(1867-01-21) Sealing the Deal
Sealing the Deal
Summary: Elrick and Paege seal the deal for the hunting lodge in the Hartwood.
Date: 1867-01-21
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t'Tremaine Suite - Rovilon - Couviere
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An invitation was delivered by Elrick's squire to the Lady Paege to visit him so they can enjoy some wine, perhaps some dessert, and of course to continue that discussion about building the hunting lodge in Harstwood. The t'Tremaine Heir would have also assigned his squire to wait in the lobby area below to escort the Lady up to the suite he is renting during his stay. Proper courtesy being shown for an important guest, apparently, as Joseph would have knocked on the door to announce Paege's arrival before opening the door for her, then closing it after she has stepped in without following her in.

Upon hearing the knock, Elrick would have risen from where he was seated, the main table where a bottle of wine awaits them. Uniquely, it is not an Couvieri wine purchased from the inn but a Tracano Red from the year of 1865, the bottle that was gifted to the t'Tremaine while he was in Sunreach. There is also a platter of fruits, cheese, and crackers, and on another plate, slices of cake.

Paege steps into the suite and greets Elrick warmly. "Lord Sir Elrick. I thank you for your invitation this evening. I would ask to what I owe the pleasure of your company, but I am sure we have much to talk about," she grins wickedly. "There is wine, I see… mmm, and cake. You are trying to butter me up, aren't you?" she teases merrily.

Bowing his head respectfully, one can see an easy smile when Elrick raises his head as his gaze watches Paege when she approaches. "We certainly have much to talk about though returning to court, I am pleased to see you again, Lady Paege." When she teases him on the spread that is laid out, he answers with an amused laugh, inclining his head, "It seems I have been away from court for far too long, for my ploy to be see through this easily. Please, take a seat while I pour some one." Picking up the bottle of the Tracano Red, Elrick gently pulls the cork, unsealing the bottle before pouring a tiny bit to allow Paege to sample it, to ensure it is ito her liking.

Tasting the small dab of wine Elrick had poured in her glass, Paege makes an 'mmm' sound and nods. "Lovely vintage. It's Rivanan, isn't it?" she says coyly. "And your ploy may have been seen through, but it is appreciated nonetheless. I do rather enjoy cake, after all." She winks. "I have a weakness for sweet things."

"Indeed, a Tracano Red. I have to admit, one thing I was able to enjoy while in Sunreach was the wine there." Elrick says with slight reluctance, as if admiting such was a weakness to him. With her approval of the wine though, he pours Paege and glass and then himself before putting the bottle down. Then he takes a seat, picking up his own glass, "Well, now that we are finally back at Court, shall we drink to another fun and enjoyable season of it?"

"I will gladly drink to that," she replies, raising her glass appropriately before taking a healthy sip. "Are you pleased to be back at court instead of dealing with messy wars and battles with barbarians?" she asks. "I know I would be. I am gladdened I didn't have to partake in the troubles up north, and have been able to remain close to court and at home for the past year."

With the toast made and his glassed raised for a moment, Elrick brings it to his lips and drinks a good amount, showing that he does actually quite enjoy the Tracano Reds and probably alcohol in general. As for Paege's question, there is another nod as he releases a gentle sigh, "Duty is duty and I will when called, but I am very happy to be back at court. I don't know what was worse, the cold that went straight to the bones, or the waiting knowing there is no where to go." A shake of head is made as the t'Tremaine adds, "I could easily go for the rest of my life without having to go through that again. How was court while most us dashing and skilled knights left for the front? A lot more boring I take it?" The smile from Elrick returns, his antics that can easily be found in most Circle members apparent.

"Quite boring," Paege agrees, leaving out the dirty details of the previous king's mental health decline and how that affected court…

"But on to business first so that we may get to the more pleasurable part of the evening. How did your father think of our offer? My father has given me the permission to negotiate in his name for what is hopefully to be our new hunting lodge."

When the suggestion to move to the business at hand, Elrick easily agrees as that is the most important reason why Paege was invited to join him tonight. Another quick sip of the Tracano Red is taken to wet his tongue, "After explaining the offer to the Baron, he has also given me permission to negotiate in his name as well. And I believe your father will be pleased to know that his bastards will soon be hunting on the best lands that Couviere can offer."

Paege breaks out into a bright smile. "That is good news indeed. Are the terms I put forth acceptable?"

