(1867-01-01) Things to Get Used to
Things to Get Used to
Summary: Upon returning to Ironhold, Raelyn sends for Adrienne and Emilia in order to let Adrienne know about the additional change to come, namely Emilia to be the next Mistress of the Hunt.
Date: 1867-01-01
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Office - Roseguard - Ironhold
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The trip back to Ironhold had been a pleasently uneventful, and easy-paced one. Plenty of time for conversations, a little sight-seeing, even an unplanned 'picnic'. A peaceful journey to end a peaceful time of celebration, and change. And after a day of 'settling' in, getting re-accustomed to the Castle, Raelyn had sent servants to tell both Emilia and Adrienne to meet her within what once was her father's study, then Jaren's - and now? Now, strangely, is hers.

She, like Jaren so often was, is sitting at the desk, sorting through various parchments, putting some into one pile, some into another, though the Master Steward apparently had done much good work so Raelyn wouldn't be overloaded upon her return.

It had been a pleasant enough trip home, the lack of faegates was always for more pelasantness. But with the number to return, it was also more practical to return in the same fashion they had gone to Sunsreach. If nothing else, Naois and Onyie had rather appreciated not having to go through one of those faegates, likely aas much as Raelyn had enjoyed avoiding them. Emilia had been about her normal self, meaning generally quiet upon the trip home, and then generally keeping out of the way whilst picking up some of her normal duties about Roseguard, which thankfully no longer included making use of said office and dealing with such business. Not that the Steward was likely to let her off completely, even now (a thing Emilia shall blame on Jaren). With the servant sent to fetch her, Emilia does appear at the office door, a mild knock given before stepping into the room. "You were of sending for of me?"

As exciting and long as the stay at the Capital had been, Adrienne was relieved to leave those crowded streets of Sunsreach behind her, a pleased grin apparent in her freckled features as they rode out and followed the road home towards Ironhold. The woods, the trees, the cracking of twigs and branches in the wind, the occasional sounds of animals of the forest reaching her ears - this made the Huntress truly feel at ease. Even so, she may have appeared less talkative than usual, mostly silent as she took in the scenery about them, only exchanging a few words with her Huntress sisters. As coming home meant as well, leaving the irritating proceedings at court behind, but also the bustling activity and the variety of people to meet with at and about the Queen's Castle. A Castle which her cousin the King now called his home as well.

Once arrived at Roseguard, Adrienne had sought out her own closer family, then checked on her wolfhound in the kennels. When the summons of the new Viscountess reached her, Adrienne had been busy with catching up with the other Huntresses in the Great Hall, to hear if and what had occurred in their absence. When she arrives in the study she enters, green eyes locking on Raelyn, a smile there offered to her cousin, before her gaze shifts to Emilia and she offers her a nod. "What is it I can do for you, Raelyn?", the freckled Cassomir inquires, attention on the Viscountess again, her tone calm, even if the glance she gives her is all curious attentiveness.

"Good. You're both here." Raelyn smiles, warmly to each. She gestures, turning her desk chair around a little to the comfortable seats for guests, or family members to settle in. Chairs she and Emilia may have oft sat in, or even their mother while others worked at the same desk she now works at.

Raelyn offers, "I wanted to speak to you both, first, before addressing the Huntresses in full, or before this goes public. You both are - quite important to me, afterall." Raelyn looks first to Emilia, then to her cousin. Emilia, likely, by those words may know what's coming, then. She looks to Adrienne, "As much as it pains me to admit the truth, I will not be able to hold this position, and the Mistress of the Hunt as well. In my love for what I did, I wished to hold onto it as long as I could, but." She exhales, smiles, sadly, "I love it too much to watch things go downhill while I waste away in here over parchments and judgements." She sighs then. And, getting ahold of herself, furthers, "And, after some dilberation and consideration, I've asked Emilia if she felt ready and able to lead in my absence." Raelyn briefly looks at Emilia, "There will, of course, be some who say you are not ready. And, possibly some -," she frowns, "Accusations unfounded, by reputation, or even dislike you may face in this." Giving Emilia opportunity, perhaps, to reconsider. Or, at least, consider this point and the hardship that may be facing her, in that choice.

A incline of her head and one of those patented corner tugging smiles are given towards her cousin when Adrienne appears soon after her. Emilia giving a slight nod of her head to her sister when she gestures to the chairs, drifting to settle into one of them. A place she had spent a fair amount of time.

Hands flutter into Emilia's lap as Raelyn begins to speak, a slight nod when that look comes her way…she knows what her sister is about to speak of. "There were of some who said you were not of ready when you took of the position," notes Emilia softly," and I would much rather of be stepping into of it like of this then of otherwise." The meaning rather implied, afterall Raelyn had taken over due to their aunt dying. "I face of that of already, there are of those who do not of think I am fit to even hold of a bow, let of alone be of a Huntress…I know it will not be of easy. I will not be able to of hide in the ways I could with my other taskings." Things Raelyn is likely more aware of then her cousin.

