(1867-01-09) Cassomir Iron
Cassomir Iron
Summary: Out on patrol in the woods of Ironhold, Emilia and Adrienne use the opportunity to have a much needed talk.
Date: 14-21/01/2016 (Date of RP)
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Forests of Ironhold
In the scene
Janvier 9th, 1867

Even with a return to Court not far off, duties were not set aside. If anything, they might have been taken up with more energy….to help forget about that upcoming return to Sunsreach and Court. While perhaps not as cold as the far north reaches of Couviere, the mountains and forests of Ironhold held a greater chill to them then the port city of Sunsreach. A fair layer of snow covered the ground, as well as a dusting upon the branches of the trees of the forest. A few tracks of various critter types could be seen here and there within the forest, if one had the mind to look for them.

A thick fur cloak had been fastened over Emilia’s shoulders, a thicker turn of fabric made up the leggings and tunic worn beneath her leathers with the winter weather. A short bow was secured, but in the fashion to be easily drawn, and while she was not near as proficient with it, there was a short sword fastened to her belt. The Huntress well enough armed for the patrol, even if more times than not…nothing was actually needed. Though she had been largely silent for most of the ride during this particular patrol, her eyes wandering over the area being covered. She does finally speak up, seeming to note simply,”We will need to be of seeing to who might be of fitting to put to a Harrowing when spring has come of again.”

Adrienne had been quiet as well for most of the patrol, her own cloak of dark brown wool lined with rabbit fur worn above Huntress leathers, and another layer of clothes as protection against the winter chill. Her mahogany bay mare with the rather curious name Checkmate seems to appreciate to be out and about, even in the current winter conditions, and so does her rider, the freckled features of the Cassomir Huntress showing off slightly rosy cheeks from the cold air, gloved hands on the reins giving the horse more room for a canter where it is possible. Apart from that, slower pace is advised, with ice covered trails where they ride between trees that are covered with last night’s fresh snow. The bow is slung about her shoulder, the quiver located at the saddle where she can easily reach it; the fine hunting dagger attached to the belt in its sheath of sheepskin-leather.

Riding beside Emilia mostly during all of their patrol so far, Adrienne has cast her an occasional glance, green eyes flickering with curiosity, but as the touched Cassomir had remained silent for the most part, so had she. Her gaze drifting to the areas beside the trail they were following, taking in any signs that may appear odd, this Cassomir’s head turns to regard Emilia when she hears her remark. And for a moment a hint of surprise might be glimpsed in her green eyes. The moment is brief, however, and Adrienne inclines her head, “of course. Of those currently in training I think we may have three or four who might qualify.” A pause, before the freckled Cassomir looks up and shoots Emilia a glance. “We should consult Alice and Pella perhaps, not officially, but just to get another opinion…?” After all, Adrienne had her own Harrowing less than a year ago, which might explain the slight unease on her part; and the doubt that even the both of them may have too little experience.

If the hint of surprise is noticed, there is no sign of it from Emilia. But then what the young woman notices or not is likely something many do wonder about. A slight nod comes a short while after Adrienne’s answer. “Of aye, Maggie is going to provide of a list and I have been of reviewing what reports Raelyn yet of had about of progress that had been of made, or of not.” As not all who desired to be a Huntress made the cut, much like there were those who would never be a knight as they might wish. “But I am also of thinking that some of eye to recruitment should be of made upon the new lands. We have more of land to watch of offer, and it would be of helping to be watching of over and of learning better of these new of additions to have some from of them amongst us. “

A gloved finger mindly twitching her reins, though it does not seem a particular movement that much bothers or causes a reaction from Onyie, the horse most likely used to his riders odd quirks as much as she was to his. “I am of thinking it will of aid in some of way to help make them of more of welcome, of integrating into of the old. Making if old and of new more as of one.” Ironhold really was still rather new to being a County. Emilia’s eyes continuing their drift over the land they pass, checking for signs of this or that, or the lack thereof as the case may be. “Though of once we have been settling upon who is next to of ready for their Harrowing, was of thinking it might be of good for you to be part of those who are of set to hunt, or of perhaps of the one of after.” There is a mild pause, enough for Emilia to glance her cousin’s way before adding,” If you are wishing of this?” Perhaps sparing the time to look along to gauge Adrienne’s reaction to the idea.

