(1867-01-11) Thy end cometh
Thy end cometh
Summary: With the recent news bought with Archbishop Sirrah, Raelyn is ready to face the Widow of the Woods and accompanies Emilia on her next venture to the ruins.
Date: 1867-01-11
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Ruins of Ironhold Castle - Ironhold - Rivana
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The world was in a flux of change for the Cassomirs, and yet there seemed little time to truly get used to everything without something new coming around the bend. With the latest visit from the Prophet and the Archbishop…the forthcoming return to Sunsreach and Court…..Emilia had plenty of reason to take to one of her 'visits', but with her sister's words before….She was not making the trek alone this time. It having been passed off as a hunting trip for the two Cassomir sisters. Not a thing any would think to question.

The horses had been left a far ways off, a point picked my Emilia. And the reason soon enough apparent, before thye had not traveled but another five or ten minutes before the sounds of the forest lacked all sound of animals, that the first hints of 'Her' could be felt. Subtle and small, that raising of hairs upon the back of the neck as if one were being watch. Just a small unsettling feeling. None were immune to it, well no one who was normal and not 'touched' by chaos. It was a thing that slowly worsened the closer they drew to the ruins. Emilia covering the distance in silence, perhaps the stray glance towards her sister to see how she was doing, even if Emilia felt…differently…she knew that others felt a need to turn back, that unsettling press. It was a 'natural' deterent in a way. Though upon reaching the edge of the forest around the ruins…a short distance yet away from them, for no vegetation had ever grown up around the ruins or tried to cover them as would be the case in any normal circumstance. They looked much as they had when the fire had been finished with the castle. A small look is cast Raelyn's way, a silent question resting within those dark eyes….Was she up to continuing on? Even if Emilia knew the likely answer, the check was still made.

Raelyn can feel that unsettling feeling. But then, she's in a way felt -worse-. It brings to her the memory of the chaos, the flesh cave, where she and others like her brought ruin to the unnatural birth of the Berserkers. That, that, and the fact she is doing this for Emilia give her steel. If anything, Emilia would see in her sister the same hardness, those battle-lines drawn in her expression that she'd wear before leading her Huntresses into, or moving herself into any true battle.

She has been /near/ here before. But had never drawn so close. It wasn't fear that had prevented her. Perhaps, some, in part (though not predominantly) that natural barrier, that prickling feeling. But also uncertainty. The knowledge she would wish to kill the thing, and the vexation she could not.

It's on the second glance Raelyn catches Emilia's check, and she merely nods to her sister. Once. No words spoken. Not yet.

A small nod was given in return before Emilia took to make way across that opening to the ruins, leading the rest of the way to where that circle of iron existed. Once within the walls, it could be seen that a few areas had been shored up for safety. And it was perhaps that very circle of iron that weakened the creature within that kept the feelings from not being quite so 'bad' as within the flehs cave, not that they were exactly pleasant either. The possiblity of losing one's mind was there as well…if one stayed on.

The hardness within her sister had been noted, Emilia wondered what she would think if she knew how often Emilia came alone…since most times it was alone. What it could…would…do to her if she did not make these trips. None of them did, some things Emilia still didn't speak about. What good was there in the telling?

The feelings do increase yet, even if never becoming 'the worst' Raelyn has ever felt. But the presence of the creature is certainly felt when Emilia finally leads into the small inn courtyard that holds that iron circle…and in turn the banshee creature bond within it. Yet, to Raelyn's eye it is but an empty circle. One that Emilia approaches without hesitation, though she stops before actually entering it. A hand raising and holding with fingers slightly spread. This is when Emilia speaks,"I imagine you will find it unsurprising that She is rather displeased at you being here." The odd cadence completely missing, and perhaps something of the sister Raelyn once knew to be heard.

It's not at first Raelyn's mind is able to process the -correct- measure in which Emilia speaks. Raelyn is -too- focused on the task at hand. Too occupied with all the thoughts, all the things inside her she has not vented out towards the creature, 'invisible or not', as it is before her. Still, she trusts her sister in this thing. "Good," is Raelyn's terse response. She pauses, then, frowning, briefly. Looking at Emilia with a scrutinizing eye. Some questions will have to wait until later. But it's enough to derail Raelyn's train of thought for a few moments.