Adrienne sits down when Raelyn turns to face those seats, taking that as invitation. A brow lifts when Raelyn makes it clear the matter pertains to the Huntresses, the second joins the first, coming up soon after it is made clear that the Viscountess cannot remain Mistress of the Hunt. Air leaves Adrienne's lungs in a slightly noisy exhale. But no word, neither of agreement nor disapproval leaves her lips, green eyes staying attentively on her Viscountess cousin. Until she speaks Emilia's name, and Adrienne shoots the touched Cassomir beside her a glance, a flicker there in her gaze indicating the hint of a suspicion that is evidently a surprise for her. Green eyes flit down to where Adrienne's hands have folded in her lap, one leg casually crossed above the other, she of course wearing her Huntress attire of leggings and tunic. Accusations unfounded. She bites her lower lip, as the corner of her mouth lifts just so, an expression that could mean approval as well as astonished amusement. But then the freckled Cassomir straightens, lifting her gaze to meet those of the others. "She is your sister.", she allows towards Raelyn, the tone calm, almost stoic. Stating the fact, while perhaps needing time to digest the implication. Her gaze is then on Emilia, listening to her speech. A nod there. Of encouragement, or acknowledgement of the standing the touched Cassomir holds among the Huntresses. Maybe both. "As Mistress of the Hunt, you will be able to rely on your Huntress sisters for support.", Adrienne says then to Emilia; encouraging, indeed. "Even so… it is a great responsibility." Her gaze flits to Raelyn. "If this is your wish, I will… do everything I can to help her. But Emilia will be the one who will have to shoulder most of it."

"Quite so." Raelyn looks to Emilia, suggesting, "True enough. I was doubted. But that was a different siutation, and some held sympathy towards me. Perhaps held back their words. Their thoughts. It may not be so with you." She frowns, clearly not enjoying the thought of that happening to someone happening so near to her. But, she half-smiles at Adrienne, "I would not do this thing if I did not think she had the resolve, skill, and fortitude, Adrienne. And yes. I will be there to help her. As will you, I hope. But I wished to give you the news before any others. You both are very dear to me, afterall." Still, there is some relief that touches her features, if only briefly, for Adrienne's reactions to the news, overall. "I will be addressing the Huntresses in the next few days. It will be - difficult, I think, for everyone." She includes herself, heavily, in that sentiment. "But we are a people capable of adapting to any change, when the need presses us."

Dark eyes faintly take in Adrienne as that news if reacted. A nod towards her cousin,"Of aye, I would of hope to have of their support, as my sister has of had, and will yet of has of their Viscountess." A small breath,"I know it is of a great of responsiblity, but I have of held of such responsiblity, even if for only short of times in the past," both acting in Raelyn sted in their absences. Emilia inclines her head towards Raelyn,"They might of not, but I am of used to such." Least to some degree. "And of people under of estimating mine-abilities. But I am of stronger then most are knowing, will ever of know." Her hands shift fainlty in her lap,"It will be of difficult…there has been much of change of late, but it is not of bad of change. And I have of promised to help you as you are of needing." There is a minor tugging at the corners of her lips,"And least you are not of seeking to pawn of all of your paper work off on of me."

Blessed be Cassomir stoicness, as it keeps her reaction at bay. Adrienne keeps her expression devoid of any signs of her own personal opinion, of any thoughts that may drift through her mind right now. Her green eyes meet Emilia's darker gaze and she nods, when the touched cousin stresses her strength and the wrong view others have of her. "You can rely on us," Adrienne states then, seemingly towards Emilia before her gaze shifts to Raelyn and extends the statement to her as well. "After all, the new Mistress of the Hunt will report and answer to a Viscountess who knows best about the duties pertaining to that position." Her lips curve just so, in an indication of a smile. Even so, Raelyn's latter remark will elicit a prompt comment. "You think, the Huntresses may not take that decision well?"

"Many will. Some may not. Those who have not spent time around her, as others have. As I have." Raelyn considers, "People of strength tend to be opinionated people. And all our Huntresses are woman of strength." To this, briefly, Raelyn smiles, but it slides away almost immediately. "This is not easy. For any of us. But - thank you, both of you," she illicts, earnestly, warmly.

"Of thanking," comes from Emilia with Adrienne's words of support. "And of true, the Mistress of the Hunt has always of reported and worked with of the sitting ruler of House Cassomir, even if until of now they have not always of known the Huntresses so fo well." Emilia nods slightly as Raelyn answers Adrienne's question. "I am suspecting it will be those who are of newer, and know of me more by of rumor and assumption then of truly of knowing. I think some of forget I have of trained and endured the same of tests they of have to become of a Huntress." And more! "All will of adjust and settle in of time to the changes." A little upwards tug comes to her lips,"You are of welcome, Your of Excellency." Perhaps just a hint of tease within the usage of the title, as had often been done for their brother.

Adrienne nods, a faint smile appearing on her freckled features when Raelyn stresses that Huntresses are women of strength. "Aye. We shall see, then, how the news wil be taken." Hearing Emilia's suspicion then, about the faction of Huntresses that might be less convinced. "We both haven't been Huntresses that long," she states drily. "That makes us two rather new to the position as well. Such could be brought up, of course, as argument against you. But then again… The Mistress of the Hunt should be a Cassomir. It always has been." Her green eyes shift to Raelyn, as if in faint reproach that she was discarding this position now. "Excellency." Her own shortened echo of Emilia's address, adding no more as all has been said.