"Good," Adrienne replies with a faint twitch of a smile, looking relieved when Emilia mentions reports - and the experienced Maggie. "You know…", green eyes find once again the touched Cassomir riding beside her, "if you like, I could have a look as well. When Raelyn chose you to take over the office of Mistress of the Hunt, she asked me to assist you wherever I can…" The offer made in a casual tone, but apparently genuine enough. The next has the freckled Cassomir pull gently at the reins, slowing Checkmate down to a trot, Adrienne allowing her gaze to drift over the scenery. "Yes, we should," she agrees to extending recruitment to lands that have not been part of the barony. "But how to go about such, hmm? Regular events where Huntress sisters travel the lands, to scout for young talents? Or… the advice to have any potential candidates travel all the way to Ironhold and prove their skills there?" Adrienne looks towards Emilia, lifting a brow as she waits for her cousin to give a comment of sorts.

Reins are held more loosely, allowing for Checkmate to pick up the pace slightly. "I'd be glad to be among those who hunt.", Adrienne states then, the truest version of a smile claiming her features now, an appreciative glimmer there in her gaze as it meets the dark eyes of the Mistress of the Hunt.

There is just a mild little ‘hmm’ comes when the ‘You know’ comes, Emilia canting her head just a little as she listens to her cousin. Eventually nodding a touch,”Of aye, if you would like. And then you would be of knowing what recommendations were of made and of the reasons to them. Is there any of other of areas you have been of thinking you wished to be of aiding in?” Some hint of curiosity perhaps to what Adrienne might have in way of answer to that end.

“I am of thinking of perhaps a mix, like of how we already of do..had been of doing within Ironhold before it was being of expanded,” answers Emilia. Her hands shifting slightly on the reins, drawing Onyie to pace along with Checkmate. “I know Raelyn was already of looking to start of such, but not as much has been of managed.” Something about a few little ‘issues’ in the past year having taken priority. “But with things of settling of down, it would be of best to take of advantage of it. I think of patrols would be of a good of way to be of starting, well of continuing of on with. Would of allow learning of the extra of lands, as well of getting of word of out with mind of recruiting. There are likely of being those who have skills of already and may have of interest. “ A hand rising and turning a little in the air,”Though of think that still would need to of travel to of Ironhold to be of becoming of Huntress. Perhaps in of way to ensure it is what they are really of wishing, and they would need to be of learning these of lands as much as we need to be of learning of the newer of lands.”

A mild finger tapping…at the air occurs,”Though of think that more of out of laying post may be in of order. I will have to write of up a proposal for our of Viscountess to that of end.” A mild tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”Least I have some experience with of that and do not of mind it so much as Raelyn was of.” It was not exactly any big secret that Raelyn didn’t have a grand love for that sort of stuff, and might have bemoaned all the studying with the Master Steward, even is mostly in a joking fashion. A small tugging occurs at the corners of her lips,”Of good, I was thinking you might not of mind of joining in of that.”

Adrienne meets Emilia’s gaze with a faint smile. “Yes, I would like to help, if such is agreeable to you; even if… I know my lack of experience may not really recommend me to offer assistance, but…” Her shoulders lift in a shrug. “It seems only fair not to let you shoulder all of it alone. So…” Allowing her words to trail off there and leaving the offer perhaps a bit vague and unfinished, before the freckled Cassomir has to fall silent anyway as she listens to her cousin’s ideas on recruiting, and the corners of her mouth curve upwards as she considers. “Like… advertising the Huntress career by patrolling and getting the word out?”, she inquires, obviously intrigued by the idea. “As much as I abhor these contests… But the March tourney could be a good place as well to at least show off archery skills,” Adrienne says then, referring to the tournament that is mostly held for local knights to test their mettle, before they would dare to think of tackling the great challenge of a Circuit Tourney. “It would at least draw some spectators from other areas of the County.”

“An outpost?”, Adrienne echoes then, brows wrinkling a touch as she probably has not quite caught Emilia’s latter remark. “Like, a bigger Hunting Lodge that would also serve the purpose of training Huntress apprentices?” In regards to paperwork, the freckled Huntress seems to share a similar view as her Viscountess cousin. A vague gesture of approval there, when Emilia speaks of writing something up on that topic. “Yes, sure… That would be on you, to put a concept to paper, but in general, I could assist with that as well. Ideas, that is.“ A fine smile there that deepens when Emilia comments on Adrienne’s wish of taking part in the Harrowing, as a hunter.

