(1867-02-01) Not Til You Name Your Falcon
Not Til You Name Your Falcon
Summary: Log Summary
Date: 1867-02-01
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Living Quarters - Roseguard Castle - Rivana
Up the stairs from the Great Hall lies a large sitting area laden with comfortable furniture, a large fireplace, and usually plenty of refreshments on-hand. Judging from the game boards, playing cards, and other such items of leisure that are arranged on shelves to the sides of the room, this appears to be a common area for the family to relax within, or to entertain small parties of guests in a more intimate environment than the Great Hall. Partharian rugs decorate the floor, with paintings hanging on the walls celebrating acts of great valor and glory (many of which involved members of the Cassomir family). A large sidebar often holds various fruits and finger-foods, as well as decanters of wine, or fruit juice. Tea is also available, and for less "refined" palates a keg of ale is usually available as well.
This room can however, serve another purpose. With the work of but a few minutes and a team of servants well-trained in the task, the room can be converted into a more formal "council chamber" for the head of the family and their trusted friends and advisors to confer on matters of warfare and state. Most of the time, though, it remains in its' far less formal configuration. Usually at least 2-4 Iron Guard members are on duty here, guarding the hallway that leads to the Cassomir family's living quarters, whereas another hallway leads to guest rooms.

With a hunt to be hosted within the week, the Cassomirs had returned to Ironhold to prepare to recieve the guests that would be inbound soon after to attend the event. Not long returned, and just getting over the ever constant gatesickness that came with the speedy travel. Even though some perhaps seemed to recover a bit more quickly than others. With much of the paperwork and small affairs caught up, the day was reaching it's end. Though darkness had come sooner this evening with the clouds of a winter storm darkening the sky an hour earlier. The wind whistled past the windows. There was an added shrillness to the winds at times, something those who lived in Ironhold were 'used' to, perhaps not so much others.

The family living quarters held a comforting warmth that came from the hearth and the heart fire within. A platter of light snacks had been put out for the family to enjoy should they wish. Along with wine and fruited water. The refreshments seemed to hold no sway over the youngest of the Cassomir siblings, for Emilia was found in the window. Settled upon the ledge with dark eyes staring out to the darkness beyond. Dressed in her usual simple attire, leggings and a tunic, though slippers have replaced the boots usually worn during the day.

Raelyn is coming in from checking in on the falcons, and making sure they've been well cared for. The contented look upon her features suggest that all's well with Zeus - and, whatever Stephen has chosen to name the gift from Emilia. Raelyn, in light attire as well fit for riding, sits down near her sister and smiles towards her. "I trust you are ready for the hunt, sister-mine?" She inquires, casually.

Stephen is still a long way from mastering the art of Falconry…but he is learning. Slowly but surely. That said, while he's been acquainting himself with the fine raptor that he was gifted with, he's yet to settle on a good name. He's coming from the direction of the offices, though apparently there's nothing terribly pressing, as he's not bringing anything with him as he goes. He steps into the quarters, moving over to briefly kiss Raelyn before continuing on to those refreshments, pouring himself a half-cup of good wine and arranging a small plate of bread and cheese, asking over his shoulder, "Would either of you care for anything?" On nights such as these, the servant staff is thinner in the living quarters…only a select few of the most trusted. A procedure that's been in place nearly ever since the fall of the old castle. Thankfully, Stephen's shown no problems with occasionally being a hands-on co-ruler that's fine with serving himself.

Emilia's mien was perhaps a hint more stoic than normal, if one could believe that. As Raelyn settles beside her, she could likely tell the direction Emilia truly looked…the ruins. It is a moment after the question comes that Emilia actually blinks and turns her head to pull her gaze from the darkness to her sister. "Of aye, mine-sister, I am as of ready as to be of expected. All of the preparations are of in order as of well." Meaning the Huntresses and woodsmen have been selected to do the scouting and rustling up of the death machines..er..boars. Her eyes briefly flicker towards Stephen when he stops past with that kiss for Raelyn. A small shake of her head when his questioning offer comes,"No of thanking." It was really for the best. There was no need to give greater risk to answer the 'call' rather than just vanish to her rooms to pace about madly.