Raelyn's eyes turn to Adrienne, briefly, as if to give weight to the shortness to which with her cousin addresses her at the last. Still, she nods, "Such titles are things I'm going to need to get used to," she conceeds, with some light measure of distress. "Still. I was much prepared for it. Moreso than others." Like her brother, for example. She leans forward, first to squeeze Emilia's hand, then Adrienne's, releasing each quickly before looking at both sister and cousin. "Do any of you have any thoughts on this matter, or any other I should be aware of, ere long? I fear my new enemy is no longer the Thorns. But, judgements, and parchments, and taxes."

"Of aye, we have not of been," agrees simply. Though Emilia says no more on that particular point, there is a faint look cast towards Raelyn. "It of should, it of always of been and there is not of reason for it not to be of a Cassomir." Emilia gives Raelyn's hand a squeeze in return,"Of aye, you will have to of get used to of such titles as of those before of you." Though Raelyn had time to prepare. If one could truly prepare. "Not at of the moment, I am just thinking we will need to of see how the Huntresses of react and give it of time as well for them to see I am of capable. " A quiet little smile briefly takes to Emilia's lips,"It might of be a new of enemy to be of faced, but you have much of support and help yet, from of us both." A mild nod to Adrienne in this.

At Raelyn's remark about needing to get used to the new title, one corner of Adrienne's mouth lifts. "We all need to get used to them…", she says, rolling her eyes there ever so slightly. "Your Excellency." Digesting the full title, this time. When Raelyn takes her hand, Adrienne's other hand moves on top of that of her cousin. A brow lifts at the mention of a new enemy. "I believe we all need to prove them wrong, those who doubt.", the freckled Cassomir offers. "I don't have anything further at the moment, Your Excellency." Stressing the title once again in outward duty, but actual tease. Her gaze shifts to the parchments on the table and Adrienne shudders. "Will that be all?"

"I've nothing left, other than to caution you." Here, Raelyn pauses. "We are directly related to the King. It may come that petitions for marriages come through. Rest assured you will be consulted when," not if, because Raelyn is certain they -shall- come, "Such comes. And be aware, also, that others may simply try to curry favor with you. Or with us, due to the fact. And, as Stephen reminded me so bluntly," though this is said with a term of affection, rather than distaste for such bluntness, "Some of these we - may wish to consider, or allow if it benefits us. Things to consider, only. Or, keep in mind."

Emilia nods a little,"We will of prove of them wrong." For Emilia knows there will be doubters. It would be different then Court, but similiar in other ways. Her head tilts a little at the cautioning that comes,"I am knowing of that, Jaren was already starting to get of such of petitions regarding of me. He was not…exactly of pleased with of them. I have of doubted they would be of the last to come, even if of truly of serious ones will be of lacking." Perhaps some indication to the types of inquries that had come, or least her thoughts upon them. "I am of imagining though, I will be of the last of us that most would seek to of curry favour of with." The whole 'touched' thing. A glance to Adrienne, even leaning a little towards her cousin as she stage whispers,"And of at least you and I can of vanish into of the forests to be of avoiding of them of yet."

"Ah, that…", Adrienne drawls, her lips twitching now into a more pronounced version of a smile. "I'm curious as to who would petition to marry me, but I'm aware…" Her brows jump upwards as she moves to stand. "And of course. I shall wait for such propositions to be reviewed and agree to what benefits House Cassomir." Words that leave her lips effortlessly, as this was barely a train of thought that was new to her. "As I imagine, Graham may be sought after as well…", she adds, with a bit of pensive concern. "This won't please Cathrynn at all." Then Emilia's stage whisper towards her - surprising as it is - manages to draw a giggle from the Cassomir Huntress, and her out of the previous stoic expression. "Hah! True, Emilia. Even if I suspect you to be the sneakier of us two." Sneaking off, not exactly a quality that recommended a future Mistress of the Hunt.

"One be with you both." Raelyn sighs, laughing then a little as she looks at the parchments on the desk. "And with me. Thank you for the talk. I shan't keep you any longer." Emilia's comment about sneaking off, though Raelyn well heard it, doesn't seem to get either a reaction, or a comment from Raelyn. Which might speak volumes, in of itself.

"I am of thinking it won't much of please of Graham of either," adds Emilia gently, on that matter of that knight being sought. "But it is something that will have to be of weighed of as well." Cassomirs did breathe duty, what was best for the House. There is a minor tugging at the corners of Emilia's lips as Adrienne giggles. "As Raelyn has been of telling of me, I am of the sneakiest of all of us." And hey, as Mistress of the Hunt, she won't have to sneak off. She can go about as she wishes! Drifting to her feet as well as the conversations come to a close,"One be with you, sister." Though she drifts to give Raelyn a quick hug before seeking to slip from the room and leave her to those parchments.

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