“It is being of agreeable enough,” responds Emilia. There is a small tugging at the corners of Emilia’s lips,”The offer is of counting for much. Even of those with little of experience can be of help, and of yet those with much of experience may never of offer of it. And of thinking you have more of experience then you of realize, Adrienne. Just need to be of learning to of see of this and how to apply.” Did Emilia really just offer some manner of ‘pep talk’ to her cousin. “Though we are all of learning and of gaining more of experience as we of go. “ There is a small lift of her shoulders in a shrug, Emilia gaze drifting off,”I am of being Cassomir, I of shoulder what I of must. Though it is of made easier with of help….and “ here Emilia does look to her cousin,”I am of thanking for of your help and support, I am much of appreciating to have of it.”

A nod comes with the conversation about recruiting continuing,”Of aye, much like we have always of done in Ironhold, just the of new portion would not know as of well our practices. “ Canting her head a little,”It would be of a good of idea, of aye, usually we see more of locals who have already been upon such a path, but of hopefully as word of spreads we will see of more from our new of lands…even if not of in the spring but perhaps by of fall.”

Emilia’s hand twitches slight against the pommel of her saddle a moment,”Of similiar-ish…but more of like the of Huntress of lodges that we have been of having,” even if the Iron Guard uses them far more oft then the Huntresses themselves. “There are of none yet in of the new lands, seeing of them built I am of thinking would aid in way of recruiting and of showing that we do of mean to keep watch and protect of our of people of there. And perhaps of see of a lodging in of Rivergate, much like we have for staying in of Metalmire when there is of being of need. Might be of a thing to be of working with the Ironguard,” they after all would have similar ‘expansion troubles’ to tackle. “And do not of worry, I do not of mind of the paperwork, am being of used to it.” It had been no secret that Jaren had set Emilia to lessons with the Master Steward long ago…even how much she did outside of the lessons might not be as realized by most.

"Well, actually…", Adrienne begins, before her words trail off and her green eyes find the gaze of Emilia Cassomir again. But then she leaves it at that, offering a nod to the words of the touched cousin that have been meant in a reassuring manner. "We both are Cassomirs," the freckled Huntress states, as if that were explanation enough that she would not hesitate to help shoulder anything if required. Even so, a faint smile tugs at the corner of her lips when she accepts Emilia's appreciation without any further comment.

The information about new lodges needing to be built is taken in with a thoughtful flicker in her gaze. "I agree. But after all, to demonstrate presence in the new lands would be a first step to recruit new Huntresses." Attention is briefly diverted to Checkmate as the mare gives a low whinny and prances a little to the side, the steed reacting to a movement in the undergrowth nearby - which proves to be a fox that breaks away as soon as Adrienne slows her horse down a little and casts an attentive glance towards the area from where the low rustle came from - more rustling as the red furred animal can be glimpsed hurrying away. "One above…" A low mutter that leaves Adrienne's lips as she shakes her head ever so slightly. "I wonder it stuck around until we passed it."

There is a nod that comes,”Of aye, I am of knowing. We are both of Cassomirs.” There is a stretch of silence from Emilia as they continue to ride on this particular patrol. Her dark eyes stealing a glance along towards her cousin after a moment, coming to ask,”Would of you have rather it have been of you that Raelyn was of selecting?” For what goes unsaid and is likely rather a given. There seems a simple curiosity to the question, her tone. More than anything else.

“Of exactly,” comes as Adrienne does see the full purpose behind the idea. A first step to recruiting, to showing that the Huntresses would not just be a fleeting thing, but that the new lands and their people were truly to be looked at as part of Ironhold. The Cassomirs were to protect them and invest in them, so hopefully the people could in turn do the same. The movement has Onyie giving a bit of a whicker himself, the stallion snuffing in the direction of the rustling undergrowth. Emilia’s stoic countenance is cast in the direction of the movement as well as she reins Onyie in a bit further. As one can never be entirely certain what is afoot, especially in the forests of Ironhold. Canting her head a little, a minor tugging at the corners of her lips. Speaking softly,”It is of a wonder, but perhaps of the One decided to of bless us with the sight of such a beautiful animal to make of our ride more of pleasant.”

