(1866-12-22) More Changes to Come
More Changes to Come
Summary: Raelyn informs Emilia about more changes that will be occurring about Ironhold when they return.
Date: 1866-12-22
Related: None directly, loosely related to all the Cassomir Wedding Craziness and changes that resulted.
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Cassomir Manse - Sunsreach - Rivana
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So it is on an uneventful day, Raelyn, attending to some work to do with Ironhold and soforth had asked on of their servants to find Emilia, and bring her to the small study occupying the Cassomir manse. She's in 'house clothes', comfortable, yet appropriate for a woman of her station. No riding leathers, no Huntress outfit, today. Presently, she is penning a letter back to the Master Steward, while a steaming cup of tea sits at the side where it can be easily reached. Another cup of tea has been brought, and prepared for her sister as well.

Uneventful days were quite grand really. There had been plenty of them in the month or so prior. It had not taken to much to search up Emilia (for once), having taken to some turn of practice born out of those lessons with 'Lonar'. A light knock came upon the door to the study before Emilia stepped in a few paces,"You were of sending for me, Raelyn?" Dressed fairly simply in what is common enough for Emilia, a tunic and leggings.

"I was of sending for the winner of the artistic competition of the Tourney, and the winner of the archery competition, yes," agrees Raelyn, looking up after signing her name with an elegant flourish. "Yes. There's a few things I want to go over with you. If you've some time?"

There is a bit of a sigh,"You are not ever going to be of letting me forget of that are of you?" Emilia moving to take up the chair opposite the desk Raelyn sets at. "Of aye, I am always of having time for the Viscountess."

"Should I let you forget it?" Raelyn gives an impish sort of smile. "It's about time you gained some appreciation for you own skills, Emilia." Then, the smile sobers some, "Because," Raelyn leads, "You are going to need it. And I have every faith in you that you're capable of anything you set your mind to."

"Of aye?" comes the somewhat hesitant answer from Emilia. Her hand does a little turn in the air,"It is not that I am not of appreciating of mine-skills. I am just not exactly of needing of all of the attention allowing of others to see of them seems to be of bringing of with it." There is faint pause,"Though I do of think it just confounds of most." The wins just don't fit with the view some hold for the 'touched' Cassomir…and just deepends the enigma about her. Dark eyes study Raelyn a little,"Why am I going to be of needing of it?"

Raelyn turns away, briefly. This? This is perhaps one of the harder things she's ever had to do in her life, near equal to letting go of her family after they'd passed on. It's what had defined her, given her strength for so long. She turns back to face Emilia, then. "Because you are going to be leading the Huntresses, since my new duty precludes me from having the time and attention to lead them properly."

The hand that had thought to reach for the cup of tea simply hangs in midair and there is a very slow blink at the answer that comes. For several moments Emilia is simply 'frozen' at the news. Absorbing it, perhaps even considering that Raelyn is joking..though that thought is discarded rather quickly with how serious her sister is. The sober look upon Raelyn and Emilia's own will…keep a fair number of things from crossing her lips. The hand slowly falls back as she takes a small breathe,"I will do as you, as Cassomir needs of me, you know of this. But are you of sure that I am of being of the best one to be passing of this mantle to?"

"If you do not feel yourself capable, simply say so. And I will move to training Adrienne to the position, and grooming her thus. But, tradition would see you taking up the mantle, Emilia," Raelyn says quietly. "I wished I could have won the Tourney event," she says, then, with a wry smile. "It likely was my last. But. It is good you won it. It gives you some measure of conviction in the skill. And most of the Huntresses know you. Respect you. And, know that you aren't as others say you are. I have faith in you."

Emilia shakes her head slightly,"It would be of a lie to say I am not of capable." And lies did not oft cross the younger Cassomir's lips. "Though many do of think that has long of been of Adrienne's of purpose, to be that of…backup." There is just a mild tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips,"I only of bestest you by a few of points, Raelyn." There is another shake of her head,"Just because I am not caring for competing, does not of mean I lack of conviction in of my skills, mine-sister. I have been of tested as all of Huntresses before of me have been." And in some ways more so. "I of told you before, I would of help in any of way you needed me to, and if this is where I can of best of help, then I shall be of doing so."

"Adrienne would make a good leader," agrees Raelyn, "In a few years time. She's not been - hardened, in things, as you or I." Raelyn exhales, as if the weight of the thing had escaped and left her, then. Was off her shoulders, and she turns to hug her sister, tightly. After the hug, confides, "And I look forward to you, and I, and Adrienne, teaching my first daughter the ways of wood and bow, of hunting and sneaking, and the way of the Huntress."

