(1867-02-04) Politics and Dinner
Politics and Dinner
Summary: A bit of politics and dinner.
Date: 1867-02-04
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l'Saigner manse - Rovilon - Couviere
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The dining room of the l'Saigner manse is warmly aglow with a multitude of Everlights filling the sconces around the room and held up on the table on stands intended for such. And the table is set with a plethora of good food: meats, vegetables, breads and fruits are all abundantly served for the guests this night. The walls are decorated with banners with the house's colors and sigils, the crescents-and-star promenent.

At the head of the table, Lady Alina l'Saigner, current lady of the house in Rovilon and future duchess of Lonnaire, sits with her very pregnant belly resting against the edge of the table. Her husband, Gabriel, sits to her immediate right as is proper for her future duke-consort, and the other guests have places of honor at her table.

Tonight was to be a relaxed night, but for Alina it was still about politics. Festing her fellow ducal heir Michael (who had yet to arrive with his wife, Bella… surely something important has kept them) and Ostvorian ducal heir, Osric… who has taken the seat to Alina's left, across from Gabriel, and has been relatively quiet yet this eve… is a occasion that merits watching by those who play the games of court.

Too, what other guests are seated at the table: Great Lord Joffret t'Synclarre and his wife, Michael and Gabriel's youngest sister, Gwendolyn, might have tongues wagging. But also present is Lady Nyssa t'Corbeau and her husband, late of t'Cauthone stock, and the lady Paege t'Rannis. A rather auspicious gathering, indeed.

Wine had already been served to all, and serving men and women make their way around the table serving each noble from the various platters and dishes. Alina smiles at how like a well-oiled machine her household runs.

"Well, I am sure the future Duke of Murnord will arrive when it best suits him," she says graciously. "Lady Gwendolyn, Great Lord Joffrey, how are you enkoying Rovilon?"

Lord Joffrey t'Synclarre is perhaps feeling a bit out of place in Rovilon in general and even in this particular dinner, though he's grown at least a bit more accustomed to such things since being married to Gwen. At being addressed by their hostess, Joffrey looks her way and smiles, not even bothering to veil the touch of wry humor that accompanies the expression, "If you'll pardon the expression, Milady, I've always felt myself a rural knight. Rovilon feels very…" He considers a moment, then chuckles, "Crowded…for my usual tastes. But there's still good company to be found here…whether with family or with friends old and new." He glances to Gwen, who is visibly even more swollen with child than Alina, "And I'm glad to have the healers and midwives of Rovilon on-hand when our child comes. Edgebrooke's are fine people and not unskilled, but there's still reassurance in having some of the best nearby. He reaches over and gives Gwen's forearm a gentle squeeze, smiling sidelong at her. "As for the rest of matters…I'm sure the Court finds me near to being an unwashed bumpkin, but people will think what they do, regardless."

Joffrey isn't the only one who feels out of place in Rovilon. Gabriel feels pretty much the same way, and there has already been several conversations with Alina in private inquiring as to just how long they needed to stay here and just when they could start making arrangements to return home. He had already seen several of those prancing little lords who fancied themselves duelists size him up and he fully expected that at some point they would try and get him to join their little group. He had no interest in such things, but he fully expected the fools to try. At Joffrey's words, he glances at the man and gives a faint nod, smiling. "I echo many of your feelings on that, Sir." Many indeed. Especially the part about the healers, though he had every faith in the healers back home. He just hoped this child would be strong. Stronger than the other two had been.

Swollen, yes, that is one way to describe Gwen. Being slender to start with has helped, no doubt, but at this late stage ofher pregnancy, she has a decided waddle to her step. The swell in her belly serves as a focal point but the rest of her body has responded to the change in hormones and a little more padding here and there, giving her a healthy, full figure. She smiles at Alina when she speaks then over to her husband as well, "Life in the country is very peaceful, and I can't complain about bumpkins," she says then shifts on her chair. One arm lifts and her hand idly rubs across her side, "Hiccups.." she says, obviously a little uncomfortable but smiling nonetheless. "I am glad of the healers being near by and I've enjoyed being here," she says then looks up as a server sets food before her, nodding her thanks. She gives Gabriel a small smile too, nodding her head at his comment.

Osric nods to them both. "I understand Lord Gavin t'Andalucci tended Lady Alina's last birthing?" he queries, dark eyes serious. "They say he is the best healer on the Edge."

Alina sips her wine, nodding to Osric's query. "And he will tend this one too, because of how frightening last time was."