Cassomirs. Known for their occasional stoicness, such as Adrienne displays at this very moment. Even so, the question so bluntly presented by Emilia has the freckled Cassomir tug at her reins, which will slow Checkmate down to a moderate trot. Green eyes linger once again on the touched Mistress of the Hunt, as Adrienne considers just how to reply to that. Her mind is quickly made up, her gaze shifts ahead of them, as she raises her voice for an answer. “I will not lie to you, Emilia. Her decision surprised me. “ A faint twitch there at the corner of her lips. “But… as it is Raelyn’s decision, I shall respect it, of course.” Duty, and all that. And another glance, Adrienne’s head turning just so. “I am not eager for positions, Emilia. I was never my intention to… wish for your office.” The expectation of others, maybe. “Believe me, I shall not question your authority. But even so, we must be aware that Raelyn’s choice might be questioned… And her reasoning that may have led her to the decision.” A hand is run thoughtfully through the lower part of Checkmate’s mane, as the freckled Huntress adds, in a tone of genuine sincerity: “Raelyn is our Viscountess. I shall not let it come to that.” Just to get that straight.

Her freckled features soften into a faint smile when Emilia comments on the fox, and the One granting them the sight of it. “Aye, perhaps. I have missed these woods… As interesting diversion as a stay in the Capital can be… What are manors, gardens and palaces compared to the true beauty of nature one encounters in a forest!”

A trait that was occasion for most Cassomirs, Emilia was cloaked within. Now, and had been for some years. To see a flicker of anything else was deemed a rarity by all rights. A hand pulled Onyie in to match. Dark eyes do meet those green ones when Adrienne’s gaze lingers upon her. A small nod coming when Adrienne does come to answer. “It was of surprising me as of well, even if for different of reasons. It is a title, a role that has has been of defining of her much of her life, what she identifies as above of all. I did not think of her to give of it up, even if to press some of the duties and taskings upon others of more. It was not of an easy of decision for her to be of reaching.” Being truthful on that front. A small breath being taken,”But it was of the one she has of made, and I had of promised to support her in any of way that I could. So of I shall. Even if I wished for of this position as much as you have.”

A brow raises just slightly when Adrienne speaks of ‘mights. “Of might? Adrienne….I am as of deaf as I am of being stupid, I know it /is/ being of questioned. Just as there were of those who of questioned her of logic in allowing me to go through mine of Harrowing to become of a Huntress. Just…more of so now. “ A hand lightly pats Onyie’s neck as Emilia’s gaze tracks down the path over his ears for a few long moments. “I know of many do not see of past of my….quirks.” That is one way of putting the oddities that evolved after the incident, “To see of me.” Drawing her gaze back towards Adrienne,”I know we have grown much of distant because of it all,” Emilia knew well what few did accept her and see her for more than ‘touched’,”It means of much that you will respect of Raelyn’s decision, the authority given to me…and to give of me a chance. “ A faint flicker of a smile actually coming about, it did mean much to her. It was one burden she would not have to bare.

The fox is tracked until it vanished again, a slight smile when that dash of color is gone. “I have missed of being in them as well. Sunsreach..can be of interesting. But it is not of here…of home.” Then Emilia sighs a little,”And yet we are meant to be leaving of again of soon, to return to the forest of streets and buildings, manicured of gardens. With of luck, we will not have to endure Court for of long.” One can only hope!!

A soft sigh leaves the freckled Cassomir as she nods to Emilia’s statement about the office of the Mistress of the Hunt and Raelyn being defined by it. “She remains our superior.”, Adrienne comments with a slight flicker in her gaze. “Even if on different levels of status.” Regarding them both. She shoots her cousin a glance when Emilia admits not having been keen on the office either, and her lips twitch into a faint smile. A smile that will remain when the touched Mistress of the Hunt speaks of how others view her. Meeting Emilia’s gaze when it is so pointedly turned her way. “Aye,” the freckled Huntress concedes, “those quirks…” Her words trail off and she shrugs, keeping her gaze on the touched cousin. “I’ve doubted you as well, I admit. And we both know… whatever happened back then at the old castle… it has changed you.” Green eyes flit downward for a brief spell before they are lifted once again to meet Emilia’s dark gaze. “Still… I have to admit you are a capable Huntress, and… tradition requires the Mistress of the Hunt to come from the main line, if possible.”

Saying as much, she gives Checkmate slightly more rein, when the topic shifts. The mention of court makes her brows furrow, even so there is a faint awkward flicker briefly apparent in her gaze. “I prefer the woods. They help me to maintain a cool head. There is something… distracting about the time spent in the Capital,” Adrienne opines, a faint line appearing between her brows, in an odd combination to the faint upwards twitch of the corners of her lips. It is a fleeting impression however, as Adrienne is soon enough back to her stoic self.

