging upwards briefly,"Though I of fear, it is of your daughter's work. We were doing of a bit of painting of this morning. I had not been of aware you were of expected this morning, else I would have set of our painting for of another of time." And likely reason for a need to actually ready the young girl…or more likely clean her up!

Aidric's expression remains firmly sardonic. "I didn't know you'd taken my daughter on as a student," he remarks when Emilia confirms it is his daughter's work adorning her cheek. "Given you've won, what is it now, two artistic competitions in a row? You do her a great honour," he says. "Though I wonder what you might want in exchange for such an honour." As to why Casella is delayed, well, if Emilia didn't escape paint smeers he doubted very much Casella did as well. It was good he'd purchased more cloth for dresses.

Emilia nods a little,"It has not of perhaps been of an official arrangement. Especially as I have not of been taking upon of students." Not that really many would seek Emilia out as a teacher, preffering her own once teacher instead. Least worry about Emilia being 'contagious'. Her own expression remains quite stoic, unsurprising. But there is just a faint hesitation before she admits,"It has actually been of three, Lord of Aidric." There is a small turn of her hand in a minor flutter, as if brushing along the side of her winning. "I did not of start of spending of such time with Casella and helping her to explore of colors because I was seeking something in of exchange." Certainly he would have been informed more..formally..if that was the case.

"Three?" Aidric says then nods. "Right, the coronation tourney as well," he recalls. He had not been part of that competition but he'd heard the results. Things like this mattered to Aidric. He nods when he is told that it is an informal arrangement. "Very well," he says. "Though if that should change, let me know." Which is about as close to Aidric was going to get to giving his approval for such a thing. "What were you and she doing anyhow?" he asks his curiosity piqued. "Something with water perhaps?" he asks eyes glancing to the blue smudge on the rag.

A faint nod comes,"Of aye," Emilia concurs. By alrights, she had been unknown..as an artist..until that coronation tournament. It was perhaps a thing that onnly added to the general enigma about the young Cassomir. "Of course," acknowleding the hint of approval, which at least also wasn't a disapproval of the rather informal 'lessons'. "Ah…we were of doing a bit of finger painting," admits Emilia. "Not quite of water of colors, and perhaps a bit more of fun when it comes to of playing with of colors and learning what of ones of blend of well when wishing to find a new of color or shade to them." There is a small tugging at the corners of her lips,"And a bit more of fun for those with little of fingers. She has a good eye for of color. And I believe there might have been a few of giggles produced as of well."

Indeed, Emilia's skill with painting did add another layer to the mystery that was the 'touched Cassomir' and Aidric does puzzle over it a moment before he is forced to blink. "Finger painting?" he asks. Hardly the sort of activity he'd expect from a renowned artist, but then she was mad, so who knew what to make of her. Those questions war with his polite expression giving some sign as to what he might be thinking as he remarks, "Finger painting, I see. You say she has a talent for colour though?" he asks. He notes the giggles too, which was odd, she was always very solemn around him. "And she enjoyed it?"

Emilia nods with that expression looking ever solemn and stoic in turn,"Of aye, finger painting." Hardly the sort of activity one likely expects of most adult painters…or adults in general. Just a faint little twitch at one corner of her mouth perhaps gives some hint that she does seem to take notice of the struggle to hold the polite expression. Inclining her head,"Of aye, she does. She was doing of well in making of new colors and remembering how to find them of again." No doubt the giggles being from the little girl, not Emilia. "She was rathering seeming to enjoy it, and I have promised that I would make time for her again, so we might create some more color." A small pause comes as Emilia does give Aidric a brief study before saying, a bit softly,"Sometimes, Sir of Aidric, it takes of someone who can of understand a little, and is not always reminding of things of past, to allow of one ot be of themselves."

Yes, the finger painting is very much odd, indeed, inconceivable to Aidric, who would not be the sort to get himself dirty with children's play. Still, if Casella found it enjoyable He frowns and turns towards the bundle he brought to hide the expression. "I bought more paints for her, and brushes, ones the seller in the market said were good," he says while he brings his expression back into line and looks back to Emilia. "Perhaps you'd have a look and see if I was taken in or not and if they'd work with what my daughter is learning thus far?" he asks before coming to the idea of doing more painting. "And if you've promised her that, I see no reason why it shouldn't happen. Are you and the other Cassomirs remaining in the city long?" he asks before that last remark gives him pause. He doesn't remark on it, not yet, but it is added to the thoughts churning in his mind.

The lord's space and need to perhaps collect his thoughts a bit at this particular turn of news is well respected by Emilia. "She will of like that," certainly after the morning of painting. Emilia dips her head,"I would be of happy to have a look at was of gotten." The Cassomir rather familiar with most of the merchants and their wares when it comes to paints and brushes. No doubt a few of them in turn…especially her odd search for 'shades of black'. Only with the resquest does Emilia actually move towards the bundle, still giving a small turn of her hand at it..a silent request for permission before she might actually take a look. "Of aye, I would wish to keep of the promise, as long as you are having no objections." The girl was still his daughter. "We will be of here for of a bit yet, though I know Raelyn has of wish to return as there of to Ironhold as there are matters to of see to. But Ironhold is not of far of either, so it is likely that there will be of some going to and fro." There is nothing more to press the remark made earlier, likely some small reminder of a conversation that never happened.

Aidric gives the nod to go ahead. Inside Emilia will find a collection of expensive paints and brushes, almost as if Aidric had simply asked for the best the seller had and threw coin at the man. Which may be exactly what happened, knowing the Carling. "Well?" Aidric asks after Emilia's had some time to explore. Aidric files away those travel plans, "It makes sense, I suspect Raelyn is eager to take on her new duties and so forth," he says as much to comment as anything else while his thoughts continued to chew over those last remarks. "Do you think you can help her be happier?" he asks when he reaches the conclusion staying silent would not serve him or his daughter.