Lady Paege gives Alina a warm look. "Are you wearing the token Father got you?" she asks. "It is supposed to give an easy pregnancy and an easy birthing." Alina tugs the chain around her neck out from inside her bodice, revealing the heavy medallion. Paege nods, satisfied, and Alina tucks it back away, pleased.

Osric rumbles to Joffrey, "I think less think of you as a bumpkin than you think. Tales of your heroism have spread throughout the Edge. In fact, I daresay the only man at this table more famed would be Lord Gabriel…" and he nods to Gabriel, "Champion of Couviere and perhaps a fighter to rival the Rivanan king."

Joffrey watches the interplay, smiling a touch wistfully at the charm Alina reveals, grinning with just a touch of humor, "Does your family traffic in those, Lady Paege? I might have to suss out where we could find one." Not skepticism or ridicule, but more a wistful tone. When Osric addresses him, Joffrey inclines his head respectfully, his expression growing more somber, "Well, if you and any others think well of me, then I'm flattered and honored by that regard, Milord, even if I still feel that any such reputation is unearned. I've only done my duty to our nation and to the One God." He looks over to Gabriel and grins a little more mischievously, "I wasn't there for that melee. I certainly heard tale of it, though. But for a few more seconds and some Southern Knight playing the Wolf, I'm sure Sir Gabriel could have felled him." Not that he's biased or anything.

A slight feeling of… something courses in Gabriel's veins at Paege's comment about the token. As if some sort of charm could help give a woman an easier time birthing. He almost nearly snorts aloud at the mere thought of such a thing. Next the woman was going to say that praying to the One before birth would guarantee that the child would be blessed by the One. Bollocks. He maintains a polite enough expression as this all goes through his head though, no need to make a scene. A nod to Osric along with a slight shrug. "I am hardly the Champion of Couviere though I will say that I do regret not being able to truly test myself against Jaren last year. Now I don't think I will ever get the chance to do that and rightfully so."

Gwen's eyes flit to the charm then she half-grins over at Joffrey's inquiry about it. "You may not have too much time to nose around for it," she says. She glances over to Gabriel and smiles, "You never know, perhaps," she says in her generally cheerful manner. She looks at the food and then opts to take a drink instead as she looks to Joff, "Just because you feel it your duty does not mean you have not earned the respect and honor directed toward you," she says with a proud smile. "How are you feeling?" she asks as she looks to Alina.

Alina wrinkles her nose. "This one kicks and punches already far more than the twins did," she says. "Son or daughter, I suspect this child will be a fighter like their father."

Osric chuckles, then takes a drink of wine. "How is your pregnancy treating you, Lady Gwendolyn?" And sidelong to Paege, he asks, "Was that an Alhazredhi charm or an Imperial one? From my brief glance it almost looks Imperial." And if so, he wondered how Alfonso had gotten in.

Paege smiles to the future duke of Ostvor. "Alhazredhi."

"Well, you said probably late Fevriere, didn't you?" Joffrey replies to Gwen, still smiling warmly, "That should give me a couple of weeks at least, but I suppose we may just have to go without." Joffrey sips from his winecup, looking back to Gabriel and chuckling, "Well, I've heard tales of Kings taking part in tourneys…but most of the time those tales don't end well." Joffrey glances between Alina and Gabriel, then adds, "I've heard Knights aren't very common to your Duchy, Lady Alina. Do you and Lord Gabriel have plans to perhaps allow a few more in Lonnaire?"

"That is well then." Gabriel says, smiling over at Alina, a slight sparkle in his eyes as he wants to tease her about training his son to be a knight, though he won't do it in such a place as this. "A fighter means that they will be strong and that is well." He reaches forward and take shold of his wine, lifting it up and draining a good bit of the glass. He really didn't like these types of social situations, but he had to get himself accustomed to them.

Glancing over at Joffrey, he nods. "We have discussed the possibility." He glances over at Alina, seeing if she wanted to add more.

Gwen smiles at Alina, "This one rolls and stretches..the occasional prod to the ribs, he is considerate at least, most of the time," she replies. She looks over to Joff, "I did say probably, though I am reminded often it is not up to me.." she says with a sort of wan smile. Her eyes flit between Joff and Gabriel and Alina, interested in the answer as well, though she shifts around again, adjusting her gown.

Osric, Paege, and Nyssa all look quite interested in Alina's answer as well.

Alina sighs theatrically. "I have told my husband time and again that he is quite enough knight for me," she teases, looking at Gabriel with a smile playing across her lips. "But," she glances back to the dinner party, "he insists we must field more knights. Father has tentatively agreed. So we will start with a few and go from there, see how they intergrate with our current military."