She looks back to the 'empty' circle. "Though," Raelyn surmises with that steel in her voice hardened from war, death, pain, and more recent horror-filled journeys, "Soon she will be far more than displeased with me." Then? A cold. Bitter. And - murderous sort of smile creeps up, edging Raelyn's mouth upwards in a curve.

There is just a faint nod of Emilia's head, perhaps expecting Raelyn's response. That scrutinizing eye might notice that there has actually been a slight softening of those normally stoic features. Yet stoic, but where Raelyn has hardened herself….It seems Emilia has…relaxed? "Of that I have no doubt, but you do have a far ways to go before you earn her displeasure as well as Lon has. Though I dare say Jaren has been making a far bit of progress on that front."

That hand stays raised as Emilia speaks, though the fingers drift foreward as that smile seems to take over Raelyn's mouth. There is a faint shudder, and in that moment the circle is no longer 'empty', a ghosting of the creature within able to be seen. Ever more translucent, with that long black and rather wild hair, the black almondine eyes…black upon black, a thing Raelyn had seen once within her sister….and never ending rage and malice exist within her features. There is a 'scream' that comes, faint and a far cry form the real thing, or even what comes on the stormy nights. BUt the sounds is yet unmistakable as a whisper of the banshee's wail. And…that creature is standing right before Emilia, the reason for the movement of Emilia's hand having had purpose, for fingers touch between the two. Just those brief moments before it has pulled back and drops to her side. Looking over to Raelyn,"I thought you might wish to actually see her, if you were wishing to speak to her."

Questions. Many questions, for later. Likely hardly as many as Sirrah. But questions, nevertheless. Raelyn gives a brief nod to her sister, again scrutinizing Emilia some before she looks towards the ghosted figure. She stares at it for a long time, facing the childhood story of terror. The creature that ruined her family, much as the Thorns did. The thing that devestated her, as well as those who survived with her. Most especially the sister with her now. Raelyn stares for moments that, in such silence, can seem far, far longer than they actually are.

"You know who I am," she declares, with certainty. "Though I have never been -here-. You still know who I am." Speaking to the creature in the manner she knows how to treat an enemy. Speaking to the Widow as if she were but a Thorn. "You know my sister well. Yes? And I have it on good authority your are well aquainted with my brother. And his friend. Winterthorn." Again, there comes that cold, caluclated smile.

"I, too, have friends." She pauses, as if in a staring contest with the creature. "I have befriended one you hate well. As Emilia, no doubt, has told you. But I there are others. Friends of the One. The Vigilant. I have been busy. Very busy."

Could anyone ever have as many questions as Sirrah? There was perhaps a minor hint of tiredness to Emilia after that brief touch, but that likely was a small thing in comparison to the other changes that had taken place in coming here. Perhaps it simply aided in further showing that unholy bond between the two. Hard to say what conclusions are drawn in the moment.

There is little change to the creature's face, the never ending turn of rage that occupies it. That is until Raelyn starts speaking, a hint of 'softening' as it might look to Emilia. Even if there is that malevolent hatred yet there. But Her attention snaps back to Raelyn, Her mouth opening as if another wail to come at the mention of Winterthorn. Even if comes at a bare whisper. Just briefly a hint of something else..fear…comes to those black on blakc eyes. It is brief and fleeting. A remembrance of the promise laid out by Jaren before he left.

Emilia nods a little,"She is aware of Lon and his friendship bestowed upon our family. The help he gives. It was here that he and I met, She knew that he offered his aid to us…me…that day."

"Then she should know this," continues Raelyn, without missing a beat. "There is a -reason- I never came here." She says this, staring at the image of the translucent figure that is a bane of all mortal flesh, yet trapped, and imprisoned by the Vigilant. "I do not tolerate leaving a thing unfinished. A battle unfought. An enemy alive." She speaks as if the creature were not there. As if it were so unimportant Raelyn were not to see it, and instead, speaking to her sister in quiet conversation. Not giving the Widow even the smallest courtesy. "You know, sister-mine, it would have vexed me greatly to visit this creature and knowing the pain and misery she caused our family, to walk away with knowledge she would persist for all time. Undying. That there was no way to end her."