Fingers do take a quiet inventory of the collection found within the bundle, Emilia likely coming to that conclusion of…throw money just give me the good stuff scenario. And thankfully the merchant didn't take advantage either. One of the paints is held up and turned slightly before Emilia sets it back down,"They are very food of paints and the brushes are quite good, they shall of last of her for quite some time. Especially if she takes care of them." A minor shift of her eyes towards Aidric,"I can of teach her to care for them of properly as well." A small nod comes on the matter of Raelyn,"Of aye, plus of the Huntresses are eager to of return to the forests." Least the ones who had come to act as guard to the Cassomirs as well as provided the added security for a few events. There is a quiet look given to Aidirc at his question, it difficult to tell just what Emilia is thinking behind that stoic expression. Evenutally she nods a little,"I think it is of possible, of aye. It will take of time, for it to be of lasting. But I think I am of helping her to find of moments and in time it might become of a path that helps of her."

Aidric seems pleased by the pronouncements on the paints. It would save him the trouble of finding that merchant and getting his coin back. "If you could teach her to take care of them I'd appreciate it," he says with a nod. "Ah yes, I suspect your sister huntresses will be eager to be back in the woods again, with only that one hunt to tide them over," he remarks with a touch of a smile before his expression grows serious and he nods. "If you could do that, I would take it as a favour," he says before he looks to her. "You understand what I mean by that, correct? That I'd owe you a debt?" he asks so she knows this is no small thing he is speaking of.

Emilia nods slightly,"I would be of happy to teach her of so. It is of a thing I think she would wish to learn as well." Perhaps some indication that Cassella has shown interest in the 'hobby'. "Of aye, though it is just not of about of hunts. The forest is being more of our home then of the grand of city." And Aidric was certainly aware of what the Court thought of Emilia has a whole, if not sharing much of that view and opinion. Even if not all. There is a small incline of her head at his words,"I would be of pleased to of do so." A small pause before she adds,"Of aye, I am of understanding of that." Even if that has not seemed her primary reason for offering the help.

If anything Aidric seems to be relieved when Emilia accepts his terms, her intent notwithstanding. It lifted a weight from his shoulders and it showed. "Whatever you can teach her would be welcome," Aidric says actually smiling now. "And if she needs more instruction, than you can spare, other tutors can be found to assist you." Much like the paints, he seems unafraid to throw coin at this problem as well. "As to the other help, is there anything I can provide to assist with that?"

"I think for of now, I should be able to of manage as she of needs," Emilia adding with a faint smile, it is a faint thing and not just a tug at the corners of her lips,"after of all she is yet of a little girl. Her attention does of wander as is of the way for of children. But as she is ready," or perhaps more as she hits the age for it,"I am sure the right of tutors can help to be of found." There is a turn of thought and consideration at the question that comes. "Be of remembering that it is of a thing that will take of time, and that she is of a child of yet. Not of a stupid of one, by of far, but a child of yet. Things that make of sense to of you and are much of logical, are yet things she is long from learning." Thank the One in some cases! "The important of thing of now for her is to be of knowing you are there and will be should she be of needing of it. Not just to provide of paints," a few fingers fluttering at the bundle," but to of check for of monsters of under the bed and shoo of them along."

Aidric seems pleased enough at the news that there would be nothing more needed immediately. Which worked for him, he had plans for his new won gold. Though as Emilia speaks more in depth about what his daughter might need, he tilts his head trying to suss out her words and her meaning. When he has got it, his head rights and he frowns a little. "I am not sure I am one for shooing monsters," he remarks in a murmur. Things like that is what he paid Casella's nurse for.

Emilia cants her head a little bit,"Sir of Aidric, little of girls need of their fathers to of occasionally shoo of away of the monsters under of their beds, even when they are of knowing and understanding that their fathers must see to of the monsters of the world." Now doesn't that just paint a picture…the Iron Baron shooing monsters from out of under his little daughter's bed. Her voice drops a little,"I am knowing you care for her, allow of her to know of it as well."

It does indeed paint an odd picture. Aidric having seen the Iron Baron a time or two from a distance, he can't quite imagine the man shooing monsters from under his youngest daughter's bed. Still, despite himself Aidric can't help but smile at what is conjured in his mind. "Be that as it may, I am not good at that sort of thing, besides her bed is here, where I am not exactly welcome," he replies.

The side Emilia got to see of her father…was not one all her siblings got, the one perk of having been the 'surprise'. Emilia dips her head a little,"I am of thinking not all start out at being of good at those of things. It is finding of a path that works for of you and her in that, more of importantly, wishing to find of that path. The important of thing, is finding of such ways to let her know you care."

Aidric gives that some consideration, chewing on his thumbnail as he does so. "I suppose I shall have to think on ways to do more," he says after lowering his hand. His eyes shift to Emilia. "Thank you for your advice," he says then he glances at the door and then back to his hostess. "Shall we go find what's keeping Casella?" he offers. It was a start right?

"Sometimes it is of the little things that come of to mean of the most," offers Emilia. A small bit of advice, not to think of just grand sweeping gestures. After all..that Iron Baron did spend much time fighting for Emilia's young life. "You are of welcome," she offers just after a beat,"and I shall let you of know of how things go within of our art of sessions." Giving a nod,"Of aye, she should be of cleaned of up by now." Giving Aidric a moment to see that bundle gathered back up before leading along to search his daughter up. When found, it seems he'll get a nice start at practicing, as she has one of her works of art to show off to him. Emilia giving a small incline of her head to him, before leaving the pair to some father-daughter time.

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