A small nod comes,”Of aye, she of does. But she remains of our sister as well,” even if for Emilia it is quite literal,”and may need some reminding of this now and again. Or just be needing of rescue from of the paperwork.” A small tugging occurs at the corners of her lips a couple beats after the rather deadpan jest. Emilia nods as her cousin makes that admission,”I am of knowing you did.” She had noticed the looks of surprise at times, particularly in practice. Another faint nod comes,”It of has changed of me, what of happened of then changed of us all in of ways, even if the change was of greatest within of me. “ A small breath is drawn as her eyes drop down,”But…with what of passed….how could I not be of changed? What was of seen….what was of endured…I should not of lived, and of yet….I of did…” A shake of Emilia’s head comes as she pushed back the memories threatening to rise up.

“Of thanking for saying of so, it really does mean of much for you to say so,” while her features are ever stoic, Emilia’s tone is quite genuine. “You are much of capable of yourself and I do wish for your of help and aid, and to see that you are having of the chance to grow as a Huntress yourself. And of perhaps, mine-cousin and I have chance to become of friends of again and not just of Huntress of sisters.” Some perhaps hint to the fact the friendship had as children had been missed by the ‘touched’ one.

There is just a mild lift of a brow to catch that bit of oddness to Adrienne’s gaze. “I of think we all are of preferring of the woods. Even of Jaren would of wish to stay in of Ironhold, our forests if he could of manage of it and yet manage to duty. It does of seem that is what always has of us leaving them…duty.” It was what flowed through the veins of a Cassomir, that sense of duty. “Though if I am recalling of correctly, it was you who were of encouraging me to enjoy the distractions of Court and to be of toying with people. Of perhaps you were of taking too much of your own of advice?” Yes…there is a bit of tease there.

A slight roll of her eyes is Adrienne’s reaction to Emilia’s jest about Raelyn being in need of occasional rescue from paperwork, and she smiles, clearly amused. “Well… it is a difference, but even so, our Viscountess has been a Huntress - a thing only the fewest in such position can claim.” The smile dims somewhat and the freckled Cassomir nods when Emilia mentions noticing her doubts in the skill of the touched cousin. Green eyes studying Emilia attentively when she admits she has been changed. “You were there. We were not,” Adrienne muses thoughtfully, “which saved my closest family from… whatever happened there.” A vague gesture with her hand. “I can only imagine what it is exactly you had to endure. It was never a topic.”, she says with a slight shudder, “but this much I know, that it took time for you to recover. And when you finally had recovered you weren’t the Emilia I used to know.” A hand moves to cover her mouth, Adrienne obviously slightly shocked at her own candid admission. Because… when had she ever spoken so plainly to the cousin, who's touched state had filled her with regret and despair, back then, when she finally had to accept what she just stated. And clamming up had been the natural reaction.

When the preference of woods and court are discussed, and Adrienne agrees. “True, it always comes down to duty.” But then her brows wrinkle in protest, and she exclaims, “When have I ever encouraged you to do such a thing? To enjoy distractions and toy with people…?” An incredulous glare of the Adrienne sort is given the touched Mistress of the Hunt, whose status for now seems to be only secondary. “Wasn’t it you rather, who advised me to not get too friendly with certain people…?” The tease met with an admission; sort of one.

A small tugging comes to the corners of Emilia’s lips at Adrienne’s reaction. Emilia did on occasion have to rescue Jaren from paperwork! “It is of true, fee can boast of such. And in of truth, I do not of think she will ever stop of being a Huntress….anymore than I think either of us could of stop of being of one.” After all..a Huntress out of the woods was still a Huntress. Just not a particularly happy one. There may seem little overt change to Emilia’s mien, but there is a touch of sadness that comes to her eyes, a mild haunted look for a moment. “Not of being there saved of you, them…from dying. To be of there meant of death. “. A small nod comes, though there is a curious sort of look cast Adrienne’s way to actually hear the other speak just what so many dance around. “ Of true….I had endured much and such was leaving of its mark upon me,” quite literally even,” but I was not of lost. I am still of being of Emilia, perhaps not of the same.” She sighs a little,”Was perhaps of a blessing for of Jaren..others who were not of knowing me of before…they did not know what was of gone…Not like you and others, I know I have been of a reminder to what was lost of then….memories do not fade because the changes do not fade of away. “ Heck she had a brother who overcompensated around her. There is a half sort of smile given, even if a bit sad,”I have always been of aware of how changed I became…how of people see of me. You have never been of alone in your of thoughts in of that. “ An admission perhaps in that, and just how much Emilia knew and that she had kept away knowing how uncomfortable she made folks.

