(1867-01-21) A Visit About A Visit
A Visit About A Visit
Summary: Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir and her husband meet with Queen Alysande and King Jaren to discuss diplomacy with the Alhazredi.
Date: 1/21/1867
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The Queen's Parlor, Sunsreach Palace
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Janvier 21, 1867 IA

The appointed hour comes, and a pair of Royal Lancers escort the Viscountess Raelyn Cassomir and her husband Stephen to the Queen's Parlor of Sunsreach Castle. A roaring fire helps give the room a good bit of warmth despite the doors to the balcony being open to allow fresh air into the room. Queen Alysande Tracano is spending a moment lounging on a comfortable couch near the fire. Near the center of the room a small table sits, upon which a few light refreshments have been arrayed. Tea and sweet biscuits by the look of things.

King Jaren is standing, over on the balcony looking out over the courtyard, though not in disquiet, but rather simply watching a few of the other Lancers train below. When the door opens, he turns to see the new arrivals, smiling about as warmly as he ever does and moving over to briefly embrace Raelyn and peck her on the cheek, as well as clasping Stephen's forearm briefly in greeting. "Rae…Count Stephen. Always good to see you." Here in the privacy of the Parlor such open displays of affection are more permissible, after all. He gestures to the other chairs near the small table, moving over himself and allowing Alysande to make her own greetings before he pulls out a chair for her, prior to seating himself.

Alysande rises from her couch and greets them both. "Viscountess Cassomir, Count. It is good to see you both. I understand you had something you wished to speak with me of in private?" she notes, taking her seat at the table and sipping from an already filled teacup.

Raelyn walks in, her gait showing her ease and comfort despite this being her first 'official' meeting with the Queen in private. Likely Jaren being here, as well as Stephen eases some of the tension that otherwise might exist. "Your Majesty," Raelyn greets Alysande, first. Then smiles towards Jaren, "Jaren." She moves towards the table, opposite the royal couple. "Yes, Your Majesty. I did. I'm certain you are likely already aware, but I have made the Alhazredi visitors an offer that I believe they are going to take me up on. And, I wished your council, if you have it." She clears her throat, glances to Jaren, "I've invited them to Ironhold as my honored guests. I thought it an appropriate gesture that might be more felt towards the peace we seek with them."

Stephen, as is often his way, remains silent amidst the greetings, though the smiles he returns towards Jaren and Alysande are warm enough, and accompanied by the appropriate gestures of greeting. He too pulls out the chair for Raelyn to sit, before seating himself.

Jaren settles into his chair and tilts a brow, even as he pours himself and then Raelyn and Stephen small cups of tea, though he leaves any honey or milk to their own tastes. "Well, I don't think any formal movements towards a treaty with the Alhazred have yet been made. Largely because they've made no mention of seeking such just yet. Which isn't to say we wouldn't consider the opportunity if it arose." Jaren takes up his teacup and sips, looking thoughtful, "I certainly don't see any problem with making them feel welcome and encouraging them to enjoy our hospitality. We've done the same here in Sunsreach."

Alysande looks towards Jaren, a glimmer of a smile flitting across her features as he sums up the situation, before she looks to Stephen and Raelyn, "As Jaren says, there are no proceedings towards a treaty with Alhazred at the moment. If nothing else their…complicated…manner of governance demands a great deal of time and consideration in such negotiations, and at the moment our focus is upon the potential treaty with Couviere." Alysande sips her own well-sweetened tea and smiles brightly towards Raelyn. "But I do think inviting them to Ironhold was a wonderful idea. Both as a diplomatic gesture and because they may be lovely guests, but they are guests that require a certain amount of attention, and with a brief absence I may spend more time focusing on other matters of importance." She says it in so casual a tone that there's no possible way it's just a very polite way of saying, "I like the idea of having them out of my hair for a bit."

A little relief crosses Raelyn's features, nodding some as she also finally sits herself. She shares a glance with Stephen, admitting, "I know little enough of their culture, but I think it would be good for both our people. Mine and theirs." She considers that, the thought of them as 'her' people still slightly foreign, though she appears to be getting used to it quickly enough. "I'm pleased to be able to assist, in whatever way I can, Your Majesty," Raelyn tells Alysande. She looks to both the Royals again, and inquires quietly, "Should they accept, is there anything you would wish me to attempt to accomplish, or achieve, with them?" She takes a cup of tea, and adds a few drops of honey, sharing a smile with Jaren, "A small movement. Small steps, before the large ones, yes? Yet, if I've opportunity to advance something for you," inclusive of both Jaren and Alysande, "Stephen and I would be glad to do so."

"We would. And we recognize our own limitations in the matter." Stephen adds to Raelyn's statement, "So, if I may presume, simply be hospitable, emphasize commonalities and speak of possibilities without committing to any particular course beyond making them feel welcome?" He pauses a moment then notes, "And would there be any specific length of time you would like to see us host them?"