"Good to hear. I've no doubt the needs of your family and duchy, coupled with Sir Gabriel's expertise, will create something uniquely effective. The Wraiths your family sent north, led by your brother Lord Lucas, earned a lot of respect scouting and skirmishing against the Tirians. I was impressed with how quickly they adapted to the terrain and weather." Joffrey looks a bit apologetic after a moment, "Sorry, I probably shouldn't turn this into a conversation about military tactics and campaigns. I think we've all heard…and lived…enough of that over the past few years." He glances to Gwen, smiling with obvious adoration, "I can't speak for anyone else, but I think I will enjoy whatever length of relative peace our Kingdom is fortunate enough to receive."

Giving Alina a faint nod, Gabriel turns to the others at the table. "It's true, both the Duke and my lady wife have heard my own proposal on such matters. It will start very small at first and we shall see how things progress. I will not say much about their training or what duties they may take just yet… but I will say that they will be expected to be the best. I do not care about tournament victories or how many friendly duels each wins, no, I will care that they can perform their duties with an efficiency and a professionalism that House l'Saigner can be proud of." He gives Joffrey a nod and a smile as thanks for his praise.

Gwen smiles at the answer and then her head nods, "They will be a force indeed," she chimes in then she grins at Joff, "It isn't an altogether unpleasant topic, not in this company, I find it interesting," she says. She smiles at Gabriel and nods her head again, "Wise words," she says. "But I do agree, peacetime is something to be savored, memories made, for when things are not so peaceful," she says quietly. She hardly eats, mostly pushes the food around on her plate, cheeks flushed, perhaps from the wine.

Osric leans forward some, addressing Gabriel. "I understand Lonnaire to be swampy and heavily wooded. I am admittedly curious to see how your knight fare in land that is… bluntly… not suited for them."

Alina smiles mysteriously. "Not all of the land is a swamp or a heavy forest," is all she says.

"I suspect the Argent Legion might have something to say about anyone else being the best." Joffrey lightly chides Gabriel, before glancing to Osric and lifting his brows in a humored expression, "To say nothing of the Lightning Brigade, who also distinguished themselves in the North." He adds, "But some competitive spirit is not a bad thing…as long as it remains friendly." He glances to Gwen, tilting his head curiously and leaning over to speak more quietly with her, "Everything all right, Love? You look a little flushed."

"Lonnaire has terrain that is uniquely defensible, yes. Then again, I think some of it all comes down to what people come to expect." Gabriel takes another sip of his wine, actually finishing the glass before putting it down. "Oh, but that is assuming that I wish to compete with the Argent Legion or the Lightning Brigade, what the Amethyst Guard will be is something different." A rather mysterious little smile creeps onto his face, his own plans kept close to his chest. He glances over at Gwen, a look of concern on his face when Joffrey asks his question of her.

Gwen starts to say something about knights and competition and swamps then her head tilts too and she smiles over at Joff, "I'm just a little warm, probably the wine.." she says. She shakes her head at Gabriel, as if to wave off his concern too and she nods to the group in general, "I predict they will learn their new terrain, perhaps not with ease, but the struggle will only make them stronger," she says, her voice only somewhat strained, her smile ever present.
<FS3> Opposed Roll — Alina=Perception Vs Gwendolyn=Deception
< Alina: Great Success (3 2 6 6 2 8 8 3 1 8 5 4 4 7)
< Gwendolyn: Good Success (2 8 4 4 7 1 5 1)
< Net Result: Alina wins - Solid Victory

Alina frowns, looking over Gwendolyn with a calculating glance. "Are you sure I needn't call a healer? Better safe than sorry, and you sound… off, my lady."

"And you've barely touched your wine." Joffrey observes, looking back towards Alina, "Please forgive us for imposing, Lady Alina, but I would appreciate it if a healer could examine her." This, it seems, comes as much from "head of his house" as "loving husband." After all, Gwen's carrying that House's future. "Is there someplace I might escort her to take some rest?"

"Of course." Gabriel offers both Joffrey and Gwen a smile. "It's good to be safe in such circumstances. Come, I will escort the two of you to a guest room where Gwen can lie down for a while." He offers his excuses to the others at the table as he stands and kisses Alina on the top of the head and then gestures Joffrey and Gwen to follow him.

If she blushes one couldn't tell, her cheeks already pink. Gwen glances to Joff, "I'm sure I am fine, just feeling like a woman feels at this time," she says, trying to be tough. She looks to Alina and nods her head, "I would agree with my dear husband, to be on the safe side, thank you for asking," she says. She moves to stand then her hand falls to the table and she blinks a little then moves to follow Gabriel, if slowly.

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