A side long look goes towards Adrienne as that protest comes. Emilia raising a brow just a bit,”Truly, mine-cousin, are you of forgetting how you were of encouraging to accept of dances and toy with such of would be suitors, as being the only thing to get from the balls and dances having to be attended at of Court? To enjoy of such options?” There is a turn if amusement and tease that touches Emilia’s tone yet. Though she does shake her head,”It was not the advice of given, Adrienne. The advice was to not be of publicly seen to be of friendly with of certain of people, given of how our Huntress sisters, the people of Ironhold might of react. And in of turn might of treat you for of it. A person can get to know of another and be of seeing they are not fitting of a type, but to get so many of people to see of this?” Emilia shrugs a little…it was a situation she knew a bit herself.

"Once a Huntress, always a Huntress," Adrienne concedes with a faint smirk, that will fade when the talk turns towards the sombre topic of what happened back then at the old Castle Ironhold. A slow nod is given, when death is mentioned. And the freckled Cassomir's brows lift when she notes Emilia's reaction to her rather forward admission. "Not the same," she agrees, "but a Cassomir nonetheless. Even so…" No, she is not going to deny the fact that she had her doubts about Emilia's abilities. "Yes. Your odd speech and other… details have actually made me suspect you had taken more damage than a somewhat sane and coherent person can take. I thought you'd fail when the first test of skill would be required. I openly admit that, yes, I was surprised to witness some of your ability…" Goodness, seems once Adrienne has started speaking her thoughts she continues, however unwise such would be.

A faint smile tugs at Adrienne's lips as she shoots the dark-haired Cassomir a glance. "However… I've come to question my first impressions and convictions in regards to you. So forgive me my candidness. I will, as I already said, support you in any way I can."

The smile deepens when the topic shifts to the matter of suitors. "Dances, yes. But dances alone do not mean toying with those you dance with. It's a social requirement. I had to endure so many dances at Jaren's and the Queen's wedding. It was, if you will, duty as well… the thing that was expected of me." And here her demeanor takes on a slightly more thoughtful expression. "And a lot is being expected of us, you as Mistress of the Hunt and sister to the King and a Viscountess - and of me as well, even if on a smaller scale." The small innuendo and repeated thoughts Emilia had already uttered in front of Adrienne are considered. "I am making sure not to make a fool of myself in public, Emilia. Of that I assure you. And I promise to pursue any vices I may have…", a slightly daring glint there in her green eyes as they meet the darker gaze of Emilia Cassomir, "in secret, as not to be the cause for gossip or slander."

Emilia listens to the further admissions that Adrienne comes to make. A small breath is taken before Emilia says quietly, though not so quietly not to be heard over the sound of their horses as they yet travel onwards,”You were not of wrong to of suspect so. I have been of told that no other has endured what I was of going through and remained of sane.” There is a small twitch of her lips,”I am not always of sure that is of exactly being of an honor. But I of suppose it proves of having the iron of a Cassomir, of aye?” It really was a dubious ‘honor’ to have. A small nod comes,”You were not of the only one, and I do not fault you for having such of surprise.” It would seem that Emilia does not mind Adrienne’s openness, nor is offended as many might be to hear such candidness.

A hand faintly dances up into the air,”There is nothing to be of forgiving, mine-cousin. Afterall to be of open and of candid is of a step of forward to be of working with one of another better, and to being of better of sisters, of aye?”

Emilia does concede,”Of true, it is being of a duty within of itself to accept and dance, especially at such a event as of Jaren’s of wedding, even of Raelyn’s as well.” Though there might have been a couple of dances at Raelyn’s that Emilia had looked forward far too eagerly. “In some of cases, even the asking to dance is of a duty to of them. And while to of dance with of a person of once is not of toying of with, of more can of cause of such or encourage of politics. “ There is just a mild sigh,”Even such a thing of dancing can have political of consequences….and of aye, much is of expected of us both, even if perhaps more of me now. But at least of now, as Mistress of Hunt, I can truly of avoid those horrid inquiries. Of truly, Adrienne, you should have seen of some of them. So clumsy and of demeaning, like I was some of unwanted of defect that Jaren would jump at the first of hint of interest to be rid of me.” A very small hint of a face is made. At the very least those about Roseguard knew well how protective of Emilia her siblings had become, nevermind the closeness of family that tended to exist amongst the Cassomirs as a whole. A small nod occurs,”As I of try to avoid of making a fool of mine-self, if only for Jaren and Raelyn, our of House.” Though the One knows she cannot keep everyone from talking. A brow rises just a little bit as those dark eyes are caught by that green gaze,”So we are of having of vices of then?” A hint of a smile coming with the tease.