Jaren looks over to Alysande, this time it's his turn for a ghost of a smile before he looks to Stephen and nods, though in silence, but after the newly-minted Count concludes, he looks back to Alysande, "I do think that is the sum of it, Count Stephen. As for timeframes…I would imagine it would not be amiss if they just happened to spend the time between now and the archducal election away from the palace?" That latter tilts to a question in tone, clearly directed more towards Alysande for confirmation.

"Bloody hell yes," Alysande replies quickly, then her expression returns to a more sweet and courtly one. "What I mean to say is, that is a lovely idea, my dear husband. Havign some time free to prepare for the first round of the archducal voting would be a boon for me, and one I would appreciate greatly."

Raelyn's lips quirk upwards. First at Jaren's suggestion, more at Alysande's bluntness. However brief it is. She inclines her head, "As long as they feel comfortable in staying, they shall be given such hospitality. Presuming they accept, we shall host them as long as possible," Raelyn agrees. There is a smile, warm, cast towards Stephen then. "I wonder if they're familiar with falconing?" She looks back to the royals again, nodding. "Hosting them will provide me with some needed distraction as well," she admits. Still, Raelyn seems pleased enough.

Stephen glances towards Raelyn and grins just a touch, "Or with Wheat Beer. If we're hosting them a few weeks, it may give us opportunity to see some of the expanded lands of the County you're not quite as familiar with yet along the way." Stephen adds, "And honored guests or not, we likely don't want to take them to Metalmire. Even if they ask." It is, after all, a major production center for a strategic resources. But in any case, Stephen looks a touch abashed and apologetic towards Jaren and Alysande, "Forgive me Majesties, these are details we can work out on our own."

"In privacy you can get away with calling me Jaren, Count Stephen. You're wedded to my sister, and by all indications she seems to be reasonably happy with that arrangement." A touch of humor lights his features at that…just a touch. "But while we appreciate that you are considerate of the demands on our time…we do still have time to finish our tea. And have a couple biscuits."

Alysande nods, taking one of those biscuits and nibbling at it. "It would be good for them not to see Metalmire— much as they are not allowed to visit Goldhollow, however sweetly they hint at the idea."

Raelyn inclines her head to Alysande and Stephen, making a mental note to the fact. She considers the fact that they've been asking about Goldhollow, admitting, "I suppose if I were of such a contingent, I would wish to see such things as well. Or at least, make the attempt to do so within certain confines. One can hardly blame them. Still." She smiles, warmly at Jaren, "As it is unlikely I shall have much time with my brother in the coming weeks, I shall take more than one biscuit." She seems humored by this. Then looks to Alysande, "I wish to thank you, as well, on a more personal note, for Greybane. It was entirely unexpected. I've no doubt that was part of the intention," she says, smiling. "But. The act is more than appreciated."

"Well, no doubt I'll see you around the Archducal elections, and the One only knows how long it will take before someone budges to break the inevitable stalemate." Jaren has thus far tallied the votes he knows about, and while he knows Eleanor has a majority, it's not quite with the margin necessary to meet the Queen's conditions. At least as far as Jaren knows. He too helps himself to a biscuit as the chat turns somewhat more conversational, though he instead turns his attention to Stephen. "How are you finding Ironhold so far?"

Stephen smiles politely once more, "I already knew it for lovely country, Ma- Jaren." Stephen corrects himself, even if it sounds a bit awkward on his tongue just yet, "I'm looking forward to seeing and learning more of it. The people seem to accept me…" He glances towards Raelyn and grins with a touch of self-effacing humor, "Though my keen Warden skills of detection tell me that is more borne of their regard for my wife than any for myself just yet."

"Greybane is the least I could do. Winterthorn was yours by rights to take when Jaren took the throne— allowing him to hold it, the least we could do is allow you to hold Greybane in trust until Jaren's death and the return of Winterthorn to your house," Alysande replies to Raelyn, then finishes her biscuit, the sips her tea.

"Still," Raelyn attests, "Thank you." Her smile is wide, warm. Appreciative. Then she looks over to Jaren, noting fondly, "Zeus misses pecking at you," she teases him. "Emilia gifted us with a rather amazing painting. And, a falcon for Stephen." A glance at her husband, "You must come and see the painting," she informs her brother soberly. "And of course, you, as well, Majesty. Perhaps one day." She's well aware of Alysande's constraints, afterall. "And aye. The people are quickly acclimating to Stephen. He's well suited to Ironhold."

And so the conversation shifts to lighter topics, for a few more minutes, until indeed the demands of time upon the Royal Pair do necessitate a parting. And thus fore-armed with the wishes of the Crown in regards to their likely-impending visitors, the Viscountess of Ironhold and her husband can properly prepare.


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