(1867-01-18) Thoughts on Sparring
Thoughts on Sparring
Summary: As they prepare for bed, Alina and Gabriel discuss the offers from some members of the Circle to spar with Gabriel.
Date: 1867-01-18
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l'Saigner Manse - Rovilon - Rovilon - Couviere

The l'Saigner manse is quiet in the snowy night. Everyone (except the guards assigned to night patrol of course) had gone to bed for the night. Alina sits on a stool in her bedroom in the manse, brushing out her hair before bed. She is already dressed in a sleeping gown and bare feet. The day had been a long one for her, as she had spent it at Aveyron Palace talking to several of the other courtiers. Likely plotting and scheming, like she does.

"Gabriel," she says over her shoulder to her husband, "There were a couple of lords at court today who expressed interest in sparring with you."

Gabriel remains quiet as Alina sees to her little rituals for her hair and other womanly things. Instead, he rests his eyes, a little tired from dealing with the whole court thing. It wasn't who he was, it was all relatively new to him. Oh he had been given tutelage on how to act and what to say, but where his brother went off to spend time in court, he had been out doing other things. When Alina speaks, he gives a slight grunt. "Did they. Let me guess, they want me to join their little group too?"

Alina shrugs delicately as she finishes up brushing her hair, tying it back with a ribbon to keep it out of her face overnight. "Not to me," she says, "Though I would not be surprised if such an invitation comes for you." She rises and makes her way to the bed, settling beside him and kissing his temple. "You are a man of great skill and martial prowess, so naturally they would want to spend time with you."

Another grunt. "Well they can keep their invitation. I don't particularly have any desire to go around and spar with people who would rather preen about and boast about their prowess with a sword simply to get some whore at court to crawl into their bed. When are we going back to Lonnaire? I already tire of this place." Gabriel shifts in the bed slightly, getting a little more comfortable.

"Not until court season is over," Alina leans on one arm to observe him with a sigh. "At least. And you're not much happier in Lonnaire," she notes observantly. "Is there any place we could be where you would not grouch at me so?" The question is delivered in a tone that's teasing but at the same time serious.

"I have found a place in Lonnaire, I am not unhappy there. It's true that there are some things that I didn't like at first, but over time it has become better." He sits up in the bed and stares at her. "What else can I say, Alina? I am a fighter, I have been fighting for years now, I am used to being out and about… training and killing barbarians. This is all new to me. How would you feel if you had been married out? It takes time."

Alina sighs again. "I'm not trying to start a fight with you, my darling husband," she says, looking up at him. "I know you're not accustomed to court and that it's not the most enjoyable experience for you, but its necessary. At least for the rest of this season." Alina sits up, leans over and kisses Gabriel lightly. "Would you like to go on a hunt, perhaps? It's not killing barbarians but it is getting out and about.'

Gabriel closes his eyes and rubs at his face with a hand. "I'm not fighting, I'm just trying to explain. And no, I don't particularly care to go on a hunt. I know I'm being difficult, but I see how some of them look at you. I see how some of those ladies look at me. Does no one have any sense of decency around here?" He grits his teeth, just thinking about some of this stuff. He knew Alina didn't like it when he spoke like this but he couldn't help his own feelings on the matter.

"Decency?" Alina shrugs. "It's fluid concept at court. Bedding someone makes them more likely to favor you and do things for you. Perhaps its not entirely proper…" and she sighs. "But you have nothing to worry about me in that regard. Besides," she pouts, "I'm fat with another child. No man would find me desireable now, and when they do again I have all intentions to make it clear I keep to your bed."

She idly fingers her wedding ring where it sits on her ring finger. Most couples don't wear their rings, but Alina does, and has made a point of it since their wedding day. And that little symbol has been noted by the observant at court.

"See, it is those types of games that I wish no part of. I didn't go around bedding noblewomen for a reason, and you know, I don't worry about it, Alina, even if you weren't carrying our child." Gabriel reaches up and pulls her towards him, one hand coming over to gently cover her swelling stomach. "And you should stop saying stupid things. I find you desireable even now. It's true there are some things I think back on and am slightly jealous about, but I think in the end I have the better luck for having you as my wife."

"You don't have to play those games. I prefer you don't," Alina snuggles against him, wrapping her arms around his neck and looking pleased with him for his compliments. "Do you find me desirable then?" she murmurs teasingly. "I find you very desirable. I can see why some of the women at court look at you as they do… but it's me that's lucky enough to have you."

"I'm not going to play anyone's games. People are free to dislike me or think less of me all they want. I know who I am and what I'm about." He reaches up to brush her hair to the side, then gently kisses her on the cheek. "I don't pay attention to how any woman looks at me. You can be sure that I am not looking at them, Alina."

She giggles quietly at the kiss, then presses her lips to his gently in one of her own. "Good. I think you should spar with your brother at least some— you seem to enjoy sparring and at least with Michael it's not so much posturing. And that's all I want to say on court tonight."

"I might, if either of us find any time in private. I refuse to give any of those preening little fucks a show just so they can pat me on the back." As if he needed their acceptance or praise.

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