"After reviewing the terms while I was at home," Nothing else for Elrick to do while he was recovering from gate sickness but more work for his House, "I have found the terms we spoke about to be agreeable." The terms were repeated for good measure in between sips of wine and refills of each respective glass if necessary. Privacy for the t'Rannis, tax free hunting of animals, number of animals per year, allowing t'Rannis their own guards for the lodge for a period of ten years. All that in exchange for the t'Tremaine debt to the t'Mollari and l'Corren to be bought up and forgiven.

Paege pulls out the parchment from the document tube she had carried in with her. They go over the details of the deal, and once it's all agreed to, Paege places her signature on the document, then offers the quill to Elrick. "And with your signature, the deal is sealed, and Father will likely send men to start construction of the lodge as soon as Spring comes."

Putting the glass of wine down, a bit away from the parchment that was laid out for them to review and sign, Elrick rises to his feet and takes the offered quill. Dabbing the tip in the ink, his elegant signature is added to the document, making the agreement official. One can almost see part of the burder being lifted from the young heir's shoulders as he offers the quill back, "I will send word home then, to let my father know that the deal is done and to expect t'Rannis men in the Spring. Also, Lady Paege, you are most certainly invited to the Spring Alignment that is being held in Hartswood. My liege lord, the l'Correns, are hosting it on my lands this year."

Paege grins. "I will definitely come to witness that tourney," she says merrily. "It's been a couple of years since there's been a Tournament of Love and Beauty," she notes. "It should definitely be something to watch, for certain."

"It most certainly will be entertaining, and I am sure to most, very romantic." Elrick says with a nod of agreement though a tug at the edge of his lips reveals an amused grin as he pours himself some more wine, offering more to Paege as well if she wishes. "I wouldn't be surprised if you have a few knights lined up asking for your favor if you choose to attend, Paege. To receive the honor of being your champion in the tournament."

Paege laughs merrily. "And it will be fun for me to determine whom, if anyone, I grant it to," she says with a wink. She graciously accepts more wine. "But there is still several weeks before I have to make any real decision."

"Unfortunately, the champion you select most likely won't succeed, even if your beauty most certainly deserves the laurel crown." Elrick says in a rather teasing manner before he hides his smile behind his cup of wine, looking down at the fruit platter and plucking a grape from the selection to pop in his mouth after he took a drink of his wine. "Court will be refreshing and a nice change of pace. I am sure those in the Circle who were not sent north will be in for a rude surprise."

"Do you expect to win it all?" Paege replies with a smirk. "And from the rumors I've heard— wearing the favor of a half-barbarian knight? Those fringe houses on the icey front of the north are barely proper houses at all," she notes cattily. And it is a truth that at court, the border houses of t'Fleur, t'Hone, t'Perrini and t'Cadri were not highly regarded- but then again, very few of those fringe houses sent people to court to counter that belief, either.

Hearing that question, Elrick can't help but laugh lightly, nodding his head, "Of course I expect myself to win it all, I will be home and I will be one of the best competing." Though he does sound rather cocksure, the confident that he feels on that statement is rather convincing, at least to himself. When Paege mentions the half-barbarian knight, the amused expression remains as his gaze returns to the more 'civilized' lady that with him right now, "They may be barely proper Houses, Paege, but they are quite skilled and dutiful to the kingdom. Plus, the one who gave me her favor… well, one can call her an ice princess. A hidden beauty that far in the north, who would've expected it?"

"Ohhh. I see." Paege looks amused. "Well, still. I will be interested in seeing you compete," she says with a smile. "I am sure you will dominate."

Another sip of wine, Elrick adds with somewhat non-chalantly, "Plus… it was rather cold and lonely up in the north." No additional comments about his upcoming potential as a tourney knight during the Spring Alignment.

"Mmm." Paege swirls her wine in her glass. "I bet it was. Very cold." She smiles. "It's still a bit cold outside tonight. Whatever will you do about that?"

A glance to the window of his suite, Elrick nods his head in agreement at Paege's statement, "It is… and a rather late tonight too. I wouldn't be a proper knight if I didn't offer My Lady here more… comfortable arrangements, would I?" His gaze shifts back to the beautiful blonde that is sharing wine with him, his expression rather clear on what he is asking her.

Paege grins wickedly. "I thought you'd never ask," she declares, rising to her feet and putting her glass down. "Beat you to the bed…" she grins.

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