(1867-01-28) Ugly Business
Ugly Business
Summary: Raelyn and Emilia go to talk with 'Lonar' about the recent news.
Date: 1867-01-28
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Guest Quarters - Roseguard - Ironhold
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Lon is not always available on-demand, as he is given to wanderings, but these days he never wanders for terribly long, except perhaps near the Twin Moons. But today he's found easily enough, in the quarters that he has been granted. As is often the case he…doesn't seem to be doing anything in particular. Just…sitting. But then again, Patience really is something one cultivates when you have a lifespan that spans millennia. There is, however, an empty plate of food and an equally-empty goblet nearby, and the room is tidy, with the shutters drawn back on the window to let in the day's light. Of course…he's aware of footsteps in the hall as they approach….

Raelyn had wished to speak to Lon nearly right after the conversation with the Prophet. But other things, such as duty, a journey to the old castle with a visit with a certain Widow, and other things had kept her from actively tracking down Lon. But, finding time to approach the man she and Emilia have found their way towards Lon's new lodgings. "If he's not in," she tells her sister, "We can try and track him. It will be good to test our mettle."

Nor was time always had when one even might wish to speak to the Changling, duty called and Cassomirs had a way of answering it first. But with the information that had been deliver, when time allowed, the Cassomir sisters had wished to broach the topic with him. Emilia having greater patience on the matter than her sister, but then with her lessons she was perhaps more used to his wandering habbits. A faint glance is given towards her sister,"I am of thinking that if he is not of in, while it would be of an interesting of excersise to be of tracking, if he is not wishing to be of tracked, we would not be of finding." Answering this as she does pause to knock at the door to the room given over to Lon's use, not about to simply go barging in. But once his presence might be made known and an audience granted, the room is entered forthwith.

"It is open." Lon calls out, rising to his feet and turning to face the door. His hands fold behind his back as he awaits the new arrivals, and upon seeing their identity, he offers a bow from the waist, "Excellency. Milady." He usually starts with the formalities, though Emilia, at least (and likely Raelyn by now) know it's just as much to keep up the practice of such formalities as anything else. Though also because he's never one-hundred percent sure they'll be alone. "How may I help you this day?" He offers with the faint glimmer of a smile. Not quite mischief…but something approaching it, perhaps.

Raelyn opens the door, holding it open for her sister, and smiling, fondly, at Lon. "Hello, Lon. And here we thought we might have to foolishly attempt to try and track you with our insufficent skills against your superior movements," Raelyn teases. She shuts the door behind herself, "I trust all is well?"

A sideways glance is given towards Raelyn,"Of we? Speak for of yourself, mine-sister, i was not being so of foolish in of these thoughts." Emilia giving a shake of her head as she moves into the room greeting with equal turn of formality,"Master of Lonar, a pleasure as of always." Though clearly the teasing that came with the arrival of pair indicates they were alone, even before the door was closed behind them. And while Raelyn goes with the pleasantries, Emilia seeks to answer his question,"There has been of news and Raelyn is wishing to be of picking your of mind of about what has been of heard." While there might be some feature of the Cassomir Deadpan-ness in the styling of the words, the tone..well it is Emilia stoic and serious.

"If I were easily found when I don't wish to be, I'd not have lived nearly so long." Lon replies, beckoning the women inside and moving to seat himself at the windowsill rather than the chair or the bed. At the mention of tidings, he cants his head slightly, a glimmer of curiosity crossing his face, "News?" He's not exactly kept up-to-date on the matters of Ironhold that don't pertain to him, so this naturally makes him wonder, "Does this stem from the visit of Sirrah? I caught her scent in passing. Odd that she did not speak with me…but there were others in her company, so perhaps that prevented her."

There is solemn nod from Raelyn to indicate Lon's hit the mark on the head, in relation to the visit of Sirrah. "It seems one of the Banshee have - died," Raelyn states, in her matter of fact mannerism. She purses her lips, tilting her head to Emilia, then to Lon. "At the hands of those weilding a few of these." She pulls on the hilt of the sword at her sidhe, the Sidhe Steel Blade Greybane briefly showing it's edge. "It's lair had been discovered by those we would call barbarians. Tribals. Of the desert. A storm had uncovered ancient ruins and they sought to take refuge there, the way we understand it. A group of people, much as I when we first met, went to also secure the ruins from - accidental discoveries. And, tampering. It would seem, by logical reasoning, by feeding on the many, the banshee gained some solidity. They dispatched her."

There is a nod from Emilia as well, simply noting,"Of aye, one known as Prophet Hashim was of with her." Before falling quiet as Raelyn speaks of the news gained, and shows of her new 'toy' in the telling. Drifting into the shadow of the wall rather then taking a seat. Adding softly to Raelyn's telling,"Killed at of great of cost." A mild twitching of her lips. "And several of its children that were of coming of along in the of after."

"Killed. Interesting. So that which is already dead can die again." Lon seems to take the news in stride, though he certainly does look curious and listen intently at the news, remaining silent then until Emilia and Raelyn both finish, before nodding his head, "Even half-dead they still extract their price." There's a shake of his head at that, somewhere between rueful and amused, before he looks back between the two women, "So it has to be fattened for the kill. Ugly business." He notes, grimacing a bit. "But then again, the Price was never easy, no matter which of them was setting it."

"Ugly business," agrees Raelyn, soberly. Stoically. "But. Something to think over." Raelyn's expression tightens. It's clear she's trying to think a way around the price. Or. What price might be worth it. Still, she shakes her head, "You deserved to know. And, I wondered if you had any insight into the matter? The vegetation is dead around her. Would animal life suffice? In my experience, there is usually always another way." Or, so she's hoping, in this case.

A faint nod comes from Emilia after Lon speaks,"Of aye." To which part of his words she is speaking to, or all, is not entirely clear. "There is of always cost and consequence. That is why they yet of exist." A faint look given towards Lon, something perhaps unspoken there. Her eyes are soon flitting towards Raelyn, trying to imagine the cost…in animals to equate to the human cost.

"I do not think animals would be enough." Lon says after several moments. "If so, they would likely hunt them, and I have not seen them doing so. Though beasts do not survive in their presence long when they do draw near." Lon adds, "But I have little in the way of insight. These creatures are not what I once hunted. They are different, and in many ways those differences have been as much a mystery to me as they are to you." He bows his head, "I am sorry for my ignorance."

Raelyn moves, then, towards Lon. And, she touches his arm in a gesture of forgiveness. Or, perhaps friendship. Both, mayhaps. She shakes her head, "There is no need for you to be sorry. You've been nothing but generous with your wisdom, and what knowledge you do have when we've asked it of you." She smiles, then as her hand drops back to her side. "But. At the very least, we thought you ought to know there is a way. I have told her," and there is only one her Raelyn could be speaking to, "Her end is nearing. We had no hope before. Now, there is hope. Grevious hope, in the cost. But, hope nevertheless where there was none." She looks to Emilia, then, to see if her sister has anything to add, before Raelyn leaves the two alone.

Emilia gives a small nod of agreement,"There is not of need to be of sorry," echoing Raelyn's sentiment on the matter. Noting simply,"She was not…pleased at the news." Not that the Widow was ever exactly pleased about..well anything. A small cant to her head, all this talk of hope…seems odd to her really. "Of true, hope that the promises of made to see to Her end may be of realized." A small shake of her head though when the look is sent her way. There was little to add to the news that had been spoken. And then left to get on with a lesson before Lon might again wander off, or duty calls for Emilia.

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