Raelyn says this, in such fashion, all the while staring with cold eyes, into the Widow's form. "But now? Now, Emilia, I think is a good time to look upon her." The words, the meaning implictly clear.

There are symbols upon those iron beams that make up the circle, certainly a number are of the One, but there are others as well. More ancient. Emilia cants her head a little bit as her sister speaks, noting simply,"You do speak much like Jaren did when he was last here." It was a trait that seemed to exist within the Cassomirs…not wishing to leave a thing unfinished.

Emilia's dark eyes do drift between the two for a moment. "Though as you noted before, there was always a way for an end, just not one we were aware of. And even now, the way comes with to great a cost." Even if lesser perhaps to other ways. Raelyn's words do have the Widow's mouth closer as the meaning is gotten. Though it is to Emilia that the creature looks. A simple nod given as Emilia….explains,"Word has come from another land of how one of your ilk have been ended." The reaction…perhaps expected as Her mouth opens in a long wail…even if to Raelyn's ears it is yet mostly whisper. Though it does have Emilia wincing a little. Likely able to hear it better…just as she seemed to be able to see the creature from the start. Noting faintly,"Aye, I would say She is greatly displeased."

Odd, perhaps (or maybe not so much) that Raelyn does not further address the 'cost' associated with such. "I stand Vigil over this land, as my brother once did. And still does, from his seat On High, foul creature." She now addresses the Widow directly. "Thy end cometh. Ye shall neither know the date, nor the hour of thy doom. Nor shall ye know the method of thy doom. Thy remaining days thy mind shall be turned to contemplation of final ending. Of one's own mortality. Turn, and face the mirror. Know the misery thou hast cast upon others. And be afraid." She speaks it almost as a incantation. A reciting. A curse, as if such words held power. She speaks as if she'd spent long, sleepless hours writing it. Rewriting it. Committing it to the stoic, solid persistance of the Cassomir blood beneath the hot flame of holy vengence.

Then, for the first time since the creatures apparition, she looks to Emilia. As if she had nothing further to say. At least, not yet. Giving her sister, perhaps, opportunity to do, or say, anything further that Emilia must.

Emilia does give a faint glance towards Raelyn at the turn of an incantation seems to start coming out. Her gaze shifting back towards the Widow. It likely surprising Emilia not at all the flicker of fear that does flash within the Widow's eyes. The first time she had seen it…it had been surprising. She had not known the creature was capable of fear. But now? It seemed a thing that those about her seemed to rouse of late. The creature was silent throughout Raelyn's speaking. A menacing glare returning to its face soon enough. It was a thing full of hate and anger. But its mouth opens again before it starts to fade back, what ever energy imparted to make it for Raelyn to be able to see it seeming to have run it's course. Causing that wail to simply fade in the moment.

Emilia gives a slight nod to her sister before she simply looks in the circle for a time. Her hand rising again, a quiet murmur spoken. Though loud enough for her sister her…the words not ones she would understand. Perhaps if Raelyn has heard Lon actually speak in Sidhe-speak, there might be an edge of having heard such a thing before. Her figners not seeking to 'break' past the barrier again. Before a simple breathe is drawn and she turns away from it. Seeming to not have much need to say much, but then she has come here many a time since first having 'met' the creature within. "We can go, if you have nothing else you wish to say to Her."

"All that needs be said has been said," Raelyn says, quietly. And some of the weight, the pressure, now that the event has passed, off her, she seems slightly more relaxed. Less stoic, less pure focused. "Come. Let us make our way back, if you've no further business here." The corner of her lip upturns, briefly, in a smile towards Emilia. "And if you are in the mood, I shall play for you on our ride back."

A nod comes at Raelyn's response,"I have no further business at the moment." It always returned…the need to come back. A flicker of a smile coming, a real smile. "I would like that." Moving to lead them back out of the ruins and on towards the place where the horses had left. That weight of the presence lessening as they go, as to be expected. Though the stoic-ness does return in full within Emilia's features the further away they go.

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