"Of aye, Adrienne has many fine of skills, but does of lack such of hardening. And does not see of many things yet." Emilia returns the hug quite tightly. It was a new weight upon her shoulders, or simply a shifting of one. A little smile manages,"It shall be of a fine of thing to do, to teach of her. I think Stephen might not mind of a chance to help with some of the lessons." He was a man of the wood as well. "Though I shall of perhaps have to not teach her to be as of sneaky as of me, else she will end up sneaking out on of you both oft."

"Yes, those lesssons, I think, may well wait until her later years," laughs Raelyn, warmly. She seems pleased. "I'm - glad that you don't find this a burden, Emilia. I'm glad you're accepting it. It wasn't what I had in mind, when I asked you to take up being a Huntress again. But. It seems the One has plans for us all."

"Might be of best for of that," agrees Emilia with a bit of a smile. After all they would need a herd of Huntresses to keep tabs on the girl! "How could I of ever find helping mine-family to be of a burden?" She nods a little,"I am of knowing that was not what you had of mind when you were encouraging me to of the training up of again. Much of what has come to be was not in any of our thoughts." Even if Emilia is not certain just /who/ is doing the planning with her life any more. There is a faint frown of thought,"Will this be of a thing to be announced when we are of returning to of Ironhold of then, or of sooner?"

"Which would you prefer?" Inquires Raelyn. "There is something to be said for either way. But, I think it best if the Huntresses are told first, before it becomes something of public information," she advises, kindly. "We will do that together."

Emilia nods,"I was of thinking of the same…they should be of finding of out first. And from of you, not simply of word from of you." There is a faint breathe,"Perhaps not of right upon of returning of though…or perhaps.." There is that frown of thought again,"I can of return of a few days of early." A slight hesitation occurs,"Need to go for of….walk…..Probably of best to be of doing of so before of announcement, since will have much of need to focus upon of duties in the of after."

"A walk?" Raelyn tilts her head, "We aren't going back to Ironhold immediately, Emilia. Though, if you'd like a walk, now, I certainly won't hold you back." She lifts a cup of tea to her lips, exhales. "I will - miss it. Terribly."

"We of won't? When will we be of going of back of then?" Though Emilia shakes her head slightly,"Will probably of take of one…but not what I was of meaning. Need to of walk in of Ironhold to help with of settling," a hand flutters up towards her head. "Have been away for of to long, there is being of restless of ness." A small nod comes,"I of know you will. But you know you will always be of Huntress. And time will be of found."

"Not immediately. In a few days time, though, certainly." Raelyn nods some, though. "I'd be pleased to join you, if you are in need of company. Of course," she smiles, secretly, "If you already -have- company, then I will leave you to your love."

There is a start of a headshake before Emilia blinks at Raelyn,"Of wait…of no…Not of meaning of /that/…or…" She is soon shaking her head, a hint of pink perhaps touching her cheeks at what her sister implies. "Just….of no." She just wasn't going to even try to explain…things. That'd only make it worse. She takes a little breathe and sobers,"It is a walk I usually go of alone for….as is of one to visit of Her, Raelyn."

The sobering statement prevents any further teasing. This time. Raelyn nods, once, understanding as best she can. "I see." Her lips tighten, and she reaches a hand out for Emillia's own. "If you wish company, you've but to ask," she says, steel in her voice. Raelyn, perhaps, may have her own words for 'Her'. It's not a place she's visited often. At all. Much less than either her brother, or her sister.

It was a thing, in truth, Emilia snuck off for. Even if Jaren and surely Raelyn in time had figured that out, least some of the time. Emilia had gotten good at sneaking about. Fingers curl and gives a small squeeze to Raelyn's hand. "If you are of sure you wish to of go…" Since to most all, save during certian times..the iron circle simply seemed to be 'empty'.

Raelyn pauses. She, afterall, had never seen 'Her'. But she nods, with an emphatic movement of her head. "I am." She smiles, warmly. "It is not something you are alone in. Anymore."

Emilia gives a little nod, and gives Raelyn a hug. "I am of knowing….I am muchly not of alone. We will go of together this of time." It would..be an experience for her sister for certain. Thankfully the Widow was well weakened….now. "But I should let you get of back to your correspondance." A small tugging at the corners of her lips.

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