"Wine, if you please," asks Raelyn, cheerfully. She nods then to Emilia, "There is no word, yet, if our guests shall be coming. Though I do expect it soon if they plan to visit us." She exchanges a glance with Stephen, then confides to Emilia, "We've been asked, if possible, to keep them here for awhile, yet away from the Mines." Obvious reasons for that, to be sure.

There is a pause, a frown, "Let us hope that this hunt goes better than those previous."

<FS3> Stephen rolls Perception: Great Success. (5 3 4 4 4 8 6 6 4 8 8 6 1 1 3 8)

"We can discuss a possible itinerary for our guests later on." Stephen notes to Raelyn as he pours a second cup of wine, moving over to offer it to Raelyn before returning to claim his own. He sips it a moment and moves to claim a chair, along with the plate. "I heard that last one was…certainly a trial." He notes, with no real humor behind it. "Maybe we should have some Huntresses or rangers scout the woods for bears or the like ahead of time." He suggests, before his eyes turn towards Emilia, and a flicker of a frown crosses his face, "Are you all right, Emilia? You seem…tense."

There is a mild blink from Emilia at her sister's comments before there is a slow nod,"I would be of thinking that we can be of keeping them for as long as they wish to be of staying. It may of be depending on how long some can be of tolerating of our snow." It would be colder for many, even if yet far from the cold that Couviere experiences. "There is always of risk in of the hunt, everyone of knows of this, Raelyn." A small incline of her head towards Stephen at his suggestion,"They will be of scouting of the woods of ahead of time, to see that greater risks are being of dealt with and to see to the game being of as of needed for those attending." It wasn't quite the same of truly going hunting, but it did keep some sport to it and allowed socializng to happen. Her gaze having started to go back to the outside with a gust of wind whistling past the window with that added edge to it. But Stephen's question actually causes Emilia to pause in the motion and slowly look his way. "I am of fine….The of storms just of sometimes put me upon of edge." That may be putting it a bit mildly. "It is of nothing, really."

Gently, Raelyn touches Stephen's hand, and then comments, "Emilia merely has a lot upon her mind. The transition amongst those things." She gives her husband a half-smile, then nods some to Emilia. "I know. I still do not like to have life lost where it can be avoided." Her own expression tightens, then as she gauges her sister, thoughtful. "Still, I think it shall go well. And the celebration afterwards one to remember." Her head cants towards Stephen, meaningfully, then back to Emilia. "It's his first celebration in Ironhold, afterall." This said as if there were something to that. Something hidden, that Raelyn may not have told Stephen, yet.

<FS3> Opposed Roll — Stephen=Perception Vs Emilia=Deception
< Stephen: Great Success (5 8 2 6 7 5 8 4 4 2 5 5 1 7 4 1)
< Emilia: Good Success (5 6 3 5 6 7 8 7 3 2)
< Net Result: Stephen wins - Marginal Victory
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Stephen=Perception Vs Raelyn=Deception
< Stephen: Amazing Success (4 7 8 1 7 2 7 2 2 8 4 2 7 7 7 3)
< Raelyn: Success (3 6 1 5 3 6 7 5 1)
< Net Result: Stephen wins - Crushing Victory

Stephen cants his head slightly at Emilia's dismissal, a brief look that may contain a trace of skepticism crossing his face. When Raelyn attempts to offer further reassurance, he studies her a moment, eyes narrowing just a touch…not in anger, but clearly intent. It's only a moment or two before they return to normal, though.

"I'm sure you're right." Stephen replies, though there's a bit of distance to his tone and expression rather than casual agreement. Warmth does return in the next moment, as he looks back towards Emilia, "There's no shame in fear. For years I couldn't even hear a certain name without my hands shaking so badly I could barely keep my grip on anything at all." Putting two and two together? Perhaps a bit. He did notice which direction Emilia was looking.

At the mention of celebration, the ghost of a smile crosses Stephen's face once more, "That sounds ominous. Or entertaining. Entertainingly ominous?"

<FS3> Emilia rolls Perception: Amazing Success. (8 3 7 8 1 4 2 5 3 5 4 8 8 1 8)
<FS3> Raelyn rolls Perception: Good Success. (8 6 2 3 1 2 3 8 4 6 8 1)

A mild nod comes as Raelyn's words add to her own, Emilia's gaze turning back out the window for a time. Her eyes focusing to some place beyond, even if she does answer her sister,"I am of thinking no one is of liking it. It is of a risk, though it will be of minamized as much it can of be. Though I cannot exactly of promise to get of gentle boars rounded of up."