“Cassomir iron…”, Adrienne echoes thoughtfully, her gaze becoming distant for a moment, even as she looks ahead, allowing for Checkmate to slowly pick up the pace. “Aye, there must be something to us, a certain stubbornness… and persistence.” Not commenting further on her confessed doubt in Emilia’s abilities. To be honest, she was not completely convinced the touched cousin could really take care of her new duty, but then again, Adrienne had already stated she would support her. “Aye,” she concedes with a nod, “I believe, it is good to be honest with each other, especially since we are to work together in this. Sisters…” The stoic expression is warmed by a faint smile. “Such comes with trust, I would think.”

Speaking of trust… While Emilia’s expressed thoughts on political implications of dances, and clumsy and slightly offensive requests for dances through the feast earn her a sympathetic glance from the freckled Cassomir, the inquiring tease is met with as light coloring of her cheeks, as Adrienne catches her lower lip with her teeth. “Vices…” She rolls her eyes, “such a dramatic expression, and one I shouldn’t have chosen anyway. I mean…” A twitch of her brows there as she considers how to continue. “One single diversion at court.” Admitting as much, as green eyes find the darker gaze of one Emilia Cassomir, and Adrienne raises a brow.

“Of aye, there is of such a quality to of us. It has been of serving of us of well,” the blood of heroes or something some even say. In truth, Emilia just may have her own doubts. She knew it was to be an upward battle from the start…she was untested and she would be watched and judged more harshly than Raelyn ever was. Everything would have to be faced one step at a time….and this was a step to that end. To have Adrienne with her and a start to bridge the gap that had grown between them was no small thing. “It is of a good thing to be of honest. It is of hard to have of trust without of it, of aye?” There is a hint of one of those rather rare smiles that comes, softening that ever stoic expression just a bit,”I know of things will not of change in of a day between of us…But I would like of them to…as we of work together.”

And it would seem a fair start at that comes with the nature of their other conversation. That brow staying slightly raised to see that coloring which appears on her cousin’s cheeks. “It would seem of so.” It was an interesting choice to use! “By such use of a phrase and the fine color to your of cheeks, mine-cousin….I am thinking you were rather of delighting with this particular diversion. Perhaps even mildly taken with it. But as long as the…diversion has been of pleasing to you.”. Emilia shrugs a little bit, certainly not about to be scandalized by such a thing…certainly not with the brothers she’s had…and that one squire of Jaren’s…oh my! “Perhaps we will be seeing you of sporting a favor in the next of tournament then, of aye?” Mildly continuing the teasing. Before there is a faint sigh,”Least you could wear of one and not have people saying that surely you just made of it yourself to have of such to wear.” There is a small snort from Emilia, as if she’d do such a thing as that!

"Yes." Adrienne inclines her head to Emilia's remark about trust relying on honesty. "In that I shall try not to disappoint." A pointed glance towards the touched one, and even the hint of a smile curving her lips. Deadpan humor has always run in the family, and so there is that connection at least. The smile takes on a more pensive quality as Adrienne lowers her gaze. "I admit, I have been avoiding you perhaps more than I should, but now that your Mistress of the Hunt such would not be advisable." Green eyes linger on Emilia, when the freckled Cassomir adds, with a faint smile: "In order for this to work, I shall try and be more…" Her words trail off and she starts anew. "Yes, I would like that, too." A remark that seems to baffle her somewhat, a truth that was buried within, so deep even she was not aware of it.

Then things start to become awkward, the slight blush and Emilia's comment on it, and Adrienne's odd wording enough to make her own expression dim into the rather stoic cast of a Cassomir. Until something odd happens, Emilia's comment on diversions delighting her offered in such casual manner bringing a change about in Adrienne's behaviour, and she suddenly bursts into a slight fit of a giggle. "One above, yes. A pleasing diversion. Something of that kind. But I doubt I'd wear his favor - ever." This she admits with a slight shake of her head, a hint of fondness glinting in her eyes. "And no. I can do without favors at the tournament. Even if… I fear… to represent the Huntresses, I shall compete from now till I die, at those horrid archery competitions."

