(1867-01-09) Good News, Good News, and More Good News
Good News, Good News, and More Good News
Summary: After returning home and recovering from gate sickness, Elrick finally speaks to his Father about the trip to Sunreach.
Date: 1867-01-09
Related: Multiple discussions on trade and finances while Elrick was in Sunreach.
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Stag Keep - Hartwood - Couviere

Up a stone causeway from the town, Stag Keep stands like a stone sentinel over the woods and settlement. The causeway leads to a main gatehouse through which the courtyard is accessed past portcullises and murder holes. Within the yard there is a training ground for the household troops, a forge, a stable and the main doors to the keep and the stain glass of the chapel is visible to all.

Within the doors of the keep is a set of stairs leading up to the great hall which has a rustic charm with sturdy oaken beams, blazing hearths and heavy wooden tables set out for the high and low to dine at. The main table is set on a dias and behind the Baron and Baroness' chair is the black and white banner of House t'Tremaine.

Branching out from the hall are passages to other parts of the keep and behind the main table are stairs leading up to the higher floors and the chambers of the Baron and his family.


After returning from his long trip to Sunreach, Elrick took a few days to recover from the faegate sickness that usually accompanies traveling such long distances as well as getting his own affairs in order. That means getting caught up on any news that may have occurred, especially any financial updates, as well as finding a place to store his prized winnings from the Melee Duel Tourney.

Once that was all settled, the heir to House t'Tremaine sent word to the Baron that his son wishes to speak with him at his earliest convenience. When the appointed time arrived, Elrick once more pays a visit to his Lord Father, not making the mistake of 'summoning' his father anymore to his own study like he did that one time in the past.

Benjamin t'Tremaine is in a fairly decent mood, in his so-called study. He is comfortable enough in his chair, the head injury from the rebellious advisor has since healed completely. When Elrick arrives, Ben calls to his son, "Come in, boy. No sense standing out there." While he does not like to be summoned by his son, he is not terribly fond of waiting.

Stepping inside his Father's study, Elrick's gaze settles on his father and a smile appears as he approaches. Bowing his head respectfully in greeting first, the son says, "I'm afraid I was not able to claim the championship at the Sunreach Tourney, and was not able to grasp the chance to steal the Circruit under our name. Apologies, father. I am sure you are as disappointed as I am."

Benjamin sighs and gestures at a seat, "Bah, it is what it is. Damn Rivanans stealing it. But I hear at least they did not win their own tournament, serves them right." He scowls and takes a sip from his cup and nods towards the pitcher and cups, "How did you fair overall? Hopefully you at least performed well?"

"No, they did not win their own tournament, Couviere claimed it. I also denied them victory at the melee duel." Elrick says rather proudly along with a touch of smugness as well, reporting his own success after announcing the disappointing news. "I have brought the prizes home, you may display them as you wish, Father. Also, I am not sure if you have heard but your daughter, my sister, Antonia, was knighted. She performed magnificently in her first Tourney and it was she who I faced in the championship round of the Melee Duel. Twice." Meaning she was the in the winner bracket while he was in the loser bracket.

Benjamin smiles at the news his son bears, "Excellent news, that. Glad to hear you trounced the bastards." The news about Antonia also gets a wider grin, "About damn time. I heard the Queen herself did it. Apparently she was deserving, judging by the duels. I am proud of you both."

"We have your blood, Father, was there ever a doubt that we would do anything but make you proud?" Elrick says rather cocksure of himself, even though when he first returned from the northern war, his father was anything but proud. "But we trounced them good." Any mention of the joust though was not made, the embarrassment of falling so badly against the damned Haldis. Instead, the heir chooses to move the conversation forward to matters of greater importance, "Father, I also bring other news. News that I believe will help return our house to prominence, to a position that have been denied to us for far too long."

"Well, it seems today is a day for good news, let's keep the trend going," Benjamin is now in an obviously happy mood and leans back in his chair, getting even more relaxed. "If it is better than news regarding the tournament, then it must be something exciting."

Leaning forward in his seat as if to build the anticipation of the news, Elrick's grin widens, "I am not sure if it is better, Father, but it is /very/ good news. You know the financial debt our House currently owes?" There is a pause there, most likely on purpose, before the heir continues, "I have found a way to have it wiped clean. Completely. While in Sunreach, I scheduled a meeting with Lady Paege of House t'Rannis and we spoke of a potential deal where her House would be willing to buy out our debt from the t'Mollari and our Liege. And then forgive the entire amount we would then owe them, which should include what we currently do owe them." Now Elrick leans back, letting this bit of news to sink in for his Father, his eyes watching the Baron's reaction very carefully.

"I see," Benjamin ponders. "It is indeed good news. What do they want?" While Benjamin is no master steward, he is aware that nothing gets you nothing. "I assume they want to have you marry a daughter of the Viscount?"

In answer to his Father's question, Elrick shakes his head, though it isn't an entirely bad prospect, "No. What they have asked is to build a hunting lodge on our lands. They have heard that the Hartswood is the best place to hunt and the Viscount's many bastards enjoys hunting. So in exchange of buying the debts and forgiving them, we allow them to build a lodge for them to use." The t'Tremaine Heir doesn't stop there though, he includes the stipulations that were discussed, to show that he didn't just take this broad deal and brought it home. "The land is still ours, but the lodge would be theirs and we should afford them the proper courtesy. The number of animal heads taken each year can still be negotiated and the duration of this rental deal would be for ten years, after that another deal may be negotiated. They would also be exempt of the taxes on the animals they take, which in my eyes, they have already paid for up front by forgiving the debts which is no small amount."