Emilia's stoicness perhaps helping to hide the truth of her…issue in the moment. Even if not quite entirely fooling Stephen for the words that seem to come soon enough. A guess that is not entirely wrong, but not entirely right either. But it does have Emilia looking back from the window. Those dark eyes settling upon Stephen, oh yes..she caught the changes in his tone, not that one might be able to tell that she caught them. "I will be of fine, it is just of a passing thing. It is not of a thing of fear." Least not exactly. A long stoic look given towards her brother-in-law.

Before moving on with a nod towards Raelyn,"It will be of a fine of thing. The people will be of enjoying the chance to truly be of celebrating with their new of Viscountess as of well." Emilia giving a slight glance towards Stephen,"It is being of perhaps of both. I have heard we do of well enough with celebrations."

Raelyn knows too well what Stephen speaks of when he tries to connect with Emilia. She reaches a hand out to his, squeezing, but saying nothing further for the moment. Yet, as the conversation moves forwards and Emilia's attention shifts from the window, to them, a part of her seems to relax, just a little more. "We do well indeed," conceeds Raelyn. "And our people are in the mood for it, now that the threat of war has gone again for a little while. We can only pray such is gone a long time, now." She considers though, Emilia's words. "Yes. I suppose it shall be my first, as Viscountess." She pauses, there, as if trying to recall things that Jaren did differently, as Baron. Or, Count, for as long as he had the title.

"I'm sure it'll be a fine time. Father spoke highly of Ironhold's celebrations when I was a boy." Stephen adds, then looks skeptically, and a bit wryly towards Raelyn, "Though I don't think he ever had anything…special…planned for him during such celebrations." He sips from his winecup, "I'll have to brush up on my Alhazred etiquette in the next few days. Not that I know terribly much."

"Of aye, they are in of the mood for of celebration," or continued celebration, as there was a fine bit of it before Jaren's wedding…and in the after of both weddings. Emilia nods,"Many of pray for it to be of gone for a time, enough that most, I am of thinking, will do what is possible to be of keeping of the peace for as long as it may be of possible." Falling quiet at the continued talk of the celbration, but at the mention of Alhazred etiquette, Emilis does offer up,"Clara is of coming for of the hunt and has been of spending of time with the various fo Alhazred. She has of offered some advice to of me, I am of sure she would not mind of aiding you as of well, if you wished."

There is a mild twitch at the corner of Emilia's lips as another burst of wind passes by the window, the storm seeming to pick up steam with the added howl to the air. She does not look back to the window, but she does shift out of the window to her feet. "It is perhaps being of time that I retire to of my rooms for of the evening." Faintly inclining her head to the pair,"I shall be of seeing in the after." Rather than in the morning. Before seeking that withdraw to her rooms and leaving the pair to themselves.

Raelyn seems quite pleased Clara is coming, at the news. She grins, "It'll be lovely to have Clara here. Perhaps we can both help her with her archery lessons. And, mayhaps you can take her out with a few Huntresses and show her what it's like to be a true Huntress?" She sighs, some. "While I tend to the rather droll task of going over the ledgers for the mines and make certain that everything is in order?" She shakes her head some. Hardly a secret that paperwork is Raelyn's least favorite part of being Viscountess. Then she nods to Emilia. "Sleep well, Emilia."

She looks at Stephen then, lifting the wine glass to her lips, "I do not," she supposes, "Think I should let you come to bed again until you name your falcon, Stephen." Despite her stoic expression, there is a measure of playfulness about her. But, there is certainly, too, a seriousness. A mixture of both. Raelyn may not be joking about this, entirely.

"I can handle the ledgers easiliy enough." Stephen notes because well…he really can. Possibly with one lobe of his brain tied behind his proverbial back. "If you wish." He glances up at Raelyn's comment, then smirks, albeit a smirk with no malice behind it, "Or perhaps not, if we're down to extorting each other. In fact perhaps I'll be sure to dig up all the historical records for you to check against to make sure exactly everything is in order." He leans back in his chair, a bit of a challenging expression on his face, "So…whatever shall we do?"

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