“Of no, it would not be of advisable, even of harder to perhaps do. Not of impossible if it was truly of wished.” The One knows just how well Emilia knows how to vanish and avoid when she wants to. “But if you need of space, you will of have it,” a thing Emilia was used to given people in spades,”and if you have of question at of times….we can be of talking rather than be left of wondering. We will both of try.” A small nod as that bit seems to be settled. It was a step, a start.

Ah, there is that glimmer of a smile when Adrienne bursts into a fit of giggles. “Ah, of well then…Just a pleasing diversion and not of one worthy to be of asking for of his of favor, or just too of scandalizing.” That mild jest there, even if Emilia is not perhaps entirely clueless about the possibility of just whom, she does not press in that direction. “I had always thought of that as well, yet…when one is being of found….and it becomes of terrifying to think to ask for of it, for what if they say of no…Or even of aye? But to be of granted that of request, it can make it all of easier to bear of it all.” There is just perhaps a fleeting fondness that touches Emilia own eyes before she taking a bit more time to survey the path they are making down. “And I am of sure, Adrienne, that we might of find some of excuse now and again to be of absent from such of contests. There is not always of need to go to every of tournament..though of in the end we do of serve as our House and Viscountess of need…even if it is to put of on such displays at the archery competitions.”

“We should indeed speak more often, and as openly as we do now,” Adrienne agrees, her demeanor turning a bit thoughtful. “After all, this change in leadership of the Huntresses imposes great demands on all of us; it should be a chance to grow, in more than one regard. Even if…”, and here a more pronounced smile breaks through, “I am sure Raelyn will now and then pop by and peek in on Huntress meetings, as she may have a hard time to let go of it all.” And settled it is, when Adrienne returns Emilia’s nod with one of her own.

The mood lightens up a bit, and freckled features soften into an expression of amusement when Adrienne shakes her head, rolling her eyes; even if there may be a slight flicker in her gaze at the mild jest in regards to favors. “No, thank you, I don’t need any favors… Being official statements as they are. Each tiny detail is suddenly bound to attract attention. Just like dances at a Royal Wedding.” A slight scowl there. “But hmmm…” Fingers brush over the lower part of Checkmate’s mane as the Cassomir lady considers, and the faint version of a smile manages to reclaim her freckled features. “I don’t know. Perhaps, I shall change my mind about favors in the future. But for now, I plan to compete in tourneys if they are not too far away, whenever it doesn’t hamper my other duties.”

A sideway glance goes towards Adrienne,”I am much of sure that not even a whole gaggle of Goblyns could be keeping Raelyn of away for of long.” Emilia fingers twitch the reins slightly,”Unless perhaps they are bearing of packs of parchments and reports. Now that might of work. “ That show of deadpan humor as a simple nod from Emilia does give concurrence upon the other points.

“This is of true, ever of detail is bound to be of noted. Though I am of thinking in time enough the fervour and interest may of fade of away once again…least of a little.” Or at least Emilia can hope, it took her long enough to get out of the denial that it would bring her any added noticed…that marriage of Jaren’s. She might still have a bit of denial to be quite honest. “But of perhaps as well, when there is the right of someone it may be worth to risk of the asking and of the noticing that might of come.” Least when it comes to non-familiar favors. “Perhaps if such a person is found, your mind will of change. Or I of suppose….once we get of matched to warted, lumbering of trolls, we shall have no of choice but to wear of their favors.” How dead panly she throws that particular jest. A hand waves it all off with an airy lightness,”Till of then…competitions as duty of requires, and I am thinking of a hastening to our return before Devlin and Graham ensure there are no of tarts or warmed of cider left waiting for of us.” Sending on of the more ‘normal’ corner tugging smiles towards her cousin before urging Onyie onwards and letting the stallion have his head to run.

Another eyeroll is given to Emilia's talk of the right someone, worth the risk of asking a favor, and Adrienne shakes her head with a chuckle. "I still don't think I'm a favor person - neither the granting nor the receiving type. So yes. I believe it will such a troll, I will be matched to, to whom I shall give such a required favor… All dutiful." A slight glare there, even so the grin on her freckled features is unmistakable, as she takes it all in good sport. "Talking about trolls…. Yes, we should hurry. We do have some hungry brothers…"

And so Checkmate is spurred on, following in Onyie's wake, as the two Cassomir ladies hurry back to Castle Roseguard.

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