Benjamin blinks. He was sincerely surprised by the terms. "Not a bad deal at all. You must have really must have done a damn good job at the negotiating table. So we pretty much are selling them some very expensive hunting licenses and 'free' rent for ten years? We would be fools to not take this deal."

"That is my thinking as well, Father, that this is a deal we cannot afford to let slip." Elrick says with a nod of agreement, there is some worry about what the t'Rannis could do while on their lands in the hunting lodge but right now the benefits are too great. "'Free' rent and tax free hunts. So when I return to court, do I have your permission to speak with Lady Paege to cement this deal?" He isn't sure if they will need to speak officially to their liege lord, the Duke, since he had already spoken to the l'Corren heir.

Benjamin raises a cup, "Indeed. You seem do have this girl over the barrel in negotiations as it is, why not keep up the good work. As long as you don't give away land or permanent rights, I have no complaints. Just make sure it is all legal as well."

"Understood, father, I have taken care that nothing is permanent and open to renegotiation when time is up." Elrick says with a nod of agreement, knowing that if something is given away, it is much harder to get back. Much harder. "I will seek her out when I return to court." There is a pause as the young heir takes in a deep breath, a much bigger deal to broach right now, a much harder deal to accept. "That was not all Father, I also spoke to Prince Tristan while I was in Sunreach and he has also offered me a deal that can see our House prosper. Prosper to the point where we potentially could be one of the wealthiest Houses in Couviere."

The almost-gleeful smile on Benjamin's face suddenly disappears at the mention of the Tracano. "What sort of deal does the bastard want? Why does he care about our fortunes?"

A smirk appears as Elrick also didn't exactly like dealing with southerners but it was the wealthy Prince, and it was also a lot of gold, in fact an extra two-hundred that he was able to pocket for himself. "After speaking with him, it appears that he doesn't exactly /care/ about our fortunes but more about the peace between our two Kingdoms." Tapping the arm rest of the seat he has taken, the heir shakes his head, "I will no doubt be speaking with him again in the future when he provides me more details, but what he has shared with me is that the potential proposition he will be offering will benefit our lands greatly. In that it will draw many people from outside of the Barony to our lands, mainly merchants. Which means increased trade, which means more taxes and gold for our House coffers." It appears that Elrick does not trust his own father enough to provide him the full details, just the potential benefits that may be involved.

"Peace, heh." Benjamin snorts, "You can speak with him, but be careful. I do not trust Rivanans. We keep the peace because we have to, but they owe us dearly, and they certainly can't afford it, not even the bloody Tracanos." He tightens his grip on his cup and then sets it down, "But yes, see what he has to offer."

Nodding his head as is fully agreeing with his father, Elrick doesn't press for more, having his father's blessings to continue to the negotiations is more than enough and will give him enough room to maneuver for himself, "Not even all of the gold in the south will be enough to repay for what they did to us, Father. But if they wish to throw gold at us without us having give up much of anything? I will gladly take their coins, for it will make us stronger, so we can prepare for the day when we see the Haldis pay their dues. And they will pay, we will never forget."

Benjamin frowns and drains his cup as he thinks. "Indeed, if you can swindle the fool, then do it. I will not lose sleep over it. And yes, they will pay, but I doubt it will be any day soon."

"It may be sooner than you think, Father. We are getting our finances in order and things will be /very/ different when we are no longer in debt." Elrick says in full seriousness, as if to impress upon his father the severity of the mistakes of the past, ones that should not occur again, "All our gains will be ours and ours only. We will be strong once again." Leaning back in his seat, the heir releases a breath, then remembers he also spoke to Michael about the tourney on their lands, "By the way, Father, I spoke to Sir Michael. It appears that our Liege wishes to sponsor a tourney on our lands, for the Spring Alignment. The l'Corren will cover the prizes and we provide the setting, since it is much more temperate and beautiful than Murnord. I assume you would be amendable to such an arrangement, since it is from our Liege Lord?"

"We are in no position to decline," Benjamin says, "If we decline, we appear weak. So we will host it, but we had best get things arranged and ready to go as soon as possible, it is one thing to appear weak in rumors, it's another to actually appear so before one's eyes. Perhaps even I will compete," Benjamin grins, "But yes, it appears we have a great deal of work to do."

Laughing now, Elrick appears pleased, "It will be grand to see you on the tourney fields, Father, and perhaps both father and son can claim victories for our House." Though that notion is rather doubtful, it is something that he had to voice, "But before I leave for Court in Rovilon, I will make sure that the proper preparations are underway. Is there anything you wish to speak to me about, before I take my leave to start working on this project? I do not want to take more of your time."

"Perhaps, though I will have to go easy on you, no sense embarrassing you in front of all of Couviere!" Benjamin shrugs and grins, "But I cannot think of anything, except to be on your best behavior and to not be a damned fool. Also keep your eyes open for opportunities, you should wed soon."

Hearing that brings a smirk to Elrick but he doesn't say anything about his Father besting him. In anything. The warning though is taken with a nod of his head, "Of course, Father. I am always on my guard, I know that I represent our House when I'm in public. I am no Prince of Fools." As for a marriage potential, the t'Tremaine Heir can only nod on that. "Good night, Father." Rising to his feet, a respectful bow is offered before Elrick turns to leave.

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